Interesting Facts About Bugs Bunny

In 1997, Bugs Bunny appeared on an American postage stamp, the first cartoon ever to be put on a stamp.

    Bugs Bunny is an American cartoon character who first appeared in A Wild Hare (the first official Bugs Bunny short) on July 27, 1940, which makes Bugs Bunny 82 years old!

    He was created by Tex Avery who was the director of A Wild Hare and Robert McKimson who created the Bugs Bunny character design.

    Q: A Rabbit or a Hare?
    A: Rabbit, hares don’t live in burrows, rabbits do. Bugs Bunny does.

    Bugs Bunny is considered to be the main character of the Looney Tunes series. The Looney Tunes series and sometimes of Warner Brothers use Bugs Bunny as their mascot because of how famous he is.

    Stardom and Success!

    Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny were the first cartoon characters to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

    Bugs Bunny often gets into wars with other characters and nearly always wins. The creators were getting concerned that viewers would lose sympathy for an aggressive rabbit who always won wars, so to solve this problem, Jones arranged for Bugs Bunny to be bullied, threatened, or cheated while minding his own business.

    There’s only been one cartoon where Bugsy has ever been seen as an actual villain, this was Buckaroo Bugs. In all the other cartoons, he is not seen as a villain as he uses self-defense against people who try to cause him harm.

    Postage Stamps and Voice Changes

    In 1997, Bugs Bunny appeared on an American postage stamp, the first cartoon ever to be put on a stamp. That stamp is number seven on the list of the ten most popular U.S. collectable stamps.

    The scenes where Bugs Bunny is chewing a carrot are generally followed by Bugs Bunny’s most well-known catchphrase, “Eh, What’s up, Doc?”, this was in the first ever cartoon and that catchphrase has stuck with him ever since. It is now in the top 10 most recognized cartoon TV character catchphrases.

    Over the years, Bugs Bunny has had seven different voice actors, this includes his voice for Baby Looney Toons.

    The Bugs Bunny cartoons air worldwide, however his name is often changed to suit the language of the country.

    In 2002, he was named by TV Guide as the number one greatest cartoon character of all time.

    “Eh… What’s up, doc?” – Bugs Bunny

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