15 Magnificent Facts About Machu Picchu

Despite it being the most preserved archaeological site of the Inca Empire, there are no records of the purposes of Machu Picchu, due to the Inca language being only spoken, not written. So, what do we really know about Machu Picchu?

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10 Facts & Traditions About Christmas in Norway

It’s Christmas time, and with that comes the usual traditions we see all the time, as well as many unusual traditions. Today we’re looking at ten facts and traditions that make the Scandinavian country of Norway uniquely special during Christmas time!

NUTS! – The American Army’s Response to A Christmas Call For Surrender

Americans are known for being loud and not having a filter. Fortunately, this can sometimes provide some amusing stories in dark times! Like this one for example, when the Germans asked for the Americans to surrender. The response they got was not exactly standard - find out for yourself!

The Most Expensive Christmas Trees

What’s Christmas without a Christmas tree? Some prefer to buy a reusable fake tree, while others like the smell and authenticity of a real tree. Then there’s some who literally spend millions. But what is the most expensive Christmas tree?

5 Fast Facts About Christmas Video

It's Christmas time! And to start the festive celebrations this year, we've made a quick video to give you our 5 favorite Christmas facts. If you have a minute spare, then get yourself in that Christmas mood & check out our Christmas facts video!

15 Interesting Thanksgiving Facts That You Should Know

Thanksgiving is the best food holiday of the year - by far! From lesser known Thanksgiving origins, to Presidents who didn’t support it, and how much turkey we eat, here we bring you the full story & facts!

Why Uncle Wiggly Wings Delivered Chocolate to Children

During the Cold War when everyone was on edge, even though nothing happened, it was still a tense time. In those incidents, it's always nice to hear about good Samaritans. Read this heartwarming story about an American pilot that dropped candy from his aircraft for the kids in Berlin!

The World War II Ace Pilot with No Legs

World War II certainly had many war heroes of it's time. One that has stood out above the rest was a man called Douglas Bader. What made him special? Well, he was a pilot - with no legs! Read all about his story and accomplishments here!

Who Was Jack the Ripper, Really?

By no means was Jack the Ripper the first serial killer. However, until this madman struck, his was the first case to stir up worldwide media frenzy. Even over 100 years later, everyone knows his nickname and the mystery surrounding these attacks are scrutinized. And that’s the million dollar question: Who was Jack the Ripper?

The Soviet Night Witches – Female Bomber Pilots of World War II

As a response to the high casualties suffered by male soldiers, Stalin started to incorporate females into defense roles. Some of these women became night bombers. They ended up becoming so deadly, that they earned a nickname from the Germans that stuck. They were called the Night Witches.