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November 27: Facts & Historical Events On This Day

Facts & Historic Events That Happened on November 27

November 27th is Bavarian Cream Pie Day and Pins and Needles Day.

Today marks day 331 of the year, and we have 34 days left of the year.

People who were born on November 27 share the Sagittarius star sign.

November 27 has been an interesting day in history. Here you’ll learn why as we’ve gathered some facts and historical events that happened on this day.

Did you know that on this day in 2017, eight Donkeys were freed from prison after four days in Orai, India? They had been imprisoned for ignoring the authority’s warnings against eating expensive plants near Urai jail.

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What Happened On November 27 In History?


The 400th anniversary of the end of the Transatlantic Slave Trade was celebrated with the “Year of Return” in Ghana.


Eight Donkeys were freed from jail after four days in Orai, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Their crime was eating someone's expensive plants.

A ghost ship from North Korea washed up on a beach in Japan with eight skeletons onboard.

A professor from Seigakuin University said ships washing up on beaches like this have increased since 2013.
Source CNN

The San Jose, that sank in 1708, was found near Columbia.

OTD in 2015: The San Jose
Dubbed the "Holy Grail of shipwrecks" the ship and its contents were estimated to be worth a staggering $17 billion USD!

Walt Disney’s “Frozen” was released in American movie theaters.


The first partial facial transplant was given to Isabelle Dinoire in France after she was attacked by a dog.


Osiris became the first discovered exoplanet with atmosphere.

It was found to have a hydrogen rich atmosphere.

The Hofburg fire destroyed part of the Royal Court in Vienna, Austria.

The Hofburg has been Austria's government site since 1279, and it has caught on fire multiple times. The first Hofburg fire was in 1668, the second in 1848, and the third on this day. Destruction from this fire caused damage to the building complex's upper floors. Restoration works took five years to return the building to its previous state.

The first Boeing 727 planes were delivered to airlines.

On December 5, 1960, Boeing launched the 727 and had 40 orders from both United Airlines and Eastern Air Lines. The planes were delivered on this day, and the first one went into service on February 9, 1963.

British pharmacist John Walker invented the matchstick by accident.

OTD in 1826: British pharmacist John Walker invented the matchstick by accident.
Walker was experimenting with flammable pastes to use in guns. He created the match when the wooden tool he used to mix the substances in his paste scrapped and caught fire. Walker never patented the matchstick.

The Congress of Vienna declared Kraków, Poland, a free republic state, and on this day, the Constitution of the Kingdom of Poland was signed.


The first Native American uprising against Spanish rule occurred on this day in the La Navidad colony.

Christopher Columbus saw the native uprising as a revolt against how they were being treated. As a consequence, the settlement was destroyed by fire.

Pope Anastasius I became the Bishop of Rome on this day and reigned until his death.

Pope Anastasius I was remembered for condemning the Alexandrian theologian Origen's writings shortly after being translated into Latin. He was also influential in other parts of the world when he encouraged Christians in North Africa to fight against the Christian sect of Donatism.

Did you know that on this day, November 27th 2017, eight Donkeys were freed from prison after four days in Orai, India?