50 Facts About One Direction

One Direction Facts
Luke Ward
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One Direction came from contestants on a TV show, to one of the biggest boy bands ever to have made it in the UK.

Whilst the boyband may have broke up in 2016, there’s still many interesting facts about the boys, and their amazing music.

Here are 50 facts about One Direction.

The five members of One Direction are Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik.

To hire One Direction out for one night, it would cost over £30,000!

Each member of One Direction applied as solo contestants on the UK X Factor, but failed to qualify for the Boys category. They were then put together as a group.

One Direction starred in a series of TV ads and events for Pokémon Black and White.

Liam Payne Appeared on The UK’s X Factor in 2008. He made it through to the judges houses.

Harry’s full name is Harry Edward Styles. His Twitter is @Harry_Styles.

One Direction finished third on the seventh series of UK’s X Factor.

Liam’s middle name is James.

Liam’s star sign is Virgo.

Louis’ middle name is William.

Louis was born on Christmas Eve in 1991.

Zayn was born on 12th January 1993.

Amazon revealed that One Direction’s 2012 calendar is the top-selling calendar of all time.

One Direction have had three books released.

Their first book called One Direction: Forever Young (Our Official X Factor Story) reached the number one spot on the Sunday Times Best-seller list.

One Direction announced their debut UK tour, which sold out within 12 minutes of release!

Zayn didn’t have a passport before he was in One Direction.

As a band, One Direction’s biggest inspiration is ‘Take That’.

Harry used to be in a band called ‘White Eskimo’.

‘White Eskimo’ performed at a wedding in June 2010.

Harry is the youngest member of One Direction.

They saw each other naked pretty much the first time they worked together, Harry stripped down first!

Louis is the oldest member of 1D.

‘What Makes You Beautiful’ was the third fastest selling single of 2011.

Harry’s favorite film genre is action/adventure.

Harry was the one who came up with the band’s name ‘One Direction’.

Liam’s favorite sport is boxing.

The only book Niall has ever read is To Kill A Mockingbird.

Louis has four sisters.

Louis got suspended from school and had to retake year 12.

Harry can speak French.

Louis had a chilli flavored ice cream in France and said it was amazing!

Juggling is one of Harry’s hidden talents.

Their first single, ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ was released on 11th September 2011 and was number one of the UK singles charts a week later.

One Direction’s second single, ‘Gotta Be You’, was released on 13 November 2011, which made number 3 in the charts.

Their debut album ‘Up All Night’ was the fastest selling debut album on the UK Albums Chart in 2011.

‘Up All Night’ was the 16th biggest selling album of 2011.

After The X Factor, the band signed a £2 million record contract with Syco Music.

Louis’ favorite film is Grease.

Liam and Zayn played Pokémon loads when they were younger, but Harry didn’t play much until he was introduced to it, now 1D are all Pokéfans!

Louis does not like tattoos, but has some anyway!

Harry’s star sign is Aquarius.

‘The Fray’ is Louis’ favorite band.

Harry had his first kiss when he was 11.

Niall is the only member of 1D who was not born in the UK. He was born in Ireland.

Niall plays the guitar.

Niall’s favorite color is blue.

When Harry was younger his hair used to be straight!

Harry does not like mayonnaise.

One Direction launched limited edition Nokia C2-02 and Nokia C3-00 phones.

Members of One Direction failed as solo contestants in the UK’s X-Factor, but gained their success after being grouped together.

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  1. Whilette Whales 21 September 2016

    I would marry harry instead..his cute dimples and all..nice smile he got ..muaaah?

  2. Cherry 25 March 2015

    Niall is so verry cute…i like him!!!!

  3. Lily 14 November 2014

    Why do we faena overa the taken?
    Because they are hawt duh!

  4. Eleanor 9 October 2014

    Love all of thease facts!Even the ones I knew(most of them)were amazayn.The one about the chili flavored ice cream was interesting!

  5. Jamie 27 August 2014

    I think ur amazing just cause u amited that but I’m a girl so sorry

  6. KaTana 16 June 2014

    Holy crap OK too much info and no none of us want to but I guess I have to give you credit your brave enough to say that

  7. KaTana 16 June 2014

    Hey Jake I’m a fan you dont have to be mean but we are all fans here you dont have to be I could care less but anyway there cuter that you I bet so please go away

  8. KaTana 16 June 2014

    Im sorry but Mrs. Faker I bet your lying I love Niall with all my heart but you can share you can call your self Mrs. Horan but your not

  9. KaTana 16 June 2014

    And not trying to be mean but Nialls favorite color is Green

    1. Khushi 4 April 2015

      That’s true, his fave colour is green. Zayn’s fave is blue.

  10. Joelhyn 1 June 2014

    I LOVE ZAYN!!<3<3

  11. Diamond 16 May 2014

    Some of one direction is weird

  12. One direction 3 May 2014

    Some countries say it as colors !!!!!!!!!
    I love one direction they are awesome and beautiful and really cute too

    1. Brianna 20 August 2014

      I luv u Harry and plus we almost have a lot of stuff in common

  13. bailey 15 April 2014

    color is not colour it is color

    1. Luke Ward 16 April 2014

      In England it’s Colour. And since One Direction are British, it’s still Colour.

