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Almost everyone loves holidays, yet surprisingly, very few facts about the origins or history behind them are actually known. Seeing family on Christmas, trick-or-treating on Halloween, or exchanging gifts with your loved one on Valentine’s Day are traditions that have passed down through the ages, but what actually started these holidays?

Why do we celebrate things like Easter or St. Patrick’s Day? And why on earth do crazy holidays like Put A Pillow on Your Fridge Day even exist?

Find out all the facts about your favorite holidays and events (even the funny holidays you have never heard about) here at The Fact Site!

Why do we eat turkey on Thanksgiving?

Why Do We Eat Turkey on Thanksgiving?

Did you know that the first Thanksgiving meal included venison, fowl, corn, nuts, and shellfish?

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Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day | November 15

Did you know that the coldest spot in a fridge is at the back, as it's more sheltered from warm air when you open the door?

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Facts about ghosts

5 Spooky Facts About Ghosts That’ll Give You Chills

Did you know that there are over 60 known haunted houses, castles, mansions, and buildings across the UK?

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Independence Day Facts

15 Interesting Facts About Independence Day

Did you know that former US presidents John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe all died on the 4th of July?

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National Ferris Wheel Day

National Ferris Wheel Day | February 14

The Ferris wheel dates back to 1893 and is named after its creator George Washington Gale Ferris Junior.

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Christmas Day Facts

10 Jolly Facts About Christmas Day

Celebrating Christmas Day was inspired by Saturnalia, an ancient Roman holiday celebrated hundreds of years ago in December.

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Pfeffernüsse Day Facts

National Pfeffernüsse Day | December 23

Did you know Pfeffernüsse was first made by Johann Fleischmann in Germany way back in 1753?

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The twelve days of Christmas

What Are The 12 Days Of Christmas?

The Christmas classic song "12 Days of Christmas" was written in the 1780s by Frederic Austin.

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Facts about Santa's reindeer's

9 Interesting Facts About Santa’s Reindeer

The original names of Santa's reindeer included Dunder and Blixem. Today, these reindeer are commonly known as Donner and Blitzen.

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Why are Christmas cracker jokes so bad?

Why Are Christmas Cracker Jokes So Bad?

Did you know that in the 1800s, Christmas crackers used to be called "Bangs of Expectation?"

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Why do we eat candy at Halloween?

Why Do We Eat Candy On Halloween?

Before people gave candy to Trick-or-Treaters, children got treats like fruits, nuts, baked goods, or small change.

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National Frappé Day

National Frappé Day | October 7

Despite being invented in 1957, the frappé didn't officially hit the coffee shops until around thirty years later.

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