2018: Facts & Events That Happened in This Year

2018: Facts & Historical Events That Happened in This Year



The year 2018 will forever be known as the year that people around the world willfully ingested liquid detergent as part of the infamous Tide Pod Challenge. From there, much of the year was pretty much a downhill battle.

While the US and its allies were busy bombing Syria, the world watched on as a Thai soccer team got trapped in an underground cave, only to be rescued twelve days later by Thailand’s Navy SEALS.

On top of that, Anthony Bourdain, one of the world’s most beloved food writers, lost his life.

2018 had some pretty cool things happen too! One awesome thing was when President Trump and Kim Jong Un actually sat down together and had a meeting. It was the first time a US President and a North Korean Leader stopped arguing and actually talked.

Also, in India, they launched an amazing healthcare system called Modicare. It’s the biggest in the world and now helps over 500 million people!

And hey, let’s not forget about Black Panther. That movie was incredible and won a bunch of awards. What’s even more special is that it had a mostly Black cast leading the way!

Continue reading to uncover the remarkable events, chart-topping music hits, inspiring quotes, and influential deaths that shaped the year 2018.


Embark on a thrilling adventure through the year 2018 and uncover the extraordinary events that shaped our history.

Jan 7

The Sahara desert was blanketed in snow.

OTD in 2018: The Sahara desert was blanketed in snow.

This was a rare sight for one of the hottest places in the world, where the average temperature is 86°F.

Jan 10

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ net worth reached $106 billion.

OTD in 2018: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' net worth reached $106 billion.

With only Bill Gates passing the $100 billion milestone in 1999, this made Bezos the second man on Earth worth over $1 billion.

Jan 22

Netflix passed the $100 billion milestone.

OTD in 2018: Netflix passed the $100 billion milestone.

This made the digital media and entertainment company the world’s largest.

Jan 23

Twelve camels found to have Botox in their lips were disqualified from a Camel Beauty Contest.

The King Abdulaziz Camel Beauty Contest is in Saudi Arabia, and camels are judged on how beautiful their lips and humps are.

Feb 6

Elon Musk’s SpaceX launched the world’s most powerful rocket, “Falcon Heavy.”

Feb 10

A double-decker bus in Hong Kong overturned, killing 19 people in Hong Kong’s 2nd deadliest road accident.

Feb 20

For the first time in her life, at age 91, Queen Elizabeth II attended London Fashion Week.

Feb 22

Analysis of 65,000-year-old cave paintings in Spain revealed that Neanderthals were the first artists long before humans.

OTD in 2018: Analysis of 65

These paintings were made tens of thousands of years before humans arrived.

Mar 6

The world’s oldest message in a bottle was found.

OTD in 2018: The world's oldest message in a bottle was found.

The bottle was discovered by a couple walking on a beach in Western Australia. Little did they know at the time that it was from around 1886!

Mar 14

Finland became the world’s happiest country.

OTD in 2018: Finland became the world's happiest country.

The World Happiness Report change meant Norway slipped into second place, while Burundi was classed as the unhappiest country in the world.

Mar 19

The last male northern white rhinoceros died.

Sudan was euthanized on this day after suffering from age-related complications. His death ensures the extinction of the species.

Mar 31

The first protests of the 2018 Armenian Revolution began.

Apr 3

A shooting took place at YouTube’s headquarters in San Bruno, California.

OTD in 2018: A shooting took place at YouTube's headquarters in San Bruno

The shooter, Nasim Najafi Aghdam, opened fire with a 9mm semi-automatic pistol. Aghdam wounded three people before killing herself.

Apr 20

Prince Charles was appointed to become the next head of the Commonwealth once Queen Elizabeth II passes.

Apr 29

The Simpson’s 636th episode aired, making it the longest episode count of any TV series in history.

Apr 30

A newly discovered water beetle was named after Leonardo DiCaprio.

The new species was found in Borneo, clinging to a sandstone rock in a river. The name was chosen in honor of DiCaprio’s environmental activism.

May 3

The Kilauea volcano on Big Island in Hawaii began to erupt.

OTD in 2018: The Kilauea volcano on Big Island in Hawaii began to erupt.

New fissures had formed, and lava started erupting after a 5.0 earthquake. Residences were evacuated, assisted by the National Guard.

May 5

Donald Glover, known by his stage name Childish Gambino, released the music video for his single titled “This Is America,” which went on to gain vast praise.

May 29

Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko faked his own death.

The media reported that Arkady had been assassinated on his way home to his Kyiv apartment. He appeared on a live Ukrainian television at a press conference the next day. The staged death was intended to expose Russian agents.

May 29

Starbucks closed over 8,000 US stores.