      1. Jamie 27 August 2014

        That’s true and what is all there favourite animals I know zayns

  14. Chey 14 April 2014

    I like one direction

  15. Awesome Niall Horan 29 November 2013

    I love them and Niall is awesome

    1. KaTana 16 June 2014

      I agree with you Niall is awesome and cute

  16. I<3 Louis (the tomo) tomlinson 25 October 2013

    no offence but I don’t see why people make such a big deal about Harry’s hair previously being straight!not a big deal.

  17. emma 8 October 2013

    I love 1D my favourite boy is Zayn Janadd Malik :)

    1. KaTana 16 June 2014

      Its Zayn Javad Malik

      1. Louis 21 March 2015

        Technically, it’s Zain Javadd Malik, but he changed it to Zayn

  18. arianna 1 October 2013

    where there any X-Factor facts..?

  19. Kushartati Murtiningsih 18 September 2013

    I love niall so much!

    1. KaTana 16 June 2014

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  20. Meghan The Awesome 2 September 2013

    They are so awesome. If you happen to read this One Direction, my favourite is Niall but I love the rest of you the same which is still quite a lot. If I were to meet you, I would probably talk with you just like friends. I have short brown hair and dimples when I smile.

    1. KaTana 16 June 2014

      Hey I have brown hair and dimples when I smile except my hair is long and I love Niall to and I love the rest but Niall is my favorite

    2. alexis 13 October 2013

      Nobody cares ok

      1. KaTana 16 June 2014

        Right us fans love a care for these boys if u dont please go I’m asking u nice

      2. Enoon 14 October 2013

        Kinda harsh there alexis

  21. Shaima Banu 30 July 2013

    Wow these facts are amazing . Thanks for posting them .
    Love you One Direction .

  22. Tresta Zerr 3 July 2013

    I love them all the same. Thank you one direction for being in my life I would die without you

  23. Guest 3 July 2013

    Harry is mine. He said so in person at my birthday party!

  24. Marie 30 June 2013

    32.Louis had a chilly flavoured ice cream in France and said it was amazing!
    Isn’t it chili?

    1. Luke Ward 29 July 2013

      Oops my bad! Thank you, it’s been corrected :)

  25. chelsea 27 June 2013

    I’m happy they wrote those ONE DIRECTION facts

    1. Luke Ward 29 July 2013

      I’m happy you read them!

  26. MrsDJMalik 8 May 2013

    I’m a little confused. Louis doesn’t like tattoos, but he has some…

  27. Jasmine 6 May 2013

    I Think that these facts are really great thanks

  28. Madison 15 April 2013

    I love Niall James!

    1. KaTana 16 June 2014

      I agree with you Madison he is so cute

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    i hate it when peeps say that im stupid cause i like 1D

    1. KaTana 16 June 2014

      Right me too

    2. Lilly 10 August 2013

      Dude rite on! . . .same here

  30. Brianna 3 April 2013

    One direction is not gay at all people who think that is stupid they are just close friends who sings sings together and go on tours that’s it they also probably just hang together.

    1. KaTana 16 June 2014

      Yes just because there a famous boy band there still normal, funny,and cute boys. And I also love Niall

    2. Brianna Horan 20 November 2013

      Ok gurl My Name is Brianna Too We have sooooooooo much in common i Love him to.

  31. Brianna 3 April 2013

    These are great facts thnxs

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      My friend said she mite take me but she never did i was so crushed :[

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    1. Jamie 27 August 2014

      I do I love him he is mine

    2. KaTana 16 June 2014

      My friend does

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    i lov 1D and they are soooooo not gay
    who ever said that is going 2 regeret it :O

  37. Kenadie Hawkinson 9 March 2013

    my friend love you but i dont i love justin biber more then all of you so i think you should all come to clatskanie elementary school and go to the office and ask to see cassidy donaldson not to be rude but i just like justin bieber more if justin was not a famous person i would like you guys sorry that he is famous.
    Kenadie Hawkinson

  38. shelise robe 12 February 2013

    Harry is the best singer now but used to be Liam Payne but his voice is not as good as now

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    one direction is the best band in the world ever!

  41. lexi 14 January 2013

    I will second that… people who say their gay don’t even know them and the people are just insecure about themselves…just because one direction is amazing doesn’t mean you have to be mean to people you don’t even know… i love one direction

    1. Jamie 27 August 2014

      That’s really true I use to get made fun of because I was not beautiful like all the other girls and I use to hate myself until I started listening one direction and realized its not about looks I wish it wasn’t just the 1D boys who get that and I love one direction just want too give a big thanks to one direction and if u don’t want like them or missing outon aa lot of awesome music and the best boys in the world luv u one direction

  42. mercedesdeath 12 January 2013

    I don’t like tattoos and i play Pokemon loads.

