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Niall Horan is the only member of One Direction who was not born in England. He was born in Mullingar, Ireland.

If Niall is your favorite member of One Direction, you should read these top fun facts about Niall Horan and see how many you don’t know!

Niall’s middle name is James.

Niall is the only member of One Direction who was not born in England. He was born in Mullingar, Ireland.

His birthday is September 13, 1993. He is 28 years old.

His father is called Bobby, his mother is called Maura.

He has one brother called Greg.

Niall Skype’s his family and close friends from their tour bus.

He has blue eyes.

Before they named the band One Direction, Niall suggested they should be ‘Niall and the Potatoes’.

He believes in no sex before marriage.

His star sign is Virgo.

Niall’s microphone has the colors of the Irish flag stuck to the bottom of it.

The only book Niall has ever read is ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’.

Niall plays the guitar.

His guitar was the best Christmas present he ever received.

Niall cannot play the piano.

He likes girls with brown eyes.

Niall didn’t take his t-shirt off in the ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ video because he didn’t think he was slim enough.

Niall feels awkward talking about his body.

His favorite subject in school was geography.

Niall didn’t do his school exams.

He never went to his school prom.

Niall hates it when a girl is too afraid to eat in front of him.

On the X Factor, Katy Perry told Niall not to let her down. The day their album came out in the U.S. she tweeted Niall saying “Congratulations, you didn’t let me down”.

Niall had two fish called Tom and Jerry, but they both died because he over fed them!

He is left-handed.

His favorite aftershave is Armani Mania.

He talks in his sleep.

When Niall hugs, he buries his face in the person’s neck.

Niall sings in the shower.

When he watched the film Finding Nemo for the first time, he cried!

He has a cat called Jess.

Niall has read the first page of Fifty Shades of Grey, he said it was good but didn’t finish reading it.

Niall loves Galaxy chocolate, but lets face it, who doesn’t!

Niall had a live hamster thrown at him during a concert.

Niall went to his first gig when he was ten years old, he saw ‘Busted’ in Dublin.

He likes to swear a lot, which is why he is normally quiet in interviews.

Niall likes girls who can put on different accents or speak different languages.

Niall waxed his legs for charity, but said he wouldn’t do it again as it was too painful.

He loves a night in. He’s really content being home alone, watching sports on a weekend.

He admits that he would prefer to lick a fat man’s armpit, than drown in a sea of mayonnaise!

Niall is a ‘Belieber’.

He screamed when Justin Bieber followed him on Twitter.

Niall would like to collaborate with Justin Bieber.

His favorite animals are giraffes.

He has claustrophobia, which is the fear of small/enclosed spaces.

When he was younger, he had a fear of clowns.

He has size 8 shoes.

Niall can put on several accents, he is good at the Scottish accent, the Geordie and American.

His hair is naturally brown, but he dyes it.

His Twitter profile is @NiallOfficial.

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  1. Me reading the 2012 comments in 2020: 👁👄👁

  2. im not trying to be mean but i dont think people will listen. they cant be controlled by others

  3. I would love to comment on how much I “love” Niall but, he has to know you before he’d actually date you or anything. Though I meet most of his preferences, I can’t say that I’ll ever be with him.

  4. Yeah you mean you love him but you cant believe he’s a belieber
    c’mon, do you have a wattpad? Or a twitter?

  5. I love niall too… more that the other boys but i always love them equally and always dovoded (wrong spelling) for each one of them

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  7. Niall is so AWESOME! I like him more then the other boys.

  8. Niall is AWESOME! He is my favorite out of all the boys. But they’re all great!

  9. I can do a Scottish accent!
    I’m half Scottish.
    Mums a Scott
    Dads from Aus

  10. Wait does Niall have a girlfriend I NEED TO KNOW

  11. Lady’s lady’s it obvious he’s mine! Didn’t you know

  12. guys stop fighting if he is your’s that absoulutly fine other people can like him aswell and it is non of your buissness if they like him note that I am not being rude just trying to stop the fighting ok please don’t say I’m doing something bad it hurt’s me alot and I wont stop thinking about it

  13. I love Niall alot I try to follow his ways and I love the chocolate galaxy promise

  14. Your Not Niall H eLoves/likes girls with BROWN Eyes and He LovesGiurls That are LEFT hannded

  15. Umm hunny he ias MINE Couse he is Gonna be in my state On September!

  16. WaitWait ur Goin 2?! UIm Going and and im going to the one in Charlett couse it is a State Ubuve me3!

  17. Niall I just gotta say this ive been holding it back for a while but I need to say I love you with all ma. Heart and soul and I’ve read the other comments don’t let people judge you yeah no1s perfect but they people that love you and the rest of 1D will agree xxlove ya see u at the 2014 concert in Edinburgh mwah love u xx

  18. hehe i can play the guitar and i can put on different accents
    i sing in the shower and talk in my sleep we are made for each other lol
    Niall is so cute i love him so much

  19. Wow lot of cools facts, a lot of cat-fights,ME-OUCH!!! and I’m not sure color my eyes are cause mine change
    and P.S ladies Niall is MINE soooo HANDS OFF!!

