August 25: Facts & Historical Events On This Day

Facts & Historic Events That Happened on August 25



August 25th is officially Banana Split Day and Kiss and Make Up Day.

Welcome to day 238 of 366! There are 128 days remaining in 2024.

To help you get through the rest of the day be sure to check out what events in the past has made August 25th so important in history.

Did you know that on this day in 1768, Captain James Cook set sail on his first voyage from Plymouth headed for the Pacific Ocean? Cook and his crew would not return home for another two years and 11 months.

Keep reading for more fun & interesting facts about August 25th in history!


What memorable events happened on August 25 in history? Keep reading to find out!


US President Biden approved student debt loan forgiveness of up to $20,000 for those who are qualified.

Joe Biden announced this decision following an extension on multiple federal student loan payment pauses, which was first put in motion in March 2020. Of the 45 million federal student loan borrowers, 43 million qualified for some loan forgiveness.


NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft entered interstellar space, becoming the first artificial object to do so.


Naturalists Chris Atkins and Michael Taylor discovered the world’s tallest tree in Redwood National Park, California.

OTD in 2006: Naturalists Chris Atkins and Michael Taylor discovered the world's tallest tree in Redwood National Park

Atkins and Taylor named the tree Hyperion, which measured 380.1 ft (115.85 m) tall, making it the largest known tree on earth.


Nintendo released the first-person shooter, GoldenEye 007, for the Nintendo 64.

GoldenEye 007’s development began before the Nintendo 64 was even released. The Game’s developers didn’t even have a development version of the console to work with while creating the game, so they had to playtest it with an older Sega controller.


Belarus declared its independence from the Soviet Union.


Businessman Momofuku Ando marketed the first-ever pre-cooked instant noodles.

After years of experimentation, Ando released the world’s first instant noodles called Chikin Ramen.


The first daily passenger air service began, going from London to Paris.

The first flights left a mile north of where Heathrow Airport now sits, and the flights were operated by Air transport & Travel Ltd, now known as British Airways.


Walden W. Shaw and John D. Hertz founded the Shaw Livery Company and introduced the yellow cabs to attract passengers.


A Japanese scientist, Shibasaburo Kitasato, isolated the bacterium of the Bubonic Plague.


Uruguay gained independence from Brazil, which is now celebrated as a National Holiday for Uruguayans.

OTD in 1825: Uruguay gained independence from Brazil


Alicia Thornton became the first British female jockey after taking part in a horse race at York Racecourse in Knavesmire, England.


Captain James Cook set sail on his first voyage from Plymouth, heading for the Pacific Ocean.

The journey was made on their ship Endeavour, which was previously called Earl of Pembroke.


Astronomer Galileo demonstrated one of his earlier telescopes to Venetian lawmakers.

OTD in 1609: Astronomer Galileo demonstrated one of his earlier telescopes to Venetian lawmakers.


Diego Velázquez de Cuéllar, the conquistador, founded Havana on the southern part of the island.

Havana officially moved to the north in 1519.

325 AD

The doctrine of the Holy Trinity was established after the end of the Council of Nicaea.

Famous Births

Are you celebrating your birthday today? If so, did you know that you share the same birthday as Tim Burton? See what other famous people were born on this day.


Blake Lively



Blake Lively


36 years old

Born In:

California, USA


Tim Burton


Film Director

Tim Burton


65 years old

Born In:

California, USA


Sean Connery



Sean Connery

Died On:

Oct 31, 2020 (Age 90)

Born In:

Scotland, UK


Alexander Skarsgård



Alexander Skarsgård


47 years old

Born In:

Stockholm, Sweden

Famous Deaths

Unfortunately, August 25th has also been a day where we’ve had to say some goodbyes over the years…



Neil Armstrong



Neil Armstrong



Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong was an American astronaut born on August 5, 1930. He died on this day in 2012, at age 82 in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Died On:

Aug 25, 2012 (Age 82)

Died In:

Ohio, USA


Here are the most famous or noteworthy quotes said on this day throughout history.


My great hope is to laugh as much as I cry; to get my work done and try to love somebody and have the courage to accept the love in return.

Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou

American Memoirist


Television is like the invention of indoor plumbing. It didn’t change people’s habits. It just kept them inside the house.

Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock

English Filmmaker

Special Holidays

If you’re looking to try something new today, here are some special holidays that might just give you an idea.

August 25: National Kiss and Make Up Day
United States

National Kiss and Make Up Day

We’ve all had small quarrels and fights with our loved ones, and we leave them unresolved all too often. National Kiss and Make Up Day is here to give you the opportunity to let bygones be bygones, to agree to disagree, and, most importantly, to harmoniously get on with your lives!

August 25: National Banana Split Day
United States

National Banana Split Day

Banana splits are quite possibly the perfect dessert, combining delicious ice cream and bananas in a way that makes them truly shine! While a banana split is a fantastic idea on any day of the year, it’s pretty much mandatory today – and don’t forget the toppings!

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Fun Fact Of The Day

The costume designers for Lord of the Rings worked for two straight years making custom armor. Just one Orc suit had 13,000 rings and took three days to complete.

Birthday & Zodiac

Everyone who was born on August 25 shares the star sign of Virgo.

Virgo is commonly the most detail-oriented of the zodiac signs. Virgos are practical, analytical, and hard-working. They’re good at knowing where to look for the core of any problem.

People born in August all have the Peridot birthstone. In 2018, the Kīlauea volcano on Hawaii’s biggest island saw increased activity, which led to a rare geological event, where Olivine (also known as peridot when at gem quality) was found on the ground around the volcano. In Hawaiian culture, peridots are thought to be the tears of the volcano goddess Pele.

If you were born on August 25th, you would likely have been conceived on or around December 2nd of the previous year.

A baby that is conceived on this day will likely be born around May 18, 2025.

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