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September is the ninth month of the year, and it is the only month to feature the same amount of letters in its name in English as the number of the month

Interestingly enough Shakespeare never mentioned September in any of his plays, yet the word ‘September’ has featured in six different film titles, which is more than any other month. Weird.

September sure has some noteworthy facts surrounding it, as well as some excellent holidays in it.

Also, if you want to find out what events happened on each day in history in September, then click the link on the dates.

So without further delay, we’ll jump right in at…

1st September – Letter Writing Day.

Letter Writing Day.

Ah the written letter… not as clumsy or random as a text, an elegant medium for a more civilized age.

This day was invented by Richard Simpkin as a way to celebrate the joy one gets when receiving a written letter in the post.

There was once a time when the written letter was the largest form of global communication – former phone giant Nokia started their life out in 1865 as a paper printing mill!

So today honor the times of old and give somebody that joyous feeling of having a handwritten letter come to their house.

2nd September – VJ Day.

VJ Day.

VJ Day marks the day that Japan’s official surrender ceremony took place.

Two weeks after the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 15th, which marked the end of hostilities in the Pacific.

Today is a day not only to commemorate the end of a terrible war but a day to remember all the brave soldiers and civilians – on both sides – who sadly lost their lives in all the fighting.

3rd September – Skyscraper Day.

Skyscraper Day

This day marks the visionaries who dared to dream many years ago.

Although in the modern world we are used to seeing swathes of skyscrapers pushing their way up from the ground in many cities, there was once a time when the idea of such a building was preposterous to many.

So today take time to marvel at these wonders of engineering and the visionaries who dared to dream so big their dreams scraped the skies.

4th September – Newspaper Carrier Day.

Newspaper Carrier Day.

Today marks the day that Barney Flaherty was hired as the first ever newspaper carrier (or paperboy as it would come to be known) in 1833 by Benjamin Day, the then-head of the New York Sun newspaper.

5th September – Be Late For Something Day.

Be Late For Something Day.

Punctuality is something that is held in high esteem within the modern world, so much so that time-keeping can often dominate a person’s life.

That’s why today is a day about taking a step back from the world and turning up late for something, reminding us that more often than not the world will go on without us there.

6th September – Read A Book Day.

Read A Book Day

Today is a day about reviving a waning medium – so many of us choose the simplicity of TV and film over a book.

So today go against the modern grain and leave your TV turned off, pick up a book and let the pages take you to somewhere magical that a TV never could.

7th September – Buy A Book Day.

Buy A Book Day.

Yesterday you read a book, so today go and buy another one.

Created in 2012 to mark the cultural and economic importance of buying books, today is the great excuse for keen readers to treat themselves.

Or if you’re not a massive reader simply buy a book to read on next year’s September 6th!

8th September – Iguana Awareness Day.

Iguana Awareness Day.

When they just hatchlings they’re tiny, cute, little green lizards.

So when many pet owners buy an iguana it’s hard for them to imagine that one day that teeny lizard could be a six-foot long behemoth weighing up to 11 pounds!

Today is a day to raise awareness with all would-be iguana owners on the specifics of keeping and caring for iguanas.

9th September – Wonderful Weirdos Day.

Wonderful Weirdos Day

What a great excuse to be your wonderful and weird self!

Rather than conforming to the normalized behavioral roles society puts us in, break out against those roles and do something crazy.

Where your suit and tie to the circus, or turn up in a clown outfit to a business meeting!

10th September – Swap Ideas Day.

Swap Ideas Day.

In a creative environment collaboration is key to helping that creativity thrive and come to life.

On this day share your ideas and thoughts with people if they’re struggling with some of their own, or share your ideas for zany inventions with your friends.

One day I’m going to invent a see-through toaster… wait, hasn’t that already been invented?

11th September – No News Is Good News Day.

No News Is Good News Day.

More often than not the news is dominated by scenes of despair and tragedy.

We live in a world where wars rage and civilians die in the masses, where millions of people live in poverty and starvation.

A world where corrupt politicians silence their oppositions by any means necessary, and children die from drone strikes that blow up schools.

Yes, the world is a dark and depressing place.

So take today to isolate yourself from all the bad news and just live in a no news bubble where the world’s depravity can’t touch you.

12th SeptemberVideo Games Day.

Video Games Day

Video games get a lot of bad press in today’s world.

Shootings in schools get blamed on video games rather than guns, drunk driving is blamed on video games rather than alcohol.

But for me, and many other gamers worldwide, video games are much more than an easy scapegoat.

Video games can bring people from all different walks of life together, binding them through a common love and a common form of escapism.

So take today to celebrate the joys of video games and every positive aspect they bring to the modern world and push extra hard to beat your high score!

If you don’t feel like playing games today, how’s this for an alternate option… here you can read 100 fun facts about your favorite video games!

13th September – Roald Dahl Day.

Roald Dahl Day.

Today marks Roald Dahl’s birthday.

Roald Dahl is one of the world’s most celebrated children’s literary figures.

So indulge your inner child today and pick up something – anything – by Roald Dahl because they’re all gold!

14th September – Eat A Hogie Day.

Eat A Hogie Day.

A Hoagie is a Sub Sandwich, and although the origin of this particular sandwich is hazy, most sources confirm that they date back to the early 1900s.

Today is an easy day to celebrate, so celebrate it in your own style just the way you like it.

