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April 27: Facts & Historical Events On This Day

Facts & Historic Events That Happened on April 27

April 27th is Morse Code Day and Tell A Story Day.

Welcome to day 117 of the year folks, there are 248 days left of the year.

Everyone who was born on April 27th shares the same star sign, Taurus.

If April 27 means something to you, why not make it all the most special by learning all the interesting things that happened on this very day?

Did you know that on this day in 1810, Beethoven composed “Für Elise”? It went on to become one of his most famous short piano pieces.

Keep reading for more interesting facts about April 27th in history!

What Happened On April 27 In History?


Michael Jordan married his second wife, Yvette Prieto, at Palm Beach, Florida, US.


Pripyat and surrounding areas were evacuated due to the Chernobyl disaster.


John Hinckley Jr., President Reagan’s failed assassin, pleaded “not guilty” due to not being mentally sound at trial.

Source NY Times

Babe Ruth Day was commemorated for the first time to celebrate one of baseball’s greatest players of all time.


Witold Pilecki escaped Auschwitz.

Pilecki volunteered to enter the concentration camp to build a resistance from within its walls. He passed on information about the gas chambers and sterilization experiments.

Heinrich Himmler ordered the construction of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp.


Hawaii recorded its hottest day ever at 100°F.

OTD in 1931: Hawaii recorded its hottest day ever at 100°F.

The world’s first Labor Government became lead by the Australian Labor Party.


Beethoven composed his famous short piano piece “Für Elise”.


Britain implemented a Tea Act against its American colonies.

OTD in 1773: Britain implemented a Tea Act against its American colonies.
The act was put in place to stop a major tea company going bankrupt but lead to the company creating monopoly on American tea.

King Edward I of England fought the Scots to punish King John Balliol for not being an ally against France with England.

Did you know that on this day, April 27th 1810, Beethoven composed "Für Elise"?