What is a worm moon?

What Is A Worm Moon?

What is a worm moon? It might sound like an odd name for a moon, but there's a reason behind it. This special moon graces our skies once a year in the month of March. Let's dig deeper into what the worm moon is and where the term came from.

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What is a snow moon?

What Is A Snow Moon?

A snow moon is a name given to the second full moon of the year that falls in the month of February. The name comes from the Northern Hemisphere receiving most of its snow this month. Let's take a closer look at the facts about the snow moon.

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What is a wolf moon?

What Is A Wolf Moon?

A Wolf Moon occurs once a year during the month of January. Have you ever wondered what a Wolf Moon is or where the name comes from? If this is the first time you've heard of a Wolf Moon, then keep reading as we take a closer look what this actually is.

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What is gravity?

What Is Gravity?

Ah gravity, the thing that keeps the world together, literally. But what would happen if there was no gravity? What would happen to us? Is there gravity on other planets and underwater too? Let's delve deeper into this fascinating topic all about the weird world of gravity.

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Black Hole Photograph 2019

What Happens If A Person Goes Into A Black Hole?

Many of us wonder what would happen if someone was to go into a black hole. The answer to this question is far more fascinating than you could imagine. Hold on tight as we take an in-depth look at what would happen if you found yourself stepping inside one!

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5 Impressively Realistic Movies About Space

5 Impressively Realistic Movies About Space

In the world of Hollywood, it’s fair to say we see a lot of films about space that aren’t that realistic. However, there are quite a few films out there that strive for scientific accuracy. Here we have the top 5 realistic movies about space!

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Terrific Facts About Triton

5 Celestial Facts About Triton – Neptune’s Largest Moon

At the far reaches of our solar system lies the ice giant Neptune. Neptune has 13 known moons, the largest of which is Triton. Not only is Triton Neptune’s largest moon, it’s the 7th largest moon and the 16th largest known object within our solar system!

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The truth behind the age of the universe

How Old is the Universe?

What are we really looking at when we gaze up at the starry night sky? And how old is the universe? Do we know? Let's take a look at the science and the different ideas that have been pitched about this popular debate.

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Can You Hear In Space?

Is Space Completely Silent?

Many will have heard the expression that in space, no one can hear you scream. Today we're going to get to the truth behind this, but to do this, we need to take a closer look at the science behind it all.

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The Fallen Astronaut

The Fallen Astronaut – A Memorial Placed On The Moon In Secret

On the moon's northern hemisphere is a place known as Hadley Rille. And it's here where there's a sculpture of an astronaut and a plaque with the names of 14 astronauts and cosmonauts who died in the advancement of space exploration.

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Sun Facts

Facts You Probably Don’t Know About The Sun Infographic

Without the sun, we would not be here. Our piece of rock called Earth, which is floating in the expanse of space, would not be habitable by life. Check out this infographic showing some facts you probably didn't know about the sun.

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Educational Facts about Telescopes

24 Terrific Facts About The Telescope

Have you ever looked up and wondered what that shimmering ball of light in the sky actually is, or how it looks? The telescope has been around for centuries. But how much do you actually know about it? Here we look at 24 facts about the gateway to the stars!

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