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Did you know that the singer Harry Styles had his first kiss when he was 11 years old?

If Harry Styles is your favorite member of the British boy band One Direction, read these top fifty facts about him and see how many you don’t know.

His full name is Harry Edward Styles. His Twitter is @Harry_Styles.

Before One Direction, Harry used to be in a band called ‘White Eskimo’.

Harry has a sister called Gemma.

‘White Eskimo’ performed at a wedding in June 2010.

Harry is the youngest member of One Direction.

Harry Styles is 28 years old. He was born on February 1, 1994.

Harry was the one who came up with the band’s name One Direction.

Harry can speak French.

He can play the kazoo.

His X Factor audition song was ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ By Stevie Wonder.

Juggling is one of Harry’s hidden talents.

Harry’s favorite film genre is action/adventure.

Harry’s star sign is Aquarius.

He likes to take long showers.

Harry had his first kiss when he was 11.

When Harry was younger his hair used to be straight.

He once applied for a job as a lifeguard.

Harry does not like mayonnaise.

According to Harry’s mother, he is very romantic.

Harry said he would date a fan.

Harry likes to take the food off other people’s plates!

The boys say Harry is the smartest in the group.

Harry is the biggest game-cheater out of everyone in One Direction.

Louis and Harry first met in the toilets at X-Factor.

Harry once ran through a train station with only his boxers on!

He loves Zayn’s cheekbones!

His mother is called Anne.

Harry signs his name with one ‘r’.

He has ophidiophobia, which is the fear of snakes.

Harry’s star tattoo on the side of his arms has 5 points for all the members in One Direction.

He says he doesn’t understand why girls are attracted to him.

When he was ten, he was attacked by a goat!

Harry said he would pose naked at some point to OK! Magazine.

Harry has soft hands!

Love Actually is one of Harry’s favorite films.

Harry likes Milky Way Crispy Rolls!

He dislikes beetroot.

Harry’s shoe size is ten and a half.

He kisses on the first date.

He wouldn’t date a girl who smokes or swears a lot.

Harry once paid Niall £20 to make him a sandwich. Niall took the money, made the sandwich, then ate it himself!

He prefers tea over coffee.

He is very ticklish.

Harry has passed his driving test.

Harry ate his first ever Twinkie on January 28, 2012!

He shaved an ‘H’ into Zayn’s leg hair when he was asleep.

Harry knows how to knit.

He talks in his sleep.

He doesn’t like reading.

He suffers from hay fever.

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  1. I have a lot in common with Harry. but I don’t see why everyone adores him.

  2. I thought Harry is a bookworm. He said once in an interview that he reads before he goes to bed. He even recommended good books.

  3. im sry but i REALLY dont belive that i need evedince! whats ur real name?

  4. You look amazing and I quite to know you for a reason that we can married at the Italian anlcan church if you like and if you any question about us and I love you more and forever.

  5. Really I’m the person who is madly madly in love with Harry

  6. I am Alexis and I love One Direction the songs them I Alexis Miley am writing down fact about 1D

  7. Pls Rachael gotta be kiddin me….ur probably just saying that to sound like ur Harry’s soulmate…..honestly opposites attract so don’t get your hopes up and he likes short straight haired girls…

  8. @i love harry. You are so lucky. Was your stay fun?

  9. I have a lot in common with harry. I have a fear of snake, I hate to read, and i take really long showers

  10. I have lot in common with Harry. Like him being ticklish and I hope he sings on my bday this year dec. 13th 2014

  11. Give him a chance please harry Will find a beautiful ,young girl he want’s to date with he is not gonna chooce every girl to date him is his life he gets what he wants

  12. Harry is mine and noboby is taking
    him away from me he is only mine and noboby else i would give him everything what he wants and what he needs to make him happy, harry and me have alot of common .

  13. I have a lot in common with Harry. I have a fear of snakes, I prefer tea over coffee, I talk in my sleep, I dislike reading, I don’t like beetroot and I’m very ticklish and I also play tennis. I never swear nor smoke. we’d probably be the perfect match if we were dating

  14. I completely agree with you. People shouldn’t hate we should all be equal lovers of Harry Styles so…. STOP HATING!!!!!!

  15. I find it so funny that harry would shave the letter h into zayns leg hair lol

  16. i got to spend a whole day w/ one direction and got to kiss harry

  17. i <3 harry he is my fav member of 1d.. i wish i could marry you, harry

  18. My little sister is so crazy she said she could even be his bodyguard and would literally I MEAN LITERALLY KILL people and almost all of that she also has in comin with him

  19. i cant read the last one (#50) because rhere is an add over it

  20. i would Scream Because u were in my House and Give me Flowers and i would me Snow White and u will be the Prince :D

  21. i’m going to meet ONE DIRECTION in LONDON and spend with them ONE WHOLE DAY

  22. that video was the sadest video ever I was balling . the other videos are really sad to.



  25. Yeah right, he don’t know why people are attracted to him.

  26. Initially, i wasn’t into One Direction .. But then their talent started to amaze me (:
    And well, lol Harry’s “Fine” :p
    – No. I dont blush -_- –

  27. The mistake has now been corrected. Thankyou :-)

  28. I love harry styles and he is the beast man in the world i would do the same thing as him kiss in the first date and i hate mayonnaise. I would go out with harry is he asked me out aghhhh

  29. “Twinky” (#45) is actually spelled Twinkie.

  30. :I ya, i was crying when i saw the vido, harry if u ever read this, just so u know never letson to mean peeps just think of people that loves u. :)

  31. i love harry soooo much and i’ll do anything to meet him and all that…. oh i just luv luv luv one direction, there so cute, I LOVE HARRY STYLES!!!!!!!

  32. We’ll what does he like in a girl and girls back off he and I are a thing.

  33. who does not love taccos i love them

  34. yea i get u i would deff date hem for hem not cuz he is famous

  35. i love harry i would love to meet hem but i am not the girl who would push hem to date me and harry dont leson to people who hates on u they r just heartless people and all ways will be we can and allways willl be buddies even though i dont know u

  36. how cute of him….. the more i get to know him, the more my admiration escalates.

  37. lol number 46 I cannot believe he would do that to Zayn

  38. I like the thing that Special K said.I mean, it was really nice of what ( he or she ) said about all you girls saying the same thing and other stuff. I like you Special K, I think your cool!!!

  39. Hey,Special K. Do you know what you are saying to these people!! because I think that is a little mean!

  40. roses are red violets are blue i love harry so back off

  41. i love harry if you love him well so what he is mine

  42. Harry’s most embarrassing moment was when his dad walked in on him and a girl naked

  43. He dated Caroline Flack who is 15 years older than him

  44. i think i’m perfect for him!!!!!!! i can’t wait to meet him with the back stage tickets i have

  45. I agree and before he was famous a lot of people that could see him on the street wouldn’t care but the people that like him for him and his personality would get to know him not because he’s famous but because he’s a normal person juat like everyone else… Idk if u understand what I’m saying… I suck at explaining haha but Harry is amazing and I’m not just saying that cuz he’s famous

  46. I love blogging to but i like one direction way more.

  47. On other websites it says he’s always wanted a passionate kiss in the rain

  48. harry’s hair is cool my mom had the same hair before

  49. Hey. Girls go on YouTube and type THE ADVENTUROUS ADVENTURES OF ONE DIRECTION it’s really funny

  50. Harry marry me or I will commit scuisid :( please please

  51. I’m only nine and I am obsessed with Harry and everything he likes i like talents songs things he hates I am the same

  52. I’m glad there are other people who don’t get out of control about this kinda stuff. I’m one of the more realistic fans who realizes that the boys are just regular guys. Everytime I’m on twitter I see a lot of people asking for follows and I admit I did it a couple times myself when I first signed up for twitter but I don’t really do it anymore. The one exception lately will be on my birthday, lol. I think fans in general should probably try to tone it down a little bit.

  53. please marry me HARRY!!!!!!!!!! I will be a amazing WIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. AND PEOPLE WHO EVERY IS CALLING THEM GAY PLEASE STOP and special k I would love them even if they wasn’t famous

  55. I love Harry Styles and 1D,but Harry you hate reading!!!! any way I want to hug Niall and Harry lol

  56. He’d kill for a super intelligent girl.
    Once : Interviewer – How is the best kisser? Louis – How should WE know who’s the Best? Harry – It’s Niall
    He thinks, he’d still be a virgin if he wasn’t in 1D
    Harry: If my Girlfriend got her periode, I’d go to the supermarket and buy tampons and chocolates for her and then watching films with her all day, while rubbing her stgormach.
    If his Girlfriend fells asleep on him, he’d take a picture of her and when she’s awake he’d show her and remind her how beautiful she is.
    He says Niall looks like a Furby.
    “He’d give all and the World to his Girl, thats the reason why is maybe the best friend.” – Liam, Louis, Zayn, Niall


  58. i love u harry styles your the cutest u and my brother tristan have i think like 4 or 5 things in common i really like you harrry your the cutest boy i ever saw I LOVE YOU HARRY STYLES <3

  59. Harry your my best singer i love so so so much
    Every one tells me your bad but i cant belive
    My wish is to see you harry
    Please tell me if my comment is good
    And my name is nada mohammed farid

  60. im not changing for him i really do like him for him and im being myself here


  62. hey harry are you a muslim 3<when next concert!3<me sister big fan!please send me tickets cause dont how to get em bye!not trying be mean3<sorry

  63. i know all of you are obsessed over Harry Styles but you got to remember that he is just another fish in the sea . oh and im 12 so back off . you cant just say he is mine cuz he is not he chooses who he wants to be with and i bet you guys wont be it just remember you can dream but it might not always happen

  64. I love Harry! I love his hair, and he is just looks so amazing! His hands are huge btw! Harry is a awesome for picking the name One Direction!!

