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The justice system seeks to bring order and stability to a world that, otherwise, would be in constant chaos. But, as it turns out, there are actually quite a few contradictions and absurd laws that simply make a mockery of the entire system!

Laws still in place such as “you cannot carry a plank along the pavement” or “you’re not allowed to be drunk in a pub” are found in the UK. At the same time, the USA is possibly even stranger with laws preventing things such as eyeball selling in Texas or bear wrestling matches in Alabama!

Learn more about the crazy laws in place and the even crazier people who break them here at The Fact Site!

10 Unsolved Mysteries That’ll Give You Goosebumps

In 1919, an infamous killer dubbed The Axeman told the newspapers he wouldn't kill anyone who was playing Jazz in their house.

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Facts about Jeffrey Dahmer

30 Bone-Chilling Facts About Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer was obsessed with Star Wars and wore yellow contact lenses to resemble the Return of the Jedi villain, the Emperor.

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Criminals who could still be out there

7 Criminals Who Could Still Be Out There Today

Between 1971 and 1972, six black girls were murdered in D.C. by a man who dubbed himself The Freeway Phantom. He was never found.

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The Truth Behind Jack the Ripper

Who Was Jack the Ripper, Really?

People who study the true identity of Jack the Ripper are called "Ripperologists".

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Surprising Movies about True Crime

10 Shocking Movies Based on Real Crimes

Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, along with their gang, plagued rural gas stations and small shops with a string of robberies.

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Amsterdam Eel Riots

The Weird History of the Amsterdam Eel Riots

Amsterdam’s infamous Eel Riots led to the deaths of 26 people - and one eel.

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The State That Produces The Most Serial Killers

Which State Produces The Most Serial Killers?

In general, serial killings are extremely rare. Only 1% of murders in any given year are at the hands of serial killers.

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The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Law

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Law Infographic

Paralegal and junior lawyer tasks such as legal research are increasingly being undertaken by AI tools.

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Weirdest Driving Laws US

The Weirdest Driving Laws in the US Infographic

Did you know that in California, you can get a ticket for driving too slow?

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Bizarre Country Laws

Bizarre Laws Around The World

Women in Greece are prohibited from wearing high heels & tall hats in the Olympic Stadium.

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Crazy State Laws

11 Crazy State Laws InfoGraphic

There's a certain way you have to ride an elevator in New York. Doing so in a way they haven't mandated is technically illegal.

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The Greatest Prison Escapes Infographic

The Greatest Prison Escapes Infographic

A whopping 3% of all incarcerated prisoners have managed to escape at some point or another.

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