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August 14: Facts & Historical Events On This Day

Facts & Historic Events That Happened on August 14

August 14th is Tattoo Removal Day and Creamsicle Day.

We’re now on the 226th day of the year, and have 139 days left.

Everyone who was born on August 14th shares the same zodiac sign, Leo.

This day in history was a real mixed bag of major historical events. Keep reading to find out what interesting historical events happened on August 14.

Did you know that on this day in 1880, the Cologne Cathedral was finally completed? By this time, it had been under construction for 632 years.

Keep reading for more facts about August 14th in history!

What Happened On August 14 In History?


A rainfall survey named “It is raining plastic” announced that tiny plastic particles were found in 90% of rain samples in Colorado, US.

Source CNN

Ponte Morandi bridge in Genoa, Italy collapsed after a heavy rainstorm killing 43 and injuring 16.


Mudslide and flooding in Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown claimed the lives of 1,141 people and left 3,00 without homes.


The world’s most amazing face transplant took place.

On this day Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez performed a 26-hour transplant on his patient Patrick Hardison. Hardison was a firefighter who received third-degree burns on his head, upper torso, and neck when the roof of a burning building collapsed on him.
Source Fox News

Singapore opened the world’s first Summer Youth Olympics Games.

There were 3,600 athletes from 204 nations all aged between 14 and 18.

A major blackout occurred in the Northeastern and Midwestern US along with Ontario, Canada.

OTD in 2003: A major blackout occurred in the Northeastern and Midwestern US along with Ontario
The cause which affected around 10 million people was due to a software bug of the alarm systems at FirstEnergy.

Pakistan gained independence from the British Empire – a day before India’s independence.


The first-ever Japanese patent was issued on this day.

Zuisho Hotta was granted the patent for his formulation of a rust-proof paint. This was the first anticorrosive paint of its kind that could be used on the hulls of ships.

After being in construction for 632 years, the Cologne Cathedral was completed on this day.

OTD in 1880: After being in construction for 632 years
Construction of the largest cathedral in Europe began in 1248. It became the biggest cathedral in Europe. The cathedral became a UNESCO world heritage site in 1996, and it is still the largest Gothic church in Northern Europe.

Congress created the Oregon Territory, which included Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Western Montana.


The New York Eye Infirmary opened, and it was the first speciality hospital of its kind in the western hemisphere.