  65. I will kill u Team Harry all the way btw jk nice name I love Harry Edward Styles!

  66. harry styles way,harry styles is so dam cute,it makes some girls wanna puke yea HARRY STYLES WAY YOLO IS WAT HE SAID IN THE LIVE WHILE WE’ER YOUNG VIDEO LOL



  69. omg all you groupies shut the heck up! None of you will get harry styles! He’s mine! So all of you dumbos shut the heck up and go cry in the corner!

  70. my mum says everyone needs to like a famous person i cant stop thinking about HARRY STYLES!! im gonna see him in concert

  71. that is funny how he talks in his sleep but I bet he is still very hot though

  72. if u love someone u can’t control it u don’t love like me I’m crazed u have to say harry ur so hot and will u marry me because u love him so much OMG ur not obsessed wit him and he’s not a normal guy he’s HARRY STYLES the most hottest boy next to jb andd if u don’t see that u not obsessed and u should make a big deal u shouldn’t be a harry fan

  73. pure harry was attacked by a goat its ok baby I’m here fr u and u don’t know ur beautiful just like louis and niall

  74. i like one direction their cool but my favout one is Niall Horan his soooo sweet

  75. thanks for the site and i hope you can blog alots of stuff but i will say that can you put a song from cast star 1d thanks bye

  76. I wish you all the best hazza..

    P.S. stop being a player cause i know your much better and much smarter than that. And choose wisely. haha..

  77. i just love harry i think he’s mental sweet login and HOT!!!!!!!! i just love him to bits <3

  78. Honestly, I just think all of the haters are only jealous of this beautiful boy. They say what they want to say, but he knows it’s not true. Of course we all have our corks, but can’t anybody just let them be? I think it’s awfully ridiculous what people say about Harry. Don’t judge the boy because he dated a woman twice his age. Love is what it is. I just need to say that, nobody’s perfect. :D

  79. One direction is the best band in the whole wide world. For being put together!

  80. It’s not safe to share ur private info on here. That creep is probably tricking u into posting that stuff.

  81. But, he does do that with his Twix. So I’ll give you that, but his favorite candy bars are Milly Way Crispy rolls.

  82. HARRY ITS GOTTA BE U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ONLY U (ok maybe louis or niall 2 hihi there all so cute ;D)

  83. if gurls wanna change for harry der way too obsessed wit him like way over the top i wouldnt change for any boy unless they really wanted me to wouldnt u?

  84. i love harry hes so ho so kind so hot hes ur perfect guy and hes really funny too harry and louis and niall and zayn and liam r awesome it GOTTA BE U one direction (see wat i did der wit gotta be u ha ha so funny:D)

  85. and i dont just love him because hes famous as well if i found out about him before he was famous i would love him anyway and im not just saying that I MEAN IT!! xx

  86. i dont love him for whats on the outside either well yeh maybe a bit but he is an amazing person inside he is genorous, funny ,kind and he does heaps of stuff for charity and thats why i love him and i dont just love him for whats on the outside but the inside to . you get lots of boys who are cute on the outside but horrible on the inside but harry is both nice and cute and thats why i love him xx

  87. I absolutely hate it when people say that they hate Harry. I personally love harry because he is one of those guys that are really hard to find these days. He is genuinely a good person sweet caring honest he is beautiful inside and out.

  88. I know I hate people who smokes because if I in hail it I’d can’t breathe because I have allergys.

  89. Harry sais that the most beautiful that a girl can have is her smile. :D

  90. Harry wants a girfriend that know that they are beautiful. ;) All people in the wold is important. Soo we have to feel important

  91. I know that Harry Styles like curly girls. :) Harry is nice inside and outside I would love to meet someone so cute like him. att: Anna

  92. you need to shut your mouth he aint gay so just think what yyou think

  93. i feel the exact same way you all should like him on the inside jusl,t not because he is cute

  94. If Harry could be an animal I wander what he’d be oh well I like him as a crush but I would never change Harry seems like the type of person who wouldn’t want u to change because I mean he is just that type p.s.(my type)

  95. Harry seems like a nice guy I would date him but he probably wouldn’t date me but I can dream I’m 15and my name is dream really

  96. Girls are obsessed with Harry I don’t understand, yes he is supper cute. But come on girls not everyone can get a guy like that. Find a guy who wont want you to change because he thinks your already perfect. Find a guy who will give you his undividing attention. And stop Obsessing over some one who may never even know your name.

  97. All de members in One direction love milkshake, Harrys favorit is Twix milkshakes on milkshake city in London.

  98. harry styles is so nice i mean who wud not lik him he is so nice i luv him but i wud not change either

  99. I love Harry for who he is, if he doesn’t like me for me then I’d be sad but it’s his choice. before i actually saw to many pictures of 1D I found out about them me and Harry have our similarities and differences like any couple to be

  100. ya ….. im nothing like him …… but i like him …. so …. ya

  101. facts:
    Harry hate fans who kiss him.
    Harry don’t like the people that have his posters.
    Harry like to run around blood.

    I hope you like it

  102. hi i’m 11 years old i think harry styles is hot. me and him have so much i common!! my friends thik i am nuts over harry styles! so they call me mrs.styles! i don’t know why! you know that song that song beautiful by 1d!! when kids call me ugly i don’t know why!! but when my crush called me cute!! i can’t talk stright around him i just smile at the ground i don’t know why!!

  103. He onced dated Caroline Flack who was in fact 15 or 14 years older than him

  104. wow, i think its cute all these girls like him. (: to his fans hes like there dream guy, you know? they find him attractive and boyish cute :D but it must be mind blowing for him too. ;/ he must sometimes want a break, just for a little while, like walk in the street to buy some juice without getting attacked by screaming girls? :o 1D is one touch cracker (:

  105. Won’t all of you just stop being mean to Harry he is awsome close to perfection without him there is no one direction

  106. Harry is NOT the yongist fist OLDIST is louis-harry- liam-zayn-and nial i love u zayn and nial

  107. Those guys are Jealous off him because he is attractive and he can have the girls he wants and those guys cant

  108. Hary you are my favorite from the band. You are so adorable and sweet.I like that your hair is curly it looks good on you do not straiten your hair or cut it is is perfect how it is. If anyone talks bad about you they are jealous because you are so cute and know more than then. JUST BE YOU ! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!

  109. i just have a question.what is his favorite color and food?

  110. and harry is going to be mind mind mind
    and you can get him because i know where he live and school

  111. Harry isnt the youngest in the group by the way niall is.

  112. omg ok i love harry styles like hell but there is no need to fight! :///

  113. i wish i could see harry live but my mum will not let me!!!!:(

  114. hi harry your my favvvvvvvvs and your awsome and my big sister thinks your cute because you are out of all people in your band

  115. hes so cute but i kno i’ll never get to see him in person so ima just love thm n keep living my life ;P

  116. Hes a great guy so yheah he would.Liam did it. I have the same last name as Harry

  117. Harry is a sweat, romantic guy that we would be luck to at least see him in real life so please stop saying stuf like: hes mine or u wish, harry is my bf. because hes not sooo……. Btw hi

  118. What is Harry Styles number?! Please tell me! Lol. I love him sooooo much. Can u please give it to me?

  119. harry styles has a different voice then all of the one direction, thats what i love about him

  120. If u don’t mind can i have his number i also went one of the signings and got his number but lost it can u please tell me

  121. hes the most talented in 1 d i love him hes my idol like i would do anything to met him and the whole 1d band xoxo<3

  122. I love you harry styles you are so cute i always listen to one direction and i can offically say i have one direction infection <3 :-)

  123. i love harry plus ive got his number too i got it when i went to get his autograph {and i didnt even ask for it

  124. can you give me her number too?!
    i love harry so much!!!
    i love him untill death!

  125. harry eats both the twix bars at the same time so one doesnt get lonely while hes eating the other one

  126. He’s SOOOOOOOOOO hot.And btw,HE’S MINE!!!!Forever & Always:) Lol I’m kidding he’s none of ours:(

  127. what ! he doesnt understand why girls attracted too hem
    i`ll tell you why you`re cute handsome funny you have everything what i dream for LOVE YOU you harry :)

  128. u shouldnt just like him because hes hot u dhould like him of who he is

  129. your right any one who doesnt like harry that keep ur mouth shut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  130. harry wud luv to date a brunette…….luv ya hazza…….i really luv u a lot……muuaahhh!!!…

  131. i like the real him too and we are similar also i didnt make it that way i dont think anyone should make it that way. He is so sweet and so nice to people so i totally agree with you on that :)

  132. Harry Styles is so sweet when it comes to girls. i wish i could meet him or something he is not gay or any of that so you haters out there just leave him alone he doesn’t deserve to be treated like hat nobody does!!

