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Zayn Malik from One Direction had never been on a plane before X-Factor, which makes sense as he's terrified of heights!

If you’re a fan of Zayn Malik – the former member of the popular British boy band One Direction, check out these top fifty fun facts & see how many you don’t know!

Zayn Malik was a member of the popular British band One Direction.

His middle name is Javadd.

Zayn is 29 years old. He was born on January 12, 1993, at Saint Luke’s hospital in Bradford, England

His star sign is Capricorn.

Zayn’s name is originally spelled ‘Zain’, however, he prefers ‘Zayn’.

‘Zayn’ means ‘Beautiful’ in Arabic.

Zayn is a Muslim.

His shoe size is 8½.

Zayn first appeared on X Factor as a solo artist.

Originally, he applied to be on the 2009 series of X-Factor, however, he pulled out before the auditions started.

On March 25, 2015, Zayn announced that he was going to leave One Direction.

In January 2016, Zayn released his first solo track Pillowtalk, from his debut solo studio album Mind of Mine.

Zayn has both his ears pierced.

His father is from Pakistan.

He has light brown eyes.

Zayn has one older sister and two younger sisters called Doniya, Waliyha, and Safaa.

Zayn’s first kiss was at age 10, with a girl called Sophie Kirk.

Pillowtalk debuted at number one on the UK Singles Chart, with 112,497 sales and over 4.972 million streams for the first week.

Zayn said his perfect day would be relaxing at home with his family.

Zayn suffers from acrophobia, which is the fear of heights.

Before X Factor, Zayn had never been on a plane.

Zayn’s X Factor serial number was #165616.

He can play the triangle.

Zayn is a cat lover, his favorite animal is a lion.

He has a pet dog called Boris and two cats called Rolo and Tom.

Zayn had two other cats when he was younger, called Lolo and Lily.

He likes intelligent girls.

His favorite food is chicken.

Zayn is a smoker.

One of his hobbies is drawing.

In Arabic, Malik means ‘king’ or ‘chieftain’.

He can’t swim as he never had lessons when he was younger.

One of the most bizarre things Zayn has seen a fan do was hiding in a bin to avoid being seen by security.

In 2009 Zayn set a world record for the highest ever sugar cube tower!

His favorite Pokémon is Oshawott.

If you meet him and give him your Twitter name, he will follow you.

Whilst filming for Comic Relief in Ghana, Zayn broke down in tears.

He ripped his boxers once, and a fan told him.

Zayn held Harry’s hand when Harry his first tattoo.

He is scared of the dark!

In April 2012, Malik got a new tattoo on his left collarbone which translates to “be true to who you are.”

Zayn didn’t have a passport before he was on X-Factor.

His favorite shark is a hammerhead!

He always brushes his teeth before going on stage.

On July 3, 2012, Malik bought a Bentley Continental GT, which cost £32,000!

Zayn has a six-pack abs.

He supports the Manchester United football team.

Zayn loves the Harry Potter books.

Micheal Jackson’s, “Thriller” is Zayn’s favorite song.

His official Twitter profile is @ZaynMalik.

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  1. Zayn is the best singer in the world… I hadn’t see anyone lyk him..Z♡Z

  2. All i can tell you is that you don’t make sence and you can’t be talking o the real Zain on here girl ou nuts! Zayn will never be on this website probally and he hasn’t yet i’ve seen every comment

  3. You are so right that girl is crazy did you know girls that have one of there favorite things or person in there name instead of having there regular name there the ones that would not cry when Zayn gets hurt i saw this on Instagram

  4. Zayn Malik will be more great in his life by God’s blessing

  5. Lol. “Zayn is a Muslim.”
    Who didn’t know that?

  6. Of course he is but that’s not how you spell zane it’s Zayn

  7. oh come on u r not zayn he is the most kind n crazy of all n not like u ok u fool!

