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This section spotlights the most amazing facts about the art and design world that will leave you breathless with wonder and astonishment. From fine art to pop art, colors, tattoos and elaborate jewellery, you’re going to get a Grade A, front seat education that you can bank on!

You can surf this site and get deep into the artists, crafts, and adventures that the creative mind can produce. It’s like having your own magical art and design kingdom to play in.

Every aspect of art and design are explored and the facts ranging from the artists and designers themselves to the histories and comedies of the creative arts. Pull up chair and get ready for the fun!

30 Phenominal Facts About Pablo Picasso

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Picasso is among the most renowned artists in the world. Some of his paintings are very bizarre and abstract, which sets him apart from everyone else who tries to wield a paintbrush. Take a look at the top 30 facts about the illustrious painter, Pablo Picasso.

Top 5 Tools You Can Use To Create A Logo

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People recognize companies from their logo. For instance, Nike has the tick, Twitter has the bird, and McDonald’s has the golden arches. The logo is part of describing a company’s services and aims, and that is why it has to be memorable and professional in order to reflect the brand’s identity..

30 Impressive Facts About Vincent van Gogh

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Vincent van Gogh is one of the most revered artists of the world and highly respected by artists and spectators alike. Even though van Gogh was never famous during his life, his posthumous notoriety remains to be massive. Check out these 30 incredible facts about this impressive painter!

21 Interesting Facts About Graffiti

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No matter how rich or poor a city is, there is often some trace of graffiti somewhere. But did you ever stop to think about the history of graffiti or different styles? Here are 21 interesting facts about graffiti that you probably didn't know!

25 Facts About The Color Orange

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Unlike red, green or even blue, orange doesn't jump to mind when you think of certain emotions. However orange is a color that stands out visually and always catches your eye even from afar. Here we look at 25 facts about this underappreciated color.

25 Facts About the Color Brown

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The color brown is a dull and often ignored color. It looks like your aunts age old curtains and it’s not a very eye-catching color. From a different perspective, however, brown is a very pleasant color, it resembles history, culture and chocolate. Here are 25 facts about the color brown.

26 Facts You Didn’t Know About Banksy

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One of the world's most entertaining and controversial artists of the day is the mysterious street artist known as Banksy. He's renowned for blasting his creations on walls, and has gained international fame. Check out these interesting facts about Banksy!

20 Facts About the Color Pink

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The color pink is symbolizes joy and happiness. Pink has been used on prison walls in order to reduce the erratic behavior of inmates. If you like these facts, or if your favorite color is pink, then you're going to enjoy these 20 interesting facts!

Tattoos – The Art of Body Modification

Tattoos have been around as long as there have been people. From Eastern Asia, to the South Pacific Isles, to the South and North of America, to India, to Europe, the list is exhausting. Here are 3 distinct styles which stand out in the modern world.