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January is a month named by the Romans after the God Janus, the God of Gateways.

This is because January is the gateway to the new year and is most often welcomed through a celebration of great merriment and mirth – not to mention a usually-unachievable new year’s resolution!

But did you know that January 17th is the day to ditch your new year’s resolution? Or that January 21st is Hugging Day?

Well, January is a month full of wacky and weird days, and these are the most awesome each and every day!

Also, if you want to find out what events happened on each day in history in January, then click the link on the dates.

1st January – Z Day.

1st January - Z Day.

No, it’s not the day that marks the rising of the dead, but rather Z Day celebrates people with names beginning with a “Z.”

2nd January – Pet Safety Travel Day.

2nd January - Pet Safety Travel Day.

This day exists to raise awareness of the dangers of traveling with an unsecured pet in your car.

3rd January – Drinking Straw Day.

Drinking Straw Day

This day marks the creation of the modern drinking straw and is celebrated by drinking all the day’s liquids through a straw!

It doesn’t have to be a plastic straw either; why not get one you can reuse?

4th January – Spaghetti Day.

4th January - Spaghetti Day.

Spaghetti Day celebrates one of the world’s most loved foods, and it’s pretty simple to celebrate – just have some spaghetti!

5th January – Whipped Cream Day.

5th January - Whipped Cream Day.

What better way to celebrate everyone’s favorite aerosol-canned food than by blasting yourself a mouthful of whipped cream and saying, “Whipped Cream Day!”

6th January – Cuddle Up Day.

Cuddle Up Day

The perfect day to bust out a duvet, cuddle up on the sofa with your loved ones or pets and watch some Netflix.

7th January – I’m Not Going To Take It Anymore Day.

7th January - I'm Not Going To Take It Anymore Day.

This day is about standing up for yourself, telling those who give you grief that you’re done with it.

It’s also the perfect day for a strike.

8th January – Joy Germ Day.

8th January - Joy Germ Day.

A Joy Germ is a germ that is passed on through a smile in the hopes that others catch the germ and smile in turn. So smile, people!

9th January – Static Electricity Day.

Static Electricity Day

Build up static on a carpet whilst wearing a onesie, and give a friend a static shock because today is Static Electricity Day!

10th January – Peculiar People Day.

10th January - Peculiar People Day.

This is a day to celebrate all those of us who are a little quirky, weird, or eccentric.

11th January – Step In A Puddle And Splash Your Friends Day.

11th January - Step In A Puddle And Splash Your Friends Day.

I think the name says it all really, and what better time to do it than January? There are puddles everywhere!

12th January – Marzipan Day.

Marzipan Day

Whether you love it or loathe it, you have to admit that marzipan pulls its weight at Christmas.

And there’s always some left, so what better day to finish it all off?

13th January – Skeptics Day.

13th January - Skeptics Day.

This is a day to honor the skeptic within. Is it too good to be true? Was it too easy?

Either way, give it the second thought you usually wouldn’t.

14th January – Dress Up Your Pet Day.

14th January - Dress Up Your Pet Day.

Is Dress Up Your Pet Day the holiday you’ve been waiting for?

Put a fedora on your pooch, or go all out and dress the cat in a bumblebee costume. Today is the perfect day for it!

15th January – Hat Day.

Hat Day

It’s safe to say that early January is usually pretty cold. Often cold enough to warrant wearing a hat.

On this day, you have no excuse but to wear a hat because it’s Hat Day!

16th January – Nothing Day.

16th January - Nothing Day.

Invented by newspaper-columnist Harold Coffin in 1973, this day has no purpose or structure and no particular way of celebration.

It is literally about nothing.

17th January – Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day.

17th January - Ditch New Year's Resolution Day.

Let’s face it; you probably didn’t expect yourself to last the whole year when you made your New Year’s Resolution did you?

Well, ditch it then; today is the day for it!

18th January – Winnie the Pooh Day.

Winnie the Pooh Day

January 18th is the birthday of Winnie the Pooh author A. A. Milne.

This day is typically celebrated with a good teddy bear’s picnic and lots of honey!

19th January – Popcorn Day.

19th January - Popcorn Day.

Popcorn is the universal standard for movie-going food worldwide.

So what better way to celebrate Popcorn Day than going to the movies and munching down some popcorn?

20th January – Penguin Awareness Day.

20th January - Penguin Awareness Day.

What’s black and white and happens on the 20th of January every year? Penguin Awareness Day!

A great excuse to visit your local zoo and see the penguins at play.

21st January – Hugging Day.

Hugging Day

Today is Hugging Day – a day to embrace the hug!

Give your mother a hug to show her your care, or give your best friend a hug to let them know they’re awesome.

Get hugging, people!

You may also like to know about the Health Benefits Of Hugging.

22nd January – Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day.

22nd January - Answer Your Cat's Questions Day.

They might not be able to speak, but all cats have a way of asking us something, so puzzle it out and give them an answer.

23rd January – Measure Your Feet Day.

23rd January - Measure Your Feet Day.

This one sure is a bizarre one, but why not celebrate all the hard work your feet do by putting them up and getting a tape measure on them?

24th January – Belly Laugh Day.

Belly Laugh Day

Laughter has been known to up your immune system, prevent stress, and burn calories.

So have a long and hearty belly laugh and do yourself some good!

Also, check out these 10 health benefits of laughing to learn more about how good a belly laugh really is.

25th January – Opposite Day.

25th January - Opposite Day.

Celebrate Opposite Day by not doing nothing nowhere, if you don’t catch my drift.

26th January – Australia Day.

26th January - Australia Day.

G’day mate, today is Australia Day. It celebrates the world’s sixth-largest country that’s full of beautiful beaches, barbecues, and beer. Ripper!

Why not celebrate by educating yourself on some facts about Australia?!

27th January – Chocolate Cake Day.

Chocolate Cake Day

Let’s face it; everybody loves chocolate cake. It’s sticky, gooey, and just divine.

Nobody really needs a reason to eat chocolate cake, but here’s one anyway.

28th January – Data Privacy Day.

28th January - Data Privacy Day.

This is a day about challenging people to think about how secure their personal data is online and finding out ways to make it secure.

29th January – Freethinkers Day.

29th January - Freethinkers Day.

Also known as Thomas Paine Day, as it occurs on the famous thinker’s birthday.

This holiday is about challenging life’s status quo by thinking for yourself.

30th January – Inane Answering Machine Day.

Insane Answering Machine Day

A voicemail of your friend swearing at you because you got them with a prank-answering message is just gold.

Try it out and see how many of your friends you can catch out!

31st January – Backward Day.

31st January - Backward Day.

Celebrate this day by doing things backwards. What about writing backwards? Ti si ysae, ees.

Just don’t write racecar backwards as it’s spelled the same backwards and forwards!


January might mark the start of a new year, but it’s oh so much more than that!

January is crammed with so many amazing days, like getting super cozy on Cuddle Up Day or indulging in chocolate cake day.

Also, don’t forget if your new year isn’t going exactly to plan, you can even celebrate Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day by January 17th!

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