  8. ps zayn i’m going to ur concert in October in Miami I’m excited I got vip tickets

  9. I love 1d I don’t care if all of them smoke or not I’ll still love with them fyi I would be sad if 1d didn’t exist

  10. if you are then u love your fans I don’t care if u smoke or not we directioners love 1d forever

  11. just yesterday i heard about you so i’ll tell u about my self…i have light blue ,my prefect day is at home with family,love lions,got A’s in my classes draw on my free time,like no love chicken,can’t swim love oshawott,don’t like darkness,I wan’t to get married at 22,i love hammer head sharks,need to have clean teeth,like to work out ,love HARRY POTTER,love Michel Jackson’s song thriller,have my ears pierce,hate heights, want I phone 5 have to brothers four sisters my real mom is in prison but i love my step mom(I suffer acrophobia sorry if that bothers you

  12. Omg man i love him any way i’m muzlim 2 and my hairs are black just like him…..kisses for zayn

    BE COOOL<3

  14. I Love You Zayn Malik, He’s Zextraordinary, Adorable, Yamazing, Nemominal. You Get It! Zayn Is So Amazing

  15. zayn is a singer on one direction he will try to stop do not preasure him it will be very hard for him to stop he is wonderful so are we but plz just focus on something else that is all yall talk about gosh

  16. yea your right it does matter but i think you need to calm down and be nice do it for zayn

  17. girl your right but i don’t think you need to be talking about that why can’t you keep it to yourself maybe zayn will look at it and he will stop of because of what you said but you say good things for now on plz he has to make his own choices

  18. plz like zayn for who he is when i found out he smoked yeah it did make me want to scream but you like what is in your heart girl i’m sure your smart and awesome looking but let him make choices thank you

  19. you are right girl we are all worried but he can stop if he wants to.:)

  20. you are right finally some who can relate to me he love love loves his fans yea sure he will smoke now and then but he is a person you know give zayn space he has to know what is more important right now good job umm who ever you are

  21. everyone calm down be nice be intelligent we all want him to stop current things but he is a person not a puppy so please give him respect stop being RUDE and be intelligent and nice and funny and act yourself not mean i’m a person who would want him to stop but it is gonna be very tough for him please please please be nice to zayn let make his choices and
    follow him on twitter ok? you don’t have to but tell zayn things that he wants to hear or just be nice bye:) oh and i love you zayn


  23. Zayn,
    Please stop smoking, it can kill you.
    Sincerly, All your fans who don’t want you to die

  24. this does not answer my question i asked what is his fav. color?????

  25. I am actually the biggest one direction fan. And I Luoyang soooo much , lyk you will never even believe how much

  26. ZAYN!!!I LUV U!!!!yh could u plz stop smokin its really bad 4 u n u can die lyke tht….n i DONT want u 2 die!!!!

  27. Zayn, I have both of your cd’s, and look up to your voice. Keep doing what you are doing, and keep writing those awesome songs!

  28. Zayn,I have both your cd’s, and look up to you as a singer. Your voices are GOLD.

  29. zayn singing in the shower and he singing most chris brown in the shower

  30. Zayn I LOVE you you are like my hero i love love love you you have the best voice ever

  31. hello i love you niall u r the one for me i am called ashley and i wan to marry you like omg pls pls pls marry me babe i love you i would have babby ashleys and nialls with you

  32. does not date under the age of 16 and darn poor girls that are 12 like me

  33. stop smoking i dont want anything to happen to u bcoz if some thing happens to u i will kill my self

  34. i love u zayan u want 2 get married before thirty im her i am muslem like u and i am from libya

  35. Ha that picture is a zayn lookalike. Not zayn so luke, your not a professional blogger as you cant get a pic of zayn!

  36. his favorite color is red

    same as me
    and his second favorite color is black

  37. it doesnt bother me cause my parents smoke anyway :(

  38. Zayn says that he wants to try and quit smoking because the fans dont like it

  39. this is a very good thing to use for know about zayn but i still dont know his favorite color. His birthday is on the same day fo my litttle sister, she 3 years old. My best friend Nia loves him so much shes crazy about him. i can look up stuff about him and i find a lot of things. I kind of am starting to like him a little because i keep looking stuff up about him. I found out that he likes to draw, he scared of the dark and hes scared of heights. Im scared of heights and im scared of the dark and i like to draw. I dont like ferisswheels because they go slow and there high. He has a lot of tattoos though and he smokes. nia’s a really good actress she told everyone that likes him that he was gay and i thought she was being serious but she was kiding.