  43. Emma 4 January 2013

    Thanks for beinning so hot

  44. kaitlyn caudill 2 January 2013

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  46. kaitlyn caudill 2 January 2013

    I also hate it when they call 1 Direction gay they are not, but maby Niall is sorry buddy but I think u are gay just the way u act .Harry is in the middle the way I like him. my favorites are Liam, Zayn and Louis .Liam is #1,Louis is #2 and Zayn is #3. So all of yall rock and your songs are amazing I love ‘Up All Night’,and ‘Live While We Are Young’. So to all of you 1 Direction fans yall rock for loving 1Direction and thanks to 1 Direction they bumped out Justin Bieber and you suck Justin so thank you so much 1Direction I love yall.

    1. KaTana 16 June 2014


  47. liberty 2 January 2013

    One direction is amazing and one day i hope i will meet them and actually i know how to sing and my family say its good also I am 10 and i hope they come up to wasilla or north pole Alaska were santa lives lol in my words one direction is awesome. And the boys in one direction sing all the same and to be fair they all are good so that is what i think

  48. Beatrice 2 January 2013

    I realy-realy love one direction I U 1D!!!!

  49. emylie 30 December 2012

    harry signs his name with just 1 r instead of 2

  50. Rojina 9 December 2012

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  51. Julia 6 December 2012

    I adore their music. It’s just that I can always relate to their songs.

  52. mahum 1 December 2012

    ik eh i love them all and unless pple have proof they r gay..their NOT..all those pic of em naked r photoshoped

  53. Miranda 27 November 2012

    Here is another “Fun Fact” about Liam. He is deathly afraid of spoons. Harry hates it when the guys say they will straighten his hair. (Harry) What would you do if I chased you with a spoon?
    (Liam) I would straighten your hair in your sleep.

    (Harry tackles Liam.) <3 1D :)

  54. pearl 25 November 2012

    love them,actualllllllly louis!

    1. Jamie 27 August 2014

      Louis is mine

  55. Selena Smith 22 November 2012

    they arent gay! i love niall with all my heart. and 1d is just really close. im in love with all of them but niall is my favorite

    1. KaTana 16 June 2014

      Selene same with me and my friends like Naomi, Connor, Mikey, and Mallorie always make me mad by saying mean stuff about Niall and when they say he’s gay I tackle them

  56. Charliey Marie Fisher 19 November 2012

    i love you all like im married to liam and we have met a hondred times hehe love u boys so much miss u on x factor xx

  57. Niall's future wife 19 November 2012

    i love 1D they are my fav. and Niall is totes MINNNNNEEEE

    1. KaTana 16 June 2014

      Well if you may please share cause he’s my favorite so please share

  58. DominiqueSyles 16 November 2012

    Guys call them gay beacause they are jealous of One Direction- since their girlfriends tend to swoon over these guys.
    But that only happens because 1D is NOT afraid to tell girls how they feel and what they want to hear! That’s what makes their music so amazing! And they give teen girls more confidence! And makes us feel special and all of that <3 Sooo…. guys- TELL YOUR LADIES HOW YOU FEEL (It works for One Direction) and LAY OFF THE HATE!!!!

    1. Jamie 27 August 2014

      I like u now and that’s true and fur real men tell ladies how u feel I’m sure there not go in too make fun of u

  59. DominiqueSyles 16 November 2012

    I <3 One Direction with ALL MY HEART <3
    I <3 ZAYN <3 AND HARRY <3 <3GawshH!!!

    Just all of them!
    I love whent hey get Awards and perform at cool places for lots of important people!
    I loved it when they were on THEXFACTORUSA and they were introduced as the #1 Boy Band ON EARTH <3
    Want to meet them some day <3 <3 <3

  60. holly 14 November 2012

    i love one direction i am the number one fan
    my bff is eryn walsh

    1. Jamie 27 August 2014

      Fur real if u are I’m so amazed

    2. KaTana 16 June 2014

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  64. MissHoran 11 November 2012

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    1. KaTana 16 June 2014

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  66. CharlieBro8516 10 November 2012

    i think that they are pretty much awesome and did you know that Zayn’s middle name is Jawaad

    1. Briana 11 January 2014

      its actually Javaad

  67. Mrs.Horan 9 November 2012

    Niall’s full name is niall james horan he was born on september 13,1993

  68. lois 7 November 2012

    i love 1D so thanks for the facts me and my bff casey love you!!!!!

  69. mariel 6 November 2012

    i love this boy band because theyre amazing and handsome..

  70. Suzie Currier 5 November 2012

    for louis tomilson facts he doesn’t HATE birds HE LOVES BIRDS think about KEVIN

    1. Jamie 27 August 2014

      Haha that’s true Kevin is cute little bird and is owner is a cute awesome human

  71. [email protected] 5 November 2012

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    1. Daphne Slywczak 30 October 2012

      sorry didn’t finish the thought, anyway, on this you say liams favorite sport is boxing but on liams facts you say its basketball!!!!! did anyone else notice this?

  75. McKenzie Eick 28 October 2012

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  76. Hailey Tomlinson 26 October 2012

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    This is quite rem factful?