  133. i am one of HARRY STYLES biggest fans i know mostley everything about him he loves blue eyes, and all of is girlfriends was a blonde but he would love a cute brunette like me :) once he has candles for a date by a lake and his girlfriend never showed up. he would date a girl that is 14 like me :) harry gets mad when louis texts him and dont put i love you/how much i miss u
    turn ons : giggling laughing smileing
    His favorit color is blue,pink,orange like mine :)
    turn offs: screaming
    STOP THE HATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  134. Haha at all of the fangirls who think “back off hes mine!” , you really think ur gonna be with harry out of about 2 billion girls who want to? Be realistic for damn sakes XD

  135. I agree I like Harry but I don’t know why I’m attracted to the real him not Harry styles the singer the hot guy I like that funny sweet slightly perverted boy he really is but I would never change for him to like me we are similar but not because I made it that way

  136. no his not yours his mine ill even show you the pics iv got of him soooo

  137. yh age dont matter love comes first in life as he said there always needs to be a reason for you to hate harry xx
    harry is a lovly guy and very cute and nice to talk to as i herd in the video diarys they did so answer is WHY do u haters hate him ????????????????? love harry styles <3

  138. Harry is mine back off I love him I am going to move in with him <3

  139. I first recgonized Harrys voice. I love guyd who sing! Then my friend showed me whay he looked like and I thought Oh Cute Too!

  140. harry is really cute and i suffer fron hay fever to <3

  141. Harry hates olives. His idols include Elvis. His favorite band is Coldplay. :)

  142. oh thats so sweet but sorry about your brother hope he gets cured too :,)

  143. and another fact is harry is supporting a charity to find a cure for brain tumors. i think hes sweet as candy and hes nice as winnie the pooh
    p.s. my brother has a brain tumor :,(

  144. ya me to i think that people that make fun of harry and louis should go jump of a cliff XD

  145. i think that people who make fun of harry should just leave him alone

  146. louis is my fave whats wired is harry said if louis was a girl hed go out with him XD lol :P

  147. omg most of the things he dose is what i do no kid and shaving a “h” on the leg . that gives him an A+++

  148. He’s a very talented person like the rest,and he will one day make a girl happy in the future:) keep going we (directioners) will keep supporting u guys!! We love u don’t let’s us down!!!!:)x

  149. In my opinion i think Harry is the flirt Nial is the adorable one Louis is the funny and random one and liam and Zayn r da hot ones

  150. The one direction way:
    Twinkle, twinkle Liam Payne,
    Harry, louis, Nial, Zayn.

  151. Hi I’m 13 and Harry styles is like the best Guy ever and I would totaly go out with him just for him not for the celebrity stuff but I don’t like to rush things:)

  152. so like when u day you will date any age u mean like the age13-20 right

  153. Hi I’m inaya love Harry Styles I’m a big super duper fan ONE DIRECTION love them bye :p

  154. Harry’s facts are so cute like him I LOVE HARRY STYELS

  155. Yea I totally agree with ya guys does anyone know the youngest age of a girl he would date???? Plz answer thnx

  156. he has a star tattoo on his arm and is five pionted for the five members in 1D

  157. I love him so much he’s the boy that I dream about he’s hoot !

  158. who gave this all information about harry? how do they know?

    Gemma styles xx
    harry styles’s sister xx

  159. i agree with u because he is a very sweet guy and if u hate him then i would just leave him alone complety

  160. The boys all agreed that he would be the best boyfriend in the whole group because he would give up everything and give everything to his girl.

    But I wouldn’t want him to give up 1D, they’re amazing!!!!

  161. I LOVE YOU HARRY STLYES I WISH I WAS 14!!! <3 I am almosty 13 though :D haha

  162. IM OBSESSED WITH MR.HARRY STYLES <3 sometimes i cry i want him sooo bad thats how ridiculous i am lol.

  163. 51.his favorite food is tacos
    52.he likes getting naked all the time even when there is company over
    53.he find his naked body a little disappointing
    54.he has a very in insensitive bromance with Louis
    55.he shares a flat with Louis but he moved out
    56. hes mom said hes very romantic
    57. he sponsors a charity to cure brain tumors
    58. he said he would shave his head for charity
    59. he got naked on the plane and went to the bath room raped in nothing but a blanket because every one was a sleep

    you missed these you should write them in

  164. Hey Harry! I just wanna say that I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART<3!!!! and if i will meet you i think i will tuch your hair becuze it looks sooo soft and all those guys out there dont hate on my baby Harry Styles !!!!!!anyways when i always hear yall music i always think about You:)<3 and if i will win the tickets from v.i.p o think i will give you a kiss<3 but im gonna wait for yall when yall come to toyota center in houston,tx so i hope tour reply Harry Styles I LOVE YOU!!!!!you so HOT,BEAUTIFUL,GOEARGOUS,CUTE!!!!!<3<3<3 add me as a friend on facebook angie frausto just harry styles can add me as a friend!!!well thats all the things i wanna say to you I LOVE YOU:)<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  165. I agree with u cuz I don’tlike moke and swear lot

  166. awwww thats sweet!!! i really hope he sees this!!! maybe ill see if can can tweet him . . .

  167. i had short hair, but im growing it out
    im soooooo not flexible
    i loooooove apple juice.
    he probly wouldnt like me 8D

  168. yeah i heard about the hair, wen i told my twin she busted out laughing.
    lol poor harry tho

  169. I agree, i think one of those facts must be wrong. ALWELL 8D

  170. Harry maybe cute but he is very sweet if u get to know him you will all understand so don’t hate on harry styles

  171. Age is not just a number because I your dying some1 18 and up and your under 18 ur boyfriend is goin to JAIL
    Love is no match for the law honey

  172. You shouldn’t like just because he’s hot, Harry is a nice and sweet guy, who just cares about his fans and love, he’s so much more than hot, wake up

  173. Tell me this if Harry likes girls with short hair why does he like girls with hair extension
    I’m not hate in because I wear them and I love Harry, it’s just doesn’t make sense to me

  174. liam and louis made harry cry twice for giving him a weggie, and straightening his hair while he was asleep

  175. Harry likes The lion king film.
    Harry likes girls with short hair.
    Harry hates when a girl spits.
    Harry’s favourite colour is orange.
    Harry’s favourite juice is apple juice.
    Harry like to practice badminton and soccer.

  176. sorry your wrong he has girlfriends and if hes gay then why is your last name styles?

  177. i have a comment i know he was born at 12:06 am in the morning

  178. I really wish i could now him on the inside even noow i dont i now he is a great guy

  179. I
    loveeeeee him he is the greathest guy in the word this are SOME not all of his things that i love aboout him
    His hair
    His smile
    His voice
    His personality
    He is smart annd funny

  180. harry i liked you the first time i saw a picture of you with louis and liam .i love the way you laugh . and i hope i can meet you some day . please never stop singing
    love erika #1 fan
    i hate reading but if i see a book about you guys i will read the whole book with taking a break.

  181. I agree with Cassidy/Harry’s girlfriend all people are different and Harry styles is so hot if I could I would date him and he is not gay so for all u loosers out there who don’t like Harry styles lay off you can’t say

  182. I once shave a c in my cousin leg wuqzuqhen he was asleep and I agree with Cassidy u guys need to get off his back age is just a number but older than my parents is a no to lol

  183. To me, Harry Styles is the most amazing person ever (beside my mom, I love her so much.) But anyways, Harry is beautiful on the outside, and even more beautiful and amazing on the insode. He is sweet, funny, romantic, thinks age is nothing but a number, wants to spoil his girlfriend/ wife, and is thoughtful. He is everything I will ever want in a boy, and always will be. I wish someday I can meet him. I wish so bad. I love him, and I want him to know that. I am only eleven, but I hope that when I get older he won’t care, and we will be together forever. I really want to meet him, and hig him. (A kiss, too, maybe, from me or him. I wish I knew him in person. I don’t just like the Harry from One Direction, the famous one, I am in love with the sweet, amazing person inside of him. I really want to meet him. So bad. I also want to hug him. I would love that hug. I love him so much. He is what I fall asleep thinking about. I also daydream about him. I am kind of obsessed… I guess. I just love him way too much for my own good and want to kiss and hig him. I love you, Harry. So much. Please, tell me you love me, too. <3 You are amazing. Huge kiss. X O X O X O X X X X X X

  184. So you were the the one he did that 2 you are so lucky i wish tht happened to me!!!!!!! :)

  185. fyi he is mine so all ov yous can back off!!!!!!!!

  186. Mrs.tatumstyles how old are u i just wanna know wat ages harry is into:)

  187. I love harry he’s the most hottes in one direction he’s hot hotter that justin biber……

  188. Actually his star tattoo doesnt repressent anything.. he just wanted a star tattoo :

  189. Kewl yeah rite, how old r u.. hes like 17 maybe 16

  190. For all of you who are fightiing over Harry have ever heard him say that he loves all of his girlfriends and wives so all of you can have him so STOP fighting over him!!!!