  40. this is very good, now i know more about him. My friend Nia love him and she wants him to herself. Shes crazy about him and she know a lot of things about him. I’m starting to like him alittle now though so now i know that hes scared of the dark, that he is scared of heights and that he likes to draw. I like to draw too and also scared of the dark and also scared of heights. i dont like ferriswheels because there slow and to high.

  41. Luv Zayn Malik!! He is the best thing in the world! Would die for him!!!!!!

  42. I love you zayn I am your biggest fan everything I have has got you on it if it doesn’t I chuck it

  43. Zayn is awesome and really cute…i look passed the smoking and the muslim i like him. He is AWESOME!!!

  44. zayn was afraid of water until the what makes you beautiful video

  45. Why does everyone hate Zayn cuz he smokes? He IS trying to stop so whoever hates him, back the flip off!

  46. Love 1D. +they r not gay. They just think of each other as brothers. Preffered as a bromance! Lol tryin’ 2 act smart!!!

  47. AH<3 Love these boys! And btw, that isn't Zayn. A lot of people think it is, but apparently it's just a look alike<3

  48. (S)he is more likely to be English as she is a fan of One Direction who are from the UK. You are probably not even in high school yet because everyone knows the English spelling of ‘favo(u)rite’ is with ‘ou’ and American is without the ‘u’. Also, **you** spelled **you** wrong more than two times so YOU (mind the ‘yo’ in ‘you’) should go back to kindergarten. And I haven’t even talked about you not using capital letters at the beginning of a sentence and in ‘I’ or apostrophes in ‘I’m’, ‘it’s’, ‘that’s’ and ”cause’ ( you should even write because, because ”cause’ is just spoken language).
    Well good luck with passing in spelling, mate!

  49. look im sorry but u cant spell u spelled favorite wrong twice its spelled favorite NOT FAVOURITE thats sad cause it looks like u are in like high school so good deeds passing in spelling

  50. Thank u Drive thru here’s ur Order, Zayn Malik Blew up the Border…

  51. Luv zayn malik soo much!!
    One thing no one can say to him so stop smoking… So wat if he smokes just because hes a popstar doesnt mean he has to be perfect…. Wat if one of you, next year, become famous next year another person can say bad stuff to you aswell.
    So stop saying mean stuff about zayn cuz others can say bad stuff about you too!!!!
    Dnt tink dat im bein mean cuz im not



  54. well i am nine so u r amazing i am scared of the dark,i can’t swimm well you get the point don’t you


  56. I love you zayn!! You are everywhere in my room! I wish you would stop smokong though.. But its your choice not mine obviously. SO.. Yeah. I love you zayn!

  57. I love you zyan my iPod is filled with your picture songs and movies

  58. Problem with #29
    You have: Zayn held Harry’s hand when Harry his first tattoo.
    It should be: Zayn held Harry’s hand when Harry got his first tattoo.

  59. Man I love him so much I dream about him; once my mom woke me up cuz she said I was laughing in my sleep it was funny d:

  60. Oh my gosh it’s so cute that his name means beautiful in Arabic ;)

  61. it matters because if he doesn’t stop smoking it could mess up his vocal cords and he would not be able to sing which means there would be no one direction so…. does it matter now.!!!!!!???

  62. zyan ur amazing ur my favorite out of everyone in iD, i luv u so much i had a dream about u and i will never forget it. ur an amazing singer and i rlly wish u were my bf but i don’t think tht will happen, anyway i luv u and all ur songs and we have soooo much in common tht i didn’t know.

