2021 January

January 1: Facts & Historical Events On This Day

Facts & Historic Events That Happened on January 1

Happy New Year! January 1st is officially known as National Hangover Day as well as Z Day.

It’s the first day of 2021 and we couldn’t be happier to welcome the new year!

Everyone who was born on New Year’s Day shares the same star sign, Capricorn.

Find out the facts about January 1 with these historical events & fun facts, including what celebrities were born on this day, and how this day has had an important role in history.

Did you know that on this day in 1502, Portuguese navigators discovered Rio de Janeiro? “Rio de Janeiro” means “River of January”.

Keep reading for more facts about January 1st in history!

What Happened On January 1 In History?


Same-sex marriage became legal in Austria.


The Euro currency was introduced and adopted by 11 Member States.

OTD in 1999: The Euro currency was introduced and adopted by 11 Member States.
Source OANDA

The country of Czechoslovakia peacefully dissolved into two countries being Czech Republic and Slovakia.


The first ever internet domain name “Nordu.net” was created by a Scandinavian research collaboration.

Source GCN

A B747 plane by Air India flying from Bombay, India to Dubai, UAE crashed with no survivors.

The crash site was in the Arabian Sea near Santacruz airport and onboard there were 190 passengers and 23 crew all of whom lost their lives. The crash is thought to have been due to a malfunction in the cockpit which left the captain disorientated. This event was one of the deadliest air accidents in India.

America banned all advertisement of cigarettes on TV and radio.


Medical researcher Oswald Hope Robertson performed the first ever blood transfusion with the use of stored and refrigerated blood.


Ellis Island opened as a US immigration inspection station.

OTD in 1892: Ellis Island opened as a US immigration inspection station.
Ellis Island went on to being the gateway to the US for more than 12 million people.

The dwarf planet Ceres was discovered by an Italian monk called Giuseppe Piazzi.

Did you know that Ceres is the largest object in the main asteroid belt that lies between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter?

The Union Jack flag was flown for the first time in Dublin, Ireland, to commemorate the union between Great Britain and Ireland.


Portuguese navigators discovered Rio de Janeiro.


A monk put an end to gladiator fighting in Rome.

The monks name was Saint Telemachus and in 391 he bravely attempted to halt a fight in Rome that led to him being stoned to death by spectators. Subsequently this tragedy resulted in The Christian Emperor Honorius imposing a ban on future fights from 404 AD.
45 BC

The Julian Calendar was used for the first time.

The Julian calendar was suggested by Julius Caesar and was used from 45BC before being replaced by the Gregorian Calendar back in 1582.