  191. thats not surprising, im sure alot of girls were born on feb 5th. not to be mean, i jus dont think its a big deal.

  192. acually thats a great idea my birth-mom is dead so ill get it.

  193. thats one of the main reasons Niall is my fave,
    we’ve got that in commen.
    except my experience was about a million times worse.

  194. i SOOOOO agree. knowing stuff about someone and knowing them personally are two vary different things.
    its always good to know stuff about someone, but is not enough to like them enough to decide you want to go as far as MARRIAGE. the words are like poison to me right now, im thirteen, plus my parents divorce. . . could have been way less dramatic. . .
    but you get the point.

  195. wow i no this guy who owns some goats, they r really tiny.
    and cute. sorry u got attacked tho 8(((

  196. YAY! i sooo happy hes going back to brunette!
    you agree? i think its awesome hes going for natural.

  197. awww poor harry such a hot guy suffers from hay fever :(

  198. harry we are attracted to your good looks not any thing else i will except you for you it is not about looks or age it is about love

  199. Harry is romantic,sweet,cute,smart,kind,caring,has an angels voice,and one of a kind.

  200. its not that we dont like him-nialls just better:)

  201. harry loves cooking and looks for a girl with a soul

  202. I think that Haz is just a normal,cute,smart,romantic,and a really amazing singer.Even though he is famous doesnt mean he isnt normal too.I think that haz is a one of a kind and interesting boy.;-)

  203. He has helped me so much. But at one of his concerts he told me I was beautiful and kissed my cheek and when i left he said I love you :)

  204. Harry has a cat called Dusty,he doesen’t mayonese,he’s wish is to get kissed in the rain, he and Lou share a flat, he has two cars,he likes Ramones,John Mayer-actualy ihs favourite song is Free Falling

  205. ewwww snakes! sry ive hated snakes since one bit my bro and barly missed mised his eye. . . . *shivers*

  206. Yes age is just a number and jail is just a room but oh well, Harry said he’d date someone three years younger and if it wasnt possible then he would would wait!

  207. plus lots of american girls like guys with curly hair

  208. Harry’s favourite film genre is action/adventure.
    He likes to take long showers.

    He prefers tea over coffee.

    He talks in his sleep.

    He doesn’t like reading.

    they r all the same with me.. i like action and adventure, i like to take a long shower,, i like tea, i really often talk in my sleep, i doesn’t like reading. but i like snake soo much..

  209. Harry Styles my birthdays coming up can you preform I’m turning 11 and I’m your BIGGEST FAN :D

  210. well i thoughtt tht but now i got prove i once like louis thu best but when saw harrys smille i atomactically like him thu mos

  211. hey if u dont like harry y u lookin at his facts in u a hata back off

  212. hey harry i think ur the best singer cute and nice and u nmi bro culd be relatd cuz yall hav lots in common lolz jk

  213. You people are so stupid do you know how many people are said to be in love with him people who say he’s yours I bet you haven’t even met him honestly I don’t have a crush on him but honestly some random person would have a better chance just watch and learn

  214. i love harry so much that i’am macking a letter to hem

  215. I love Harry but he”s got a weird thing with being necked I mean he sleeps naked

  216. Some of u girls go a little over board u act like ur gonna merry him..but he is astounding amazing and cool!

  217. He is awsome!!! HARRY is amazing and funny!!!!

  218. Girls are atractid to him cuz I think his green eyes

  219. i love you harry styles not because you are off of 1d not because you r hot, but i love you because i’ve wachted all of the fact vidios and we have a lot in commen and i have blue eyes my hair is bunette and i live in twin falls and i wish that you would come here and come to my house and meet me because i am almost 13 and i really want to meet you 4 my b-day

  220. I would love to meet harry, he seems like a really sweet guy. I dont obsess over him like a crazy girl, but I think he would be the sweetest most kindest guy in the whole WORLD! He always seems to be so confident, but he is only human. It is a dream to get to meet him and talk to him, but maybe it will happen, but thats not the point. Yes most girls think he is cute or hot but really what matters is his personality to love and forgive and to respect. :)

  221. Love harry <3<3<3<3 wish to see him live nd hug himXD <3<3<3harryy

  222. We have the same birthday and my Papaws name is Harry Edward I love love love him

  223. um really like i love him n u can say that he has a thing with louis its calles larry stylison

  224. The reason girls like you is ur lovable and adorable and id be ever grateful if you dated me



  227. Wrong its his full name. And its harold edward styles


  229. Harry styles favorite movie is titanic !:D

  230. I got attacked by a goat aswell. I hate those things!

  231. Harry says that his worst habit would be walking around naked

  232. u should like him for who he is not for one direction or his look’s

  233. See I love how most of you are saying OMG I love him soooo much and I want to marry him! When in reality you really don’t even know him. Sure you may have seen interviews and read some facts but i bet that probably 99% of you have never even met him. I’m sure he’s a great guy and I mean he is pretty cute but until you really know the guy I personally would not say OMG why can’t I marry him or something??!!

  234. i want to go to his consert somewhere in the world i dont care where i is i want to see them all but mostly harry i really really think his personality is so cool and i think his flaws are funny and i love harry for him self i didnt even love anyone from 1d till i saw pics then saw a video i saw the pics after the video and harry is the best sweetest person in the world and he is so romantic i just love his eyes and smile and we are both ticklish

  235. It’s not Harold it’s Harry his really close friends just like to call him Harold

  236. Those guys are Jealous off him because he is attractive en he can have the girls he want and those guys not .

  237. lol has anybody else noticed that we r guys like our profile picture hahahahahahahahahah IM A WOMAN!!!!!!!!

  238. 1.Harry likes girls who wear pink
    2.He likes the perfume Alien by Theiry Mugler
    3.He wears the colongue Bleu de Chanel
    4.He loves apple juice
    5.He doensnt like when girls spit ( when they talk or just like spit out of a window or something)
    6.He wants to live in a beach house
    7.Hes cheeky…. very cheeky
    8.Harry’s height is 5″ 10′
    9.If he was a girl, he would like Zayn out of the one direction boyz.
    10.Harry likes the app “Texts from last night”
    **NOTE** Sorry if this is 2 long **NOTE**
    11.If you tweet him “meow” he’ll get turned on
    12.His twitter name is @Harry_Styles
    13He was born with straight hair actually
    14.He’s british (duhhh right lol)
    15.He has a bromance with Niall ( Im not saying he’s gay,their bromance is cute 2 me) THE END!!! :) add me on facebook: AK Hayes follow me on twitter @baddiestchic Now THE END!!

  239. im oth on that, ive gotten on alot of girls for being anoying little prats about ‘who get who’ with the guys.
    lol we r the same hieght!

  240. omg im almost 14 and your 2 in. taller than me!!!
    lol im so short 8D

  241. Harry is mine
    I love him more than everyone In the world

  242. Yes me and Harry have a lot in common from what i read but i don’t obsess about it he seems like an amazing person that i would love to meet one day hopefully at a concert i already know he wouldn’t date me I’m almost 14 and not that pretty i already know there’s prettier people than me in the world so all i can do is dream that something good will happen. He seems sweet and kind hearted and i could never change myself plus i doubt I’m worth him he’s adorable. An also if i did get with him i would want to be spoed i would just be happy i have something who cares and wouldn’t use me wrong and treat me bad i wouldn’t even mind getting spoiled.

  243. I think Harry is so cute and Everyone else in 1D! I am also 11 and would LUV to meet Harry! Little hazza

  244. harry is so my type and i would love to go out with him or get married with him

  245. Harry is my biggest fan of one direction 100%! NOW when did u know how to knit

  246. He was actually born on the 2 of
    January 1994

  247. Harry sleeps cuddling his pillow every night

  248. lol gurl u really obsessed / harry! is he ur fave?
    mine is niall

  249. He likes t date girls that are shorter than him singe can always cuddle.

    He hates olives.

    Harry doesn’t like it When the boys curse

    He went to his manager and demanded that they give Louis and Niall more solos in the upcoming album.

  250. Ok let me go in order Harry n I r alike and im not makin this up it’s true !!!

    My starsign is Aquarius I take long showers mum gets so annoyed she has 2 turn the shower off her self When I was 5 and younger I had straight hair now it’s SO curly I once had mayonnaise and I spewed I snatch food off my brothers plate im the smartest kid in the family I have a phobia of snakes @ school so many boys like me and I want 2 no y I ask them and they don’t say y !! My hands are apparently very soft (said mommy) I tried beet root I had a bad stomache I dont like beet root I don’t like boys who swear I don’t like coffee I only drink tea I’m the most ticklish person out of my best friends @ school my nanny taught me how 2 knit
    I talk in my sleep every night !! Mum get annoyed she wakes me up and tells me 2 shut up
    When ever we have 2 do silent readin @ school I always talk and get in a little bit of trouble
    And I suffer BADLY from hay fever I once had it so bad I was off school 4 a week !!!!!!

