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December 31: Facts & Historical Events On This Day

Facts & Historic Events That Happened on December 31

Happy New Year’s Eve – we hope you’ve had an amazing year! December 31st is officially No Interruptions Day and Make Up Your Mind Day.

We’ve made it to the very last day of the year, that’s a reason to celebrate!

Those of you who were born on New Year’s Eve share the Capricorn star sign.

You probably already guessed this, but today has been a very important day in history, it’s the end of a year, but also the start of something new! Here you’ll find some interesting facts and events that all happened on New Year’s Eve throughout history.

Did you know that on this day in 1977, Ted Bundy escaped from jail? He broke through the ceiling of the chief jailer’s apartment and, wearing clothes he found there, walked out the front door.

Keep reading for more interesting facts about December 31st in history!

What Happened On December 31 In History?


The Washington Post called the Lorde a bigot in an ad after she canceled her show in Israel.


Boris Yeltsin resigned as the President of Russia, which left Prime Minister Vladimir Putin as acting President.


Barbra Streisand did her first live public concert in 20 years.


The Fog Bowl, a heavy, dense fog rolled over Soldier Field in Chicago during second quarter of the Bears vs Eagles NFC Divisional Playoff Game. It cut the visibility to 15-20 yards.

OTD in 1988: The Fog Bowl

Ted Bundy escaped from jail.

While imprisoned in Colorado, Ted Bundy used the fact that employees were in Christmas break to his advantage. When he broke out, many employees were away, including the chief jailer.

Paul McCartney filed a lawsuit to break-up The Beatles.


Evel Knievel attempted to jump the Caesar’s Palace Fountain.

Jumping the Vegas' Caesars Palace Fountain was Knievel's longest attempted motorcycle jump at 141 feet. He failed the jump and broke several bones – his pelvis, femur, hip fractures, wrist, and both ankles. On top of that, he suffered a concussion.

US President Harry Truman officially proclaimed the end of World War II.


The first electric-powered bicycle was patented by American inventor Ogden Bolton Jr.


Queen Victoria chose Ottawa as the new capital of Canada.


Roman Emperor Commodus survived an assassination attempt.

OTD in 192: Roman Emperor Commodus survived an assassination attempt.
Conspirators talked the Emperor's mistress to poison Commodus, but he vomited up the poison. The collaborators sent Commodus' wrestling partner to strangle him in the bath – a plot which succeeded.

Did you know that on this day, December 31st 1977, Ted Bundy escaped from jail?