  63. The guy in the picture isn’t Zayn…. but some facts about Zayn are;
    -His blood type is B
    -He got a new dog named Billie
    -His X-Factor audition was on March 14th, 2010
    -He likes it when a girl wear Pink Nail Polish
    -He like to dance on table in the club
    -The hat he wore at the Olympics closing ceremony was given to him by Perrie Edwards, because he was nervous.
    -One of his bad habits is biting the inside of his bottom lip
    -His hair takes 25 minutes to do
    -He can’t swim
    -If he thinks a girl is cute, he’ll let her
    -His favourite song to perform in concerts is Tell Me A Lie
    -His bestfriend is Ant Riatch
    -After making the video of him dancing with Ant and Dan, he recieved a lot of pervertive comments and tweet, which frighten him a bit
    -He’d date a model, but would marry a fan
    -He said the best part of being famous is the nice hotel rooms
    -He’s a quarter Irish
    -Zayn was once caught dancing naked by a cleaning lady
    -He made Harry cry once by telling him he was leaving the band on Feburary 30th, and Harru cried for hours until he realized there’s no Feburary 30th.
    -His man crush is Channing Tatum
    -Liam and Zayn first met inside a McDonalds
    -He has a double jointed thumb
    -Zayn prefers Snow over Sun
    -He’s got Justin Bieber’s number
    -He thinks Jessica Alba is hot
    -His favourite boxer is Miguel Cotto
    -If you ever meet him in person and give him your Twitter name he WILL follow you.
    -At a signing he once met a girl and held her hand, then she fainted.
    -His New Year’s resolution was to quit smoking for his fans, but failed.
    -He perfers his fans over Megan Fox.
    -His favourite sport is basketball
    -If he were to be a superhero, he’d be the Incredible Hulk
    -When he was 6, he threw a TV out the window
    -When he was young, he wanted to be a Power Ranger.
    -His favourite Power Ranger is the White Ranger
    -He dislikes it when a girl burps
    -His secret turn on is Work-Out Clothes
    -He hates Y-Fronts
    -When he was 8, he had the grammer of an 18 year old
    -He wrote his first love letter when he was 8
    -He had his first kiss at 9
    -He is jealous of Liam Payne’s six pack (:

  64. you are so cute zayn you are my idol i love you dont isten to the haters

  65. U r so good at singing
    Keep up the good work
    Love ,
    Jovana your biggest fan

  66. Just saying both his ears are pierced on the lobe and his left cartilage or maybe right im not good at that

  67. his middle name is spelt ‘Jawaad’ not ‘Javadd’ :)

  68. Hey this is Dania and Amira :D (Dania lebanese russian,Amira british lebanese) WE JUST WANNA TELL ZAYN WE LOOOOVEEE YOOUU were obsessed with u really . youre adorable! btw, were muslim too. we hope we can meet u one day!! :( we travel in the middle east alot, so pleeez do a concert in lebanon, ok byeee xoxoxox

  69. my fave color is light blue(: my middle name is nowhere close lol :P

  70. 1)dipnuts??? lol 2)he hasnt totally quit, but hes trying. 3)dipnuts???? thats still funny!

  71. OMFG this is a factfile of Zayn and the picture you have isent even of Zayn.

  72. I dont mind that he does smoke. im very proud that he is trying to quit..Zayn you have an amazing voice when i first heard you sing my body became jelly

  73. Zayn can’t swim, but if his girlfriend was drowning, he’d try to dive in and save her.

  74. I love zayn Malik so much I hope you be mine for ever I love yaa guys <3 :))

  75. Zayn can’t swim, Sonic can’t swim.
    He likes chicken, I like chicken
    Zayn likes Oshawott, I like Oshawott!!!

  76. that pic isnt zayn it a look alike if u search on google zayn malik look alike then another pic of that person u think is zayn will come up to…along with that 1 so…hes an imposter haa

  77. that awkward moment whent the picture is of a guy named richard and its not even zayn malik, lmao youre such a true directioner don’t even know what zayn looks like

  78. It’s great! Zayn’s personal almost same as my personal but I want to him quit the smoke!!!! Cuz I don’t like it! Don’t blame him

  79. i love u zayn but please stop smoking it is bad for you health

  80. he is in a british/iresh boy band and his middle name is jawadd

  81. Zayn…Wow…I just can’t describe him. His voice is so pure <3

  82. He smoke! But very people smoke and no one have to hate him because of that. It is a mistake smoke but directioner just have to support him and inspire him for not smoke and it is his decision do not us decision! :)

  83. hes TRYING to quit for his fans. it takes a really long time to not need to smoke, and takes longer for your lungs to heal. its like for every year you smoke it takes 7 years for your lungs to get all the gunk out.
    but yeah, have faith, zayn will be fine.
    all directioners know it.