  20. Don’t fight!!!!!!!!!! I hate soccer and like girls with blue eyes, right handed, and named Emma. its my favorite girl name..

  21. Don’t fight!!!!!!!!!! I hate soccer and like girls with blue eyes, right handed, and named Emma. its my favorite girl name

  22. No lets get this straihht Niall James Horan is MINE!!!!! Just sayin :) ja actually knows me!! ( The Rest Of THE BOYS ARE MINE TOOOO) :p

  23. i <3 u NIALL HORAN
    Ive green eyes wohooooooo

  24. a true directioner doesnt have faves tho! :) But if i had to choose, it would have to be either, Harry, Niall, Zayn, Liam or Louis- hmmm hard choice! :(

  25. niall my 2 fav <3 love him and allwas well, by the way i love ur hair

  26. NO MATTER WHAT NIALL IS MINE SO BACK OFF! not trying to be mean

  27. their names were TOM and jerry Not BEN AND Jerry

  28. sorry girls zayn ,niall ,louis are taken by me

  29. if you are really Niall James Horan then how old where you when u started dying your hair and where r u now?

  30. Ohh some of this is wrong and you missed the important things like: He is best friends with Justin Beiber, He is 19 going on to 20, still gonna die when my snowflake turns 20, he is NOT insecure about his body, he recently got his braces off and he started to dye his hair when he was 12!!!

  31. I love One Direction, they are my favorite band ever. U and Harry are my favorite in the band. I love you guys

  32. lol sorry @lukeward Niall didn’t take his shirt off during the WMYB video because he didn’t think he was tan enough :D

  33. omg nial ur the cutiest member of 1d ur my favourite and i enjoyed reading this

  34. I love Niall! Hahaha I love that he is a Belieber!! Hahaha I love how he also screamed about JB following him! Too cute! :)

  35. sorry Ladies Niall is taken…. by me lol sorry about that!! He is mine though!! so stay away!! lol thanx

  36. i thought it was niall’s brother who overfed the fish may be i was wrong

  37. niall i really like you i have tons of stuth in common with yah im not a crazed fan i never even cared about u before my bff told me about you i love your music n niall u r the best love yah

  38. i now lov ethis site because one direction is on here and i love you now too :)

  39. i <3 niall!
    he is so adoreable! does he only date girls with brown eyes?

  40. Niall i love u and if u could tell Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn i love them 2 that would be super awesome

  41. Hey niall is your the real one look i know a lot of girls out there like you but i kinda like u 2 well more than them well we probebly like u all the same but i would like it if u could reply coz i’m gonna see u anyway coz im coming 2 ur next concert in march 2013 plz reply xxx

  42. Do you really do what 29 says? I sitll love you no matter what the answer!

  43. I love niall and stuff but u know I am ugly so ya and pluse I am 12 so he would neer go out with me

  44. What about their favorite color?? Anyone know that??

  45. 19. His favor subject was french!
    16. He likes girls with green eyes!

  46. lol like you NiallH are the real Niall Horan. Darlene & 1D1D1D<life rock

  47. kathryn i think all the girls and some of the guys want to marry him xxoxoo Ryan Galea

  48. niall you r slim don’t put ur self down ur my favourite 1D singer and i wish i could meet u for my 14th ited be the best bday present i could wish for biggest fan Ryan Galeaxoxoxo

  49. i love you niall you are the best one in the band to me no h8 on any of the other boys but i feel bad you are so cute i and a deffenite niall gurl<3<3

  50. Niall just lettin u know, i am 17 so does anyone lnow, does je have a GF??? I gotta know!

  51. even though your probably not real, if you are i LOVE you. i’m probably your biggest fan. your a pretty cool kid…….and your gorgeous!

  52. Niall would you ever kiss a girl at a concert that had a sign saying ‘id do anything for a kiss?

  53. omg my friend loves him but i like justin more n wen she found out on number 30 that he is a beliber she screamed her lil head of

  54. I love one direction and nialls birthday is coming I’m going to celebrate

  55. Hi Niall I just wanted to let you know that I love you and you all inspire me and I love your blue eyes and blonde hair I always liked that and we have alot in commom so thank you and I love you!!!!! <3 Jada Naftzinger

  56. Oh Niall you should of have taken your shirt off for the music video what makes you beautiful your skinny enough to take your shirt off. Also me and you have a lot of things in common:)

