June 2: Facts & Historical Events On This Day

Did you know that on this day, June 2, 1933, the White House opened its first indoor swimming pool?

June 2nd is known as Rotisserie Chicken Day and Rocky Road Day.

Welcome to day 153 of 365! We’re still 212 days away from celebrating the new year, but we’ve gotta look forward to something right?

One of the greatest discoveries in biology was found on this day but there were so many other interesting historical events that all fall on June 2nd. Be sure to check them out.

Did you know that on this day in 1933, the White House opened its first indoor swimming pool? It was built for Franklin D. Roosevelt’s to swim in as it helped with his polio.

Keep reading for more interesting facts about June 2nd in history!

What Events Happened On June 2 In History?

2022 Her Majesty The Queen became the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee.

Queen Elizabeth II was officially crowned on June 2, 1953, at age 27. They celebrated this unprecedented event with events and initiatives throughout the year and a four-day UK bank holiday.

Royal UK

2015 One hundred volunteers in Bhutan set a new Guinness World Record when they planted 49,672 trees in one hour.

The volunteers had gathered in the nation's capital, Thimphu, to celebrate their king's birthday. The initiative itself was organized by the Bhutan Eco-Green Initiative Network (BEGIN), which works with Bhutan's Ministry of Agriculture & Forests to encourage green initiatives. More than 75% of Bhutan is forested, largely thanks to its constitution which states that more than 60% of the nation must be forested for all time.

2003 The European Space Agency launched its “Mars Express,” the first planetary mission in Europe.

OTD in 2003: The European Space Agency launched its "Mars Express

The mission launched on this day from Baïkonur in Kazakhstan at 23:45 local time.


1989 Up to 800 civilians and 12 soldiers died during a student protest for democracy at Tiananmen Square, Beijing, China.

1979 NASA’s UK-6 was launched into space.

Once the satellite achieved orbit, it was renamed from UK-6 to Ariel 6. The Ariel 6 was the last Ariel satellite to be launched.

1979 Tom Bradley, Mayor of Los Angeles, signed the first US gay rights bill.


1953 The royal coronation of Queen Elizabeth II of England took place at Westminster Abbey, London, UK.

OTD in 1953: The royal coronation of Queen Elizabeth II of England took place at Westminster Abbey

The coronation was the first to be televised, and 27 million people in the UK alone watched it on their screens.

Royal UK

1946 Italians voted to form a republic instead of a monarchy.

1924 The Indian Citizenship Act was signed into law.

The Act granted citizenship to around 125,000 of 300,000 indigenous persons in the US.

1896 Inventor and electrical engineer Guglielmo Marconi applied for the patents for the radio.

OTD in 1896: Inventor and electrical engineer Guglielmo Marconi applied for the patents for the radio.

1851 Fruit producer company Dole was founded in Hawaii.

Famous Quotes Said On June 2

Below are the most famous quotes people have said or written on June 2nd throughout history.


“The writer must believe that what he is doing is the most important thing in the world. And he must hold to this illusion even when he knows it is not true.”

– John Steinbeck

Famous People Born On June 2

Is today your birthday? If so, did you know that Zachary Quinto was also born on this day? Here are more famous people born on this day.

1972 Wentworth Miller

American Actor

Wentworth Miller
50 years old
Born In:
England, UK

1988 Awkwafina

American Actress

34 years old
Born In:
New York, USA

1978 Justin Long

American Actor

Justin Long
44 years old
Born In:
Connecticut, USA

1977 Zachary Quinto

American Actor

Zachary Quinto
45 years old
Born In:
Pennsylvania, USA

Special Holidays On June 2

If you’re looking to try something new today, here are some special holidays that might just give you an idea.

June 2: National Rotisserie Chicken Day

National Rotisserie Chicken Day

You must be cluckin’ mad not to love chicken, and if you do, then this day is just for you! Today is National Rotisserie Chicken Day, so be sure to take part today by slow roasting an entire chicken to really lock in those delicious flavors.

June 2: National Rocky Road Day

National Rocky Road Day

Today we honor rocky road, an irresistible combination of nuts, chocolate, and marshmallows that’s so delicious it deserves its own holiday. Celebrating this mouth-watering holiday can be as simple as buying some rocky road ice cream or as complex as making your own; it’s up to you!

THe Fact Site's

Fun Fact Of The Day

It costs almost $290,000 per year in fees to run a hot dog cart near the Central Park Zoo in New York City. This does not include cart incurred costs.

June 2 Birthday Facts, Zodiac & Birthstone

People who were born on this day share the Gemini zodiac sign.

The Gemini is alarmingly adaptable to a wide range of social situations. Whenever there is a Gemini in the room, they will be very confident with everyone around them.

All those born in June have the Alexandrite birthstone. Wearing June’s birthstone in the daytime is believed to bring good luck and fortune. But wearing alexandrite at night is believed to enhance love and feelings of the heart.

People born on June 2 were likely conceived the previous year on September 9.

Babies conceived on this day will likely be born around February 23rd, 2024.

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