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America's Most Haunted Hotels

The 5 Most Haunted Hotels in America

The Stanley Hotel in Colorado is the location where Stephen King came up with the concept for “The Shining” in 1977.

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Facts about clowns

10 Crazy Facts About Clowns

The difference between a clown and jester is that clowns make a fool of themselves, whereas jesters make a fool of the audience.

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Unique facts about Michael Jackson

15 Unique Facts About Michael Jackson

Did you know that Michael Jackson once tried to buy out Marvel Comics so that he could become a superhero?

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How do words get into the dictionary?

How Does A Word Get Into The Dictionary?

The name of someone who puts together words to be entered into a dictionary is known as a lexicographer.

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Facts about woody from Toy Story

11 Wild Facts About Sheriff Woody From Toy Story

In Toy Story, did you know Woody’s full name is Sheriff Woody Pride?

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Facts about Arkansas

15 Awesome Facts About Arkansas

In Arkansas it is illegal to honk a car horn after 9pm in the vicinity of establishments that sell sandwiches or cold drinks.

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How classical music affects the brain

How Does Classical Music Affect The Brain?

Did you know that when babies listen to classical music it can help them develop their memory skills?

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10 Historical Facts About The Ancient Egyptians

10 Historical Facts About The Ancient Egyptians

Did you know that the ancient Egyptians were some of the first people to mummify the dead? The whole process took around 70 days.

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What causes earthquakes?

What Causes An Earthquake?

The most destructive earthquake in history was on January 23, 1556, in Shaanxi, China. This earthquake killed 830,000 people.

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Why do chimpanzees throw poop?

Why Do Chimpanzees Throw Poop?

When throwing poop, the chimps that hit targets more accurately show higher development in the left side of their brains.

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Domino's Pizza Facts

25 Delicious Facts About Domino’s Pizza

Did you know that the most popular pizza topping at Domino’s in Japan is squid?

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Facts about Blackpink

35 Fab Facts About Blackpink

In March 2020, Blackpink won the award for the Most Listened to K-pop Artist (Female) from the Spotify Awards.

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