November 25: Facts & Historical Events On This Day

Did you know that on this day, November 25, 1817, the US had its first sword swallowing performance in New York City?

November 25th is also known as Parfait Day and Shopping Reminder Day.

We made it to day 329 of the year and there’s only 36 days left to go until we reach the new year.

Are you ready to be wowed? You certainly will be once you’ve read all the incredible events, both good and bad, that all happened on this very day.

Did you know that on this day in 1817, the US had its first sword swallowing performance in New York City? The performer was Senaa Samma, who had traveled from Tamil Nadu, India.

Keep reading for more interesting facts about November 25th in history!

What Events Happened On November 25 In History?

2021 The crew aboard the International Space Station celebrated Thanksgiving.

On Thanksgiving, the astronauts ran on a treadmill and called it a "turkey trot"! Special food was provided for the occasion; although still in vacuum-sealed packets, they enjoyed candied yams, crab bisque, turkey, and cherry blueberry cobbler to finish it all off.

2019 The world’s largest luxury goods corporation, Louis Vuitton (LVMH), bought jeweler Tiffany & Co. for $16.2 billion.

1975 The Netherlands granted Suriname independence, and has since been celebrated as Suriname Independence Day.

OTD in 1975: The Netherlands granted Suriname independence

1963 President John F. Kennedy’s funeral was held in Washington, D.C.

Officials from more than ninety countries attended the funeral. JFK was finally put to rest at 3:15 that afternoon in the Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.

1924 USPTO received a trademark for the Kleenex brand name.

1905 Telimco made the first-ever advertisement for a civilian radio set.

The ad in "Scientific American" had it priced at $7.50 (about $220 in 2020) and claimed to receive signals for up to one mile.

1884 John B. Meyenberg from St. Louis, Missouri, patented powdered milk.

1847 The romantic comedic opera “Marta” premiered in Vienna by Jules-Henri Vernoy de Saint-Georges.

1839 A deadly cyclone struck east India killing over 300,000 people and destroying 20,000 ships.

1817 The US had its first sword-swallowing performance in New York City.


1715 The UK approved the first American patent.

OTD in 1715: The UK approved the first American patent.

It was for a machine that processed corn.

1667 A fatal earthquake killed 80,000 people near the city of Shemakha, Azerbaijan.

The quake was around 6.9 in magnitude, with an epicenter at a depth of 7.5 miles.

1596 A peasant uprising called the Cudgel War began in Finland.

The peasants armed themselves with whatever weapons they could gather, which were generally blunt, in revolt against taxes imposed by the nobility.

1491 The Treaty of Granada was signed, marking the end of the Grenada War, which started in 1482.

OTD in 1491: The Treaty of Granada was signed

Famous Quotes Said On November 25

Below are the most famous quotes people have said or written on Nov 25th throughout history.


“Only in thought is man a God; in action and desire we are the slaves of circumstance.”

– Bertrand Russell

Famous People Born On November 25

Is today your birthday? If so, you share the same birthday with Katie Cassidy. Here are a few other famous people born on this day.

1986 Katie Cassidy

American Actress

Katie Cassidy
36 years old
Born In:
California, USA

1971 Christina Applegate

American Actress

Christina Applegate
51 years old
Born In:
California, USA

1979 Joel Kinnaman

Swedish-American Actor

Joel Kinnaman
43 years old
Born In:
Stockholm, Sweden

1966 Billy Burke

American Actor

Billy Burke
56 years old
Born In:
Washington, USA

Famous People Who Died On This Day

1926 - 2016 Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro was a Cuban politician born on August 13, 1926. He died on this day in 2016, at age 90 in Havana, Cuba.

Special Holidays On November 25

Are you looking for something to do today? Well, here’s a few special days that might just give you some ideas.

November 25: National Parfait Day

National Parfait Day

This layered French dessert may come off as a bit pretentious, but it’s actually beautifully simplistic! If you've never had one before, try it at home on Parfait Day! Layer up some fruit with cream or yogurt in a glass, add any extra toppings you feel like, and bam - you’ve made parfait!

November 25: Shopping Reminder Day

Shopping Reminder Day

Have you bought Christmas presents for all your friends and family yet, or are you like us and need to be reminded? Well, we have just one month left until that special time of the year, so we’re here to remind you (and ourselves) to start getting your Christmas shopping done!

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Fun Fact Of The Day

Gordon Ramsay fell 85 feet off a cliff while filming in Iceland. Landing in the icy water below, he was submerged for 45 seconds before surfacing with minimal injuries.

November 25 Birthday Facts, Zodiac & Birthstone

If you were born on this day, your star sign is Sagittarius.

Independence is tantamount to Sagittarians’ happiness, and they will go out of their way to ensure they are always self-sufficient.

People born in November all have the Topaz birthstone. Topaz is considered among the most powerful of gemstones. The gem signifies emotional balance and gives protection from greed.

If your birthday falls on this day, you would’ve likely been conceived around March 4 in the same year.

A baby conceived on this day will likely be due around August 18, 2024.

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