  57. It says in Harry’s facTs tht he is the youngest he actullaty isnt Niall is!

  58. Love everything about you your cute Irish xxxx I love u soo much

  59. Niall almost all the girls in my like one direction and love all the other boys and ya know what t don’t care if u had or have braces I will need braces sooner or later but my point is is that you are the one 4 me your full Irish I am part Irish I don’t have green eyes I dont have long dark hair but we are like perfect 4 each other even tho I am 9 years younger than u I will always live u Niall along with Harry,Zayn ,luis ,and liam u don’t have to be perfect the way u r I’ve herd that the only thing about u is your eyes I personley don’t believe that cuz u r amazing love your self 4 who u r

  60. nial is sweet heart and kathryn tht was beautiful anyway im glad he said he likes girls with brown eyes cuz mine are a cute light brown and i also think im not slim enough but my friends say im tooth pick and my sister says im fat but i love ur singing and ur work and i’d like to know more facts about 1D

  61. His hair is a really dark brown hair colour ….. not dirty blonde……. and he likes girls with green eyes!

  62. i almost got a back stage pass to see 1D from my (friend) but she gave it to someone eles and told me im to fat and ugly to go and Niall (my favorite 1) would think the same way :(

  63. Hi Niall! I just wanted to say I love you and one direction you guys are really good! It would be super cool to meet you… Love ya!

  64. Niall horan sounds perfect but so many girls who like him ill probably never meet him:,( but every girl can hope

  65. niall if we ever meet. just be your true self no fronts and no faking i want to meet you not the musician the absolute reall100% Niall James Horan

  66. Hey Niall I just wanna say that ur awesome. I really want to meet you. But other girls might scream. I am just saying I’m not like other girls I’m a natural blond but my hair is brown blondeish!! If I meet you I don’t go crazy. Like other girls do. I’m normal. But I think ur cool!

  67. Every time I read I website with facts about Niall I realize that we are soulmates that could never be. 1. I live in the US 2. I could never meet him 3. Love connections would be impossible because of love at first is impossible and 4. I’m 14 and couldn’t make things work. Also I cry a lot which isn’t good and the last thing is I would never fan girl it is kinda stupid.

  68. Fake Niall His Real Hair Colour Is Brown, But i prefer blonde.

  69. Niall likes girls with brown hair and brown eyes,there shy and it doesn’t mater what age they are and also they are clostrofobic so Niall would be perfect for me

  70. wow im sooooo glad, NO HATERS!!!!
    at the begening there were haters, not anymore! yayyyyyyyy!!!!

  71. ps. . . . not to be rude . . . but how did i come up? im sure im not popular . . .

  72. i can see y if u are confused, i dont love him the way you do. i see him as family cuz i know i haz a 1-to-none chance of even meeting him. i cant say i never get obsessive, but i obsess over his music, not him. or i obsess over something funny he and the rest of 1D did. you could say im a very mature fan of sorts. fyi, im only 14. for some reason people seem intrested in how old i am . . .8)
    but i am a HUGE directioner

  73. niall i love you. you have inspired me since the beggining and your eyes are the most beautiful things i have ever seen in my whole entire life. i love you. thats simply it. <3

  74. Niall i have brown hair brown eyes im Tanned and very shy i don’t fangirl eg scream or go crazy i g crazy on the inside though

  75. Niall you are perfect just the way you are!! Honestly millions of people will tell you that you are gorgeous, which you are! Obviously just by being famous you will have so called “haters” and you always will. But while there are only a few haters of 1D there are millions and millions of people that you inspire every day. Also next time you do a video where the other guys are taking their shirts off its definitely your choice to do it or not to do it, but remember, your true Fans (like me) love you for whats on the inside not the outside, and i guarantee that if you did take your shirt off all of the fans might pass our from how incredibly amazing you are (not that we don’t already do that)!
    I love you nialler, you and the boys (but mostly you) make me proud to be a directioner every day!
    Love your future wife,

  76. Thank you for no hater people also I don’t hate u Niall

  77. niall does not think he is “not slim enough” he thinks him self of to slim becasue he can nnnot put on any weight. but not hate!(:

  78. Niall, you are very cute so of course I don’t hate you either. By the way I’m 11 and I have brown eyes and brown hair.

  79. Hey “unreal niall” ur hair is naturally brown idiot

  80. Hey guys, I just wanted to let you all know I WILL follow you all on Twitter!

  81. Okay Niall I love you but a couple of these things creeped me out.. Especially #29. But it dissapointed me alot when I read you’re into girls with brown eyes ): mine are blue.

  82. um niall likes girls with green eyes just wated to correct that

  83. the person who u guys think is niall really isnt him u can tell cause his naturaul hair is colored brunette DUH

  84. um well Alana i cant find her any more sry…. FYI it was a she

  85. Hey Niall. I just wanted to ask if you like girls with brown hair because I have brown eyes :P alrightyy bye Niall good luck on the next concert your gonna have

  86. I thought Liam was the one that was obsessed with Justin Bieber?

  87. yeah i wouldnt throw myself at them either, more than likely if i saw them id leave them alone. theres no point in me goin near them anyway, i wouldnt be able to talk. (very shy)

  88. lol thats really funny, i bet hes never even been on here!

