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Did you know that Louis Tomlinson was suspended in high school and had to retake year 12?

If Louis is your favorite member of boy-band One Direction, read these top fun facts about Louis Tomlinson and see how many you don’t know!

Louis’ middle name is William.

Louis was born on Christmas Eve in 1991. He is 30 years old.

His star sign is Capricorn.

He is the oldest member in One Direction.

He was born in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England.

Louis is 5’6″ tall (1.72 m).

Louis has four sisters. Charlotte, Felicity, and twins Daisy and Phoebe.

His mother is called Johanna and his father is Troy Austin.

His stepfather is called Mark, Louis’ surname changed to Tomlinson at a young age.

He does not have any cousins.

His eye color is blue.

He has a dog named Ted.

He once pulled a moonie to his head teacher.

Louis got suspended from school and had to retake year 12.

Louis supports Manchester United Football Club.

He prefers a shower over a bath.

He can play the piano really well.

His favorite song to play on the piano is ‘Mr Brightside’ by The Killers.

Louis likes the word boobs – he thinks it’s a funny word.

His favorite color is dark red.

He didn’t like the fact that he was the oldest member in 1D.

Louis had a chilly flavored ice cream in France and said it was amazing!

‘The Fray’ is Louis’ favorite band.

Louis was voted number four in Sugarscape’s Top 50 Hottest Males of 2011.

He first met Harry in the X Factor toilets.

Louis Tomlinson is not gay.

Louis has licked Zayn’s lips before – the fact that he is not gay still stands.

He has size 10 feet.

On March 19, 2012, he reached 2 million Twitter fans.

Whilst filming for the video of ‘What Makes You Beautiful’, Louis sent a message in a bottle.

Louis doesn’t like birds.

He dislikes baked beans.

Tomlinson loves Marmite!

He says he isn’t brave enough to get his nipples pierced.

His favorite month in the year is December.

He played ‘Danny’ in the film Grease.

He was in an ITV1 drama called If I Had You.

In May 2012, Louis was woken up by a naked man trying to enter his hotel room at five in the morning – The man was drunk and apparently just looking for the toilet!

Louis wants to have children when he is older and would prefer to have a son.

He holds a full UK Driving License.

Louis admits to being very messy, although I don’t really see anybody complaining about cleaning up after him!

In September 2011, Louis Tomlinson appeared alongside Harry, cooking on ITV’s This Morning.

Louis admits he’s a really bad cook.

Louis sometimes sleepwalks and he once tried to get into Niall’s bed with him!

He enjoyed watching the Twilight Saga and pretended to be Edward Cullen for a night after watching New Moon.

Louis says that fans who thinks he is gay, “are not real fans”.

Louis was fined £80 for speeding on the way to V Festival in summer 2012, he was doing eight miles over the speed limit.

He pulled down Niall’s pants at a service station!

He started dating Eleanor Calder in October 2011.

His Twitter profile is @Louis_Tomlinson.

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  1. OMG as I was reading through these facts I feel like it I am reading about myself.

  2. He has a girlfriend and a child that came with that girl friend so therefore he is not gay. Also my best friends and I do things that would “ make us gay” such as kissing on the cheek as a joke and stupid things like that. So people, Louis is not gay.

  3. But if that’s the case, then what about all those videos of them making out on youtube? I call that gay not bromance.

  4. um, there is a video on youtube with proof that he was, if you must know…

  5. Oh my.. They don’t mean in the actual movie, they meant in a play he did during his time in high school.

  6. This is not hate but can’t every one just relax about him being gay. I mean imagine there was a gay person who repeatedly said he was gay and everyone kept on saying no you’re not, you’re straight. That would be offensive to that person and so is this

  7. Louis has five sisters. There’s Georgia too.

  8. You shouldn’t put that on the internet o.o

  9. Louis is gay no hate please I love him even if he is gay there isn’t anything wrong with that he is amazing and I love him so much for everything he does! Love u Boo Bear

  10. I believe in Larry stylinson not saying it’s a bad thing

  11. It’s supposed to say “Louis says that fans who thinks he is gay, “are not real fans”.”

  12. Idont Get 46 and I Love Louis But all of my feinds Like Harry And Niall and say Louis Is Ugly When Hes Much Hotter than the rest of them

  13. louis and harry are not dating its just bromance(when two boys are really good friends)

  14. finnaly someone who knows louis’ not gay!!