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  80. JHAMIELLE 25 October 2012


  81. Brittney 21 October 2012

    These guys are so hot but it doesnt matter whats on the outside it ls whats.on the inside that matters but not every gurl understands that but I wouldnt want to date an ugly guy I would want a hot guy with an amazing personality

  82. caila 19 October 2012

    i love one direction
    all one direction members is so cute
    i love 1D it the best boyband ever
    and zayn malik i love you your the best
    love you one direction

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    i louis and harry get together cos they have bromance then there name put together would be larry stomlinson

    1. briana 11 January 2014

      nope larry stylinson

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  85. louis lover 18 October 2012

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    F fan
    O of
    O one
    D direction

  87. 1DLOVER 16 October 2012

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  88. Jemima B. ~^^ 15 October 2012

    more facts(for Niall:) >
    Niall is the only left-handed in the band Niall is the only one w/a brother nd no sister Niall can speak fluent Spanish

  89. Sara 15 October 2012

    Louis was born in 1992 not 1991

    1. KaTana 16 June 2014

      Actually THATS correct go on Google and look up what year was Louis Tomlinson born in I just did

  90. emily 12 October 2012

    i think this is amazing but niall’s favorite color is green

  91. Roni136 11 October 2012

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  96. KyRry Mae Styles 9 October 2012

    Sorry for what I’m gonna say but…some of the facts are frods, untrue, false/fallacies…some are even very common to True Directioners…lol

  97. louloua 8 October 2012

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  98. Alexis 7 October 2012

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  99. future mrs.tomlinson 7 October 2012

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    1. KaTana 16 June 2014

      Me too

  100. ashleigh lundbohm 4 October 2012

    one direction is so awsme my friends love you guys can you guys come to madera because where the small town every one forgets = thank you and please read this message

    love your fan

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    wishing someday i’m gonna be his wife

    I <3 one direction!!!!!!

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  107. Catherine 25 September 2012

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  108. Louis Fan 15 25 September 2012

    Louis’ middle name is not William, it’s Troy.

    1. KaTana 16 June 2014

      True its his birth name but it was changed when he was younger

  109. I love One Direction 24 September 2012

    I love One Direction

  110. andrea salazar 22 September 2012

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    and i like the fact of niall.
    were the same favorite color

  111. andrea salazar 22 September 2012

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    1.zayn malik
    2.harry styles
    3.liam payne
    i hope you’ll visit here in philippines.

    1. khylyn malik 2 October 2012

      they already visit philippines check the video on youtube:)

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    Id I got to kiss one it would be him!!

  113. Emily Bieber 21 September 2012

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  114. Emily Bieber 21 September 2012

    Harry likes cats!

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    1. KaTana 16 June 2014

      I agree

    2. I LOVE 1D SOOO MUCH 17 October 2012

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    3. Asia Valentine 15 October 2012


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  121. 1Directioner 17 September 2012

    1D is simply fantastic…actually that’s an understatement! They are amazing in so many ways that I can’t even describe it! Their talent and their humour is something you cannot beat! They brighten up my day, I cannot go a day without saying ” one direction” and my friends think I’m obsessed but I prefer dedicated! One direction I love you to the moon and back and I will always be a directioner for life!
    Love you to the maxx, please come to South Africa…and maybe consider marrying me!

  122. Valeria 17 September 2012

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  124. mikyia 15 September 2012

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    anyone who doesn’t like u guys havn’t seen u perform or met u so they should not judge anyone.
    please write back:)

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    1. mrs.horan 18 September 2012

      hahaha i luv carots too!!!! hahaha louis is funnnnnny

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    2. -Mrs.Tomlinson- 14 September 2012

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    REMEMBER:Don’t hate 1D because they are not doing anything to you!

  133. kaira 11 September 2012

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    i hate when people talk about them

  137. viviana 5 September 2012

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  138. Mrs Tomlinson 4 September 2012

    There needs to be more Zayn!!! I have to finish my facts or I lose the bet. :(

  139. Karebear 4 September 2012

    They aren’t gay. They are just best friends. If they are going to spend the rest of their lives together. They’re obviously gunna see each other naked but that doesn’t mean that theyre gay..

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  152. catherine 28 August 2012

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  153. Emily 28 August 2012

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  155. Katie Luvs1D 26 August 2012

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  156. againsth8tersbig1Dfan 25 August 2012

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  157. i love louis 24 August 2012

    Louis i love you and i can t wait to see the new song love Annie

  158. Aaliyah 22 August 2012

    i think zayn is hot and its an adventure learning more and more about him everyday and we hyave so much and common and he likes to cuddle me too!! i just luv him and his singing and i had my first kiss when i was 9 too!!

