Our environment never fails to blow us away; from destructive tornados to ever-so-common grass, everything is always more complex than it seems. Even if you’re not the outdoorsy type, there’s no denying we need nature to sustain ourselves. Important aspects aside, nature is also just darn cool!

The intricacy of snowflakes is stunning, and with enough of them in the right conditions, you may even be surprised to find self-rolling snowballs! There’s just some stuff you can’t make up and other things that are almost impossible to imagine.

So browse through as we take a look at the most interesting aspects of the environment!

Why do sunflowers face the sun

Why Do Sunflowers Face The Sun?

Sunflowers are known for their majestic yellow petals. If you have seen one in person, you will notice and maybe even wonder why they always seem to be facing the sun. Well, wonder no more because today, we're talking about why these magnificent flowers are constantly chasing the sun.

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The 2019 Russian polar bear invasion

The Mass Polar Bear Invasion Of Russia

In 2019 a state of emergency was called by Arkhangelsk Oblast authorities in the northern islands of Novaya Zemlya, Russia, after dozens of polar bears invaded the area. Polar bears are rarely seen in Russia, but sightings have become more frequent as climate change destroys their natural habitat.

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What causes thunder and lightning?

What Causes Thunder And Lightning?

There's something magnificent and spectacular about witnessing a thunderstorm. As the sky lights up with shocks of lightning, we then anticipate the thunderous sound that comes shortly after. Did you ever wonder what causes thunder and lightning? Let's take a closer look.

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Pink Rainbow

Is The Color Pink In The Rainbow?

There is something really magical about seeing a beautiful arched rainbow spread across the sky during rain and sun. We all know that all the colors are in a rainbow... but are they? If your answer is still "yes", then let me ask you, where's pink? Here we'll find out whether pink is in the rainbow or not.

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Seven oldest trees in the world

7 Oldest Trees In The World

Trees play an important role on Earth. Without them, life here wouldn’t be possible. Some trees on Earth are the oldest organisms on our planet and show no sign of dying any time soon. Keep reading to check out seven of the oldest trees in the world.

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What causes earthquakes?

What Causes An Earthquake?

When two blocks of the earth underground collide they create an energy release on the earth's surface known as an Earthquake. These events can cause incredible destruction and cost many lives. Let's go into a little more depth on what causes earthquakes to shake the earth.

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The Differences Between Forests, Woods, and Jungles.

What Are The Differences Between Forests, Woods & Jungles?

There are many similarities between the terms; forests, woodlands and jungles… the main one being each contains trees… Wow now you’ve learned something new! Let’s take a look at the true descriptions of each and how to distinguish one from the other.

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15 Dangerous Myths About Climate Change

15 Dangerous Myths About Climate Change

Climate change has been the big debate over the last few decades. Now, we're at the point where we have to stop debating, and start acting. Next time you have a discussion with a friend about this topic, keep these myth-debunking facts in your pocket!

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Why is The Sky Blue?

Why is The Sky Blue?

Why is the sky blue? Many think that it’s reflecting the color of the ocean, but that’s a huge myth! It’s not a short answer, but it is a simple one that’s easy to understand. So let’s find out, once and for all, why the sky is blue!

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Incredible Facts about Tulips

5 Trendy Facts About Tulips

Did you know that tulips are edible? Or that they are the National Flower of Turkey and Afghanistan? Or what about the fact that tulips helped save the Netherlands from starving in WWII? Well, all that and more to come in these 5 Fun Facts About Tulips!

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Differentiation between autumn and fall

Why Do The British Say “Autumn” Instead of “Fall”?

You may have heard the British use the word “autumn” to describe the time of year that ends summer and turns to winter or in simpler terms, the third season. But why do they use a different word? Here we compare the difference between autumn and fall!

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The Surprising Comparison Between Beef and Cars

How Beef Is Worse For The Environment Than Cars

It’s easy to think the environmental comparison between cars and hamburgers may be silly. However, a beef barbecue on a hot summer day has even greater impact that you probably were unaware of! Let’s take a look at why there’s such a large disparity between beef and Bentleys.

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