  15. I love one direction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):):):):):):):


  17. Not sayin that he’s gay, but you gotta love Larry!

  18. i like him, i’m not obsessed and i don’t like 1d so much. just ’cause he’s sweet :3


  20. Don’t hate wut u can’t touch don’t hate one direction there amazing and I would love to meet them there my idols I love them and a directioner don’t hae a fav there is just that one guy in the band we all fall in love with mines harry but there all hot hope you guys frome ond direction see this I love you harry louis zayn niall liam

  21. You might wanna remove the ‘He doesn’t like tattoos’ one, ’cause he’s got several tattoos now :)


  23. Louis is my favorite in One Direction! He has a great personality, looks fabalouis and is just so cute! His eyes are the bluest I’ve ever seen!!! He is just so hot!

  24. you are my all time favorite i am a Capricorn to and my birthday is the same as yours love you hope i can see u in concert one day

  25. im not obsessed, im dedicated
    im not a fan, im a directioner
    im not a friend, im family (were family)
    directioners all around the globe this is our one direction saying and if all them haters dont like they can shove it up their ass xx sorry but thats how i feel xx :)

  26. O.M.G i dun believe that louis tomlinson like dark red. It’s my fav colour too. :)

  27. They didnt write it right; he played Danny in the play grease at his school when he was 14

  28. wake up in the moring fell in like p diddy grab my glasses I’m out the door I’m gonna hit this city be4 i leave brush my teeth with a bottle of jack cause when i leave for i nite i aint com in back i talking pedicures on my toes trying on all my clothes boys blown up my fones plain my favourite cds com in up to the partys trying to get a little bit tipsy don’t stop make it pop dj blow my speakers up 2nite ima fite till we see the sunlite tik tok on the clock but the party don’t stop oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh tik tok on the clock but the part don’t stop no oh oh oh oh oh now the dudes r linen up cause they hear we got swagger but we kik em to the curb unless they look like mik jagger

  29. we r never ever ever getting bak together we r never ever ever getting bak together u go talk 2 ur talk 2 my frends talk 2 me but we r never ever getting bak together I’m really gonna miss u picin fites and me fallen for a screaming that I’m rite and u wud try and find ur piece of mine with some indie records thats much cooler than mine ooooooohhhhhh u called me up again 2nite but ooooohhhhhh this time I’m telling u I’m telling u we r never ever ever getting bak together we r never ever getting bak together u go talk 2 ur friends talk 2 my friends talk 2 me TALK 2 ME but we r never ever getting bak together

    wat ya think of that song??????????

  30. i need a $ a $ a $ dats wat a need i need a $ a $ a $ dats way i need i will share my story with u if u share ur $ with me.
    anyone like dat song????

  31. louis tominson has a lot of sis’s that means a lot of sisters-in-law for me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LUV LOUIS HOW CAN U NOT he is so cute like way beyond cute like puppy cute :) <3 ……………….. LOUIS !

  32. Louis Tomlinson… Is god damn hot!!!!! If anyone wants 2 be friends, please tell me. Im new here and looking 4 someone who doesnt hate me.

  33. how can u say louis is not gay and then say louis has licked zayns lips before? i mean seriously

  34. Louis William Tomlinson is mine. So back off my man! If u read this Louis, my number is 309-262-6763!

  35. Hey people, just lettin u no, Louis is MINE! My name would b perfect 2! Anna Tomlinson. Omg soooooo perfect!!!!!!! Love u Louis.

  36. I meant that Louis is the cutest thing! It’s weird that I said that he’s cute even though he’s older then me. O.O awkward

  37. Hey. If anyone hates Louis Tomlinson, just tell me. But beware… If ya tell me ya hate him, i will b as mad as a freakin lion. Just sayin.

  38. @Alana How old r u? I’m 18. We could be friends maybe… Im new on here and just lookin 4 some ppl who actully dont hate me lol. Im askin lots of ppl. So plz dont hate me.

  39. @Louis_Tomlinson if u ever read this, i AM a directioner and u r my fave outta the group.

  40. problem with that?? peeps think hes gay but not me. If people wanna be rude, they can hate on Louis, but believe me, he wont listen cuz hes got so many fans. He dont got as many haters as he has fans. Just puttin that out there.

  41. Louis Tomlinson is definently NOT gay. He is way too hott 2 be gay! If any1 else agrees than just say! Xoxoxo

  42. Yeah okay. too bad he’s dating Eleanor and doesn’t know you! :)

  43. Dude, he is not gay. If Louis was, he wouldn’t be dating GIRLS. Get your fricken facts straight.

  44. omg u guys (louis number 1 & Sabrina) really need to get a life. It’s not like Louis is ever gonna marry you or go out with you anyways, hes definitely never going out with me (not that i would object) but really girlies keep yourselves down to earth. kay?