  89. Um. That’s not Niall. Cause his natural hair color is dark brown. He told me on twitter when he followed me I messaged him and asked him if he was gunna go back to dirty blonde ad he said his natural hair color is dark brown!! Haha so yeah. I think @niallofficial woul no his own hair color

  90. noo thats not..because his natural hair color is brown >.<

  91. are you the next justin bieber thats what my friend said but i think your cool

  92. I love Niall but not just because he’s cute it’s because HE’S AWESOMW I CAN’T EXPLAIN

  93. I’m a Virgo also. He seems like quite the charmer.

  94. I love blonds they are cute and he Is my favorite – Niall James Horon

  95. i am a big fan but not one of thoughs crazy fans who would throw them selves at u and we also like alot of the same things :)

  96. If you were really Irish then you would know how to spell it……

  97. #23, is incorrect. He actually had two fish named Ben and Jerry, not Tom and Jerry.

  98. you all sound very pathetic… I am a One Direction (and Niall) fan but I think once he finds a girl he will love her no matter if she has green eyes, blues eye or even if she’s blind… There is really no use obsessing over it just because you have brown eyes…

  99. I don’t have an absolute favorite but the one that usually catches my eye is Niall. And true Directioners that I beleive they truly are, are ones who love all and doesn’t think that Niall shouldn’t be in the band and doesn’t go “OMG it’s One Direction!!” and doesn’t think bad things about them, they are humans people they’re aren’t animals or aliens. And they are no different from us.

  100. ‘fluffin’? lol thats style 8P
    nice to find someone ORIGINAL.
    i used to say that but went for fudgin instead cuz i love fudge

  101. AWW kathryn that was a really sweet note to niall it touched my heart and i bet it touched nialls too….

  102. He didn’t kill his pet fish. His brother overfed them and they died! Also, in the WMYB video, he said he was shirtless with the rest of the boys, but the editors just didn’t use those segments(: Sorry, I love them(:

  103. Seriously!! Guys! I really doubt that’s actually Niall! And here you are asking him out and putting personal information online!!! Somebody could track you down and do who knows what to you!! Think before you put stuff online!

  104. Omg Niall! i am totally in love with you! I took like 10 love quizzes to see which member from one direction I was most compatible with and 9 out of 10 of them, you were my match!
    Also, i’m claustophobic as well. even taking a shower makes me feel like I’ll pass out…
    I love you so much and really wish I could meet you… I wanna cry everytime I hear your voice because I know that I’ll probably never actually get to hear you in person…
    I hope someday I’ll be wrong about that. I love you, Niall James Horan!
    PS- Will you marry me?!

  105. Add in that Niall’s three favorite things are food, sleeping, and his bed.

  106. Okay, maybe he likes brown eyes and green eyes! (:

  107. I love you not because your famous I love you because you have a great personality I think you’re incredibly talented and you’re my favorite out of One Direction! I may not be Irish but I’ve always had a thing for Irish guys and I do have a little bit of Irish in me! But I would love to meet you!!!

  108. um well 23 he didn’t over feed them his older brother did while he was away at camp

  109. ok look, lets get this out of the way. this is my FAV fansite, and im sick of dissers and prisses and directionaters being stupidA idiots who come here jus to get the directioners p/o’d. so if you are any of the Above, GET YO UGLY FAT FACE OUTTA HERE CUZ NO1 WANTS TO SEE THAT.
    and im sooooooo sorry. its the truth, but im still mean and rude and sorry. plz dont take it personally.

  110. if ur goin to diss him, get your fat A off this page priss. sry but im sick of dissers and prisses lookng up 1D jus to get ppl p/o’d

  111. thats sweet, about the teeth. i got on a girl earlier for saying his teeth used to b gross. reason being, people in my family have alot teeth problems, like i have to be religious about brushing my teeth. my teeth build up plauqe really easy.

  112. ya btw I do have brown eyes i laugh like you, except i sound like a hyeena… And ya I kinda feel awkward doing this, but I love the way your teeth were b4 yur braces :F lol. It doesnt matter wht other people think. The only thing tht matters is tht you r comfortable with yurself. :) Meow to Harry for meh.

  113. OMG I still love you even though the thing on the tour bus, my mom said it was normal :)

  114. I don’t care about the outside I care about the inside…I mean he is really good lookin but I go more for a good personality

  115. I don’t really think he had brown hair….look at him, he’s a BLONDE!!!

  116. me and niall everything is in commen omg i adore u niall u are hot omg am dying just to see u

  117. Im a Big fan wish one direction have a concert in Philippines

  118. dont be haters couse you are not niall horan couse if i was his g friend i would not let him down go niall and harry but niall better lol go niall.

  119. omg im soooo sorry!! i meant greek nt geek! that sounds so mean && rude omg sooo sorry!
    my really old dell doesnt always type right.

