The Most Expensive Christmas Trees in the World

The Most Expensive Christmas Trees

What’s Christmas without a Christmas tree? Some prefer to buy a reusable fake tree, while others like the smell and authenticity of a real tree. Then there’s some who literally spend millions. But what is the most expensive Christmas tree?


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100 Mind Blowing Space Facts

100 Interesting Space Facts That’ll Blow Your Mind

We've literally searched the universe for the most amazing space facts, including facts about the planets in our solar system, moons, the Milky Way, and beyond! We're pretty sure #100 will make you smile!

1000 Interesting & Random Facts

1000 Random & Interesting Facts About Literally Everything

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100 Amazing Facts You Never Knew

100 Utterly Amazing Facts You Never Knew

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200 Fun Facts That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

200 Fun Facts That’ll Actually Make Your Life Better

Do you ever wonder how many times you've walked around the world? Or where your smallest bone is? And what is a Jesus Nut!? Well, get your answers here with these 200 random, fun facts that will actually make your life better!

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Knabstrupper Horse Facts

10 Wild Facts About Knabstrupper Horses

Knabstruppers are among the more unique-looking breeds of horses - they have an interesting spotty appearance. If you've never heard about this horse breed, learn about them here with these 10 most interesting facts about Knabstrupper horses!

Wild Woodpecker Facts

Why Do Woodpeckers Peck Wood?

Woodpeckers, like any other birds, have unique traits. Their pecking behavior is definitely one of them. Have you ever wondered why woodpeckers peck? Their pecking behavior is based on logical reasons. In fact, that behavior is crucial for their lifestyle. Here are 6 reasons why woodpeckers peck wood!

Sheffield's Mascot was an Elephant

Lizzie the Elephant, Sheffield’s WWI Industrial Mascot

During the First World War, the sheer number of steel produced in Sheffield was crucial to the military industrial machine. As such, scrap metal collecting was commonplace in Sheffield. One wartime icon of Sheffield would come from the steel industry named Lizzie the Indian Elephant!

Crazy facts about Rhinos

20 Fascinating Facts About Rhinos That You Should Know

The word rhinoceros means “horned nose” and they once roamed and made their homes in North America and Europe. Now rhinos can only be found in Asia and Africa. Find out more about these ancient one horned beasts with this extensive list of rhino facts!

10 Fun Facts About Komodo Dragons

10 Interesting Facts About Komodo Dragons

Komodo dragons are the largest living lizards on the planet. They are fearsome creatures with a reputation for being strong, aggressive and deadly hunters. But they're not all bad - they love swimming and playing... Here are the top 10 facts about Komodo dragons!

Crazy Elephant Rampage

The Drunken Elephant Rampage That Killed 3 People

There are a fair few animals in the animal kingdom who love a good tipple, and elephants are no exception to this. Usually, drunken animals tend to get a little leery – just like their human counterparts. However, this particular animal binge sesh ended with a bit of a darker twist.

Celebrity Facts

Facts About Camila Cabello

35 Fun Facts About Camila Cabello

Once member of the girl group Fifth Harmony, Camila Cabello has since gone solo, and there seems to be no stopping her. Find out more about this talented singer-songwriter with these 35 fun facts about Camila Cabello!

Top Amazing Facts about Post Malone

30 Underrated Facts About Post Malone

Love him or hate him, you probably know who Post Malone is! This artist got started at a young age and hasn't stopped. Find out all the random facts here about Post Malone like how he got his start, and the surprising way he got his stage name. 

Food & Drink Facts

Surprising Facts about 7up

Bubbling Facts About 7 Up

7 Up is among the top soda brands in the world! Around since 1929, 7Up has had plenty of time to make a name for itself, and that’s exactly what it did! But being around for so long also means there’s an interesting history to learn, and facts to be read!

Terrific Tony the Tiger Facts

Grrrrreat Facts About Tony the Tiger!

