June 15: Facts & Historical Events On This Day

Facts & Historic Events That Happened on June 15



June 15th is known as Nature Photography Day and Smile Power Day.

We’d like to welcome you to the 167th day of the year! We still have 199 days left in 2024.

You’re in for a treat if today is your birthday! June 15th in history was a very unique day; here we have some things that’ll fascinate you about this day, including events about films, celebrities, space and more.

Did you know that on this day in 1924, the 10 millionth car was manufactured by the Ford Motor Company? It was a Model T Ford and was driven across the US to promote the company.

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What memorable events happened on June 15 in history? Keep reading to find out!


Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was finally retired after twenty-six years.

For some people, Internet Explorer was the only browser they ever used, while others used it just once to download another browser. Microsoft replaced Internet Explorer with Edge.


Babe Ruth’s baseball jersey became the most expensive sports memorabilia when it sold for $5.6 million.


The Lion King premiered, making a staggering $968.5 million at the Box Office!

OTD in 1994: The Lion King premiered


The second-largest volcano eruption of the 20th Century happened in the Philippines.

The eruption occurred at Mount Pinatubo. Thankfully forecasts helped to evacuate and save 5,000 lives.


Russian spacecraft Vega 2 landed on Venus.

OTD in 1985: Russian spacecraft Vega 2 landed on Venus.

The Vega 2 was a mission to explore both Venus and Halley’s Comet.


The US Supreme Court ruled that school is for everyone and banned discrimination based on citizenship.


Spain held its first democratic elections since 1936.


John Lennon and Yoko Ono planted acorns for world peace after also mailing acorns to many world leaders to do the same.

On this day, the two lovers were filming “A Love Story” and planted the two acorns at Coventry Cathedral, England.


The comedy movie “The Apartment” was released in New York, US.


The Ford Motor Company manufactured its ten millionth car.


The first motion picture was filmed using several cameras to capture galloping horses.

OTD in 1878: The first motion picture was filmed using several cameras to capture galloping horses.


Arkansas became the 25th state to join the United States of America.


The first documented blood transfusion took place using sheep blood in a teenage boy.


King John signed the Magna Carta near Windsor, England.

The Magna Carta document was a catalyst for a more democratic England.

Famous Births

Are you celebrating your birthday today? If so, did you know that you share the same birthday as Neil Patrick Harris? See what other famous people were born on this day.


Ice Cube



Ice Cube


55 years old

Born In:

California, USA


Courteney Cox



Courteney Cox


60 years old

Born In:

Alabama, USA


Neil Patrick Harris



Neil Patrick Harris


51 years old

Born In:

New Mexico, USA


Aurora Aksnes



Aurora Aksnes


28 years old

Born In:

Stavanger, Norway


Memorable quotes are being said or written every day. Here we have the most notable quotes ever said on June 15th.


It is not fair to ask of others what you are not willing to do yourself.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt

American First Lady

Special Holidays

Looking for a reason to celebrate? Well, here’s a few! These unique holidays are sure to bring some enjoyment to your day.

June 15: National Smile Power Day
United States

National Smile Power Day

The power that this simple expression holds is truly amazing; just one smile from a stranger can make you feel great all day. If there’s one thing that you do today, it’s smile as much as possible! The more you smile, the more you make others smile – smiling truly is contagious!

June 15: National Nature Photography Day
United States

National Nature Photography Day

Sometimes we forget that nature is all around us, and rarely do we stop to enjoy it. National Nature Photography Day may be about taking photos in nature, but it’s also about getting outdoors in general – we can’t think of a more perfect combination!

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Fun Fact Of The Day

Although GPS is free for the world to use, it costs $2 million per day to operate. The money comes from American tax revenue.

Birthday & Zodiac

For those of you who were born on this day, your zodiac sign is Gemini.

As an air sign, Gemini is also associated with the mind and knowledge. They like to pick things apart to understand them.

People born in June all have the Alexandrite birthstone. Alexandrite was named after Alexander II of Russia. The gems red and green colors mirrored the national military colors of imperial Russia.

If you were lucky enough to be born on June 15th, you were likely conceived around September 22nd, the year before.

Babies conceived on June 15, 2024, will likely be born around March 8, 2025.

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