  45. Hey Louis I’m not trying to get in u and Eleanors way but just letting u know I’m 19 and singal

  46. I’m totally fine with u liking Louis just stay out of Eleanor and Louis way ok!

  47. I agree cause I love Eleanor anyway I do love Louis though but I don’t say like I hate Eleanor cause first of all Eleanor is so sweet and those of u who hate her than get a life and go fall off a cliff

  48. lou and i have every thing in common its great cause i fancy louis!

  49. Haha! I laughed when I read that too! I SHIP LARRY STYLISON!!!! They’re so perfect together!

  50. People That Love Louis And Thinks Your The One That Loves Him More Than Anybody Your Totally Wrong,Just Because You Love Louis Doesn’t Mean Your’ll Ever Be His,Or Be The Next Mrs.Tomlinson,So Just Leave Eleanor And Louis Alone,Let Them Live There Happy,Perfect Lifes Together Without Being Bothered.

  51. The Only One That Fits In Perfectly For Louis Is Eleanor.People Of The World That Loves Louis Hes Not Yours,Not Mine,Hes Eleanors,So Just Leave Them Alone

  52. i love louis alot,and i know hes with eleanor so i’m not gonna get in there way but i still love louis william tomlinson

  53. He did NOT play Danny in Grease!!! Get your facts straight people! Grease is just his favorite movie! Jeez!

  54. What do you mean by saying that the person is new about the thing that louis is not a gay well its true louis tomlinson is not a gay

  55. Babe, about number 28: he didn’t play Danny in the film. He played Danny in his high school production of Grease. John Travolta played Danny Zuko in the film.

  56. Louis is mine we have so much in common our birthdays are Even 3 days apart

  57. He is not gay then
    He licked Zayn’s lips before!!!
    Lol not a hater just thought it was funny….

  58. he is mine and he said he would love to date a fan and i am a tenager and i a know thT HE HAS A ECSPLOCION CRUSH ON ME NOT ON YOU SO BACK OF MY MAN

  59. um o no you did not say that he is mine so back off my man he is mine NOT yours at all you hear me you jerk

  60. OMG we are like a happy couple he is so hot nobody gone steal him and i wish his girlfriend would die

  61. Wat is wrong with you person they are noy gay!!!!!!!! I cant believe you said that!!!!!! You are such a direcrionater…… i could punch u right now but i cant do that over the web.

  62. I already knew this stuff I know more too, like his blood type and what time he was born and what hospital he was born in. I LOVE LOUIS TOMMLINSON

  63. the guys mess around alot. and no they r not gay :) jus funny&&weird :)

  64. i am going marry louis and i will be a Tomlinson

  65. Yeah…i laugh when i read that word! sorry for mistakes,i don’t know well english ;)

  66. someone got a problem here? ha wow ok that was kinda rude, calm yo balls k?

  67. louis is cute and he is not gay. he belongs to elanor and no one else the rest of us are just huge fans.

  68. i really love them all :) the fact that they have different personalities but they’re all close to each other :D

  69. “He played ‘Danny’ in the film ‘Grease’.” He didn’t, John Travolta did.

  70. Louis Tomlinson is not gay. Umm i think every directioner know that!

  71. I love you and can’t wait for ur concert

  72. if he doesn’t like birds then what about Kevin?

  73. louis is not gay…but Justin Bieber is….One Direction Rules!!! follow me pls. one twitter @carlytomlins24…thanks…

  74. u know everything??
    who was his forth grade teacher??
    jk i dont care
    not to be mean or anything

  75. Shut Up yes he does Kevin and Louis are Bestiez for life and death

  76. Are you gay cuz he aint hes dating Eleanor he would do nothin to brake her heart…..

  77. Yeah I doubt that he’s your’s. He aint anybody’s accept for Eleanor’s. So Back of her man.If you love him name 35 facts about him he doesn’t deserve you eneyways no one deserves you cuz all you are is trash and Louis IS heaven..

  78. Can we please appreciate the fact that it says that he’s not gay, the next one being that he’s licked zayns lips?

  79. i know louis, and he has a crush on meh:) he is completly straight

  80. Louis, what about Kevin? U always say u love him and u kiss him!! So sorry Kev

  81. he LOVES kevin but dislikes other birds!!! durr

  82. 1. the tv drama was called fat friends and he was an extra, 2.he played danny in his school musical grease, in the film it was john travolta, 3. its “What Makes You Beautiful”, not “thts wht makes u beautiful”, 4. he has a pet pidgeon named kevin, and 5. if u want One Direction Facts, ask me cuz u got most of them wrong. no offense.