Tony the Tiger is pretty much the king of the advertisement mascots, but how much do you actually know about him? Well, here at The Fact Site, we pride ourselves on finding out these obscure details so you don't have to! Read on for the backstory and history of Tony the Tiger!

Surprising Spinach Facts

30 Splendid Facts About Spinach

Thanks to Popeye the Sailor Man, we know spinach is a great source of nutrition that keeps us strong! But there’s so many more health benefits to it that you probably are unaware of. Additionally, we’ll tell you the best way to consume spinach so you get the most out of this superfood!

Fruity Facts about Froot Loops

5 Fantastic Facts About Froot Loops

As a kid, your favorite cereals were no doubt the ones with the highest sugar content! And with the colorful aspect of Froot Loops, that makes them even more fun to eat. So how about a little throwback of information about our favorite childhood cereal? These will blow your mind!

The Weirdest Trial Ever!

The Bizarre Salem Tomato Trials

We all know the Salem Witch Trials. But did you know they also held a trial for tomatoes? Back then, tomatoes were thought to be poisonous, so no one ate them! But one person set out to prove that they weren't so bad after all - read his success story!

The World's Most Expensive Fruit

What Is The World’s Most Expensive Fruit?

Fruit is meant to be a good part of a balanced diet, so even if you do end up spending a few bucks more on your favorite fruit, at least it’s for a worthy cause. But what if I told you there was a fruit worth thousands of dollars?

Health & Body Facts

Sleep Deprivation Effects Body

Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Your Body

Many people consider puffy and dark under-eye circles as the worst consequence of their sleep-deprived lifestyle; however, they are just the tip of an iceberg. Here we are going to look at the negative consequences of sleep deprivation.

What do blind people dream about?

What Do Blind People Dream About?

Have you ever wondered how blind people dream? This brings up questions like do the blind actually dream visually or are their dreams rooted in the senses available to them; sounds, noises, tastes, feelings? We did a little bit of research into the results are fascinating!

Travel & Tourism Facts

Surprising Facts about Monaco

Marvelous Facts & History About Monaco

Nestled along the beautiful French Riviera on the Mediterranean Sea, the Monte-Carlo is dazzling everyone with its elegance and luxury. Along with France and its unique charm, Monaco is a top destination for celebrities, superstars and rich people.

Street Name Meanings

What’s The Difference Between an Avenue, Street & Road?

What’s in a street name? Quite a lot actually... Here we have an extremely useful infographic that looks at the differences between roads, avenues, streets & lanes, along with some famous examples. You'll also learn more about unusual roads like crescents, courts & mews.

Cat Island - Japan Facts

Why Are There Cat Islands in Japan?

If you're a cat person, there's a place for you in Japan! In this unique country, they have not one, not even just two, but eleven islands dedicated to cats! Check out the story to these islands and maybe get inspired to book your trip there!

Amazing Facts About Canada

50 Friendly Facts About Canada

Canada is no doubt one of the world’s most likable countries! You may already know Canada for it for its array of wildlife , but there’s more to this country that you might not know. Here we have the top 50 facts about Canada.

Fun Facts About Saint Lucia

30 Fun Facts About The Caribbean Island, Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is an island located in the Caribbean Sea, and although thousands of people make it a destination for their vacations every year, the average person doesn't know a whole lot about this island. Here are 30 facts you didn't know!

Fascinating Facts about the Statue of LIberty

20 Liberating Facts About The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty was a beacon of hope for immigrants who came to America and is now one of the most famous landmarks in the United States. There's an impressive history to this giant statue, so here are some educative facts on the Statue of Liberty!

Space Facts

Sun Facts

Facts You Probably Don’t Know About The Sun Infographic

Without the sun, we would not be here. Our piece of rock called Earth, which is floating in the expanse of space, would not be habitable by life. Check out this infographic showing some facts you probably didn't know about the sun.