  159. Italianova 22 August 2012

    Irland is part of UK. So Niall was born in UK

  160. onedirectionlovers 22 August 2012

    i love one direction there are the best in the world

  161. 1DLuva4Eva 22 August 2012

    How to be a TRUE directioner ( not in order ):
    1.OMFG u hav to freakin luv 1D for gods sake!!!!
    2. U hav to luv CARROTS!!!
    3. U hav to luv all of them equally
    4. U hav to know about their video diaries
    5. U hav to know ALL their songs even ‘Torn’
    6. U hav to hav at least one poster
    7. If u hav a twitter or tumbler u hav to follow them
    8. U hav to luv FOOD!
    9. Hav to know all their nicknames
    10. U have to support them no matter what
    11. U hav to hate spoons

    If u don’t like or do these tinge then sorry but u r not a true directioner :I

    1. Alana 24 August 2012

      no thats just an obsessive fan:) a directioner is sumone who luvs the boys for who they are and will always support them no matter what. and sumone who they can count on, sumone who they they walk up to and ask for help and always get a yes.
      xno hate

  162. Ris101 21 August 2012

    I couldnt stop laughing when i saw the one about them being naked and Harry stripping down first rofl!

  163. EMMY STYLES 19 August 2012

    there is nothing better then ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!! i am a Directioner forever!!!!!!!! thanks for this and the wallpapers!!!!!!!!!!

  164. BB 18 August 2012

    Ireland is part of the UK.

  165. Mrs.horan<3 17 August 2012

    SHUTUP just because you don’t get girls as easy as they do doesn’t mean you can BULLY them …. What did they ever do to you huh??

  166. Georgia 16 August 2012

    I luv them sooooo much I will prob die if I c them

  167. Tabby Erwin 16 August 2012

    ok soo first they call justin biber came and he is hot than one direction came and they sare also hot they started to call him gay whats the matter with all the stuppid haters they most be gayyyyy

  168. meghan states 15 August 2012

    louis is afraid of spoons not all spoons, just reseraunt spoons

  169. art 14 August 2012

    they are NOT gay! they have something called BROMANCE! like girls have there own little “relationship” with other girls.

  170. Horse_luva 13 August 2012

    I <3 1D!!! Zayn =D Louis =D Niall =D Liam =D Harry =D

  171. truedirectioner54321 12 August 2012

    Why are people fighting about things like this? I’m not trying to be mean to anyone but I think that’s jist a little bit rediculous. I love one direction equally and I don’t think they would appreciate people fighting over them. Hate me all you want but this is true

  172. harry future wife 12 August 2012

    OMG one direction isn’t gay

  173. Molly 11 August 2012

    I love how people take offense when people make fun of them, call them gay. Obsessive directioners are like “Oh we know”. Personally, I don’t like their music at all, but I respect them, and they seem like nice guys.

  174. Liv Styles 10 August 2012

    omg i luv ur 1D facts u saved my life (not really but u know) thank u soooo much!!!!

  175. l 10 August 2012

    They are so cute but I like Liam the most

  176. Joelle Cohen 10 August 2012

    Some of you are acting like being gay suddenly became offensive..? Seriously? A true 1D fan, will always support them, no matter who they love. I’m not aying they’re gay, but if they are, then for true fans it doesn’t change anything.

  177. misty lou stokes 10 August 2012

    The one i have a crush on is harry

  178. Killian Draven 10 August 2012

    there are so many facts about them but sure enough you can be called obsessed to them even if u know just a little of there a million facts =))

  179. Molly, 12 9 August 2012

    There relay cool and I love them, there not gay at all, there bloody kids singing!

  180. Alana 8 August 2012

    WOOOOOOW the comments on here sky-rocketed!!! i think like ast month there were only 400&something comments!!!!
    not that im surprised ;)

  181. Harry Styles forever 8 August 2012

    well if people think that they call them gay because all of the girls love them and they are just jealous and I LOVE HARRY AND LOUIS THEY ARE AMAZING PEOPLE CANT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER! 1D IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL YOU HATERS OUT THERE STOP HATING ON 1D THEY ARE PEOPLE TO

    1. Alana 8 August 2012

      AGREED 8D

  182. harryswife 7 August 2012

    i knew all of those things

  183. 1D Lover :D 7 August 2012

    They are not gay……. I looooove them I’m belive that I’m there #1 :D I LOVE U 1D

  184. keeley :) 6 August 2012

    i love i they rock and i get to go to there conset next year booyah

    1. Alana 8 August 2012

      lol quit bragging meanie (jk)

  185. mrs.styles 6 August 2012

    I asolutly lovr harry styles

  186. mrs.styles 6 August 2012

    I love these facts about one direction

  187. Valentina Arnez 5 August 2012

    never heard of it -.-

  188. Genniee 4 August 2012

    These boys have brought meaning to my life, it pains me when I hear people talk trash about them. But what pains me more is the way other directioners feel they’re better than others AND when they can’t spell and have no logical use of grammar…

    1. Alana 8 August 2012

      some ppl jus cant help the spellin an grammar. but i understand y u dont like it, sometimes theres this mess of letters an u jus cant make sense of it. 0_o

  189. ruaa 3 August 2012

    i believe harry’s movie genre is romance not action/adventure

  190. MAOR DIRECTIONER 3 August 2012

    It’s Harold Edward Styles.