  83. What??? Louis doesn’t like birds? -.- what about Kevin?!

  84. plz dont overreact, we r all friends here and all have opinions, so dont explode in our faces please? its not fun hosing ppl off the walls u no ;)




  88. He didn’t play in the film Grease. It was a school musical.

  89. lol ikr? i think its halarious that the guys play around.

  90. ive always had a ten year range, five above, five below. i think thats good right?

  91. they look diff in diff lighting, lets jus settle it at that, ok?

  92. put a sock in it priss, nobody wants to hear your mouth go off again, their ears might bleed.

  93. omfg i posted something really rude and im soooooo sry, im jus sick of seeing ppl fight over the guys.

  94. thank you, and sry i spelled it wrong, im a terrible speller

  95. hey! emmabilston and louistomlinsonlover! how bout you both shut your BIG FAT MOUTHS! NOBODY CARES WHETHER HES YOURS OR NOT! AND ITS NOOOOT BECUASE HES DATING ELENORE OR HOWEVER YOU SPELL IT.
    sheesh you big bunch of obsessive prisses, minus the REAL directioners who DONT fight over the guys but respect the fact they have a one-to-none chance of even being FRIENDS with them! and love them for their MUSIC or PERSONALITYS not because their ‘cute’.

  96. Oh, come on. Let the girls dream. Gay Louis Tomlinson is/would be awesome ;)

  97. um, please tell me you won’t follow Harry’s advice. You realise he isn’t a very good role model ;P

  98. How do they know he’s not gay? I don’t recall him ever confirming anything. He could be straight, gay, bi or whatever else there is left. Nobody knows. Also, I’m secretly hoping he does like boys. Eheh.

  99. Lol u ppl are obsessed!! but hay wat are
    fans for? 8P

  100. if his not gay why his licked zayn’s lips =D ?

  101. He obviously isn’t gay, he doesn’t act like he is or talk like he is. Leave him alone about it..

  102. i love louis so much as well as his voice…………………..

  103. Its an inside joke between Directioners and the boys. You must be new…

  104. Louis is so freakin hot!!! If ANYONE calls him or 1D i’ll scream so loud that everyone will hear it!!!!


  106. Ur hot and u and the rest of ur band should become my friend s,,s on fb crista laylalovesyuhh adkins

  107. OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you just got told!!!!

  108. you are the fake directioner he is not cuz for
    1. it says that in the facts
    2.hes to cute to be gay
    3. he has a girlfriend
    and4. because whatever you say is wrong cuz we all know you just aint smart
    no offense i bet your smart but get your 1D facts straight girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. then y does he ahve gf!!!!!!!!!! you are the fake directioner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  110. thank you for finnally getting that through to all thes idiots heads

  111. you do know that was ajoke to se what girls would do i read it in a book they wrote!!

  112. i wanna talk to her to see what its like so i can see what his lips taste like for when i kiss him!!!!

  113. shut it you are not there are millions of girls that sya that do you really think you are????? :( no

  114. umm john travolta played Danny in grease! But OMG i <3 Louis !

  115. Louis Tomlinson *blush* <3 He definitely deserves more solos!

  116. for your Zayn pick he has both his ears pierced and the picture of him is not him. just wanted to let you know.

  117. he is not brave enough to get his nipples pierced

  118. “Louis Tomlinson is not gay.”Hahaha u must be new.

  119. “Louis doesn’t like birds” Sorry Kevin

  120. I love Louis aswell all the tuff boys say they are stupid but guess what I stick up to them and they are the school tuffys

  121. Someone friended me on Facebook saying he’s Louis and I really doubt it is the real Louis I mean he would tell me all his faves if I asked

  122. Louis is very cute, oh and by the way if anyone says that louis is gay, be prepared to here me scream at you. I love one direction an Louis. I am there biggest fan. They are the Only thing I listen to now.

  123. Why does everyone say that one direction is gay. Look at them, they are too cute to be gay. Especially Louis. He is the cutiest out of everyone in that band

  124. Trust me they are blue. I have seen them before close up.

  125. Louis can’t be yours because he has a girlfriend

  126. Louis is very cute. I am a fan of one direction and I love there songs!!!!!!!

  127. louis tomlinson kissed a girl called simona. She is from Dublin.

