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Facts about the number 20

Twenty Terrific Facts About The Number 20

There are a total of 20 different possible moves that you can legally play at the beginning of a game of chess.

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Facts about the Spanish Flu

8 Shocking Facts About The Spanish Flu

Did you know that the Spanish Flu did not originate in Spain?

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Facts about the state of Georgia

15 Glorious Facts About Georgia

Did you know that the Georgian city of Savannah is the most haunted city in the United States?

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Facts about sea urchins

9 Unbelievable Facts About Urchins

In 2006 a new species of sea urchin was discovered through eBay after photos were uploaded and discussed by a group of collectors.

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Are Hot Dogs Sandwiches?

Is A Hot Dog A Sandwich?

Did you know that the sandwich was created by the Earl of Sandwich in 1762?

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25 fun facts about Charmander from Pokémon

25 Fast Facts About Charmander | Pokémon

Did you know that the Pokémon Charmander was originally called “Hitokage”?

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29 interesting facts about Alec Benjamin

29 Interesting Facts About Alec Benjamin

In 2017 Alec Benjamin released “I Built A Friend” on Spotify, which gained 4 million views in just 12 months.

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Facts about the number 3

10 Fun Facts About The Number 3

The reason that the number 3 often has a flat top is to help prevent fraud. This stops people changing it to the number 8.

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America's Most Haunted Hotels

The 5 Most Haunted Hotels in America

The Stanley Hotel in Colorado is the location where Stephen King came up with the concept for “The Shining” in 1977.

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Facts about clowns

10 Crazy Facts About Clowns

The difference between a clown and jester is that clowns make a fool of themselves, whereas jesters make a fool of the audience.

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Unique facts about Michael Jackson

15 Unique Facts About Michael Jackson

Did you know that Michael Jackson once tried to buy out Marvel Comics so that he could become a superhero?

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How do words get into the dictionary?

How Does A Word Get Into The Dictionary?

The name of someone who puts together words to be entered into a dictionary is known as a lexicographer.

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