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July 17: Facts & Historical Events On This Day

Facts & Historic Events That Happened on July 17

July 17th is celebrated as World Emoji Day and Yellow Pig Day.

Welcome to day 198 of the year folks, there are 167 days left of the year.

If you were born on July 17th, your star sign is Cancer.

Today is your lucky day because we have collected some of the most fascinating historical events that all just happened to occur on July 17th.

Did you know that on this day in 1959, Mary Leakey discovered ancient skull remains in Tanzania, Africa? This was the discovery of a new species of human-like creatures, Paranthropus boisei.

Keep reading for more facts about July 17th in history!

What Happened On July 17 In History?


American superhero movie “Ant-Man” by Marvel was released.


American swashbuckler film “The Mask of Zorro” was released in the United States.

Filming took around one year at Estudios Churubusco in Mexico City, Mexico, and had a $95 million budget. The film grossed a total of $250 million after its release on this day. Due to its success, the film was followed by a sequel, The Legend of Zorro, released in 2005.

Bill Gates became the richest man in the world with a net worth of $12.9 billion.


John Lennon was given 60 days to leave the US.

Lennon faced deportation from the United States if he did not leave within the given time frame. As a "global" citizen, this was not the first time Lennon had outstayed his welcome in the US. Although his wife Yoko Ono was granted permanent residence, Lennon was not and faced being deported back to the UK if he did not comply with the immigration rules.

Mary Leakey discovered ancient skull remains in Tanzania, Africa.

Research revealed the fossils were more than 3.75 million years old, and were of an extinct ape, which is now believed to be an ancestor of humans.

The Potsdam Conference began between the Soviet Union, UK & US.

OTD in 1945: The Potsdam Conference began between the Soviet Union
The meetings were after World War II and were designed to discuss how to administer Germany.

The British Royal family changed their surname to Windsor.

OTD in 1917: The British Royal family changed their surname to Windsor.
The change was made by King George V whose previous name was German Saxe-Coburg.

Water Music by George Frideric Handel premiered on the River Thames, London at the request of King George I.


The Babington Plot to murder Queen Elizabeth I was discovered by the English secret service on this day.

Anthony Babington was one of the plot's chief conspirators to kill Queen Elizabeth I and replace her with her cousin Mary Queen of Scots. The plot's motive was to restore England to its previous religion, as Queen Elizabeth I was a protestant and Mary Queen of Scots was a Roman Catholic.

Henry IV was crowned king of Germany at Aachen Cathedral.