  128. Louis is my absolute positive nobody but him favorite. Every time i look at hi beautiful blue eyes they shine like crystal in the sun and i am in a trance. i cant help it hes so dang hot

  129. i know right its so stupid saying that hes gay!!

  130. He did not play Danny in grease that was John travolta

  131. If we were a real directioner then we wouldn’t be dissing him. Sorry to say it but it’s kinda true. Sorry if that sounds rude but it’s true.

  132. I don’t want to come across rude. But if he was gay then he wouldn’t have a girlfriend

  133. even thow im too young for him i still love him hes the loundst out of the gourp likee me ha <3<3 u louis

  134. The message in a bottle thing is so cool! I’ve always wanted to do that…..maybe I will the next time I go to the beach……hmmm

  135. I love you Louis can your band play in Macallen,Tx. I wish I can talk to you every day plz. I LOVE.YOU LOUIS A LOT <3 <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  136. I wish I can see n’ talk to Louis tomlinson someday!! ^_^

  137. I wish I can talk to louis he is so cute I wish I can meet him and be with him always I love his hair,his eyes,everything I love him so much<3<3<3<3<3<3

  138. Hes not gay!!!! Will u people shut the freak up about tht!?

  139. I he is awesome I’m going to see Louis next year on stage in Perth with my friend Emily!!!!!!!!!!!

  140. Hes just being funny u direction hater!!!!!! Just shut up

  141. He is NOT freaking GAY!!!!!!! Stop saying tht ur making everyone want to rip off ur freaking head!!!!! Your just saying tht because ur too afraid to admit tht u love him!!!! And he just acts like he likes harry because hes trying to be funny! But maybe ur to STUPID to c tht!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So shut up.

  142. He ain’t gay. If he was he would of said it. The way he talks is becuz of he’s accent the way he walks doesn’t prove anything and with harry their best friends they joke around like that. I know gay when I see one and he ain’t gay.

  143. Louie is my favorite even though I love them all. People need to give them a break they are normal people with feelings too.

  144. Just back off the poor guy will you if people think he is guy let them its ok to express what you think just dont be mean and be hateful to other people who believe differently

  145. Why do people say he ‘s gay? He ‘s not, he ‘s only being sillthqts y I oove him

  146. If you love him so much, why don’t you know he IS gay? He is obviously gay. He is SO gay.

  147. Louis has five sisters
    His mum and dad have split up and he’s got 4 on his mums side and 1 on his dads side!

  148. Lol, you two believe everything that’s said on the Internet? Louis is gay, LOOK AT THE WAY HE WALKS, TALKS AND LOOKS AT HARRY. D:

  149. Carrot Girl. Your dumb. he is not gay he has a girlfriend… but of course you wouldnt know that because..well your not a real directioner. GUTS!

  150. Oh, I need to correct you on that one! Louis Tomlinson is definitely gay. If you disagree, you’re wrong and clearly not a real directioner. (;

  151. he did not play Danny in the film Grease John Travalta did so you need 2 fix that

  152. sometimes louis is cut but not all the time just sometimes but he’s not that cute to me anymore.

  153. im srry chritina but he is my best friends boy so back off

  154. He loves carrots and he’s the only one in the band allowed to wear stripes as he said.

  155. #20 and #24 are wrong. LOUIS is so gay. and WHAT ABOUT KEVIN? LOUIS LOVES KEVIN!

  156. he didnt play danny in the film, it was a school play at hall cross school in doncaster. Btw, there is parts of this play on youtube.


  158. hey follow me on twitter its melisa thorn

  159. do you live in australia because i mite know you?!??!?!?

  160. Louis is so hot i wish i could meet him his eyes are so amazing

  161. Hello my name is rebecca an u just wanted to say that one direction is the best band out right now

  162. “Louis Tomlinson is not gay” OH GOD. THATS A FAKE FACT. WE ALL KNOW OUR BOO BEAR IS GAY. DUH.

  163. On the number 23 it’s wrong, it’s “what makes you beautiful” (=

  164. LIES. Louis Tomlinson is gay….gay for Niall =)))

  165. he played it, there are videos on youtube of him playing danny.

  166. You spelled his sister’s name wrong. It’s Felicité

  167. haha yes he is Haymeister407s trust me ik!!!!!!!