15th September – Make A Hat Day.

Make A Hat Day

The humble hat comes in many shapes, sizes and styles.

Hats span back before written history, with the earliest accounts of hats being from as far back as the bronze age!

And behind every hat is a hatter, so today take the chance to make your own hat.

Even if you aren’t too handy with some knitting needles grab a piece of paper and make yourself an origami hat!

16th September – Play Doh Day.

Play Doh Day.

When it was first developed in the 1930s Play Doh wasn’t a toy. Oh no, it was a way to clean wallpaper.

It wasn’t until the 1950s that Play Doh was first marketed as a toy.

Since then it has sold over two billion tubes.

If all that Play Doh were to be rolled into one big ball it would weigh as much as 2,000 Statues of Liberty!

So grab yourself some Play Doh and unleash your inner child today!

17th September – Apple Dumpling Day.

Apple Dumpling Day.

These delicious treats hail back to feudal days where they were a very common meal among peasants in European countries like Austria, Germany and England.

Dumplings take their name from the German word dampf, meaning steam, as they were traditionally steamed or boiled.

However nowadays dumplings can be cooked in many different ways so it’s not hard to celebrate today whichever way suits you!

18th September – Respect Day.

Respect Day

Today is a day about bringing a little more respect into the world and to the lives of people around you.

For some this could mean being more mindful of others’ feelings, or just generally being a little bit more polite than usual.

Regardless of what it means to you make sure you treat everybody with the respect they deserve today!

19th September – Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Avast me maties it’s talk like a pirate day! Arrgh t’is the day we salty seadogs ‘ave been waiting for.

So hoist that anchor and set sail for today me and ye leave these land-lubbers in our wake and plunder all the glories and treasures of the seven seas!

20th September – Punch Day.

Punch Day.

The term ‘punch’ itself actually comes from the Hindustani word “panch” which means “five”, and thus today celebrates the traditional Punch based on five ingredients many are familiar with.

So seeing as there is no such thing as bad excuse to drink, make yourself some Punch today and have a glass or five!

21st September – International Day of Peace.

International Day of Peace

Since 1982 this day has been started by the ringing of the Peace Bell at the United Nations HQ in New York.

Whilst world peace is an admirable ambition, many of us can take the idea of a day of peace into our own lives.

Don’t let yourself get dragged into family arguments today, make up with your friends, and enjoy a day of peace.

22nd September – White Chocolate Day.

White Chocolate Day.

White chocolate first broke onto the chocolate scene in the 1930s and was the creation of, you guessed it, master chocolatiers the Swisse.

White chocolate is, in my opinion, the best chocolate going.

So it’s safe to say that I’ll have no problem celebrating today and neither will any of the other white chocolate lovers in this world!

23rd September – Restless Legs Awareness Day.

Restless Legs Awareness Day.

Restless Legs Syndrome is a disorder that causes a person to move their legs when they are at rest.

First wrote about and discovered in 1945 by Swedish neurologist Professor Karl-Axel Ekbom, much more has been learned about this affliction since then.

That is why this day is held on the birthday of Professor Ekbom, so take today to read up about Restless Legs Syndrome.

24th September – Punctuation Day.

Punctuation Day

Founded in 2004 by Canadian author and economist Jeff Rubin, today is about the importance of punctuation.

No, not smiley-faces made from punctuation, but actual punctuation itself.

Punctuation is very important, especially in the digital world of texts, emails and social media where punctuation is so often abandoned.

So today make sure you finish every sentence with a full stop, and make sure you only use the one exclamation point!

25th September – World Dream Day.

World Dream Day.

Contrary to what we’d all like to believe, today is sadly not about staying in bed all day.

Today is a day about chasing your dreams, no matter how big or small they may be, and helping make the world a better place by achieving them.

26th September – Johnny Appleseed Day.

Johnny Appleseed Day.

Today commemorates the birthday of well-known and well-loved American figure Johnny Appleseed.

He was best known for planting apple trees throughout Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois.

Other than being a serial tree-planter, he was also a keen conservationist, businessman, and all-around nice guy.

27th September – Tourist Day.

Tourist Day

Although tourists can be frustrating at times, today promotes just how healthy tourism is for national and local economies all over the world.

In many different places, tourism is one of the biggest contributing factors to driving local trade and fueling the local economy.

So take today to try and look at all the ways tourism benefits the place where you live.

28th September – Drink Beer Day.

Drink Beer Day.

So this is a day that is perhaps geared towards those of us who are a little older, but by God, it is a wonderful day.

One of the oldest alcoholic beverages in the world, beer is a solid staple of drinking culture.

Today is also Good Neighbor Day, so why not celebrate two-for-one and share a few beers with your neighbor.

29th September – World Heart Day.

World Heart Day.

Heart disease and strokes kill 17.1 million people every year – that’s more than cancer, HIV and AIDS, and malaria.

The human heart is one of the most complex biological machines out there, but it isn’t invincible.

So take today to learn how to look after your heart, because if you look after your heart it will look after you.

30th September – International Translation Day.

International Translation Day

Launched in 1953, International Translation Day is about making the world a slightly smaller place by breaking down the language barriers of the world one translator at a time.

Many events are held to mark this day, as well as many seminars and talks on the power of translation.

So look them up in your local area and go ahead to one.

You may even take something away from it that will help you sometime in the future.

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