  84. I like Zayn but all u girls out there don’t hate Zayn cuz he smokes he is just like u and me

  85. I think it’s trisha or something like this, but I’m not sure…

  86. I love you SOOOO much you Are my hero I don’t know what I would do with out you I would DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. Omg I am younger than him I love chicken I’m an A student and I LOVE zayn he’s MINE.

  88. I want to add that you are the handsomest in the team but I know that all the fans remind you of this, and your voice can not be described simply unbelievable.
    You have beautiful eyes and when I see them in these photos it knocks me away! My dream is to see for yourself, unfortunately, I know it’s not possible …
    But I just wanted you to remember all this and knew that with all the malicious gossip about you not believe it.
    I love you!

  89. Zayn i love you! And I can no longer live without you! I am Polish, but I love you most of all Poles.! I love you …

  90. don’t care about people that say to u ( stop smoking ) its ur life do what u want <3

  91. with so much support theres no way he’d be able to give up

  92. he some times snores
    ps.he has quite smokeing
    pps.i have over 10 posters

  93. I have soo much in common with zayn like my birthday is in january i like to draw im scared of the dark and i cant swim so im am totally like zayn :D

  94. That is amazing i love chicken just like him i love you the world and would do anything to be like you (except smoke) you are my all time hero

  95. well if Zayn smokes I could mess up is voice and it’s a good thing he is trying to quiet also I say keep keep on trying not to smoke you can do it

  96. 1st of all. I am ur Biggest fan ever when ever I c one direction on any thing I always ask my mom to buy it.hey i have these two bracelets that say bestie and have half a heart on it and i was wondering if u would keep it????????

  97. i love zayn and we have lots in commen like the scared of the dark part lol

  98. Actually :) zayn means ” Good “in arabic

  99. Why is zayn afraid of the dark
    I am 14 and I’m not even afraid of the dark

  100. Actually, from what I know, when he was on the X Factor in 2010, he put his name as Zain, although it is, and always has been, Zayn.

  101. -he wrote his first love letter at the age of 8.
    -he cried for a week when he found out that santa didn’t exist.
    -right now, he has 9 tattoos.
    -his favourite color is blue.
    -he wants a girlfriend that doesn’t know she beautiful so he has an excuse to tell her all the time that she is.
    -he’s trying to stop smoking because he knows his fans don’t like it.
    -now, both of his ears are pierced.
    -he hates liers.
    -he always carries a mirror with him.
    -“Just by looking at you, Zayn can tell if you are lying”-Liam
    -He doesn’t smoke around his young sisters because he doens’t want to be a bad influence.
    -He is 19 by now.
    -When he was young he thought a no girl would fall in love with him (we guess that he was wrong)

  102. goood, he needs to quit. its not good role-modeling and yeah, we r worried.

  103. i love zayn he is my bf marry me ur soo cute i love u zayn

  104. i don’t mind zayn smoking. its just who he is and its his choice if he wants to smoke or he doesn’t, but i’m proud of who he is. I LOVE ZAYN MALIKK :* he’s super adorableee <3

  105. i’m a muslman too !! you muslaman can’t mrried who is in another religion it’s have to be musliman !!

  106. how could you say tht effects his his hottness geez

  107. I just can’t believe zayn smokes

  108. Hi I think he is a Dora bowl!!!! Get it!!! Adorable???? I love u with all my heart zayn aka zain love ya!!!!!

  109. Zayne I’m afraid of the dark too.I love you so much.I never knew you were a smoker but you have to stop.You and I are kind of the same.To some peps you are just a guy off the street but to me your amazing.I have a magazen just about you.I will love you 4ever!