Educational Facts about Telescopes

24 Terrific Facts About The Telescope

Have you ever looked up and wondered what that shimmering ball of light in the sky actually is, or how it looks? The telescope has been around for centuries. But how much do you actually know about it? Here we look at 24 facts about the gateway to the stars!

Recent Facts

10 Crazy Facts About Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is one of the most recognized brands in the world. On a hot summer day, it’s one of the most refreshing drinks to crack open. Any lovers of Coca-Cola will love these top 10 fizzy facts about Coca-Cola!

5 Fast Facts About Christmas Video

5 Fast Facts About Christmas Video

It's Christmas time! And to start the festive celebrations this year, we've made a quick video to give you our 5 favorite Christmas facts. If you have a minute spare, then get yourself in that Christmas mood & check out our Christmas facts video!

Thanksgiving Facts

15 Interesting Thanksgiving Facts That You Should Know

Thanksgiving is the best food holiday of the year - by far! From lesser known Thanksgiving origins, to Presidents who didn’t support it, and how much turkey we eat, here we bring you the full story & facts!

Baby Yoda Facts

5 Facts About The Adorable Baby Yoda

You’ve no doubt seen the adorable little green creature who has exploded onto the Star Wars scene known as Baby Yoda. Well, here are the facts we know about Baby Yoda so far...

Uncle Wiggly Wings Origins

Why Uncle Wiggly Wings Delivered Chocolate to Children

During the Cold War when everyone was on edge, even though nothing happened, it was still a tense time. In those incidents, it's always nice to hear about good Samaritans. Read this heartwarming story about an American pilot that dropped candy from his aircraft for the kids in Berlin!

Lacoste Facts

25 Incredible Facts About Lacoste

Even if you don't own any Lacoste items, there's a very high chance that you've seen the famous green crocodile which is featured on all their items. Here are 25 quick facts about Lacoste that every fashion addict or sports lover should know!

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Where did the word "Boycott" Originate?

The Fascinating Origins of the Word “Boycott”

The word "boycott" doesn't really hold any similarities to other words.

The World's Most Expensive Fruit

What Is The World’s Most Expensive Fruit?

Would you believe me if I told you these types of fruit are worth $16,000!?

7 Flaws of the Human Body

7 Flaws of the Human Body

Eyelashes prevent irritation & damage to your eyes. But eyelashes fall out and cause irritation - the exact thing they're there to prevent.

The Pirate Who Raided A Ship For Their Hats

The Pirate Who Raided A Ship For Their Hats

in 1717, Benjamin Hornigold raided a ship to take hats, not lives.

5 Underrated Facts About The Triangle Musical Instrument

5 Underrated Facts About The Triangle Instrument

Triangles haven't always been triangle.

24 Weird Notes, Coins & Currency

24 Weird Coins, Notes and Types of Currency

Potato Mashers were used in the Ancient Bafia culture as a form of currency.

Facts About R2-D2 and C-3PO

Facts About Everyone’s Favorite Droids: R2-D2 and C-3PO

Both R2-D2 and C-3PO appear in Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark. They are seen on a wall in hieroglyphics.

Cat Island - Japan Facts

Why Are There Cat Islands in Japan?

Cat Island exists because fishermen needed cats to combat mice on their fishing boats.

10 Foods that will help eliminate anxiety

10 Surprising Foods That Help Eliminate Anxiety

Eating dark chocolate helps with anxiety.

Crazy Ivysaur Facts

Pokemon: 30 Ivysaur Facts

According to Pokédex entries, Ivysaurs are able to manipulate nature around them.

Crazy Elephant Rampage

The Drunken Elephant Rampage That Killed 3 People

A 70-strong herd of Indian elephants wandered into town and drank down the entire cache of alcohol.

Insane Coincidences You Won't Believe

10 Crazy Coincidences That Are Hard To Believe

A 17-year old was struck by a taxi in 1975. A year later, his 17-year old brother was struck, on the same bicycle & same stretch of road, by the same driver.