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Facts about Libras

Likable Facts About The Libra Zodiac Sign


Did you know that Libra is the only zodiac sign symbolized by an inanimate object?

Facts about parmesan cheese

10 Hard-Hitting Facts About Parmesan Cheese

Food & Drink

Did you know that Italians have been making Parmesan cheese for at least seven hundred years?

What happens at Fashion Week?

What Happens At Fashion Week?

Fashion & Beauty

Did you know Fashion Week lasts a week in four different cities in the world, meaning it actually runs for one month?

Why do sunflowers face the sun

Why Do Sunflowers Face The Sun?


Did you know that bees are five times more likely to land on a sunflower facing eastwards than one facing west?

15 facts about Oklahoma

15 Monumental Facts About Oklahoma

Travel & Tourism

Did you know that Oklahoma is struck by an average of 62 tornadoes every year?

Color black facts

20 Shady Facts About The Color Black

Art & Design

Did you know that scientifically, the color black isn’t even considered a color? It’s just a complete lack of light.

Facts about Chameleon Pokémon

20 Fast Facts About Charmeleon | Pokémon

Film & TV

The Pokémon Charmeleon gets its name from a combination of “char,” meaning to burn or singe, and “chameleon,” a species of lizard.

What if Earth stopped spinning?

What Would Happen If Earth Stopped Spinning?


Did you know that the Earth’s rotation has slowed down about 6 hours in the past 2,740 years?

Pungent facts about garlic

10 Pungent Facts About Garlic

Food & Drink

Did you know that eating garlic or taking supplements can reduce your chances of catching a cold by 70%?

15 facts about Ohio

15 Outstanding Facts About Ohio

Travel & Tourism

Did you know that a couple in Ohio once posted their child to their grandparents through the US Postal Service?

Virgo facts

Vibrant Facts About the Virgo Zodiac Sign


The symbol of the Virgo is the maiden, based on the virgin goddess of justice, innocence, purity, and precision, Astraea.

What is metabolism?

What Is Metabolism?

Health & Body

Did you know that you can help increase your metabolic rate by just getting 7-9 hours of sleep every night?