  191. Jayden Padilla 3 August 2012

    I JUST LOVE 1D !!!!!! And ppl stop fighting and calling dibs !!! If u luv 1D great if u don’t why on this ? And plz stop cyber bulling !!! It’s the against the law

    1. Alana 8 August 2012

      yupperz. and i agree, on everyting practically. i hate to see fellow fans fighting. we r like family. we shouldnt b hatin eat other. no offense but its sad a pathetic. im not trying to be mean, but its true.
      sry if i was rude 8(

  192. Emerie 3 August 2012

    People listen they are not gay some have girlfriends so ya and you don’t hang around them 24/7 so I told you

  193. Andrea 2 August 2012

    I love one direction they are amazing I cryq while watching any 1d video

  194. kim12 31 July 2012

    Liam ,Harry ,Niall *!!!*:))

  195. lilyy 31 July 2012

    i lovee one direction
    Niall**:) andd Liam**:) the most!!!!!

  196. Chrissy Jones 31 July 2012

    Not to be mean or change the facts but Niall’s fav color is green! And Niall is the youngest

    1. Alana 8 August 2012

      noooooo harrys the youngest, hes 18, nialls turnin 19 in sept

  197. lilli 31 July 2012

    NIALL i need to ask you something. Will you marry me

  198. Nialler 31 July 2012

    NIALL i love him so much

  199. onedirectioninfection727 31 July 2012

    I lov let one direction all of them I can’t choose who’s my gave!!

  200. Melissa 30 July 2012

    Harry won’t date a smoker or Someone that swear a lot and I do both ;(

  201. Elisha 30 July 2012

    I love u Niall! But I could OUTEAT u anyday

  202. Marina Directioner! 30 July 2012

    I hate when my brother and his friends call them gay.They are sooo CUTE,FUNNY AND HOT!!!!I <3 SOOOO MUCH 1D!!!!!

  203. Alana 29 July 2012

    i dont live in mississippi…but alot of girls want yall to come there, so why snot?
    (not 8P)

  204. Jenny Huffman 29 July 2012

    Niall i Love you So much

  205. Ariana Marsh 28 July 2012

    Well I love 1D

  206. Rae 28 July 2012

    My five perfect homos:)

  207. nora 26 July 2012

    i love liam payne he is so cute i love him :)

  208. kim luvz ya12 26 July 2012

    Tbh…. yall need 2 come 2 !!!!MISSISSIPPI I LOVEE U HARRY!!!! :))

  209. tracy12 26 July 2012

    Love u Niall !!!:) yall need 2 come 2 mississippi A.S.A.P.

  210. Anna:P 26 July 2012

    i love one direction!!! i hate it when somee one calles them gay because u know that they wont say it to there face!!…..P.S. i lovee u Harryy and Niall !!!:) and u need 2 come 2 mississippi reall soo lovee ya

  211. 1D FAN 26 July 2012

    i love 1 direction the rule
    xox :)

  212. Mrs_Horan... i hope 26 July 2012

    But also if you are a Directioner, you can have a special place in your heart for one…. Mine is Niall. But u live them all equally.. If one of the boys cry I would cry too… I support them through thick and thin.. And I love them… <3

  213. Charlii 26 July 2012

    Oh my god I love Louis he is my fave :)

  214. benise 26 July 2012

    I Love 1D….My crush is Zayn Malik I love u Zayn Malik I’m Benise from phillipines….please 1D visit here in the Phillipines the pilipino are #1fan of 1D

  215. 1Dlivinthedream<3 25 July 2012


  216. 1Dlivinthedream<3 25 July 2012

    I love the boys so much!Even though I am only 11!!!And anyone who thinks I shouldn’t like them are wrong!I can love the band if I want!!!And NOT just because they are famous!!!I would support them even when they’re not famous(which is NEVER going to happen!!!)I would just like to say that all the boys are amazing singers and people!

    1. Alana 25 July 2012

      it doesnt matter how old you are, you can still support the band. where did you get that idea from???

  217. Tia is beautiful 25 July 2012

    I love 1D.Its a reallyy cool name.All of them are really sweet,cute,cool,fun to be around.I love Harry Styles and pokemon

  218. gabby 25 July 2012

    i love one direction they are hott hot

  219. sophiabenavidez 25 July 2012

    i am a directioner! I LOVE THEM ALLL <3 they are sooo amazing and cute :)

  220. mrs.rachealhoran 25 July 2012

    niall fave color is not blue its green and his celebrity crush is demi lovato

    1. Alana 25 July 2012

      was demi lovato

  221. Mikayla Magliocchetti 24 July 2012


  222. 1Dlivinthedream<3 24 July 2012

    Most of you guys are right:If your a true directioner then you would like them all and not just one of them. You would like what their personalities are. You would support them through thick and thin. You would understand that they are special in their own way. You would know that they are normal people just living the dream. And if you don’t understand these things then you should because that’s what makes a true directioner. And please, no hate, I was just stating my fact.