    I told u Harry n I r alike

    If u don’t believe me that’s fine but REAL directioners believe each other

  251. Hi this is stephanie!!!!im 11 years old and 5 foot 4! harry is my fav one direction and im terrified of snakes! o and tell liam tht my best friend is in love with him. <3

  252. Out of the 50 facts I am the same for 42 of them. He said he woulddate a girl six years younger and that he would date a fan. He also likes girls who don’t smoke or swear a lot. I’m almost 13 so I’m only five years younger, I’m a huge fan (because he is cute and a really super great singer. Plus I love his accent.) And I think smoking is stupid. I mean, do u want to die of dieing lungs cause u made a bad choice!? Plus I never swear. Its mean and rude. Seriously. I’m not a goody goody, but u shouldn’t swear. I’m 5 foot 2 inches so I’m just a little shorter,enjoy humor and making nice jokes to make someone smile, and I would stand up for him. He is not gay! And all the rumours I would totally end them. But I wouldn’t follow him everywhere and gush over him and always
    squil at everything he says. I would hang out with him and be there
    when he needs me. I would adore him for who he is and not for
    how cute he is. I would let him speak and answer anything he needs/wants to know. I always keep this in mind and u should too:over all being cute and nice and a great singer, he is a human being. Stop bugging him with paparocksi that follow him everywhere and annoying rumours that just aren’t true. Stop
    saying”harry is all mine!” like he is the last bisket on the plate. Let him choose who he likes and just leave him alone!!! And this is to all those magizines and websites who are spreading rumours about him: stop your lies and rumours and leave him alone. He is not your little toy that you can pick on and write lies about just to make a quick buck or two. I’m sick and tired of people like u always picking on celebrities. So get this into your brain: go away!!!!!!!

    needs/wants to know.I would also keep this in mind and u should too: he may be a popstar , really cute and a great singer. But hh

  253. `Hey harry i just meet you and this is crazy but here my number ___________? :)) ! xD AND iLOVE your voice !

  254. Haha soooo funny!! I did too. He kissed my cheek, louis kissed my vheek, zayn and liam kissed my hand, and niall kissed my forehesd.(random about niall!Harry said im beautiful and so did zayn and liam. Niall and louis said im very pretty. I got all of their autographs and 8pics with them. I going to their hershey park tour even though im from massachusetts and btw i got backstage passes so i get to hang with 1D after the concert! Haha people im not bragging eithrr hahahahahahahahahahaha

  255. Xx crazy sorry autocorrect xX not xrazy

  256. Speak for yourself people. I met harry styles and i know harrybstyles. He is so sweet. I also met the other 4 boys. I met them in canada t my hotel. Niall ordered sooo much room service it wasnt even funny!! Harry ran around the hall with underwear on but thats ok. Hes wild and xrazy which is a good thing.

  257. Kaitlyn if u realy r his neighbor, ask him out. If u do and he says yes, ill see u all kver the internet.

  258. Hey Harry lover101, you have a lot in common with Harry. How old are you?

  259. Harry i love ur looks and voice, but also ur HEART AND SOUL,
    luv u harry xx <3

  260. do you know harry!!!!! o my god this is rock tell him when will one direction go to malaysia

  261. Kaitlyn sorry for bugging u so much. One last thing. Tell harry…my fave color is blue, i dont like reading,im ticklish,i dont smoke or swear,i dont like mayo, and i take long showers too!! Thx the last time. Ha thx

  262. Kaitlyn also tell harry that i luv his voice so much that my coussin said that im seriously obsessed with him. Also harry seems SUPER nice and he seems like a wicked kind guy!!!!!!! I really want to go to a concertand ive been asking my grama to bring me on my bday this year. 2012. November.30 in connecticut. That would make my life sooo awesome cuz i want to see harry in person. Hes so cool. Even though i dont live in connecticut i would still go just to see him. I wish i went to Natick Mall in March or April cuz i liv 45 minutes away from there and 1D was signing autographs there! Thx

  263. Kaitlyn tell Harry that im 11 years old, 5foot 5inches,funny, enjoys cuddling, and that i luv him to death!!!! Oh tell zayn i said hi. Also tell harry that i would love to meet him. My ipod is full of pics of him and the others boys!! Plz tell harry that. Oh also tell liam he is awesome. Thx

  264. My name is Kylie and im 11. I would luv to go in a date with harry. He said once that he would date a fan even if there was a 6 year age difference. Im turning 12 soon. Plz tell harry

  265. I love Harry Edward Styles so much!!!! He is mine he’s adorable!!!!!!!!! :)

  266. He is going to marry him wen i am in my 20’s he is going to be in his 30’s is going to be happy with me and only me!

  267. Fact: Harry has the most solos. in one album he has 7 mins worth all together!

  268. lol my dad would killllllll meeeeee if that happenedddd!!!!


  270. more than stupid, but i dont feel like cussing. i also hate girls who date a guy cuz their rich or famous. i ABSOLUTLEY hAtE tHaT!!!
    but hey if you want me to cuss u out, go ahead an like 1D cuz their famous or hot or rich. that jus means ur not a true fan either and dont deserve to even look at them.

  271. lol theres a concert in raliegh and i live right next to raliegh but i cant offord it.
    8( 8P 8) 8D

  272. lol u all wish
    twinkle twinkle little star
    how i wonder wat you are
    up above the world so high
    like a harry in the sky
    twinkle twinkle little star
    how i wonder wat u are
    lmao i not crazy
    im insane
    and im not obsessed
    im bored
    sry nialls my fav

  273. lol jus realized since i have an acount on here i can edit wat i type! after i post it!
    lol im not stupid, jus technology hates me 8)

  274. lol same here ( not that i love him, sorry) but dont be sad about it! you have their music right? thats enough for me, i lover their music. 8)

  275. thats great, and really mature. other fans should look up to you.
    really im not kidding.

  276. i very love harry! because he is so cute and adorable. im 16 but ur 18, well its okay c: LOVE YOU SO MUCH xo

  277. I <3 Harry!! I agree, age is just a ordinary number, but love is extraordinary.

  278. Harry’s full name is Harold Edward Milward Styles

  279. He would watch the movie Bambie with a girl because it is a sad movie and she could lean on him :)

  280. wow that was a trick kaitlynbrox is probably some old guy trying to hurt you or kidnap you or WORSE nobody should do what you just did
    p.s. other old men can look on here to

  281. Well I face th fact that really I’m not going to be his gf so I think of him as my brother and I would love to meet him just as much as

  282. harry your amazing and i think your really talented and your my favorite

  283. That is why I am in LUVV with him..his personality..thats what I look into guys

  284. Every one said that they have alot in common with Harry well I just found out about Harry and 1d this year and I’v just been look up things about him this week when I got out of school and I have a lot more in common with him than anyone else in the world so bet that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  285. agreed….i like a guy for inside and out… if people just judge by looks and nothing else they’re stupid

  286. OMFG my stepdad lives there!!! hes got my 2 little bros there too.

  287. i dont like white cars either. . . . i looooove blue cars

  288. awwwwww thats sweet! i as gonna get something similar wen im older. . . but i changed my mind 8P

  289. usually i do and dont realize it 8) which is funny cuz im not stupid, im pretty smart.

  290. not like reading? lol i love reading, as long as ive got a good book. i love reading so much im writing abook

  291. ive never met harry, but he seems like a really sweet and caring person who is just living his dream! it would be really cool just to know him, not because he is famous, but because he would be a really great friend because he seems to be a good listener and he truly cares about his friends! <3

  292. harry likes girls with curves because there is more to grab on to. he also like both, blondes and brunettes.

  293. Harry styles wants a younger gf to show her the ropes of life

  294. kaaaaaaay, am i the only one goin ewwwww?????
    8P he can have fun with that, i dont want to see it.
    not to be rude or mean


  296. CRUDMONKEYZZZ!!!! i meant to say worse, not ‘orse’, and not, not ‘no’

  297. for me they got divorced wen i as 6, and i had to move out of america just to liv with her and her boyfriend, then she decided she didnt want us (me and my older brother) and shipped us back. the only good parts were coming back home and being w/ my bro. later something orse happend, no telling wat but still. now everythings just fine 8DDDD

  298. true dat! 8P
    ps. luv ur name its so cute!(purpul heart monsterz)

  299. Heeyyy harry!!!!!!!!i just wanted to say u are the cutest most sweetest boy I could ever (see in mags, books, and tv) I qish u could come down to burgettstown pennsylvania I wish I could meet u guys in person :) :(

  300. I think Harry Styles is a great artist with a great heart.
    I like Harry Styles for himself not because he is in a band. I hope one day I can meet him.

  301. cassidy your not harrys gf i am i am 15 your just jelous

  302. really? wow well im griwing out my hair and dont ant to get it cut. . . . . so alwell

  303. your lucky if he wants to be your friend so many girls like him, so i suggest we just get along and NOT fight over him, kay?
    sorry if that as rude 8)

  304. lol i think its totally halarious they met in the toilets

  305. dude, you dont know half of the word ALERGIES. i have hay fever as well as year round alergies, i take alegra D(which is like the best stuff they have in america, other than shots, god i hate shots. so i dont take them) and even with that im still snufflie 24/7.

  306. geeeeez i hate typos, i meant ‘not to be MEAN skylar,’ in the begining.