  110. I love u zayn ur my idol every time I see u I flip out

  111. once zayn ate niall’s last chip and niall tried to eat his hand as a punishment :(

  112. I am a big fan of One Direction And I love Zayn Just not the fact That he is a smoker xD

  113. technically e isnt a muslim if he was born in
    Saint Luke’s hospital in Bradford, England. not a muslim country

  114. Don’t be mad at him because he smokes. Be proud of him because he’s trying to quit c;

  115. i LOVE zayn so much im litrely crazy about him. his sooooo cute!xxxx

  116. good i would be so worried about him if he got sick

  117. yes i still love him even though he does smoke but still it makes you real sick my sis had a boyfriend she had been datin for 6 years and then he died from smokin back in 2010!! and her heart was broken for so long and if i married zayn i wouldnt want to go through a heartbreak like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. I love u Liam! U r my favorite person and ur sooooo HOTTTTTTTT! Come to Denver! Love ya!

  119. i think zayn is so ute. i love how his hair flows to the side. how we have the same hobbies. i love him and i know for sure that he loves me to, <33

  120. Zayn also thinks short girls are the cutest
    And if he sees a girl he likes he’ll let her know

  121. not because he is doing the same thing with his mouth means that its Zayn! its not Zayn! its a look a like

  122. i love you zayn you are hott and stuff i love you more than anyone elso on the band!! you are my role model :)

  123. His Hair Is Approximately 6 Cm. When Measuring Height… Unless It Gets Cut Of Course.
    His Favorite Direction Member Is Liam.
    His Auditioning Song On X-Factor Was “Let Me Love You” By Mario Lopez.

  124. people are saying that is not Zayn but it is he is just doing something with his mouth that amkes him look different so back off

  125. I didn’t know he had a spider man tattoo he like only 18 =0

  126. I Love You Zayn!Even Look At My Name! And By The Way Vas’ Happnin’ lol

  127. his favorite color is red idk about his favorite #

  128. like this about him but do u like this about him

  129. Um whats his favorite color and favortie numberr ?

  130. His middle name is Jawaad not Javaad. Not that i like him he is my least favorite in the band.

  131. so what!!! ive already dibsed him! so shame!!!

  132. so what he smokes!! it doesnt really change anything about him!!! its just a bad habit! and besides hes so hot and nice i honestly think it doesnt matter!!!!!
    i love you!!! xxooxoxoxoxo (to zayn!!)

  133. whaen zayn malik was 6 his maid walked in on him when he was dancing stark naked!

  134. No it’s Javadd I wrote to him and he told me, he even gave me a signed autograph poster!

  135. That’s correct, guest, sos I dont no ur name, sos. I’ve wrote to him and he said, ur right.It is red and black. like if u agree.

  136. It’s not, it is chicken! like if u agree, I’ve got a recent letter from him and he said. Zayn = xxxx

  137. I love Zayn Javadd Malik so much, that much that I’ve sent him a letter and he’s going to send me a signed autograph poster! eeeeehhhhh! can’t wait, xxx for Zayn

  138. No he supports Manchester United, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson also do.

  139. ya but this isn’t zayn in the picture its richard ayala

  140. No, YOU are blind -.-

    This is not Zayn. It’s someone who looks alike him. Everyone knows it..

  141. Yea I know……I was typing from my phone so it misspelled! Oops lol

  142. i love zayn i love u i love u <3 <3 <3 hes mine im mrs, malik

  143. I just want to say, I think Zayne is very cute……but the fact that he smokes brings his attractiveness down a couple hundred notches! Smoking is such a disgusting, unattractive habit! That’s just my opinion