  120. acually if you can find behind the scenes videos you him w/out his shirt

  121. I used to hate One Direction, but then I looked at them, heard their songs…and now I TOTALLY LOVE YA ALL! LOL. I feel bad for you though, because anyone I like I have a tendency to stalk…so yeah. Ask my ex boyfriend, before he asked me out I stalked him to no end. I had his picture everywhere! Naill, you are my favorite because I love your laugh! Even if nothing was funny to me and you laugh, I laugh with you. You guys all rock! BTW, love your voice!

  122. I love Niall but they left out a fact! He lovees to eat!!

  123. I agree with that as well. It is a VERY RARE chance that to have a chance with him or any other of the guys. But we can at least support them in their relationships instead of tearing the girls down because we wish to be them. I think true Directioners support the boys and whomever they date.

  124. I thought his favorite eyecolor in girls was green

  125. lol the farting thing – lots of guys in my famil do that. its so funny, if your not near them. if you are,
    – TAKE COVER!!!!!!! –

  126. omg ive heard of it. . . as goin to read it last year but could find it, then i spend my money on something else and ~POOF~ APPEARS OUT OF NOWHERE at my school book shop thing we have once a year.

  127. he should try nicotene lozenges ( i think thats how you spell it) they really help you quit. but ummmm, you cant sing with them. you can get them at any pharmacy, and walmart. i kno they ork cuase my uncle used them to quit. my grandpa used lollipops.

  128. YAY someone how love works! no but seriously, its true.

  129. I love u Niall ur my favorite in the band but I still live the rest of the guys<3

  130. I really like One direction but mostly Niall, and I have to say this has helped me figure out so much about him but there is one thing I would like to correct if you wouldn’t mind, His eye color tends to change from green to blue wich is very common in people with green eyes not as much as blue thoe. I thought I should help out because this has helped me figure out so much so i figure you should make it as acurate as possible. Thankyou :)

  131. I don’t think that I need to change, if he really loves a girl, it really doesn’t matter that much on how she looks, he he really loves u he will love you for who you are

  132. Idk if anyone has pointed this out yet, buttttttt Niall was topless during the filming of ‘WMYB’ but the shots weren’t put into the video :) They were asked in an interview I had watched :P

  133. however it different they’re married, they are already planning to stay together. otherwise its just terrible to be a teenage mom, especially if your still in school.

  134. i love ben&&jerry! but whats even better is this place in greensbro NC, it called cold stone creamey. its expensive, but SOOO worth it.they have aton to choose from, and they make your order on a freezing stone counter. plus they have a chocolate dipped waffle cone thats TO DIE FOR!!! and they give you SOO MUCH ICE CREAM! ugh im hungry now. 8( everyone must try cold stone!!! 8D

  135. i love niall sooooo much he is my stars which are shining at the night i love him tooooooo death love you niall forever

  136. OMG I LOVE OREOS!!! 8D
    sorry, off topic. and it really doesnt matter. . . what if he ends up liking a girl with hazel eyes?

  137. but mostly id get nosebleeds. ive pretty much grown out of it though. phew, i hate nosebleeds.

  138. KEWLZ!!!!8D my friend crystal can speek geek, and write it too. but i have no idea what your name means, what does it mean????? mine means ‘peaceful’ or ‘serene’.

  139. soooooo true. and another thing, alot of girls dont need to get their hopes up. if he like you, your lucky, if not who cares?not trying to be mean, but really,most of dont have a chance.
    sorry if that as rude.

  140. isnt that when you cant read stuff right? or am i wrong?
    when i lived in charlotte one of my friends had dislexia, but i didnt kno what it was.

  141. has everybody heard about niall && demi?
    im so glad people are supporting niall, even if they dont like demi. i mean if hes happy ith her im supporting it.

  142. My middle name is Scout. My mom named me after to kill a mocking bird

  143. niall u need to smile more like u did in ur viva la vida performance

  144. wow a lot of girls posted cogrants niall girls really like the funny one

  145. Ok, I am a fan of One Direction but come on! Some people call dibs but there is always someone else out there saying they have dibbs as well. I don’t mean to sound rude or anything but that is the truth and it doesn’t really matter. Plus, he is a regular guy, even though he is a popstar and not a prize or peice of property that you can claim. And about the eyes, He may say he likes brown or green eyes but he can always go out with a girl with blue or grey eyes. He is saying it as a preference.

  146. Niall will NEVER be kicked out. He is just as important as the other boys. He’s 1/5 of One Direction, and One Direction would not be One Direction without him. Same thing with the other boys. Don’t EVER say that he’ll be kicked out.

  147. He said once in an interview that he likes girls with BROWN eyes. Your probably only saying he likes green eyes because you have green eyes and you WISH you had the eyes he likes, and since there is no permanent way to change your eyes you LIE.

  148. No that would never happen! People love Niall to much and you saying that is not true and very rude! I love Niall and so do the rest of One Direction and they would never let that happen. So don’t you start going around telling people that because it is not even close to ever being true.

