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November 15: Facts & Historical Events On This Day

Facts & Historic Events That Happened on November 15

November 15th is known as Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day and I Love to Write Day.

We made it to day 319 of the year and there’s only 46 days left to go until we reach the new year.

People who were born on November 15 all share the Scorpio star sign.

Looking to increase your knowledge about this day? Let us quench that thirst with these intriguing facts and historical events that all happened on this day.

Did you know that on this day in 1969, the first Wendy’s restaurant opened in Columbus, Ohio? It quickly became known for its square beef patties and “Frosty” desserts.

Keep reading for more facts about November 15th in history!

What Happened On November 15 In History?


Sony released their PlayStation 4 in North America and sold one million units within 24 hours.


The first Wendy’s restaurant opened in Columbus, Ohio, US.


American businessman King Camp Gillette was granted his patent for the safety razor.


The US held its first poultry show at Boston’s Public Garden.


Isaac Pitman introduced his shorthand system “Stenographic Shorthand” for writing.


Charles Darwin arrived at Tahiti on his second voyage and noted rich fertile lands and intelligent natives.


The Continental Congress ratified the Articles of Confederation, which was the first rules of government for the newly-formed United States of America.

OTD in 1777: The Continental Congress ratified the Articles of Confederation
The Articles were replaced by the current US Constitution 12 years later.

The first ever licensed kosher butcher opened in New York City.

Source Haaretz

English military officer Myles Standish lead 16 men to explore Cape Cod.


Christopher Columbus wrote about tobacco use by the natives of New England.

Did you know that on this day, November 15th 1969, the first Wendy's restaurant opened in Columbus, Ohio?