  145. Zayn has a tattoo on his chest that’s says his grandad name in Arabic

  146. Zayns favorite food isn’t chicken, it’s samosas (: I got the fact from something tht came with the CD

  147. His favorite color is electric green not green, ELECTRIC GREEN

  148. OMG i love Zayn!! Anyhoo his middle name isnt javvad its davvnn

  149. he does smoke and yes he is muslim! get your facts straight

  150. I love Sayn but maybe he like all colors

  151. We actually have a few things in common

  152. Not all of them smoke only zayn does in fact one time directionaters photoshopped a pic of niall with a prn in his mouth and zayns hand with a cigarette. Fans were convinced niall was smoking but niall kept denying it. Alot of people didnt believe hom and kept giving him trouble. This made niall sad and he started crying like every day. But eventually it hot cleared up and niall wasnt as sad. But still poor niall nobody believed the truth. Stupid directionaters

  153. No only zayn smokes jeez you people dont know your facts

  154. Zayn is a muslim btw I’m 16 so don’t give me attitude

  155. He is a muslim and they are not all smokers, although Zayn is. I don’t know about Harry, Niall and Liam (I don’t THINK they smoke…) but Louis once tweeted something along the lines of “I see all those tweets about me smoking. Just so you know, I never even touched a sigarette!” (:

  156. He may not be a Muslim but he is a smoker alll of hem r

  157. Wtf Ur A 6th Grader N Ur 13 N Plus We SPelll Thingz Wrong On Purpose LiL Grl…..

  158. He is my hubby luv u Zayn hope to meet u someday oh yeah and he likes girls with brown hair “brunettes” and who he can spoil a bit

  159. why he’s afraid of dark ? and what’s he’s favorite color ? and he’s favorite place ?

  160. And he does smoke it was his new years resolution to stop but he couldn’t. He’s trying his hardest to tho. Xx

  161. i wish i could read more facts about him im a big fan of him. but some of those facts were not true.anyway i want to see him in person.i want to know him best

  162. zayn maliks eyes are not light brown..its hazel..some times in the dark it seems brown but when light touches it, turns green!

  163. That’s was nice I would like to meet zayn in the future he is my role model

  164. some of it isnt true. like number 9 is not zayn real shoe size in 9, number 11 is not true too hes got both hes ears pierced, number 19 isnt true too zayn cant play the triangle thats was meant ironic. hope that i helped ;-)

  165. i love u ZAYN ur so fine and u sing beautiful ur ONLY mine hahaha i will love u forever and ur just so HOT

  166. omg i have a fear of higts i never went on a plane too so much in comen i wuv zayn xxxxx

  167. But his middle name is Jawaad not Javadd so you didn’t…

  168. His middle name is Jawaad not Javadd!!!! get your facts right ;)

  169. I am your
    i love you so much!<3<3
    Your are my angel zayn!<3
    You are the beautiful's boy i ever met!<3I have no words for how much I love you you are my and only my view anyone wantyou as they must first pass me I want to appropriations in the Faroe Islands came to so I could Tege billerder with you and one direction and kiss and hug you showany want you so they must first pass me I love you for who you are: *

    Zayn malik will always always be mine!!<3<3<3<3

  170. i am your #1fan i love you zayn you are so hot

  171. I love zayn I knew all of these facts lol

  172. Zayn me and you have the same common and will you marry me when we are 30 years old

  173. The person is not Zayn that’s just a look-a-like and his middle name is Jawaad not Javadd

  174. Not really a Zane fan I’m a Harry and Niall fan but I <3 1direction and the facts r fun I know my iPhone spell checked his name wrong luv u Harry and Niall!!!!!!<3333333333

  175. so we know what he looks like any way just shut up and tell us something

  176. He just said it’s Katy Perry, when he was at Australia

  177. Zayn’s favourite animal is lion. He is a capricorn. His celebrity crush is Megan Fox. His man crush is Justin Timberlake. His favourite color hair on a girl is brunette.

  178. Will he marry a punjabi girl.will he go out with a girl from Canada.

  179. please stop smoking zayn we want u to be here a long time!!!!!!!

  180. hes a beaut i swear i met hum loads of times i would like to again nd ayn i adore u nd harry omg

  181. That picture isn’t of Zayn, it’s a guy called Ricio Morales.

  182. When he bites his lip, he’s hiding something.When he thinks a fan is cute, he’ll lean close in the pic. He is the jealous type when it comes to his gf, he’ll kiss her or hold her hand to send a message to the other guys, that she’s mine….. To louis, the major poser in the band would be zayn…… He’s an attractive young lad…why wouldn’t ya. > TEAM ZAYN< 8x!!!!!

