About Us

The Fact Site is an ever-growing knowledge base for the world’s most random and interesting facts.

We have thousands of facts about nearly anything you could think of, from the cutest animals to the most dangerous crimes, there really is something to please everyone here.

The Fact Site History

The Fact Site (formally Funky-Facts) started back in December 2008 by an underachieving college student, Luke Ward.

His only goal was to share the facts he learned and hope somebody, somewhere would share his love for fun facts.

In February 2011, Funky-Facts had a huge makeover and re-branded to The Fact Site. During this year, Luke spent time learning the audience and produced engaging content to boost traffic and reputation.

In 2012, The Fact Site became more diverse in topics and had 3 authors producing weekly content. This year we reached 100,000 unique monthly visitors.

In May 2013, The Fact Site moved to WordPress and hasn’t looked back since!

Between 2014 & 2015, The Fact Site went through many changes to become more professional, and have a better standard of writing. Our facts we’re researched more, and checked against multiple sources. The goal during this period was to provide the best online service for factual information, as well as the most trustworthy source for facts.

Late 2015 saw a re-brand, along with a new logo and color scheme. By this point we had 6 authors producing content for The Fact Site.

In February 2016, The Fact Shop was launched. Because of the large amount of suggestions we had received, we set up an online store selling our favorite facts on clothing and other merchandise.

In December 2018, The Fact Site celebrated it’s 10th birthday by writing the largest list of facts on the internet! These facts were individually written and researched by our amazing team.

In 2019, our goals are to expand our range of merchandise on The Fact Shop and develop a new theme to prepare for the continuing success over the next 10 years.

We are currently expanding our online social presence via Facebook, Twitter, InstagramTumblr & Pinterest.

Be sure to follow us for the newest facts, our favorite lists and a whole bunch of random information.

Meet Our Team

Luke Ward

Luke Ward


I’m a passionate, professional blogger with over 11 years experience in WordPress, SEO, Web Design, Factual Researching & Internet Wizardry.

Oh yeah, I’m also the guy that created The Fact Site & The Fact Shop.

Back in 2009, there wasn’t a whole bunch of factual sites available, so I created The Fact Site so that nobody else will ever have a struggle on finding bizarre & interesting facts.

Since the start, my knowledge of everything useless has grown a lot (probably too much) and I’ve had to keep sharing with you all!

What started as a small site where I shared my knowledge, soon grew to the point where I wanted others to share theirs.

In 2014, I landed a SEO/PPC Executive job for an online video games retailer, where I continued to learn about all aspects of SEO, as well as eCommerce and Pay Per Click advertising.

This gave me the extra motivation & knowledge needed to improve The Fact Site even further.

If you would like to know more, I’m quite active online, so feel free to add me on what ever social networks you prefer!

I’m also available for interviews at any time, please get in touch over at the Contact Page & we can arrange a suitable time for us.

Jamie Ward

Jamie Ward

Web Developer

With a head full of useless information, and a site like this to share it, I feel just at home! For me, it all started back in 2006 where for a short period of time, I was the owner of a growing forum.

Since then, I have spent a lot of my time writing for various blogs online, mostly internet and computing related.

I’ve been here from almost the start of The Fact Site, and have enjoyed both writing articles, and the behind-the-scenes programming.

As this blog continues to grow, so does my lust for random information.

In my spare time I love to study the religions of the world, and you’ll often find me in a coffee shop with a copy of the Bible or Qur’an.

Jack De Graaf

Jack De Graaf


I’m a BA English Studies graduate from Hull University. As a close friend of The Fact Site’s founder, I have always been a long-time fan of his useless information and in late 2012, Luke asked me to write for The Fact Site.

I’m an avid circus-tricker, gamer, reader and TV watcher. I love spending my spare time watching shows like The Walking Dead, and spinning some diabolo or rope-dart when I haven’t got my nose buried in a book, article or laptop.

For a day job I’m a writer for an architecture firm and I also work with a friend on the side to run Mercian Publishing, a small independent publishing label that’s looking to give aspiring authors the chance they all need.

I hope you enjoy my work here and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you like.

Michelle Gabriel

Michelle Gabriel


I’m a freelance writer & blogger and I’m loving it! My focus and passion is traveling, which I’m doing full time. I enjoy writing about traveling & TV shows. I also manage The Fact Site’s Instagram.

Dan Lewis

Dan Lewis


I have been in the tech sector for 7 years; I’m qualified in most areas including networking, hardware, software & support. I enjoy writing about anything techy, nerdy or otherwise factually interesting.

Lizzie Robinson

Lizzie Robinson


I’ve been a freelance writer since 2011 and I’m currently studying English Literature at university. I enjoy sailing, reading and playing the piano in my free time. I also enjoy writing about current issues, politics and business.

Kai Church

Kai Church


I finished my BA (Hons) in English Studies in 2012 with one child and the hopes of a career in writing. Since then I’ve had two more children and not much of a career in writing. But I can dream.

Briana Lynch
Briana Lynch Graphic Designer

Hello! I’m a graphic designer living and working in New York City.

I have a BFA in Communication Design from Parsons School of Design.

In May 2015, I graduated Parsons with honors and began working full time in NYC’s theater industry designing everything from posters and advertisements to creative marketing campaigns.

In addition to my work in branding, advertising and marketing, I have a passion for motion graphics and animation.

I also have an Etsy store where I sell handmade, geeky items and clothing.

When I’m not working or in a theater, I spend my time binge watching television series, reading books, petting cats, and drinking coffee.