    1. alesia bonin 29 July 2012

      true true i my oppineyon all of them are cool and good singers but only 1 stands out to me and that is zayn malik.i <3 1D!!!!!! :)

    2. Alana 25 July 2012

      yay! your awesome! ive been saying that on the all of 1D’s pages!

  223. ToKillAMockingbirdReader 24 July 2012

    niall has only read “To Kill A Mockingbird”
    i’m reading that now and it is really hard to read
    probably put niall of reading

  224. Alexandra Garza 24 July 2012

    Love u guys we have a lot in comin

  225. Renae 24 July 2012

    HAPPY 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  226. autumn 23 July 2012

    People thatcall them gay are hater because all the girl like 1D and they are just really close friends

    1. Alana 25 July 2012

      exactly, they are not guy. at first it was a joke, but its gotten out of hand. and the guys do mess around sometimes, but really, no need to be so serious about it.

  227. asada121 22 July 2012

    harry please marry me my name is asada luv yuhh

  228. Breanna Price 22 July 2012

    Omg I think i have One Direction Infection!

  229. mic 22 July 2012


  230. Asim 22 July 2012

    Zayn is Pakistani and muslim but he was born in London

  231. Laurenthedirectioner!!!! 21 July 2012

    Only the true directioners is to know that louis is the only gay one but he is the most lovable! I am not a directionator and I love them to pieces but Louis is the ONLY gay one! I just wanted y’all to know

    1. Alana 25 July 2012

      louis is not gay, hes got a girlfriend, he loves more than anything

  232. hello_gabby 21 July 2012

    One direction is the best and I love them so much. I hate how people say “if you was a real fan” just because someone think louis is hot or if they love niall more that doesn’t mean that their not a true fan. They love that person a little more than they love the rest and that’s not bad. Like me with louis and niall. When I see louis in a striped shirt I want to die and when he sings I go crazy. With niall when I see him I cry A LOT. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like harry, liam or zayn just as much. I’m still a true directioner. A true directioner won’t call other directioners fake (just saying!!!) :-P

  233. i<3doggies 20 July 2012

    You can’t say that your the biggest fan if you don’t know it for a fact. 1. Some girls would probably shoot their families to meet them and 2. You have to love them all not favourite one of them. Oh and Louis is like….. 12 years older then you so maybe you should go find some one else to like. BTW, your too young to be calling people hot

    1. 1DLuva4Eva 22 August 2012

      Hey just Bc she’s 9 don’t mean can’t dream

  234. Danielle 20 July 2012

    They’re not gay although someone once brought a picture of Larry Stylinson to a gay rally.

  235. courtney 20 July 2012

    My favorites in order are harry,liam,niall,zayn,and last but not least louis

  236. courtney 20 July 2012

    I love yall .yall are so cute and yall seem so nice and gentelmen like

  237. Mrs.Malik 19 July 2012

    Zayn is my biggest hero and I want to know what his favorite # is.they say its 6 is it

  238. Mrs.Malik 19 July 2012

    Zayn had to hold harry’s hand when getting his tatoo.

  239. One Direction Lover 19 July 2012

    I am in love with Zayn, but all of you can say “he’s mine” and things like that, but truthfully, for all of us here there is a 1/1 trillion chance you will get them to feel that way about you, and I admit it, too. And please don’t hate because that is the last thing I need. A little 12 year old yelling at me for saying that there is a 7 year difference between them and their fantasized husband.

    1. One Direction Lover 19 July 2012

      Plus, is it really worth it getting into a fight over One Direction? They hate it when fans fight, and I would think especially over a fan page of facts about them!

  240. One_Direction 18 July 2012

    LLLOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE One Direction!!!! Harry Styles is my favourite! But there all so cute!! <3

  241. 1D LOVER <3 18 July 2012

    i love 1d im going to there concert next year on june 18

  242. PersonFromEarth 18 July 2012

    I’m a Directioner! I <3 ALL of them! These facts were good to know about 1D!

  243. Natalie Franklin 18 July 2012

    thank u i agree they are NOT GAY and i love them wit all my heart

  244. Monica 16 July 2012

    One Direction is the best band I’ve ever heard it means alot that they have songs that inspire me and others if i was ever to meet them id be the happiest and guys their not gay they just have bromances every body should know this LARRY,ZIAM,NIAM and ZIALL theirs nothing rong with that ;) i am a directioner

  245. stephanie iannone 16 July 2012

    I LOVE ONE DIRECTION!!! im going to you show i cant wait!

  246. cerena 15 July 2012

    I love Herry. <3

    1. Alana 25 July 2012

      @cerena its harry.
      lol i did that the other day too!!
      i swear i shouldve been born blonde ;)

  247. shadoe 15 July 2012

    i hate it when people call them gay when they have been out with alotof chicks

  248. heyitsnhi.tumblr.com 15 July 2012

    omg, i’m watching the one hour special of one direction on nickelodeon. i love you harry, louis, nial, zayn, & liam. you guys are my idol and one day i hope to meet you, it’d be a dream come true. never let anyone bring you down, because you guys together, have a voice of an angel.

    1. Alana 25 July 2012

      thats sweet, if you have a twitter, tweet them that for the both of us plz?