    -Jenna Lynn Faulkner
    A True Directioner! :)

  149. niall means champion IN GAELIC. gealic names sound kewl, mine and my brothers are gaelic.

  150. he doesnt want teenage mothers going around getting their hearts broken. if a guy get s a girl pregnant, lets face, hes probably going to leave her. it happends all the time.

  151. thank you, ive been saying that the whole time ive been reading the comments.

  152. and i meant ‘with’ not ‘ith’ the stupid freaking w botton on my old crappy dell is sticky. GRRRRRRRRR IMMA THRO THIS THING OUT DA WINDOW!
    but hey, its better than nothin! :) :P 8D

  153. no offense, but like thousands of girls ‘called dibs’ on nial, plus its his choice ho he dates. . .
    im not trying to be mean just saying.

  154. i have blue eyes i write ith my right. so? he could end up liking a girl with red hair for all we know. its his decision.
    not to be mean sorry.

  155. plus my hair is only shoulder length, and i wear glasses. they are really cute, they’re my hair color and they have swirly designs on the sides and they’re mostly metal too.

  156. lol am i the oddie here? i dont play anything to do with music or singing, i have like light brown/reddish hair, and dark blue eyes. acually i love crafts, i write poems and im in the middle of writing a book. oh and i paint some too. the only thing i have in commen with him is im petite compaired to like, EVERYONE I KNOW. im almost 14 and im only 5″2.

  157. you have a point, theres nothing to find out about each other. thats the fun part, learning something new everyday.

  158. thnx thats my stepdads name. . . :(
    but it ok, its your opinion :)

  159. I kno right? whats the point in fighting? it gets us nowhere, and besides if he likes one of us(i know it wont be me) its not our pick, its HIS. but its ok if we all like him, thats natural. we just dont need to fight over him.

  160. For NiallHoranstolemyheart his favorite coulor is blue not green! And he likes brown eyes on girls- Luke Ward was right

  161. THE TRUTH. ive never let myself get too attached to famous guys. besides, they have to date someone somtime, and i KNOW it wont be me.i dont stand a chance. i have SHORT light brown hair, dark blue eyes, and im 5″2. im almost 14, and live nowhere near where 1D is touring. well, i guess i could be near florida, but its a good long day away. (12 or so hours). so ive got like one-to-none chance of meeting any of them. plus ask my friends, im INSANE. and i dont eat much, well i dont eat TOO much. niall eats a ton. im not very curvy, but some people think i am. i hate when people call my ‘beautiful’ cuz i really dont see it. so again, no chance. but i still love their music. and im still a loyal fan. i do like them alot. but thats as far as it goes.

  162. its like that with me. . . but with spiders not birds. i cant stand spiders, i cant really kill them either though. id have to get near them to do that.

  163. i get claustrophobic to, i used to barf when i was little. gross right?

  164. really its because niall swears alot and will get the guys in trouble. or….. at least thats what ive heard, different websites say different things. so you could be right, or we could both be right.

  165. ok i normally dont do so many typos, the second sentence i sopposed to be ‘plus i’ ect. not ‘pl at us’ ect. im so brain dead today, but normally im better at typing than this!

  166. oops i meant ‘you know sometimes’ ect. not ‘you sometimes’ ect. sorry, i really hate typos.

  167. you sometimes im sooooo glad im not famous. . . if people fight over me someone might get hurt or something and i would feel SOOOOOOOOO guilty. pl at us i have really good hearing. . . so people screaming at me would be so great. but other than that it would be super fun. :) :P omg there is so much to read here! itll take days! girls really love you Niall!

  168. He wrote in Dare to dream that his fave color was blue:) xx

  169. Actually, Niall did take his shirt off in the WMYB video, its just that they didn’t show the part :)

  170. It says he likes girls with brown eyes but then when you go to click on it, it says green wtf?

  171. His favorite song is “viva la vida ” by Coldplay. he prefer vanilla over chocolate . He cried in the notebook and finding nemo. Niall means champion. He’s favorite restrurant is Nandos.

  172. He likes green eyes on a girl and his favourite colour is green:) x

  173. I love Niall so much! He is just perfect in everyway! I have brown eyes and long dark brown hair! :) I pray every night to be able to turn 18 the next day and to go out with Niall. I just cant seem to get over him! :( xx

  174. i believe i have dibs on him, so hes actually mine!!!

  175. Omg we r perfect i lOok like a girl version of NIALL JAMES HORAN

  176. holy niallhoran!!! i cant believe you actually posted something!! awawwwww!!! i love you so much and i think you are so cute!!
    i love your utube videos and i just wanna say that i also love potatoes!! what are your fav type? mine are mashed!!!!

  177. so funny! me and niall have so much in common!
    i love brown eyes, but on boys of course!! and potatoes are my favourite food!! we’re so perfect for each other!!!

