2021 September

September 2: Facts & Historical Events On This Day

Facts & Historic Events That Happened on September 2

September 2nd is officially celebrated as Calendar Adjustment Day as well as VJ Day.

This day marks the 245th day of 2021, and there’s only 120 days left of the year.

People who were born on September 2 share the Virgo star sign.

If this day is a special day, you’re in the right place to learn the facts from September 2nd throughout history, including some important past events, as well as celebrities who were born on this day.

Did you know that on this day in 1945, Japan agreed to an unconditional surrender during WWII? This brought an end to World War II after six years of fighting.

Keep reading for more facts about September 2nd in history!

What Happened On September 2 In History?


Earth had around 3 trillion trees.

Interestingly we lose 15 billion trees a year to produce toilet paper.

Ban lifted on news presenters wearing veils in Egypt.


The United States announced its recognition of Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania’s independence as individual countries after the collapse of the Soviet Union.


Japan signed an unconditional surrender act, which brought an end to the six years of World War II.

Source BBC

Dieudonne Costes and Maurice Bellonte successfully flew the first non-stop transatlantic flight from east to west when they landed in New York City on this day.

After leaving Paris on September 1 in a Breguet 19 fixed-wing aircraft, Costes and Bellonte completed the first non-stop flight between Europe and America.

Machine guns were used for the first time in a battle in Omdurman, Sudan, Africa.

OTD in 1898: Machine guns were used for the first time in a battle in Omdurman
The weapons were "Maxim guns" and were capable of firing 600 rounds per minute.

The largest known solar storm occurred, causing electrical problems to telegraph services.


Great Britain and colonies spent their last day using the Julian calendar.

With the adoption of the Gregorian calendar, days 3-13 were skipped making the following day September 14.

The Great Fire of London began.

OTD in 1666: The Great Fire of London began.
On this day, fires began to sweep through the city, which would last for four days and destroy 70,000 out of 80,000 people's homes, among most of the other buildings in the city.
44 BC

Queen Cleopatra VII of Egypt named her son Ptolemy XV Caesar as a co-ruler to Egypt.

Also know as Caesarion, Ptolemy XV Caesar was the last Pharaoh of ancient Egypt and ruled until his death.

Did you know that on this day, September 2nd 1945, Japan agreed to an unconditional surrender during WWII?