  307. ummmm kaaaaaaaay, this thing is like two-sided. not to be mean skylar, but it does look that way. and trust me, i dont bet on the guys ever wanting to get to know me, im not the ‘charming/beautiful/awesome’ girl any of them are looking for, and i doubt they go looking on fansites for their future girlfriend anyway. plus id be sooooo freakin surprised if he acually found this website and randomly desided to find me. dont stand a chance.

  308. well yeah its this really big joke cause 2or 3/ the five have girlfriends. so yes, 1D is homo. 8P

  309. omg i hate snakes, spiders, bugs in general (other than butterflys and dragonflies and ladybugs, geez im such a girly-girl8P).

  310. omg the guys say he walks around naked alot, i heard it in some sites and interviews. lol so dont want to see that, not trying to be mean of corse

  311. how can you not like reading. guess its just opinion. he sounds pretty nice though.he knits! thats so cool for a guy. overall he sounds really cool and individual. he sounds like he has a soft side as well. thats lovely :)

  312. HE IS SOOO COOL… he is also sooo sweet and i love him. i wish i could meet him but i live in ohio so that most likely is not going to happen>:( but i will someday…. hopefully

  313. We love you harry keep up the good work and all the other boys you guys are all beautiful you guys are going the right way!!!!p.s. get the pretty ,respectful ,non smoking girls!!!!

  314. Sorry Hunny. But A LOT of people want to marry him as much OR MORE then yuu but only 1 gurl will get too and PROBLY WONT be yuu

  315. Probly cuz Harry WON’T date us -_- He wouldn’t date some RANDOM girl.

  316. Yuu REALLY should love him for the INSIDE NOT the OUTSIDE! Thats just stupid

  317. He is afraid of snakes But thats ok he is still my fav

  318. I mean he’s famous and stuff and it’s 0 out of a million I wil ever date or see him! :(

  319. I love Harry… but he would never date me…

  320. thank u i dont know who u r but u seem pretty cool and i agree with u not to be like them but i would also like to meet him…where did u meet him at?

  321. Harry and me are like ment together<3<3 we have so much stuff in comment<3<3 that is why i love harry, and all the other boys of 1D<3<3<3

  322. As a guy i can say with confidence that he is in fact gay…. Along with every one else in one direction

  323. We have alot in common and so do me and niall too bad im only 13 :(

  324. i bet like half of you girls on here are thinking that if you leave like a really sweet note to him he well like you i don”t think that is how it goes just saying i could easily be wrong but that’s o.k but i think he would want to meat you in real life just to make sure your not like 9 or 10 you know? and to Harry i love you so much i know you might be thinking that i love you just be cause of your in one direction that’s not at all why i do i love you because of your personality i think it is amazing i know you probably heard this allot but me and you really do have alto in common just tweet me if you want to know how @skylar harris in following you hope to slk to you

  325. #30 isn’t true, at the soundcheckin las Vegas we asked him what it meant and he said nothing he said he just wanted a tattoo and liked the star……. Yepp that’s right, damn skippy haha

  326. you know i dont know why exactly girls are atrracted to you either but you dohave that effect on people for some reason and i am a victim!!!!

  327. harry has a new tattoo that states wont stop till we surrender

  328. after i read this i thought wow we are alike i also suffer from hay fever and i know how it feels its horrible and i think harry has is a wonderful person with so many talents like singing and juggling but come on girls dont change just cos you like a guy or just cos hes cute and attractive and famous look for a good personality in the person and harry if u see this youre a wonderful person and have a very cute name picked out for your first daughter <3 :)

  329. Your a awesome guy Harry, you smile a lot and care about the lyrics in your music. Don’t mind what others say about you, it’s not worth remembering (:

  330. Harry u are awsome like what my sister said that a gril can dream to meet u guys but u guys dont tour over here if I got to meet u guys I would cry I tell my mom and said will I ever get to meet u guys u guys are my favorite band but i dream to meet u guys I always wish to meet u guys i hope it happens soon I hope my mom gets tickets for my brithday I listen to ur songs everyday but I hope get off being sick well love one direction hope to see u guys just remember I always wish to see u guys if i got to see u i would die and cry:'( I hope I see:)

  331. hhey hary its me samathan can you make me famous plz

  332. hey harry i all so ate my first twinky on 1/28/2012 love sunshine perez i am your biggest fan ever

  333. harold wants someone younger(like me) so he can show her the ropes of life!! MY bday is feb 5th!!!

  334. i was born on feb 5 too!! but he wants he wantsmsomeone younger (like me) so he can show her the ropes of life!!!

  335. it depends everyone wants him to be theres but if he dosnt like cos you are throwing yourself at him he wont like you:/

  336. me and harry have MORE THAN HALF of this in commen!!!!

  337. he has a tatoo with an “A” on it to represent his moms name anne..

  338. I think that it is adorable that Harry and Louis met in the toilets… Harry and Louis are my top 2 and I love Liam, Niall, and Zayn in “second”!!!!

  339. He is mines and he was and he will and he is we are exactly like each other it’s like were the same person were so much like each other ;)

  340. his favorite candy bar is twix and when he eats them he bites into both of them at the same time cause he doesnt want the other one to feel lonely!:) he is afraid of going bald

  341. Me and harry are alike :
    we were both born on febuary i vas’ born feb.5 1994
    and he vas’ born feb 1 1994
    were both 18
    we are both aquarius and more same

  342. Im pretty sure Harry’s Full name is
    Harold Edward Styles.

  343. Really? :) how??? Was he as sweet as he seems? :D

  344. his favorite color is pink, turn offs- swearing and squealing, turn ons- giggling, hair extensions, cats

  345. wow. i can’t believe how similar he and i are. this is very scary…

  346. omg we are alike i was born on the 1st feb.1994 ,but anyways he is my cousin

  347. His favorite color is blue.
    A turn-on to him is the look, then look away thing.
    He once rode a dirtbike naked.
    He would eat tacos and nothing else for the rest of his life if he had to.
    His favorite food is sweetcorn.
    When he likes a fan he takes time to talk to her and he’ll ask for her name twitter name then say I love you.
    When he looks at a cute fan the first thing he notices is her eyes.
    He likes blue eyes.
    He once set up some candles on a bridge for his gf who never showed up so he spent the rest off the night kicking the candles in the water, off the bridge.

  348. He’s the only reason why I want to wake up in the morning. I wake up cause I have a little hope…to see him in real life once

  349. He thinks he would make a cute couple with a girl with long brown hair and blue or green eyes!

  350. I love harry styles so much! We have a lot in common, I am such a huge fan and I would do anything to meet him, hug him, anything! Harry is sooooo fit<3

  351. If I ever meet Harry I would ? I what to know what you would do ? Okay I would kiss and stop in time ( for me ) because I love him

  352. i love harry styles and i want to be mrs styles one day

  353. um harry do you think i could get in-touch with louis i love him

  354. OMG i love you harry and the reason is because of your amazing hair and great style!

  355. Harry’s favourite colour is orange and he is 5′ 10″ like Liam.

  356. i also want to say that i am not only attracted to him by his looks but his heart and sole!

  357. Harry likes to be left alone in the morning until he is offically awake:)

  358. his parent got divorced when he was 7

  359. ik what you mean! i am really creepy at times too… haha LOL

  360. i met 1D and kissed harry… not to brag just saying haha :D

  361. hey there harry! remember me? that brunette that you kissed in canada? well anyways i remember you. but i need to say one thing about these girls. i am NOT much better than them so dont take this the wrong way but: most of these girls are just saying how cute you are attractive. SO TO ALL THE HARRY 1D LOVERS OUT THERE! i met harry! he is a SWEETIE PIE! not only cute but so sweet and modest and not a jerk face. none of the guys were. so take that through your mind and think about it to realize he is a REAL, TRUE HUMAN BEING! he does care about if girls like his heart and sole more than his looks.

  362. ya ik… these girls are directionators

  363. hey harry im not ur biggest fan and i dont no every little detail about you like some people and i just say that your an amazing guy and anyone would be greatful to have you as an friend so if you would respond it would mean so much to me and by the way im 15

  364. Harry. Sure, I can be a creep about you… but if you do read this I want you to know that all these girls respect you and I know you respect us. I love you and your 4 other mates. Thank you for being a great role model <3 we love you all

  365. once he was so drunk he talked to a cat up to 2 hours

  366. it is orange BTW and he is 5′ 8″ and he only plays Fifa 11 not 12

  367. I love you harry and your favorite colour is red and so is mine

  368. I love harry Styles really much i despertly want to marry him

  369. here’s another fact:
    his very first word was ”cat”.. Hehe

  370. Harry if you read this I LOVE YOU soooooo much plz like respond i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  371. what was called the members of the white eskimo

  372. He is known as the ‘Flirt’ of the group.

  373. BTW his birthday was in Febuary so he is 18. Get YOUR math right

  374. Harry styles … So unique! He’s a flirt, an cute, and has adorably awesome hair! But I’d rather look at how amazing he is on the INSIDE! isn’t that what really counts? He’s sweet and kind and charming! When you see him, you can’t help but feel positive! You can’t but fall in love with his perfect to-die-for smile! Sometimes I’m not just a fan…I’m a regular teenage girl, who doesn’t obsess but appreciates and loves with all her heart.

