August 2: Facts & Historical Events On This Day

Facts & Historic Events That Happened on August 2

August 2nd is known as Coloring Book Day as well as Ice Cream Sandwich Day.

We’d like to welcome you to the 214th day of the year, with only 151 days left of this year.

People who were born on August 2 share the Leo star sign.

Get the most interesting facts you can find right here about this day throughout history. Here we’re going to look at what historical events made August 2 so important in history.

What Happened On August 2 In History?


Iraq invaded the Gulf state of Kuwait.

On this day, Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein sent his troops to invade Kuwait. This historical invasion was the catalyst for the eventual war between Iraq and the West. The emirate was taken in one day.
Source BBC

Andrew Hallidie introduced the cable car to San Francisco after witnessing a horse and carriage accident.


The Tower Subway in London became the first underground tube railway to open.

OTD in 1870: The Tower Subway in London became the first underground tube railway to open.
The tracks run under the River Thames linking up Tower Hill and Tooley Street.

Letter collections started being collected from mailboxes in Boston, US.

Source USPS

Britain took power over the Indian government.


Samuel Briggs and his son patented his nail-making machine.

They were the first father-son pair to receive an American patent.

The finalized copy of the United States Declaration of Independence was signed by congress.


English clockmaker Daniel Quare gained the patents for a portable barometer to measure air pressure.


English sea explorer Henry Hudson reached the Hudson Bay, which was named after him.

On this day Hudson thought that he had found a passage through the continent that would lead them to Asia.

The King of England, William II was killed by an arrow while hunting in New Forest Hampshire, England.

Source BBC