  168. louis tomlinson im gonna be your wife someday i looovvveeee you soo soo soo soo soo much

  169. haha i was wondering too but he even said he especially hated pigeons

  170. louis inspires me to sing and i love him so much i would die for him if i had to he has a great personality and the whole band i just love him so much ive been crying for 8 weeks thinking about him

  171. Louis played Danny in his school production of Grease…I think that’s what they meant. xD

  172. he didnt play danny in the film grease tht was john travolta he only tried out for it

  173. Why has he licked Zayns lips? Hahha still love him! <3 :D

  174. Ummmmm Eleanor Calder is Louis’ girlfriend and they are really happy together. So, tell your friend sorry. And I am sooooooooo in love with Louis, but I respect Eleanor and so should your friend. so sorry

  175. He didn’t play danny he tried out for danny!

  176. Can’t believe he is the oldest…..still love hiss eyes….

  177. Every girl who says they LOVE Louis Tomlinson; you should meet Erika Brown. She’s obsessed with him, she hasn’t dated anyone because she KNOWS her and Louis will fall in love one day (‘:

  178. I can’t tell if that’s sarcasm or not, but if not that’s a lie. It’s just a funny image they do for their fans.

  179. Dude. He did a school play of it. How vapid are you? Honestly?

  180. How could Louis does’t like bird, when in one of their video diary, he was having a plastic pigeon in his hands???

  181. i am like a match made in heaven for louis <3 xxx

  182. Louis is not straight. Him and Harry are obviously lovers, duh.

  183. Btw ur wrong on 28 he’s no even old enough he was born in 1991 and John Trevolta played Danny

  184. After reading this, i realized louis and i are so much alike! I love Louis!!!

  185. I luv Louis sooooo much hehehe lol<3 I luv carrots like he does to<3 xxx

  186. I luv Louis he is my favourite celeb ever xxxxxx I LUV U LOUIS XXXXX

  187. he would like to be harry for a day if he could because he would like to have curly hair

  188. if loui was a fan he would like harry the most

  189. Louis is a dirtbag! He wrote a song of his own and ditched his friends! Boo u Louis!

  190. Louis isn’t gay? LOL whoever wrote this must be knew

  191. HAHA no. Louis is how you spell it, not LOUIE!!!!! no no no

  192. awwwwwwwwwww u know what ……………..i could kiss him and marry himmm xxx0x0x0x0xx0x0x0

  193. Yah uhm…. its WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL not THATS what makes you beautiful, and if he doesnt like birds, why does he have kevin????

  194. referring to number 20, he isn’t 100% straight either..


  196. .he has 5 sisters 4 are for his mom and dad but they spilt up and the his dad marry agin and had a other kid sooo that kid is his step sister.

  197. He’s gay for Harry you little 10 year olds. LARRY STYLINSON IS REAL!!!!

  198. you all are stupid they mean he played it in a musical in high school

  199. u got SUSPENDED cant beleive it yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  200. I dont know if I believe #21! If hes supposedly “not gay” then he shouldnt do that crap!

  201. babyzapadap he did play danny in his school play wich was grease

  202. I can’t believe he LICKED Zayns lips!! He didn’t play Danny in grease because that was john travolta he may have been a Danny in A grease but not the classic one!

  203. he licked ZAYN’s lips because of a dare and a mooning is like mooning someone

  204. do you mean he played a performance of the grease musical?

  205. How can he have played in Grease if it was from 20 years ago!

  206. i don’t even know how to correct this because it makes no sense to me

  207. I would NEVER have guessed that! Thanks 4 letting me know that! I am writing these facts down in a different sentence that means the same thing so whenever I need to look at a 1D fact I will have it right there!

  208. Lottie is a nickname for Charlotte … because of the charLOTTE but you would just put in a i in between the T and the E

  209. Lottie is Charlotte :)
    Lottie is just a nickname,
    Like fizzy is felicite’s nickname and Jay is Johanna’s nickname :)

  210. Louis has a sister named Lottie! I don’t think he has a sister named Charlotte… Unless Lottie is a nickname?

  211. He said he is brave enough to get a nipple piercing. He didnt say he would get one. He’s not gay because he has a a girlfriend. He licked ZAYN’s lips because it was a prank. A moonie is like mooning someone.

  212. #28 is partially wrong. He played Danny Zucko in a school production of Grease. John Travolta is Danny in the film.

  213. why would you want to get a nipple peircing? and if hes not gay why did he lick harrys lips? what is a moonie anyway?
    plus im a lover of Niall!

  214. His parents are ceperated, Louis hates warring sox,

  215. He doesnt like birds?!?!? The wth did he care so muc about kevin?!:O

  216. 21 is perfectly placed right after 20. And I think i adore him even more now that I know he doesn’t like birds.

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