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Freaky Facts About Friday The 13th

In the West, Friday the 13th is a notorious day where people will usher words of bad omens and ill luck to each other. A tradition that is deep rooted within our society; even the most happy-go-lucky person will keep an eye out for bad signs on Friday the 13th. But why?

30 Facts About Red Nose Day

Since 1985 the UK celebrate something called Red Nose Day once every 2 years. If you’re from the UK, you’ve almost definitely heard of it. If you’re from America, or somewhere else in the world, you should read about it! Here are 30 facts about Red Nose Day so you know why it exists!

How Coca-Cola Actually Changed Santa’s Appearance

When the “Holidays Are Coming” Coca-Cola advertisement hits your TV screen, it’s not uncommon to hear somebody say “hey did you know Coke made Santa red and that he was green before?” However, this fact is completely mythical. But why do people believe it?

30 Goal-tastic Facts About The World Cup

This international event has been going on for a while, and it certainly brings out the patriotism in everyone. So whether you're only watching for your country, or because you love soccer, here are 30 must know facts about the World Cup!

16 Lucky Facts About Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick's Day has come to be one of the best drinking holidays of the year! While this holiday wasn't popularized by Ireland, Saint Patrick himself isn't even an Irishman. Even so, the history behind this mysterious saint is fascinating. Find out where he was actually from, and loads more!

22 Super Facts About Sunday

Sunday is commonly a day of rest in Western countries, but did you know that's not the case worldwide? In some countries, Sunday is considered the first day of the week, not the last. Check out these other 22 surprising facts about Sunday!

22 Stupendous Facts About Saturday

Saturday is the first official day of the regular two-day weekend, and is usually synonymous with sleeping in late, being lazy, or going for a night out to paint the town. Whether you prefer to use your day off to relax or go out, here are 22 facts about Saturday!

22 Fantastic Friday Facts

Friday, the final day before the wonderful weekend! All you have to do is get through one final day of work! In honor of everyone's favorite weekday (mostly because it doesn't feel like one), let's check out these 22 fantastic facts about Friday.

22 Fabulous Facts About Thursday

For a regular weekday, there's an interesting amount of history behind the origins of the name for Thursday. Thursday is also a day featured heavily in Christian lore, so let’s take a look at all the interesting and surprising facts about Thursday!

22 Wacky Facts About Wednesday

Ah Wednesday, the final hump to get you through the bulk of the weekdays and onward to the weekend! That’s why it is called "Hump Day" in America, because it's all smooth sailing from there on out. To celebrate, check out these wonderful Wednesday facts!

22 Terrific Facts About Tuesday

One thing most of us can agree on is that Tuesday doesn’t suck as bad as Monday! Regardless of where you’re from, or what Tuesday usually means to you, let’s have a look at all the interesting facts there are about Tuesday.

22 Facts About Monday To Kickstart Your Week

It is a universally recognized fact that Mondays suck. Once Monday gets here, it officially means that the weekend is over! In order to get yourself through the week, check out these facts about everyone's least favorite day of the week.