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Electrifying Facts About Kissing That You’ll Love

Like anything else, there’s more beneath the surface about kissing, like health benefits, origins of etymology, and the science of kissing. Read on to learn about many peoples favorite hobby - you're sure to find out a fact or two that you never heard before!

Top 10 Facts About Dating

We are currently in the golden-age of dating! With the rise of technology, our love-lives have only been enhanced. Our communication has been facilitated, helping us find potential partners. Here's 10 amazing facts about this unique mating ritual we call dating.

Romantic Ideas You Can Do At Home Infographic

Chocolates and roses are all well and good, but they can get a little humdrum year after year, so why not break from the norm by treating your Valentine to a little romance in the comfort of your own home this year.

A Brief History of Valentine’s Day

It's a day which is celebrated in many countries around the world on February 14th, but how exactly did this loved-up holiday come about? If, like many other people, the only thing you know is that it's associated somehow with a mysterious Saint Valentine, there's plenty more you need to know!

10 Crazy Facts About Valentine’s Day

14th February is upon us, so today we are sharing the love and romance with these top ten crazy facts about the most wonderfully romantic day of the year, Valentine's Day.

Valentine’s Day Statistics InfoGraphic

Valentine's Day is a lot like Marmite - you either love it or you hate it. However this infographic will appeal to you no matter what! If you love this romantic day, or have somebody to share it with, then you'll enjoy a look at these top Valentine's Day gift choices.

Why Do We Give Chocolate on Valentine’s Day?

14th February is Valentine's Day - a working holiday, which is celebrated worldwide. While seemingly over commercialised, the sales of many items, such as chocolate sky-rocket (along with the prices). Find out why we give chocolate on this special day!

Roses: What Color Should You Give and How Many?

It's a simple stereotype that everyone likes to receive roses at some point in their life. But did you know that the color of roses have different meanings? There are even meanings for how many roses you receive! Find out here.

Most Common Baby Name in 2010

I thought it would be interesting to see what the majority of people decided to call their baby in 2010, here's a list of the top 50 girl and boy names of 2010.

Six-Year-Old Boy’s Ears Saves His Life!

Ming Ming - a six-year-old boy from China - fell from a window only to catch his ears in a metal grate which saved his life! The boy was dangling by his ears eight floors above a city street with his head stuck between the protective bars. Read the facts here!

How Much Time People Spend Doing Stuff In Their Lifetime

In the UK the average life expectancy is 79.5 years old; this is equivalent to 954 months, or 29037 days, or 696882 hours. Here we've broke down how long the average person spends doing stuff in their lifetime. Hopefully this may help you with time management!

Exploding Office Chair Kills Boy

So you've heard of TV's, computers and even cameras blowing up, but a chair!? Well yes, it's true. A 14-year-old boy in China was killed when his chair exploded, which sent large pieces of metal into his rectum. He then bled to death due to this.