April 1: Facts & Historical Events On This Day

Facts & Historic Events That Happened on April 1



April 1st celebrates April Fool’s Day and One Cent Day.

Today is the 92nd day of the year, and there are 274 days remaining in 2024.

Well here we’ve gathered the most and least important facts that happened on this day in history!

Did you know that on this day in 1976, Apple was launched? Now the largest publicly traded company in the US, the company had its humble beginnings in Steve Jobs’ garage.

Keep reading for more fun & interesting facts about April 1st in history!


What memorable events happened on April 1 in history? Keep reading to find out!


Shenzhen became the first Chinese city to ban eating cats and dogs.

This decision was geared by the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan began.


NASA celebrated April Fool’s Day by telling the world that they found water on Mars.


The Netherlands became the first country in the world to allow same-sex marriage.

OTD in 2001: The Netherlands became the first country in the world to allow same-sex marriage.


Canada formed the territory of Nunavut to recognize the traditional lands of their native Inuit people.


Marvin Gaye died after his father shot him twice in Los Angeles.

The event happened when he tried to break up an argument between his parents. Medics announced his death upon their arrival.


Apple was launched from the home of Steve Jobs and with the help of Steve Wozniak.

OTD in 1976: Apple was launched from the home of Steve Jobs and with the help of Steve Wozniak.

Their first personal computers were personally assembled and went on sale in July 1976.


The TIROS satellite transmitted the first-ever TV picture from space.

The Television InfraRed Observation Satellite 1 (TIROS-1) was the first in a series of weather satellites developed by NASA.


The US Air Force accidentally bombed the Swiss city of Schaffhausen.

Schaffhausen lies on a small strip of land which is almost completely nestled within Germany’s borders, so when the US bombers’ navigation went slightly awry, they thought they were bombing Germany. 40 Swiss Civilians lost their lives that day. President Franklin D. Roosevelt personally wrote a letter of apology to the mayor of Schaffhausen, along with a gift of four million US dollars.


Bonnie and Clyde shot two highway patrolmen outside Grapevine, Texas.

OTD in 1934: Bonnie and Clyde shot two highway patrolmen outside Grapevine

Both patrolmen were relatively young and helped turn public sentiment against the infamous criminal duo.


The Royal Canadian Air Force was formed out of the Canadian Air Force.


The first edition of The Standard was published in London.


Great Britain claimed The Straits Settlements as crown colonies: Singapore, Penang, and Malacca.

The Settlements became answerable directly to the Colonial Office in London instead of the government of British India, based in Calcutta.


The lost Roman city of Pompeii was rediscovered by a Spanish engineer Rocque Joaquin de Alcubierre.


The Bolivian city of Potosí was founded after vast deposits of silver were discovered in the mountains nearby.

33 AD

Jesus Christ’s Last Supper was held.

OTD in 33: Jesus Christ’s Last Supper was held.

According to Colin Humphreys of Cambridge University, a prominent historian, the event took place on a Wednesday instead of Maundy Thursday.

Famous Births

Are you celebrating your birthday today? If so, did you know that you share the same birthday as Hillary Scott? See what other famous people were born on this day.


Logan Paul



Logan Paul


29 years old

Born In:

Ohio, USA


Randy Orton


Professional Wrestler

Randy Orton


44 years old

Born In:

Tennessee, USA


Asa Butterfield



Asa Butterfield


27 years old

Born In:

England, UK


Debbie Reynolds



Debbie Reynolds

Died On:

Dec 28, 2016 (Age 84)

Born In:

Texas, USA


Hillary Scott



Hillary Scott


38 years old

Born In:

Tennessee, USA

Famous Deaths

Unfortunately, April 1st has also been a day where we’ve had to say some goodbyes over the years…



Marvin Gaye



Marvin Gaye



Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye was an American singer born on April 2, 1939. He died on this day in 1984, at age 44 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Died On:

Apr 1, 1984 (Age 44)

Died In:

California, USA


Of all of the quotes said on this day, these are the most notable ones said on Apr 1st throughout history.


It takes courage to love, but pain through love is the purifying fire which those who love generously know.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt

American First Lady

Special Holidays

Are you looking for something to do today? Well, here’s a few special days that might just give you some ideas.

April 1: National One Cent Day
United States

National One Cent Day

One-cent pieces, otherwise known as pennies, are so important that people often say to count your pennies so your dollars look after themselves. One Cent Day celebrates the history of the humble penny. A great way to participate today is by counting your pennies and saving them!

April 1: April Fool's Day
United States

April Fool’s Day

It’s that time of the year again to get a little bit silly, as today is April Fool’s Day! Today is all about playing pranks and fooling people, with some religiously planning elaborate tricks for the uninitiated. Just remember to play your pranks early, as it’s hard to fool someone twice!

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Fun Fact Of The Day

The original Star-Spangled Banner was sewn on a brewery floor in Baltimore, 1813, by Mary Pickersgill and her daughter.

Birthday & Zodiac

People who were born on April Fool’s Day share the Aries zodiac sign.

Aries is represented by the ram and is the first sign in the zodiac. Anyone who was born between March 21st and April 19th falls into this astrological sign.

Those of you that were born in April have the Diamond birthstone. Diamonds are associated with benefits such as happier relationships, mental clarity, balance, and prosperity. Did you know that the Ancient Romans believed Cupid’s arrows were tipped with diamonds?

If you were born on this day, you were likely conceived on the week of July 9th in the previous year.

A baby that is conceived on April 1, 2024, will likely be born around December 23, 2024.

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