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Are elephant's really scared of mice?

Are Elephants Really Scared of Mice?

Jennifer Anyabuine
Jul 8, 2022

We've all seen a cartoon or drawing showing an elephant extremely scared of a mouse. But is there any truth behind it? Let's uncover the actual score with elephants and mice and how the myth behind their relationship happened! Keep reading!

What is electricity

What Is Electricity?

CJ Cruz
Jun 23, 2022

Electricity has been around for hundreds of years thanks to scientists and inventors like Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, and Benjamin Franklin. If it weren't for them, we wouldn't get to enjoy the gadgets we own and drive electric cars. But how does it really power up our homes? Keep on reading to shine a light on what electricity is.

What are the moon types?

What Are The Different Types Of Moon?

Becca Marsh
Jun 9, 2022

Earth's Moon is crucial for our planet's tides. Without the Moon, we might not have kept track of time or even use the calendars we all use today. There are many types of Moon, but what are they, and what do they all mean? Let's take a closer look together.

Do you really need tonsils?

Do You Really Need Tonsils?

Jennifer Anyabuine
Jun 23, 2022

Tonsillitis and tonsillectomies are actually pretty common among children. If you didn't get your tonsils removed as a child, you probably know someone who did. But what do your tonsils actually do, and can you go without them? Keep reading to uncover the mystery surrounding this infamous body part.

A laptop beside a error 404 sign

What Is A 404 Error Page?

Shash Wighton
Apr 12, 2022

Have you recently hit a 404 error page? Don't worry; we've all been there. But why does it happen? If you have been wondering what causes it, we have the answer for you! So keep on reading to know more about this infamous error.

What noise do foxes make?

What Noise Does A Fox Make?

Becca Marsh
Mar 17, 2022

Have you ever wondered what sound foxes make? I don't know about you, but they certainly sound scary to my ears. But what does it actually mean, and do they make any other noises besides their screams? Let's take a closer look and find out once and for all.

10 Healthiest Vegetables

What Are The 10 Healthiest Vegetables?

Shash Wighton
Apr 10, 2022

Having a healthy balanced diet is crucial for a long healthy life. Of course, fresh vegetables should make up the bulk of any healthy meal, but which ones are the healthiest? Check out our ten most nutritious vegetables that you should be eating.

The twelve days of Christmas

What Are The 12 Days Of Christmas?

Lizzie Robinson
Apr 8, 2022

The Twelve Days of Christmas is a classic Christmas song by Frederic Austin in the 1780s. Of course, we all know this popular festive song, but do you know what all the twelve days are and what they all mean? Keep on reading to find out.

What is a Cold Moon?

What Is A Cold Moon?

Becca Marsh
Apr 8, 2022

The Cold Moon is the full moon that graces our nighttime skies during the month of December. Every full moon of the year has a name assigned to it that reflects that time of year. So what exactly is a Cold Moon? Keep reading to find out!

Is the Big Dipper a constellation

Is The Big Dipper A Constellation?

Becca Marsh
Nov 30, 2021

The Big Dipper can often be seen in the night sky if you are in the northern hemisphere. It is often thought of as a constellation, but this is not the case. So, what exactly is it then? Keep on reading to find out.

What is a Beaver Moon?

What Is A Beaver Moon?

Becca Marsh
Jul 11, 2022

The Beaver Moon is the full moon that graces our nighttime skies during the month of November. Every full moon of the year has a unique name, and November's full moon is no exception. But what is the meaning of a Beaver Moon?

Why do we eat candy at Halloween?

Why Do We Eat Candy On Halloween?

Shash Wighton
Oct 26, 2021

The use of candy is incredibly common during Halloween. The evidence can be seen by children's overflowing candy buckets while going out "Trick or Treating." But when did this tradition begin, and why?