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What could be a more global concept than life and love? Fortunately, this topic covers facts that everyone will find interesting!

From facts about the most romantic time of the year; Valentine’s Day, to romance, chocolate and how to live life to the full!

Top 10 Facts About Dating

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We are currently in the golden-age of dating! With the rise of technology, our love-lives have only been enhanced. Our communication has been facilitated, helping us find potential partners. Here's 10 amazing facts about this unique mating ritual we call dating.

A Brief History of Valentine’s Day

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It's a day which is celebrated in many countries around the world on February 14th, but how exactly did this loved-up holiday come about? If, like many other people, the only thing you know is that it's associated somehow with a mysterious Saint Valentine, there's plenty more you need to know!

Six-Year-Old Boy’s Ears Saves His Life!

Ming Ming - a six-year-old boy from China - fell from a window only to catch his ears in a metal grate which saved his life! The boy was dangling by his ears eight floors above a city street with his head stuck between the protective bars. Read the facts here!

Exploding Office Chair Kills Boy

So you've heard of TV's, computers and even cameras blowing up, but a chair!? Well yes, it's true. A 14-year-old boy in China was killed when his chair exploded, which sent large pieces of metal into his rectum. He then bled to death due to this.