  375. PlZ read this harry!!!!JUBBILEEE!!
    dear horald. im writing this again bc i dont think i was approved w/ my other comment. basically i want to bounce on your dicc plz.. make it happen? on my bday on july 12:) btw im 7 yr old. and i learned this dirty stuff from my pedophile uncle and teacher.. save me b4 i have to bounce on their diccs :(( save meeeeee

  376. dear horald. im writing this again bc i dont think i was approved w/ my other comment. basically i want to bounce on your dicc plz.. make it happen? on my bday on july 12:) btw im 7 yr old. and i learned this dirty stuff from my pedophile uncle and teacher.. save me b4 i have to bounce on their diccs :(( save meeeeee


    hallo harry i’m you’re biggest fan! im 13, your very handsome and cute! me and my friends are in love w/ you! your 18 right? well its ok we still love u!


  378. Harry’s reall name is Harold Edward styles

  379. Harry is my first fav. He is very handsome and cute. Me and my friends are in love w/ u, we are 13-14 But your 18. But its ok we still love u <3


  380. Me and Harry are alike in so many ways, and I’m not just saying that. I know I would never have a chance to be with him, but it makes me happy that we have things in common. I really adore him too, and I’d love to get to meet him, but as I know, it wouldn’t happen, but I’m not letting that wish down. I know about every one of these facts, and their basically like me. He is amazing, and whoever hates on him, and the other boys, are idiots. My school hate One Direction, other than me and my friend, and we get annoyed when they talk crap about One Direction. It’s like, Do you have any better reason why you hate them? What did they do to you, follow their dream? And personally, I think most of everyone in my school, are just followers. But I am a leader, right this moment, and I am not going to dislike someone, because someone else wants me to, I have my own mouth and mind, and I will speak it. And also, haters are stupid, On Youtube, don’t some go to One Direction videos to talk crap? It’s annoying, if we wanted your opinion, we would ask. And haters speak so much crap, it’s like you’ve been to the bathroom too many times. But anyway, that’s all. Byee<3

  381. Harry is my second fav and is just like me except for his favorite food. my favorite food is pickles and his is tacos. Plus he has green eyes not blue.

  382. I love Harry he is über hot and loyal! Marry me please Harry! I really love you and will until my death!

  383. wait i thnk Harry should have taken the money back ;3 on’t really have any posters of them in my room because on the back of all mine have one direction on the back but reall my friend was so so so so super lucky she got to meet 1D in person i am so jealouse of her DX as you can tell i talk alot but my best friend’s sister loves them more than anything she says im gonna meet them and i lov harry back of sister (me not my bff) he’s mine i get crazy at night so one time i went crazy over 1D and she was there and said NUUUUUUU HE’S MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) L.O.L you got my point here

  384. yay me and harry have alot in commen he’s my first fave in the band he is so funny and Nial is so funny how he ate harry’s sandwich and Harry paid him 20 dollars for it and he ate it!

  385. i love love love love one direction ex speshely harry he is

  386. I am currently learning how to play ‘I Want’ on the piano…….going good so far, I just need to get faster!


    Oh sorry! I am very random at times, lol

    I think the fact that Harry knows how to knit is so cute! And I love his hair! :D

  387. cassidy i know that.but when i was ten my mom died and we moved from Canada to Englend when I was 14.but we have ben in london for 4 years.

  388. the members of one direction made Harry cry two times . The first time they stratend his hair.The second time they gave him a wegie.

  389. Makenzie yes all of theas facts are true!

  390. cassidy I am 18 . I have seen them live and had a back stag pass.
    Harry and I have our b-day in the same month but he is ten days older than me.

  391. just 1 question how do you know this stuff

  392. thankyou! i am a girl, and i have to admit, i am a little obsessed, but i control it. i would hate to be the one saying, “omw, harry is soooo hot!! and “i want to marry him so bad!”. i like being a little realistic, and you have to understand, that there are some girls out there, who even though they love him, know that the right thing to do is not make a big deal out of it, and to just treat him like another guy, cause really, even though he’s great, he is just a normal guy.

  393. well u know what i mean… i wouldnt become a whole knew person and change my life over one guy but come on ur saying u wouldnt have one little change over harry styles? i’m only 12 going on 13 so i will not date him ever i just say im his girlfriend because i want to be. that doesnt mean i would ever get the chance to date him. i know he said he likes younger girls but damn i am way toooo young for him. he is at least 6 years older than me. and he lives in england so i will never ever date him in my life…. though i still love him tooooo death!!! not being mean or tring to be smart at all!!!!!!

  394. we say it because we know alot about him and we hope he will like us when he gets the chance to see us! so there u go

  395. Cassidy/Harry girlfriend Harry does not like any changes in a girl.He will
    love you just the way you are.

  396. When Harry and Zayn got there tatoos.Harry held Zayn’s hand
    because it was his first.

  397. harry styles is the best guy ever! i wouldnt change for anybody but i would act a little different than i would with other guys. i mean isn’t he the most attractive guy u have ever seen! i love u harry!
    p.s. when is there going to be a concert in deaware or even close to ther cause i would definetly go and get backstage passes. he even beat justin bieber and his attractive self.
    cutest out of one direction
    1. harry
    2. niall

  398. harry styles is the best singer and the cutest from one direction. im sad that harry actually cried because of that totally rude twitter mail. god bless harry’s heart. i love u harry!!!!!!!!!!

  399. I agree with you! You shouldn’t change just because you have a crush on a guy (even if he is famous)! Yes I think Harry is very attractive, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to act like a crazy person! Don’t change the way you are just for some guy! Be yourself, not some fake poser! Like Special K said, its not about the outside, its about the inside as well

  400. his inside is great to it’s not like you haven’t hada crush on a celebritiy and i no he’s good person some people r to stupid to c that…….

  401. All of the one direction members say that harry has soft hands

  402. Haha! Funny but… He is NOT gay. You are just jealous you won’t get to marry him like I will! Haha! ;)

  403. but you guys should not leace niall out just cuz he is irish and you all are a nice guy i mean that is what people say but i don’t think you guys would do that love you guys god bless you niall if that is true

  404. all of you gurls ( i hope ) are obssessed. you are all saying the same things. fighting for him saying you would change for him and lying saying you guys are like twins. sure he is attractive but that doesnt matter. he is romantic and very sweet and picked the most beautiful name for a baby girl but all of you should hear yourselves all of are like savoges it doesnt matter whats he looks like on the outside i matters of what he looks like on the inside

  405. I love him so much We have so much is common i suffer from hay feaver i hate swearing and smoking he is so adorable I hate maynoise too I think the only thing that is different is our name ,birthday ,age and family because i am 16 yrs old this is my last year of school.

  406. harry is mine and i love him with all my heart

  407. He’s an aquarius
    His favourite movies are: The Notebook, Titanic, Love Actually
    His favourite body part is his hands.
    He’s deeply and madly in love with sweetcorn.
    His favourite album is 21 by Adele.
    His best friend is Louis Tomlinson, who he has a bromance with, called Larry Stylinson.
    He’s got a crush on Frankie Sandford
    Hisfavourite shop is Selfridges
    He loves apple juice.
    His favourite colour is orange.
    His favourite TV show is Family Guy.
    Blue by Chanel is his favourite aftershave.
    Whereas Alien by Thierry Mugier is his favourite perfume.
    He loves playing Fifa.
    His favourite iPhone app is Texts From Last Night, where people send in texts that people sent them when they’re drunk.
    He’d spend a Sunday asleep or chilling.
    He’d rather go to a restaurant than any other place for a date.
    His favourite restaurant is TGI Fridays.
    He loves getting massages.
    His favourite mode of transport is dog sleigh. Normal.
    His ideal night out is out for dinner with all his mates.
    His favourite bands are The Beatles and QUEEN.
    He wears boxer shorts.
    His best moment on the X-Factor was singing the charity single.
    He always bites two Twix bars at the same time, because he doesn’t want the other one to feel lonley.
    He hates it when his bandmates say f*ck
    He once set out a bunch of candles on a bridge for his girlfriend, but she didn’t show up. For the rest of the night, Harry kept kicking the candles into the water.
    His most played song on his iPod is Paradise by Coldplay
    He would never date someone older than his mum.
    His first ever word was “cat”.
    Him and Louis have personal jokes, that no-one else in the whole world would understand, apart from them.
    He always kisses on the first date.
    He has 4 nipples.
    He says that the turn-offs are: swearing and squealing.
    However, the turn-ons are: giggling, hair extensions, cats.
    He always wanted to win a girl a stuffed animal at a carnival.
    He loves girls with a good sense of humour.
    The first thing he notices about a girl is their eyes. He really likes blue eyes.
    He has stood up to his manager and told him that Niall and Louis don’t get enough solos.
    His favourite love song is “Lady In Red” by Chris de Burgh.
    He can wolf whistle.
    His secret turn-ons are Spanish and American accents.
    He isn’t a fan of girls giving him cutesy nicknames like ‘snugglebug’.
    If he could only eat one thing for the rest of his life it would be tacos.
    He used to vomit before he went on stage due to nerves.
    He doesn’t wear anything in bed.
    Harry said he would date a fan “because if you like someone, you like someone. If they’re a fan it shouldn’t make a difference”.
    He has a cat called Dusty.
    He can play the kazoo.He likes girls with short hair.He once had a hamster, called Hamster.When he got his latest tattoo (a star), Zayn held his hand.For his 18th birthday, the rest of the One Direction boys threw four buckets of water over him.His idea of a perfect first date would be the class dinner and a movie.On his 18th birthday, there were over 50 trending topics on Twitter.His dream valentines date is Louis Tomlinson.If Harry could be any piece of furniture he would be a bed, because people could have fun times on him.He described himself in an interview as “cheeky, curly, and cheeky again”.If he could meet anyone in the world, dead or alvie, it would be David Beckham.He was in a band called White Eskimo at school.He makes a 2 second appearance in Ed Sheeran’s video for “Drunk”.

