August 6: Facts & Historical Events On This Day

Did you know that on this day, August 6, 2012, Mount Tongariro in New Zealand erupted?

August 6th observes Fresh Breath Day and Wiggle Your Toes Day.

We’ve reached the 218th day of the year. There are 147 days left until the end of the year.

On this day in history we’ve been spoiled with so many big events that happened. Here you’ll learn the all about the historic events that all happened on August 6.

Did you know that on this day in 2012, Mount Tongariro in New Zealand erupted? It was the first time the volcano had erupted in 115 years.

Keep reading for more interesting facts about August 6th in history!

What Events Happened On August 6 In History?

2019 The Department of Health in Manila, Philippines, declared a national epidemic after the dengue outbreak.

By this day, 622 people had died from the outbreak, which was believed to have started July 20, 2019.

2019 World Resources Institute reported that a quarter of the world’s population is running out of water.

OTD in 2019: World Resources Institute reported that a quarter of the world's population is running out of water.
Seventeen countries are using up 80% of usable surface water each year.

2015 Jon Stewart hosted his last episode of “The Daily Show.”

2015 Pittsburgh hosted the world’s largest pinball tournament.

With a record-breaking total of 700 pinball and arcade machines, Pinburg became the world's largest pinball event attracting hundreds from around the world.

2012 Flammable vapor caught fire at the Chevron Refinery in Richmond, California.

Six employees were injured in the accident.

2012 NASA’s Curiosity rover landed on Mars’ Aeolis Palus plain.

The rover was launched from Cape Canaveral almost a year earlier, on November 26, 2011. Curiosity's mission was meant to last just two years, but this was ultimately extended indefinitely.

2006 At just 30 years old, golf professional Tiger Woods won the 50th PGA, making him the youngest person ever to win a PGA.

OTD in 2006: At just 30 years old

1997 Korean Air Flight 801 crashed while approaching Guam airport, killing 229 of the 254 people aboard.

1996 A team of NASA scientists declared that the Martian ALH 84001 meteorite might contain traces of alien life.

1971 After being the first man to sail the world non-stop in the wrong direction, Chay Blyth returned to the UK.

Usually, the race would go with the winds, from west to east; however, Blyth decided to do it the opposite way and became the first man to complete a full loop. In 1992 Blyth created the first "wrong way" yacht race around the world, and since then, this race has been held every four years.

1965 US President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act, which was introduced to stop voting discrimination against minority groups.

1945 The United States of America dropped its first-ever atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima, Japan.

OTD in 1945: The United States of America dropped its first-ever atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima

1819 Norwich University was founded in Vermont.

It was the first private military school in the United States.

1661 Portugal and the Dutch Republic signed the Treaty of The Hague.

Famous People Born On August 6

Are you celebrating your birthday today? If so, did you know that you share the same birthday as Andy Warhol? See what other famous people were born on this day.

1973 Vera Farmiga

American Actress

Vera Farmiga
48 years old
Born In:
New Jersey, USA
Read More

1928 Andy Warhol

American Artist

Andy Warhol
Died On:
Feb 22, 1987 (Age 58)
Born In:
Pennsylvania, USA

1962 Michelle Yeoh

Malaysian Actress

Michelle Yeoh
59 years old
Born In:
Perak, Malaysia

Special Holidays On August 6

If you’re looking for something to do today, maybe these special holidays might just help to cure your boredom!

August 6: National Fresh Breath Day

National Fresh Breath Day

August 6: National Wiggle Your Toes Day

National Wiggle Your Toes Day

August 6 Birthday Facts, Zodiac & Birthstone

If you were born on August 6th, your zodiac sign is Leo.

Leos tend to be energetic and lead a busy life. They’re ambitious, creative, and optimistic and can use their minds to solve complex problems.

For those of you born in August, you have the Peridot birthstone. The largest peridot stone discovered was found on Zagbargad Island, Egypt. It weighs an incredible 311.8 carats and is now located at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C.

If you were born on this day, your estimated date of conception would be November 13th in the previous year.

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