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April 10: Facts & Historical Events On This Day

Facts & Historic Events That Happened on April 10

April 10th is Sibling Day and Encourage A Young Writer Day.

We made it to day 100 of the year and there’s 265 days left to go until we reach the new year.

People who were born on this day all share the Aries star sign.

You’re about to take a step back into the past to revisit some of the biggest historical events of this day including things like inventions and TV.

Did you know that on this day in 1912, the Titanic departed from Southampton? This was its first, and tragically, only journey.

Keep reading for more interesting facts about April 10th in history!

What Happened On April 10 In History?


The first photo of a black hole that was taken in 2017 was announced to the public on this day.

The black hole is 6.5 billion times the size of Earth and is 55 million light years away.

Apple Inc became the largest company in the world.

On this day its value reached over $600 billion.
Source CNN

The first ever color 3D movie, “House of Wax”, premiered in New York.


Jackie Robinson signed the first Major League Baseball contract for a Black ballplayer.

Source NY Times

The Titanic departed Southampton for its first and only journey.

Just four days into her journey to New York City, the ship crashed into an iceberg and sank.

A 14-year-old girl performed the world’s first human cannonball in London, England.

OTD in 1877: A 14-year-old girl performed the world's first human cannonball in London
The acrobat was shot out 26.5 feet (6 meters) from the cannon.

Walter Hunt patented the safety pin.

OTD in 1849: Walter Hunt patented the safety pin.

Mount Tambora erupted in Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia).

The disaster claimed the lives of 88,000 people. This eruption was one of the world's most volatile ever recorded. Its Volcanic Explosivity Index was a 7. The last time there was an eruption that powerful, it was in 180 AD!

The Statute of Anne became the UK’s first copyright law.

Also known as the Copyright Act of 1709, the act gave publishers exclusive rights to their writing for up to 21 years from first publication.

The world’s first Jewish ghetto was established in Venice, Italy.

Venetian Jews were allowed to live only in the city's glass blowing foundries, or "ghèto" in Italian.
Source OUPblog

Did you know that on this day, April 10th 1912, the Titanic departed from Southampton?