OTD in 2018: Starbucks closed over 8

The temporary closures were to make time for racial bias training – training 175,000 employees. The training session was not mandatory but encouraged.

Jun 6

Xi’an, China, introduced a pedestrian lane for people who walk while looking at their phones.

OTD in 2018: Xi'an

The northern Chinese city implemented the special pedestrian zones because cars were often driving on the sidewalk, putting pedestrians who ignore their surroundings at risk of injury. Those most at risk are known as “phubbers,” or people who stare at their phones while walking.

Jun 10

The Opportunity Mars rover sent its last signal to Earth.

Jun 12

The leaders of North Korea and the USA met for the first time ever.

OTD in 2018: The leaders of North Korea and the USA met for the first time ever.

US President Donald Trump met with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un at the 2018 North Korea–United States Singapore Summit in Singapore. North Korea’s newly-developed nuclear capabilities largely prompted the summit. The two leaders agreed on North Korea’s denuclearization in return for greater security guarantees. Further peace talks and friendlier relations were also on the table.

Jun 20

Donald Trump ended family separation on the southern border.

OTD in 2018: Donald Trump ended family separation on the southern border.

The president signed the executive order after receiving backlash after his “zero tolerance” attitude.

Jul 3

Cardi B became the first female rapper to have two number 1s in the Billboard charts.

Her single “I Like It” topped the charts on this day. Her previous chart-topper was “Bodak Yellow (Money Moves),” reaching #1 in 2017.

Jul 15

France defeated Croatia 4-2 to win their second FIFA World Cup.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup occurred in Russia, with the final held at Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium. France’s first goal was an own-goal by the Croatian team, which was the first time this had ever happened in a World Cup Final.

Jul 16

Twelve new moons were discovered in Jupiter’s orbit, bringing the planet’s total number of moons to 79.

Jul 26

Albert Einstein’s theory of gravitational redshift was proven after a telescope in Chile observed a black hole.

Aug 2

Musical.ly and TikTok merged, combining the users of both apps to form one community.

OTD in 2018: Musical.ly and TikTok merged

Aug 16

Over 566 wildfires swept through British Columbia in Canada, which led to a State of Emergency, and 3,000 people were evacuated.

Aug 22

A 50,000-year-old human bone was discovered in Siberia.

The toe bone belonged to a girl who was at least 13 years old when she died.

Aug 26

Danny Boyle announced that he would not be directing the next James Bond movie.

In his announcement, he said his reasons were down to “creative differences.”

Sep 4

Amazon became the second company in the world to be worth over $1 trillion.

This came just five short weeks after Apple was the first company to reach the same value.

Sep 21

A report published claimed that the fossils of Dickinsonia were the oldest animals to roam the planet.

OTD in 2018: A report published claimed that the fossils of Dickinsonia were the oldest animals to roam the planet.

The report explains that they were alive 558 million years ago, making them one of the first animals to live on earth.

Sep 23

A mud volcano near Baku in Azerbaijan erupted.

OTD in 2018: A mud volcano near Baku in Azerbaijan erupted.

Although there are roughly 1,000 mud volcanoes worldwide, around 40 percent are located around the coast of Azerbaijan.

Sep 28

Science magazine announced that half the killer whale population would likely die due to human pollution.

OTD in 2018: Science magazine announced that half the killer whale population would likely die due to human pollution.

Oct 19

A remake of the American horror slasher movie “Halloween” was released starring Jamie Curtis.

Oct 24

The EU declared that single-use plastics would be banned by 2021.

Oct 26

Rockstar Games’ hit Wild-West series returned with the release of Red Dead Redemption 2.

It took over eight years to develop. Being a blockbuster Rockstar Games title, it unsurprisingly ranks as one of the most expensive video games ever made. However, all that time and money paid off, with the game raking in US$725 million in sales in its first weekend alone.

Oct 31

The Statue of Unity in India was officially completed making it the world’s tallest statue at 597 ft (182 m).

OTD in 2018: The Statue of Unity in India was officially completed making it the world's tallest statue at 597 ft (182 m).

Nov 8

The Camp Fire in California became that state’s deadliest blaze after it killed 88 people and caused 52,000 people to be evacuated.

OTD in 2018: The Camp Fire in California became that state's deadliest blaze after it killed 88 people and caused 52

The disaster also caused $16.5 billion in damages, covering 153,336 acres.

Nov 14

Artist Edward Hopper’s famous painting “Chop Suey” sold for a record $91.9 million.

Nov 16

An elevator in Chicago’s Hancock Building plummeted 84 stories.

Luckily, all six people inside survived.

Nov 24

A party boat on Lake Victoria in Uganda capsized and killed 29 people.

The incident was due to the vessel being overloaded with 100 onboard.

