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Coming from humble beginnings, a television series has become no longer restricted to just TV – you can find TV shows influencing games, books, comics, and movies.

AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead spawned from the epic comic series by Robert Kirkman. Not only this, but TWD has brought with it a bunch of other media outputs – including several spin-off shows. It’s not uncommon for a series of novels to become smash TV Series either, such as HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Some shows even come from movies. George Lucas’s epic sci-fi trilogy was just the beginning with Star Wars; between 1985 and present-day, the Star Wars franchise has spawned no less than six spin-off shows!

So whether you’re looking for facts about your favorite TV series, actors, or even characters, you can find them all here at The Fact Site.

Facts about Eric Cartman

20 Fun Facts About Cartman From South Park

Cartman from South Park is loosely based on a high school classmate of Trey Parker, one of South Park’s co-creators.

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Facts about Jack Skellington

20 Creepy Facts About Jack Skellington

Did you know that "The Nightmare Before Christmas" movie is based on a poem of the same title by Tim Burton in the 1980s?

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Are zombies biologically possible?

Are Zombies Biologically Possible?

Did you know that the Ophiocordyceps fungus can turn a dead insect into a zombie by releasing spores into its brain?

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Facts about ghosts

5 Spooky Facts About Ghosts That’ll Give You Chills

Did you know that there are over 60 known haunted houses, castles, mansions, and buildings across the UK?

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Facts about Chameleon Pokémon

20 Fast Facts About Charmeleon | Pokémon

The Pokémon Charmeleon gets its name from a combination of “char,” meaning to burn or singe, and “chameleon,” a species of lizard.

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Interstellar facts

10 Interesting Facts About the Movie Interstellar

TARS, the AI machine from the movie Interstellar wasn't CGI. It was a "puppet" controlled by Bill Irwin and Mark Fichera.

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10 Impressive Facts About Captain Marvel

10 Impressive Facts About Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel had a love affair with James Rhodes (War Machine), but it didn't last very long!

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Facts about Of Mice and Men

8 Mind-Blowing Facts About Of Mice and Men

Did you know that Lennie Small from "Of Mice and Men" is based on a real person who was in an asylum in California?

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Jonathan Banks facts

25 Intriguing Facts About Jonathan Banks

Jonathan Banks was paid $100,000 for each episode he played Michael Ehrmantraut in the Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul!

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Facts about The Hulk

10 Incredible Facts About The Hulk

Did you know that Mary Shelley's Frankenstein was a significant influence in creating The Incredible Hulk?

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Some of the best breakout characters in television history

6 Notable Breakout Characters In Television History 

Did you know that in BBC's Doctor Who, the Doctor wasn't initially meant to be the main focus of the series?

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Facts about Iron Man

10 Unusual Facts About Iron Man

Did you know that in the Marvel Universe, Iron Man owns Area 51?

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