  178. can i have ur number xx p.s will u go out with mee xx

  179. OMG i have green eyes!! yust realised it

  180. He said that he likes girls with green eyes he has never said he likes girls with brown eyes look at all his interviews

  181. Why must you be blonde!!!! I love your accent, but I hate blonde hair (partially because I’m a blonde…..well I used to be now my hair is light brown)! Anyways, Love 1D….you guys are awesome :D

  182. Hello Niall your so cute I wish I could met u.
    My name is Justine I am 14 year old .

  183. Hey Niall! You are so cute and so funny! I would love to meet you someday, you seem like a really cool guy.

  184. I luv u Niall! U r so cute, and hilarious. Hope maybe I can meet u someday. :)

  185. Thank you for no haters. I just wanted to say that my natural hair colour is a dirty blonde. I love all of you Niall girls out there! :) ~ Niall Horan

  186. They are all soooooooooooo hot! But I kinda don’t like smokers, Zayn. I don’t want him to die earlier than other people who don’t smoke.

  187. Just so everybody knows, NIALL HORAN is mine!

  188. Niall did not kill his 2 fish Tom and Jerry but his brother did by over feeding them!!!!! I also know That Niall has not talked that much in interviews too much because the other 4 have pretty much coverd also because all 5 of the boys have so much in common that there oppions are quite simmarler.

  189. he likes girls with green eyes i thought…

  190. niall is the sweetist thing i honestly ever meet

  191. ugh his brother killed the fish not Niall!!!!!!

  192. I think if I had 2 choose I would rather b nialls friend then date him:)

  193. Zayns favourite colour is green so is mine and I get claustrophobic

  194. I LUV NIALL but im not ur biggest fan I mean I dont kno EVERYTHING about u im not lik a freakin stalker or anythin

  195. I love Niall. I can’t wait to see him on June 2, 2012

  196. He has blue eyes! He likes green eyes in general not on girls!

  197. Let me guess u hav green eyes don’t u haha jus because I want something to be true doesn’t mean they r HAHAHAHhah not being mean though

  198. Niall has green eyes not blue! And he likes girls with green eyes not brown!

  199. niall you are my favorite! i love your hair. my name is addie, im 17. 5’6. eyes are green 2. thats also my favorite color. my fav. animal is a giraffe. i love geography. im also left handed. your the best. muaw=)

  200. NIALL you’re amazing, and i know you probably hear this alot, but we’re made for each other, guitar, swearing :P , left handed, most of all eating(: , and although i may not have brown eyes, (there blue/green) i think you’re beautiful, and you should stay exactly the way you are

  201. Niall’s fish were Ben and Jerry, and he also likes girls with green eyes.

  202. I’ve got green eyes…. and I’m single, so……… :D <3

  203. niall i have blue eyes too and i love the name niall and the patatos niall i think u are amazing

  204. He also has ornithophobia Which is fear of birds. It’s so server that the security guards are told to chase away any bird around when in his presence

  205. Aww Niall I love you btw I have brown eyes, so call me maybe? :)

  206. Well Niall , I would have been your fan even if you weren’t in One Direction . You have a beautiful voice and you seem so adorable . I may not have brown eyes but their blue.your so cute and you shouldn’t be insecure about your teeth ! I have the exact same problem!Your perfect just the way you are. Keep your head up (:

  207. Why do people do this!!!!! I mean the boys don’t like it when we fight and are mean to each other. So if you are a true directioner the why try to start a fight. It would just make them upset…… If you really love them then why would you want that?!?!?!!!!!!


  209. I can say that love the same things as Niall! But than I would lie to! Were not 1 person! But that doesn’t say I won’t love him! He’s really cool and funny! X

  210. I thought he liked girls with blue eyes… whatever. I’m not telling my friend this, she’ll die because she loves him and has blue eyes.

  211. OK… what? I’m sorry I didn’t understand a word.

  212. me and niall are just alike i hate small/enclosed spaces my nattually hair color brown and i like justin bieber and like giraffes

  213. He likes girls with green eyes. In wmyb he was ahirtless they didnt show the footage

  214. In their book it says his fav colour is blue

  215. The names of his fish was Ben and Jerry like the icecream and he actually did take off his shirt in the WMYB video they just didn’t use that part. (:

  216. His fish were *ben* and jerry (the ice cream)

  217. He screamed when Justin Beiber followed him? Cute :)

  218. actually niall likes girls with green eyes

  219. No he likes brown eyes and it’s mot gonna change!

  220. I <3 you niall!. Love ypu forever and always

  221. I loved Niall so much btw his brother over fed the fish not Niall xx. Actually he likes green eyes and likes blue!!!! X. Niallipops mine I love him sooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  222. Actually his brother killed the fish and he likes greens eyes and he read more than just that book i forgot the names but yeah and he can play piano. (: Just saying

  223. actually Tom and Jerry were killed because his BROTHER over-fed them it was not his fault. and hes favorite color is green it says so in their book ‘Dare to Dream’ just puttin that out there!!!