Dec 1

The computer-animated film “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” premiered in Los Angeles.

OTD in 2018: The computer-animated film "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" premiered in Los Angeles.

It went on to win the Academy Award for Best Animated Film in 2019.

Dec 17

Dictionary publisher Merriam-Webster’s stated their word of the year was “justice.”

Dec 18

A powerful meteor exploded over the Bering Sea.

OTD in 2018: A powerful meteor exploded over the Bering Sea.

The meteor that exploded in a huge fireball went unnoticed for months. Once it was discovered from military satellites, findings showed that the blast had ten times the energy of the Hiroshima atomic bomb.

Dec 22

A powerful tsunami hit Indonesia.

OTD in 2018: A powerful tsunami hit Indonesia.

This tsunami took place at the Sunda Strait as a result of a portion of the Anak Krakatau volcano, which fell into the sea. The tsunami killed over 400 people.

Famous Deaths

Here’s a glimpse at a few famous people who bid us farewell in 2018.



Mac Miller



Mac Miller



Mac Miller

Mac Miller was an American rapper born on January 19, 1992. He died on September 7, 2018, at age 26 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Died On:

Sep 7, 2018 (Age 26)

Died In:

California, USA










XXXTentacion was an American rapper born on January 23, 1998. He died on June 18, 2018, at age 20 in Deerfield Beach, Florida, USA.

Died On:

Jun 18, 2018 (Age 20)

Died In:

Florida, USA



Stan Lee


Comic Book Writer

Stan Lee



Stan Lee

Stan Lee was an American comic book writer born on December 28, 1922. He died on November 12, 2018, at age 95 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Died On:

Nov 12, 2018 (Age 95)

Died In:

California, USA



Stephen Hawking



Stephen Hawking



Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking was an English physicist born on January 8, 1942. He died on March 14, 2018, at age 76 in Cambridge, England, UK.

Died On:

Mar 14, 2018 (Age 76)

Died In:

England, UK


Here’s a roundup of the most memorable quotes people said in 2018.

Oct 23

I’ve been a daydreamer since day one. I much prefer looking out a window over looking at my phone.



American Drag Queen

Dec 9

I wanna be clear, I do not respect the SEC. I do not respect them.

2018 In Music

2018 was a year filled with sensational tunes that had us singing along without a care in the world!

From the infectious rhythms of “Havana” by Camila Cabello to the heartfelt melodies of “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran, these chart-toppers brought joy and excitement to our ears, making 2018 a year to remember in the world of music.

Check out these music highlights from 2018.

Album of the Year

Bruno Mars brought the groove and pure pop joy with his infectious album “24K Magic” in 2018, earning him the coveted Grammy Award for Album of the Year.

Song of the Year

Bruno Mars enchanted listeners in 2018 and won the Grammy Award for Song of the Year with his smooth and catchy tune, “That’s What I Like.”

Best New Artist

Alessia Cara’s soulful voice and relatable lyrics won her the Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 2018, establishing her as a rising star in the pop music landscape.

Eurovision Song Contest Winner

The 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, the 63rd edition of this fantastic celebration of music, was held in Lisbon, Portugal.

Netta, a powerhouse performer from Israel, took home the grand prize with her infectious and empowering song “Toy.”

2018 in Numbers

In Roman numerals, the number 2018 can be represented as MMXVIII. The representation is formed by combining the Roman numerals for 2000 (MM), 10 (X), 5 (V), and 2 (II) to create MMXVIII. When converted to binary, 2018 becomes 11111100010.

Chinese Zodiac 2018

Chinese Zodiac 2018: Year of the Earth Dog

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2018 marked The Year of the Dog, which repeats once in a twelve-year cycle.

However, it’s fascinating to note that each zodiac animal is also connected to one of the five elements – Wood, Fire, Earth, Gold (Metal), and Water. This actually makes 2018 the Year of the Earth Dog, a cycle that repeats every sixty years.

The Chinese New Year doesn’t always fall on January 1st like in the Gregorian calendar. In fact, in 2018, Chinese New Year began on February 16th, due to the unique lunar cycle that guides the Chinese calendar.

Those born in the Year of the Dog are loyal, honest, and trustworthy. They have a strong sense of justice and are known for their protective nature and unwavering loyalty to their loved ones.

Among the distinguished individuals born in the Years of the Dog, we find Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson, both celebrated for their unique talents!

2018 Trivia

In 2018, the treadmill celebrated its 200-year anniversary. Originally, it was designed as a torture device.

It was designed and implemented in British prisons as a way to break the wills of idle prisoners.

It essentially looked more like a wheel you might keep in a hamster cage, and had the added benefit that the forty or so prisoners it held would power various mechanical devices like mills or water pumps!

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