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5 Seconds of Summer Facts
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5 Seconds of Summer is a pop-rock band who are often referred to as Australian’s version of One Direction.

But what facts do we know about 5SOS? Check these out and get to know the band, and the boys!

5 Seconds of Summer consists of four members: Luke Hemmings, the lead vocalist and guitarist; Michael Clifford, the guitarist and vocalist; Calum Hood who plays bass guitar and does vocals and Ashton Irwin, the drummer and vocals.

5SOS originally formed on 3rd April 2011, however Ashton didn’t join until December 2011.

Before the band was formed, the boys posted videos of themselves performing popular songs on Luke’s YouTube channel.

Their success on YouTube caught Sony’s attention, who signed the band to a publishing deal with Sony ATV Music Publishing in 2012.

Luke, Michael and Calum, all attended Norwest Christian College in Sydney, which is where they first met.

Their first gig was in front of only 20 people!

5SOS doesn’t have an official fandom name, but their fans either call themselves the 5SOSFam or 5sosers -pronounced 5 sauce, however there is much debate on this!

The band and Ashton said that they pretty much hated each other before they got together, but now they’re like brothers.

Before 5SOS got together, there was a mutual hate between Ashton and the original 5SOS members, but now they’re like brothers.

The boys’ biggest musical inspirations are Blink 182, All Time Low, Ed Sheeran and Boys Like Girls.

5 Seconds of Summer’s manager is called Adam Wilkinson, his Twitter is @adam_wilkinson.

The boys have admitted that they like to follow people that have 5SOS in their Twitter name or bio.

They say one of the best parts about being in the band is meeting their fans.

Ashton Irwin is the oldest member of the band.

The band once had to stop and busk on the streets, because they didn’t have enough money for petrol to get home!

Whilst busking at Hyde Park in Sydney, a fan gave 5SOS a giant poo toy!

Michael, Calum & Luke all played a set without any pants on, to a crowd full of drunk people in their Lobby in London.

The boys thought about auditioning for X Factor in but they didn’t want to be known as ‘that band from X-Factor’.

Whilst recording the Unplugged EP, all the members of 5SOS were sick, but they didn’t let that stop them!

On 8th of March 2012 #5secondsofsummer trended on Twitter for the first time worldwide.

Louis Tomlinson from One Direction Tweeted a link to their YouTube song, ‘Gotta Get Out’ in 2012.

Their first single called “Out of My Limit” was released on 19th November 2012.

Out of My Limit received over 100,000 views on YouTube within the first 24 hours of it being released.

5 Seconds of Summer 2014

Originally, Out of My Limit was called “Over the Limit” but had to be changed because it sounded like the song was about alcohol.

Niall Horan Tweeted a link to 5SOS’ Out of My Limit video on YouTube on its release date.

Because the One Direction boys were all massive fans, this led to 5SOS supporting thier Take Me Home Tour which started on 23rd February 2013 at the O2 Arena in London.

5 Seconds of Summer supported One Direction for shows in the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Harry Styles “pranked” the 5SOS boys on tour by running into their room, throwing their fruit at them, and tipping tables over as he ran off, oh and did I mention, Harry was completely nude whilst doing this! Michael said the event was “traumatizing”.

5SOS have a bus named Gus – it rhymes!

The boys used to brush their teeth together before every show.

Michael came up with the band’s name in a maths lesson; initially the other boys all hated it.

They have written and recorded over 100 songs and have already written with McFly and Busted.

Since 5SOS went to Blackpool, they fell love with English accents.

5sos are going to write with All Time Low in the near future.

Their acoustic EP ‘Unplugged’ reached number three on the iTunes charts in Australia. It also reached the Top 20 in New Zealand & Sweden.

The boys rarely wear matching socks!

5 Seconds of Summer have their own record label called ‘Hi Or Hey Records’ in partnership with Capitol Records.

In 2013, they won two awards which were Channel V’s, Oz Artist Award, and an MTV award for Breakthrough Band.

In early 2014, they won the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards for Aussies’ Fave Hot New Talent.

In March 2013, 5SOS went paint-balling with Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson in Doncaster, England.

Michael said if the band wasn’t called 5 Seconds of Summer, it would probably be called ‘Bromance’ or ‘The Powerpuff Blokes’.

On 5th February 2014, 5 Seconds of Summer listed their worldwide debut single “She Looks So Perfect” for pre-order on the iTunes Store.

Within two days, ‘She Looks So Perfect’ reached the number one position in 39 countries including the UK, Australia, Spain and Brazil.

The official music video for She Looks So Perfect was directed by Frank Borin, and since its release on YouTube on 24th February 2014, it has been watched over 23 million times!

5SOS celebrate Record Store Day by giving out cassette tapes to music shops around the UK, which were free for fans who said the password “She Looks So Perfect”.

The cassette also includes a song called Pizza, which was never heard by fans before this.

“Don’t Stop” is their 2nd single with Capitol which was released on 16th June 2014.

The director of the ‘Don’t Stop’ lyric video said ‘The red-haired girl in video is based on their fans.

5 Seconds of Summer will make their debut at the Capital Summertime Ball 2014 with Vodafone after it was announced on 8th May 2014 that they had joined the line-up.

Their official twitter is @5SOS.


The famous boy band 5 Seconds of Summer only had 20 people turn up to their first gig.

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  1. Ray 28 May 2020

    These guys are the only musicians I listen to. I love their 5 seconds of summer album, and anything before that. I love guitar! I even have their “Hey, let’s make a band!” and their sheet music for the first album, plus to fan shirts! I love Ashton as a human, but I love Luke’s singing voice in the unplugged EP.

  2. Zoey Callahan 17 November 2019

    I had a dream at school ashton came up to me at recess and started chasing me and running alongside me and laughing (in fourth grade by the way I still have recess)

  3. Zoey Callahan 17 November 2019

    Who you like more Ash or Luke I have to say ash

  4. Zoey 3 November 2019

    5sos Ashton’s dimples😍 there so freaking cute

  5. Petria Anderson 16 December 2018

    I love u Luke Hemmings!

    1. zoey callahan 14 June 2020

      i definently am way more in love with ashton

  6. Malle 29 May 2018

    5sos fans doesn’t call themselves 5sosers. No, it’s just the 5sosfam oml.

  7. Kalli 11 January 2015

    okay. it wasn’t 20 people they performed in front of. it was 11.

    1. Kelly 16 January 2015

      It was actually 12 people it says it in the book!

  8. Dars 4 November 2014

    why calum is he does a vocals he is vocalist to and so ashton… its looks like you making the lead guitarist always the lead singer… there always luke and calum singing in all the song..and only calum has a full solo song in all of there list song… please dont discredit other because they playing drums or bass not a 6 string guitar… f.y.i. billy joe of greenday is also playing bass guitar and he is lead vocalist also… if you dig on news also you will see some of theme dont use lead vocalist because they new all of them can sing and all of them can be lead vocalist…just wait till the band themselves tell luke is lead vocalist…or maybe never…

    1. Jen 5 December 2014

      I THINK that CALUM has the best voice in their band..
      But Luke is the frontman — maybe bcoz he’s the most handsome and he formed the group..

      1. Ray 28 May 2020

        I am definitely disagreeing with you. He is awesome! I feel in their unplugged EP, however, Luke is THE BEST!

      2. Hijabi Ninja 20 June 2015

        I feel like Calum is the most handsome tho…