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Five fantastic facts about Japanese rhinoceros beetles

5 Brilliant Facts About Rhinoceros Beetles

Becca Marsh

Did you know that the Pokémon Heracross is based on an insect called the Japanese Rhinoceros beetle?

An InfoGraphic all about the exoplanet 51 Pegasi b

Facts About The Planet “51 Pegasi B” Infographic

Scott Thompson

Did you know that 51 Pegasi b was the first planet discovered that orbits a different sun from our own?

10 Healthiest Vegetables

What Are The 10 Healthiest Vegetables?

Food & Drink
Shash Wighton

Broccoli and Brussels sprouts contain an antioxidant called kaempferol, which helps to detoxify the body and prevent cell damage.

Some of the best breakout characters in television history

6 Notable Breakout Characters In Television History 

Film & TV
J. Paul Casey

Did you know that in BBC’s Doctor Who, the Doctor wasn’t initially meant to be the main focus of the series?

Facts about Missouri

15 Marvelous Facts About Missouri

Travel & Tourism
Shash Wighton

Did you know that the first ready-made pancake mix was created in the state of Missouri in 1889?

Loved but forgotten past trends

7 Loved And Forgotten Fashion Trends

Fashion & Beauty
Scott Thompson

Did you know Von Dutch Originals Trucker caps doubled in price after Paris Hilton wore one on The Simple Life TV show?

Facts about running

11 Interesting Facts About Running

Sports & Games
Becca Marsh

Did you know that the world’s oldest marathon runner was 101 years old? Fauja Singh ran the London Marathon in 7 hours 49 minutes.

Facts About The Number 7

10 Superb Facts About The Number 7

Shash Wighton

American park ranger Roy Sullivan was struck by lightning seven times throughout his life. He died in 1983 from a gunshot wound.

Top 10 Most Bizarre Diets

10 Most Bizarre Diets You Won’t Believe Exist

Health & Body
Lizzie Robinson

Did you know there is a diet called the Air Diet where you eat nothing but air?

Facts about Mississippi

15 Interesting Facts About Mississippi

Travel & Tourism
Shash Wighton

Did you know that Mississippi experiences an average of twenty-seven tornadoes per year?

What is a Cold Moon?

What Is A Cold Moon?

Becca Marsh

Due to little cloud cover in December, the full moon’s light looks almost icy when reflected off the frosty ground.

A brief history of Terry's Chocolate Orange

A Brief History Of Terry’s Chocolate Orange

Food & Drink
Lizzie Robinson

Did you know that the Terry’s Chocolate Orange headquarters produced aircraft materials during World War II?