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July 22: Facts & Historical Events On This Day

Facts & Historic Events That Happened on July 22

July 22nd is also known as Mango Day as well as Hammock Day.

Today marks the 203rd day of the year. We’re slowly getting through the year, but still have 162 days left until the end of the year.

Everyone who was born on July 22nd shares the same star sign, Cancer.

This day in history was a day of war, rebellious behavior and crimes, but also an interesting day for music, technology advances and movies. Find out all about what happened on July 22 in history.

Did you know that on this day in 2016, Funai Electric announced the world’s last VCR would be made within the month? Demand for VCRs was declining and parts were getting harder to source.

Keep reading for more interesting facts about July 22nd in history!

What Happened On July 22 In History?


Marvel’s “Avengers: Endgame” became the most financially success movie of all time.

On this day the movie had grossed an incredible $2.79 billion!
Source UPI

A deadly 106°F heatwave in Japan killed at least 65 people, and more than 22,000 were taken into hospital.

Source BBC

Funai Electric announced that the world’s last VCR would be manufactured this month.

Funai began to manufacture video-cassette recorders in 1983, and was selling 15 million units a year at one point. But with technology evolving so many times since then, the equipment needed to build VCRs became too difficult to find.
Source CNN

Woodstock ’99 concert took place in Rome, New York, US.

The event was trying to emulate Woodstock 1969. Over 200,000 people attended but ended prematurely due to a range of violent acts.

Japan published the first print of the world’s most popular manga-comic series “One Piece”.


American serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer admitted to murdering 17 people.

11 of the victims were found on Dahmer's "House of Horrors", and he gave no reasons for his crimes. In court he pleaded not guilty on the grounds of insanity. He was sentenced to 15 life terms.

American sci-fi horror movie “Plan 9 From Outer Space” premiered.

The movie is known to be one of the worst films ever made.

Palermo, Sicily was liberated by US forces.

OTD in 1943: Palermo

300,000 Jews from a ghetto in Warsaw were deported and executed by Nazi rule.

OTD in 1942: 300

33-year old Katharine Lee Bates wrote the famous song “America the Beautiful”.

Bates was standing at the top of Pikes Peak in Colorado when she was inspired to write the song. The song started out as a poem which she named "Pikes Peak".

The Staten General of the Netherlands declared that the country no longer recognized Philip II of Spain as its ruler.

This declaration of independence enabled the Duke of Anjou to help the resistors claim the ruling title.

Did you know that on this day, July 22nd 2016, Funai Electric announced the world’s last VCR would be made within the month?