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October 18: Facts & Historical Events On This Day

Facts & Historic Events That Happened on October 18

October 18th is No Beard Day and Chocolate Cupcake Day.

We made it to day 291 of the year and there’s only 74 days left to go until we reach the new year.

Everyone who was born on October 18th shares the zodiac sign of Libra.

From space to film and TV and disasters and law we have covered it all right here on this special day, October 18th.

Did you know that on this day in 1929, Canada legally declared women as “persons”? Before this, there was a debate about which “persons” could sit in the senate, and women had been excluded.

Keep reading for more interesting facts about October 18th in history!

What Happened On October 18 In History?


The first all-female spacewalk took place.

On this day astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir stepped foot in space to fix a device on the International Space station.

Former Pakistani politician, Benazir Bhutto returned to Pakistan as suicide bombers attacked near her convoy in Karachi.

OTD in 2007: Former Pakistani politician
Returning from eight years exile in London and Dubai, she escaped unscathed from the attack that killed 180 people and injured 500.

American independent adventure movie “My Own Private Idaho” starring River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves was released.


During the Olympics, Gold medalist Tommie Smith was suspended for performing the Black Power salute.


The Jungle Book movie by Disney was released.

One of the best classic movies of all time, the film cost $4 million USD to make and reached an incredible $378 million USD at the box office.

Hurricane Hazel hit the American East Coast, and became the worst to hit North America.

The fatal storm cost the lives of 1,191 people and cost $382 million USD at the time. Hazel even reached Canada and the Hudson Bay.

American gangster Al Capone pleaded guilty to tax evasion.

OTD in 1931: American gangster Al Capone pleaded guilty to tax evasion.
Source FBI

Canada legally declared women as “persons”.

This day is now celebrated as Persons Day.

The British Broadcasting Company Ltd (BBC) was founded.


The US bought Alaska from the Russian Empire.

OTD in 1867: The US bought Alaska from the Russian Empire.
The transfer was officially completed on this day and it cost just $7.2 million, around $132 million in today's money.

African-American poet Phillis Wheatley was freed from slavery.


The Normans defeated the Byzantine Empire in the Battle of Dyrrhachium.

Did you know that on this day, October 18th 1929, Canada legally declared women as “persons”?