  224. we have sahh much in common :) love you niall xxx

  225. niall has actually read another book called forever young

  226. eh he likes girls with green eyes and he can play paino… just tell ya

  227. his favorite color is green. just to let you know. (:

  228. Cool:) except his brother actually killed his fish by over feeding them not him:L

  229. We have so much in common!!!
    i can play guitar
    im also virgo
    and his b-day is like 4 days away from mine!
    and i am Claustrophobic
    and i sing in the shower!!! :))

  230. If Niall finds a girl attractive he will ask her to go to McDonalds with him, and if he likes her he’ll give her his number.

  231. Btw he named his fish Ben and Jerry not Tom and Jerry.

  232. what is with this i have read on tons of sites that he likes green eyes and he farts in his sleep not talks

  233. Omg we r like solo alike haha that’s funny!! And Niall don’t be embarrassed by ur body it’s perfect!! Lurv ya Niall!! <3

  234. Some stuff are the same with me !!!!!!
    I have blue eyes i Love to eat aloooooot!! <3 Hahaha

  235. of course he likes girls with brown eyes … i mean HELLOOO ! I AAM(:

  236. nialls natural hair color is dark brown not dirty blonde sorry

  237. just to let you know so you can fix it(: sorry if i sounded rude

  238. um i read a lot of other places that niall likes girls with green eyes and long brown hair

  239. Same here i have brown eyes and he shouldnt be embarrased of his body coz it is very slim

  240. so it doesnt matter ?? he might like all of them at different times!!!

  241. James they are trying to hard the girls I mean you notice all good relationships with people that have everything in common all go down hill it’s true

  242. Ughhh wrong, Nialls natural hair color is DIRTY BLONDE!! Same as me! :)

    My face quote from Niall (it’s so adorable)
    “When all of our fans see us, the want to he all the other boys, but I smile anyway”

    <3 Niall.

  243. i love u as a friend everything in common not joking except for the favorite animal mine is puppies

  244. Yaaaaa!! Niall will u marry me we have soooooooo much in common!!!!!<33333333 there is so much i can say but just can't explain!!!

  245. Niall likes green eyes. He said himself.
    I’ve seen ‘Niall likes blue eyes’ ‘Niall likes brown eyes’ NO GREEN ;)
    i have green eyes :’)

  246. No it means in the sea
    But when he dried himself he took it off

  247. you just probaly have green eyes and you thionk he is cute

  248. i thought all diffrent of him but i still love him

  249. In the WMYB vid, he DID take his top off, it just wasn’t put into the video.. so that ones a lie…

  250. Pretty sure he said he likes girls with green eyes? and i saw a thing where they all said they werent virgins..

  251. i thought he likes girls with green eyes because he said that in one of the XFactor diaries?!

  252. Let the rumors fly. The boys, and a ton of nosey people, know what they like. iGo1D.

  253. OMG, my sign is Virgo, I have brown eyes, and I love irish people! They my peeps, we is tight!

  254. Iam not sure I love that he swears but other than that he sounds just like my friend Spencer (who I kinda have a crush on) they are so similar they’re both blonde have blue eyes and are left handed! How creepy is that….. Ok so I guess it’s not that creepy but a little what’s the word……. I don’t know anywho I like #9 thats a good one to keep in mind especially with guys now a days,almost all of ’em are perverts or try to hit on you!!! Especially at my school! (not the pervert thing but the hit on one) hey if any of you like Ross lynch you are SUPER SMART the others your SMART

  255. I love u niall!!!!!<3 i love u ! I wish i could meet u ! I really love u so muchhh!!!! U r the most adorable guy i have everrrr seen in my whole entire life!<33333

  256. One of the facts are incorrect.
    #16 is actually:
    He likes girls with green eyes.

    And you should add:
    He farts alot!

  257. niall and the potatos thats epic!!!! lol love you niall and the whole one direction band <3

  258. you people need to chilax about the eye thing and the abstinance thing….just chill. we’re all friends here

  259. Lots in common ;) I have brown eyes, and I am Irish and PROUD!!! :DD I’m a belieber, I sing in the shower, and more <33333

  260. hey i love1 direction and if Niall or any of the members read this i love you’s ( especially Niall ) nearly all the up there im the exact same. im from Ireland to ! my granny and grandad lives only 15 – 20 mins from where you live in Mullingar ( which is really good ) i would love to meet you and the rest of the band so i really really hope you read thesesort of messages ….. <3 1 direction

  261. Wow I swear alot to in common conversations. I laugh thinking of him screaming when he got followed by jb

  262. awww niall please dont swear! it makes me feel all sad when people swear

  263. There is such a thing as renewed abstinance, plus he might have just said that to not look like an outcast among the boys

  264. uhmm…nialls not a virgin though…how could he believe in abstinence?

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