  183. zayn malik is the cutest boy in the whole wide world!!!!!!!!!!

  184. that picture isnt Zayn that’s someone kid on Tumblr that looks like him and his middle name is Jawaad not javadd..

  185. It’s Zayn.. ugh I hat u stupid directionaters.

  186. When I saw zayn’s video at boot camp on you tube,what a chicken,compare him to know,he ain’t afraid to dance:D

  187. Love the facts,felt sorry for zayn,coz of his boxers being ripped,in public,how embarrassing:$

  188. if harry and zayne were in a hotel they would need to sleep in the same bed or they would scream and cry

  189. he is afraid of lots of things then because he is also afraid of water (pools, ocean NOT glasses of water or sinks etc.)!

  190. omg i love him so much iwent to the awards and got a hug with him

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  192. NO MATTER WHAT i will always love him 4 who he is!!!!!!!!!!

  193. He is 19 years old and he is SCARED OF THE DARK. but he still cute. <3

  194. fact 36 . zayn is very hot
    fact 37. zayn first dog was called tison and it was a staffie … i have a staffy called missy

  195. Zayn is English, Asian, and Irish. He is half Muslim and H
    ald Christian.

  196. we hav to things in common. I love drawing and chicken.

  197. O wow I am the same way except I cn swim….. Bt omg Im 12 n I stil sleep with a light on sometimes….I’m smart n I would also rather not b single at thirty….that’s weird. I also luv drawing sooo much, I like chicken,I hav 2 younger siblings also but I’m the oldest of four, I hav brown eyes also! We have so much in common if only he wasn’t afraid of heights but that’s ok because I’m claustrophobic (afraid of being stuck in tight spaces such as:elevators,closets,center of a crowd of thousands..etc.). Plus I love hammerhead sharks cuz they look funny…

    I <3 U ZAYN!!!!

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  199. He Does Not Have A Sister Named Savannah!! Get A Better Lie!!

  200. He’s single…he’s been single since after he broke up with Rebecca

  201. Actually, It’s Zayn Javadd Malik in the picture. (He’s so cute I had to use his full name) Yeah, I’m only 12. But…DON’T HATE.

  202. if he didn’t have a girlfriend would he go out with a Muslim girl??

  203. of course zayn means beautiful!!! that explains a lot!!

  204. First of all, like a week ago HE WAS IN AMERICA DOING SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.

  205. First of all, like a week ago he was in AUSTRALIA!!!! and still is. get your facts right

  206. Zayn loves fixes his hair right after someone messes it up

  207. Zayn was caught smoking in America like last week so he is still smoking but who cares, his life is hectic and stressful this is a relief even if it’s not the best way to relieve stress! Anyways I support him anything and everything he does 100% and hope they have a great time down under!!

  208. I would say that’s lucky.. Well it is very lucky but it means you would never get the chance to date him or anything, still very very lucky though!!

  209. Assalamualaikum Zayn! :) MashAllah you’re a Muslim!! Omg. I can’t believeeee in this o.O Gaaaaahhh!! You’re a Muslim!! I’m so happy!!!!!!!!!!! :) hahahahaha MashAllah ;p would you perform Hajj Zayn? InshAllah ;) Love You Zayn!!! <3 x

  210. i love zayn even he smokes because i’m his no. 1 fan

  211. If you really are a fan of Zayn then you would accept him of who he is and what he is

  212. I really liked him until I found out he smoked. That’s a total turn off.

  213. i love Niall not Zayn. because hes a smoker(even though he’s tryin ti stop) but he is a great singer (if it is not computarized) and peircings, really Zayne
    Go Niall! sorry Zayne

  214. He actually has both of his ears pierced..

  215. yes, he is a smoker, but he is trying really hard to quit! Please try not to judge him, and instead try to support him in his efforts because he loves his fans and he knows they want him to quit!<3

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