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Luke Ward
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Fascinating Facts About Ice Hockey

10 Freezingly Fascinating Facts About Ice Hockey

Sports & Games
May 12, 2022

Ice Hockey has always been known to be a fast-paced sport. People of all ages have loved it for years. You may already know some of the basics, but there's more to it than its icy surface. Here are 10 fascinating facts about ice hockey.

Facts about Of Mice and Men

8 Mind-Blowing Facts About Of Mice and Men

Language & Literature
May 3, 2022

Of Mice and Men is a classic piece of literature written by John Steinbeck in 1937. It follows the story of George and Lennie in their work at the ranch. It is a timeless tale of life and liberty. Here are 8 facts you probably didn't know.

Facts about Mario

7 Super Facts About Nintendo’s Mario

Sports & Games
Mar 10, 2022

Mario is undoubtedly the most iconic gaming character belonging to Nintendo. He was created by a Japanese video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, and we first saw him in the early 80s. Here are some super cool facts all about the little guy we know you’ll love!

The Biggest , Oddest & Most Expensive Gifts That Countries Have Exchanged

The Biggest & Oddest Gifts Exchanged Between Countries

Business & Economy
Apr 8, 2022

Ever wondered why different countries send diplomatic gifts to each other? Some are super expensive, some are really weird, but which one is your favorite? Here our our favorite gifts exchanged between countries!

5 Fast Facts About Christmas Video

5 Fast Facts About Christmas Video

Holidays & Events
Apr 8, 2022

It's Christmas time! And to start the festive celebrations this year, we've made a quick video to give you our 5 favorite Christmas facts. If you have a minute spare, then get yourself in that Christmas mood & check out our Christmas facts video!

Freaky Facts about Frankenstein

15 Freaky Facts About Frankenstein

Language & Literature
Jun 22, 2021

Many people already know Frankenstein is a horror fiction character who became one of the most famous and one of the scariest figures in the world literature. If you want to know more about Frankenstein, this article will help you to garner more information about this famous story.

Sun Facts

Facts You Probably Don’t Know About The Sun Infographic

Mar 17, 2021

Without the sun, we would not be here. Our piece of rock called Earth, which is floating in the expanse of space, would not be habitable by life. Check out this infographic showing some facts you probably didn't know about the sun.

Knabstrupper Horse Facts

10 Wild Facts About Knabstrupper Horses

Mar 17, 2021

Knabstruppers are among the more unique-looking breeds of horses - they have an interesting spotty appearance. If you've never heard about this horse breed, learn about them here with these 10 most interesting facts about Knabstrupper horses!

Wild Woodpecker Facts

Why Do Woodpeckers Peck Wood?

Mar 17, 2021

Woodpeckers, like any other birds, have unique traits. Their pecking behavior is definitely one of them. Have you ever wondered why woodpeckers peck? Their pecking behavior is based on logical reasons, which is crucial for their lifestyle. Here are 6 reasons why woodpeckers peck wood!

Crazy facts about Rhinos

20 Fascinating Facts About Rhinos That You Should Know

Apr 16, 2021

The word rhinoceros means “horned nose” and they once roamed and made their homes in North America and Europe. Now rhinos can only be found in Asia and Africa. Find out more about these ancient one horned beasts with this extensive list of rhino facts!

Street Name Meanings

What’s The Difference Between an Avenue, Street & Road?

Travel & Tourism
Mar 17, 2021

What’s in a street name? Quite a lot actually... Here we have an extremely useful infographic that looks at the differences between roads, avenues, streets & lanes, along with some famous examples. You'll also learn more about unusual roads like crescents, courts & mews.

Insane Record-Breaking Food Challenges

Facts About 9 Insane Record-Breaking Food Challenges

Food & Drink
Mar 17, 2021

Competitive eating is something that intrigues, interests and disgusts in equal measure. Well here we cover crazy record-breaking food challenges from around the world. From cow brains & cockroaches to stinting nettles, find out what it takes to smash a record!