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September 12: Facts & Historical Events On This Day

Facts & Historic Events That Happened on September 12

September 12th observes Chocolate Milkshake Day
and Video Games Day.

Welcome to the 255th day of the year! We’re slowly getting through the year, and now have only 110 days until we reach the new year.

For those of you who were born on September 12th, your zodiac sign is Virgo.

If today’s your birthday or you just want to know more about this day, then you’ll love these historical events, both good and bad that made September 12 so special.

Did you know that on this day in 1981, the animated fantasy TV show “The Smurfs” premiered on NBC? It became one of the most successful and longest-running Saturday morning shows in television history.

Keep reading for more facts about September 12th in history!

What Happened On September 12 In History?


Crosshatch drawings found on a 1.5-inch piece of stone in Blombos Cave, South Africa found to be the oldest known human drawing in the world at 73,000 years old.


East London sewers were blocked by a 829 foot (253 meter), 260,000 lb (23 ton) humongous fatberg.

Fatbergs are formed when things are flushed down the toilet that shouldn't be. This mass was comprised of fat, wet wipes, nappies, oil, condoms and more.
Source BBC

Lady Gaga wore a full outfit made of meat for the MTV Video Music Awards.

She wore a dress, shoes and a hair piece all made from raw cuts of meat.

An extreme category 5 hurricane called Gilbert hit Jamaica with the eye of the storm being 15 miles wide.

OTD in 1988: An extreme category 5 hurricane called Gilbert hit Jamaica with the eye of the storm being 15 miles wide.
The storm had top speeds of up to 185 miles per hour and 318 fatalities people died.

American neo-noir mystery film “Blue Velvet” premiered in Toronto, Canada.


Animated fantasy TV show “The Smurfs” premiered on NBC.


American department store Kohl’s opened their first store in Brookfield, Wisconsin.


17,000-year-old cave art was discovered in France.

OTD in 1940: 17
On this day a dog named Robot fell into a hole. Marcel Ravidat and his friends went to help Robot. They made their way 15 meters down into the cave, where they discovered paintings of animals on the walls within the cavern. They are now known as the Lascaux Cave Paintings and the area is now a World Heritage Site.

American actress Katherine Hepburn has her first stage performance in New York City where she played in “Night Hostess.”


French astronomer Charles Messier accidentally discovered the Crab Nebula while looking for the Halley comet.

Although he wasn't the first to document this discovery, this was the catalyst in his career and inspired the creation of the Messier Catalogue.
Source ESO

Did you know that on this day, September 12th 1981, the animated fantasy TV show "The Smurfs" premiered on NBC?