  408. Glad you “like” him… He really isn’t ugly. He’s really attractive and

  409. I dont even really lik him but we do hav alot in common:/

  410. harry is ugly but suddenly idk y but he seems cute to me now and omgeee :)

  411. * 17. When Harry was younger he used to be straight(;

  412. He is straight and so hot. Sure I’m only 11 and he’s 18 but I love him. I love how he WILL date a fan! All of One Direction is so hot. Harry Edward Milward, Louis William Tomlinson, Liam James Payne, Zayn Jawaad Malik, Niall James Horan. All so $3XY and HOT

  413. he is cute but seriouz he gonna pose naked but I lik milky way crispy rolls

  414. He has a vvvvvveeeeerrrrryyyyyy bad habit of getting naked all the time

  415. I agree i also think people shouldnt change themselves just so they can say they have things in common with the members of one direction

  416. I have a feeling that i know a little to much i was writing things about one direction in a 140 paged notebook and i finishes it and im only halfway done:l

  417. Harry cried while singing moments in toronto canada.

    It made me soo said

  418. really??!! so is mine!!!!!!!!! ASK EVERYONE I KNO!!!!!!!

  419. no he doesn’t he puts one “r” i should kno i have a signed poster and there is only one “r” and he said it to

  420. You might be 18 but that dosnt mean he is gonna like you! Millions of other girls r 18 ! Pretty girls!

  421. Harry’s lucky item is green underwear! HES SOO ADORABLE I dream about him all the time!! I definatley FANCY Harry Styles. ~ Mrs.Styles

  422. Is Harry gay or what cause he makes Louis say I love you when ever he calls???????

  423. thats so cute and lucky for him i dont smoke or swear lol;)

  424. Harry styles is so hot and I luv him.
    I don’t care that I’m younger then him,
    I still luv him!
    He is sooo nice and I luv his voice!!
    I luv all of 1d but he’s my fav!!

  425. I luv Harry!!
    He is sooooo hot and I luv his voice.
    He’s soooooo romantic and cuuuuttteee!
    I luv all ov 1d but he’s my fav!

  426. Yall Back Away He’s MINE and anyway i
    m able to date him, cause i’m 18

  427. He also loves tacos and Harry & Loui had already slept naked together, he call the boobies mammary and he is so cute

  428. Only if the roller coaster is taller than 10m

  429. I love him he is so cute even if i am 10 years younger than him

  430. My name is Logan I’m 17 1/2 I’m funny sweet and beautiful i wood luv to date Harry Styles he beautiful and sweet i wood take care of like a puppy I LUV turtles i have 3 baby turtles and I Luv Harry Just The Way He Is
    BTW Hers my number
    (Removed By Administrator)

  431. He is sensitive and cares about what people think of him.

  432. I like harry for his personality, his looks, his smile, and i could realy care less about how much he makes. If i new him before he was famous i would still be crushing on him<3 he is soo perfect in every single wat posible. Yes i no nobodys perfect but he is pretty darn close. :)

  433. He is so cute he is the cutest one out of all

  434. I know he is so cool and cute I would love to me

  435. he is the most favoured member of one direction

  436. I’d love to be around him even if he isn’t as funny….. Just sayin

  437. Harry’s signature look is a blazer sometimes accompinadied by a bowtie

  438. He says he has a bad habit of getting naked. A habit, we can live with! <3

  439. Lol.. Id love to meat you harry xx. Hed have a really strong personality.. Hed be halarious to be around. I love all of 1D.. They are so entertaining.

  440. his first word when he was a baby was ‘cat’ and when he was little his first pet was a dog named max

  441. We r like twins. O.o
    And i can play the kazoo too. Our signs match YAY!! Im a libra

  442. Lol everyone can play the kazoo… You don’t even need to ‘play’ it, I think he was joking when he said that…

  443. I like him a lot.. He’s my idol.. If he’s as funny as the facts about him sounds then I’d love to be around him..

  444. would he date a girl who’s 14 years and norwegian ? :)

  445. I freakinnnn loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Harry(:

  446. Harry styles is thee besst:) i also LOVE Louis,Niall,Zayn & liam. I am now in love with ONE DIRECTION!!!!!:D I used to like justin bieber but now it’s ID! (: Proud to be a directioner.

  447. Yes he is!!! Every1 knows that && it says on magazines

  448. i like harry styles i dont relly have alot in common but im not going to change myself for anyone (maybe harry styles)
    actually i have some things in comon with him
    like my fav movie is love actually (and the titanic

  449. i didn’t realise how much i ha ve incomen with harry his much like me

  450. Harry is so hot i’d like to meet him one day i'[d probley try my hardest not to cry

  451. Oh! He prefers a soft tummy over a toned one and he prefers curvy girls over skinny <3

  452. his fave band is the beatles his celeb crush is cherle cloe he has 4 nipples he goes to bed naked he cuddles up to his pillow at night

  453. ohmygod

    Me and harry have so much incommon it felt like I was reading a self fact :P

  454. those are interesting i can relate to alot of those. I LOVE HARRY STYLES!!!!!!!!!

  455. i dont think they are so great if you can tell me 1 thing to change my mind i will love them forever

  456. Thank you so so much for writing all this stuff plz write more

  457. i love harry styles but this r stupied facts about him

  458. I luv Harry Styles and 1D i listen to them all the time.

  459. omg!!! we are so into the same things. plus the same birthday!!!

  460. I have about 4 things in common with him. Or 3, dunno how many. =] he’s so cute

  461. And hes not the smartest liam is!

  462. Oh and by the way his fav snack is twix bars!

  463. that was funny…
    harry shaved a H on zayn’s leg hair LOL

  464. I love Harry
    My love for u is
    Good luck

  465. He doesn’t understand why girls are attracted to him? Look in the mirror kid!! Or listen to yourself sing!! He’s amazing!

  466. Once Harry was with his girlfriend on his bed, and his dad came in and asked what they were doing, he replied, “looking for the TV remote”

  467. Don’t make him feel bad he’s gorgeous

  468. Like i don’t know that.

    Mhm your talking about someone you don’t even know.

  469. harry loves it when you makeout with him you softly bite his bottom lip

  470. Harry once had an hour long conversation with a cat whilst he was drunk.

  471. Harry has a girlfriend name Crystal.
    i meat her on twitter(crystalcarreon3)
    Harry dedicated the song (I Wish) to her<3

  472. Harry as a girlfriend name Crystal Carreon:).
    He loves her he said<3

  473. He is so much like me it’s crazy! Not that I walk around naked, lol. But a lot like me!

  474. I love him cause his accent and his hair and would love to meet him

  475. i can burst into flames on command……..

    thats how stupid you sound

  476. It is! Harold is his real name, Harry is his nickname. Some Mrs. Styles you are.

  477. Harry am in love with you. I have a fear of snakes. I hate reading too. My hair was straight when I was younger. I kiss on the first date too. I like to take long showers. I love to cuddle. I won’t date some one who smokes. <3

  478. Harrys favourite colour is orange

  479. He is lush he says that he would date a fan well how about me xx i love orannge to harry xx

  480. Harry Styles is my favorite celebrity ever! I love him so so so much, I love you Harry<3<3

  481. Harry can’t live without his phone xx

  482. i love harry styles so much <3 . i can't wait to see him again :). long time no see :(

  483. His full name is Harold Edward Styles, not Harry Edward Styles!

  484. Michelle, 13 almost 14 probably be good for Harry

  485. Harrys youngest should be12 not 14 not fear !!!!!!!!, I LOVE him too bits xx

  486. The youngest girl he would date is 14.

    I <3 Harry!!!!!

  487. he’s afraid of roller-coasters!
    I love him so much <3

  488. I love Harry and if I marry him he better not get naked in my bed sorry our bed……..love money that my name…………

  489. Harry automatically thinks your annoying if you squeal when you see him

  490. My name is stephanie and i am15 ask harry if he would go out with me then get back to me okay thank you x

  491. Harry’s fav color is orange.
    He played badminton in secondary school.
    When he was born,his hair was white blond and curly

  492. I love it when u flick ur hair because ur eyes shimer

  493. I wood like 2 no if any 1 wood like to have a date with Harry because I live next 2 1d nd I’m ther friend so ……………….. Just say your name nd age.

  494. I love him but I know I will never be his girlfriend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!