  249. Haley12849593 14 July 2012

    I think they arnt afraid to br them selfs and they love them selfs for who they are not what other peoplr think they are!

  250. Micki horran 14 July 2012

    I love one direction they r my life if there we no one direction I would not b alive

  251. Guest 13 July 2012

    Harry full name is Harold Edward Styles for your information.

  252. storma 13 July 2012

    1D is the best band in the entire world and I’m not going to boast and say I’m their biggest fan or anything(but i would be close),I’m just going to say that they should always remember that they are loved by all of there fans every single day, they are super stars and should always just look on the bright side of things and remember that they are role models for every one with a dream.

  253. Cooool girl 13 July 2012

    I LV U 1D u r awesome and my favorite is Zayn cuz he is mosslim like me……. :) BUT that wont stop me from lving the other guys U r all hot Louis i lv u Harry, Liam, Niall i lv u 2 ZAYN i already told u i lv u all and dont care about those haters they r just jelous…….
    I would really like 2 meet u but that probably wont happen :) :) :P
    U R THE CUTEST GUYS ON EARTH and i wish u the greatest luck i still lv u ……. :P :)

    1. Cooool girl 13 July 2012


  254. kk 13 July 2012

    i meet them and my brother went in the bathroom hile we were at the place and he sa harry and zayne makeing out and in to it and my brother tyook a video

  255. Arianna 12 July 2012

    Omg I love one direction I like Niall and Harry the best and I like Louis the least but I still like him and I really want to go to the concert but I didn’t ask my mom yet so I will go tell her right now ttyl

  256. Sam 12 July 2012

    I love Harry Styles. Dont like it? Well thats your problem! Haters need to realize that words are a vicious weapon. You dont have to LOVE everything? But there’s a difference between voicing an opinion and just spewing out spam? I really dont enjoy listening to rock or medal. Do I go on every rock bans fan page and say idiotic things that could hurt someones feelings. Noope.
    Watch what you say.

  257. Kyndall54 12 July 2012

    I am %100 a Directioner.(: I love them to death & hate when people put them down because they are jealous of One Direction. <3

  258. maddy 11 July 2012

    Get your facts straight Niall’s fav. Colour is green and alot of ur facts are obvious.advice: do mor factsthat people wouldnt guess. But l like the wall papers-luv mrs.liampayne

  259. mrsliampayne 9 July 2012

    i love one direction and i never ever ever want them to break up!!!!

  260. Mariahlovesonedirection 9 July 2012

    Do you know if one direction would tell a fan she is beautiful or get her number

  261. Caitlynn Mccahill 8 July 2012

    I LOVE ONE DIRECTION!!!!! i dont like it when boys call them gay also because they are jelous of how many girls like one direction!! <3 :)

  262. i love zayn malik 8 July 2012

    i love zayn malik why arenpeople so rude by making parody’s of them i love them all but zayn the most i love his hair and abbs

  263. jazzpel 8 July 2012

    i love one direction…sooooo much

  264. clara 8 July 2012

    i hate zayn’s new hair style :-(

  265. Louislover 8 July 2012

    Theese boys are not gay. They are heart warming sweet guys. if they were gay i wouldnt be saying this. I LOVE ONE DIRECTION!!! Especially Louis!! he is hot and funny. Kendall you are right!

  266. jojo12 7 July 2012

    i love 1d they are so amazing
    i really REALLY like harry he is probably my favorite one……maybe
    and just to let you know just putting out there i’m not a crazed fan i know it sounds like it but i’m not one
    but iam there #1 fan

  267. nicky ayan 6 July 2012

    U guys r all wrong zayn is tge best the world the sun and moon the most amazing singer and the hottest one of them akl. have you seen his eyes

  268. Lovemuch 6 July 2012

    I love 1D they are the best so romantic

  269. chyanna oakes 6 July 2012

    i love One Direction i believe they will go very far in the future and thnx these facts were great!!!!!:) but nxt time could you le me know when Harry Styles birthday is!!!
    Mrs. Harry Styles<3

  270. harrystyles 6 July 2012


  271. Sammy(: 4 July 2012

    I hate it when people call them gay.They’re not.They are simply amazing!<3 I love them with all of my heart<3

    1. kaitlyn 2 January 2013

      true sista -kaitlyn

    2. Zoeyjane 1 January 2013

      OMG IKR!

    3. Sarah 10 December 2012

      Your right they are not GAY!!??

    4. Miranda 27 November 2012


    5. Suzie Currier 5 November 2012


    6. katherinloves1D 18 October 2012

      wat if they’re so… we lov them anyways i honestly think it shouldn’t b a problem with us directioner

    7. Claire 26 August 2012


    8. Katie Luvs1D 26 August 2012

      Do you mean amaZAYN

      1. I LOVE 1D SOOO MUCH 17 October 2012

        lol ya probly

      2. Tasiawalker 20 September 2012

        ha ha problay

      3. I LOVE 1D SOOO MUCH 17 October 2012

        you dont know your cute niall
        thats my little song

    9. Kate 25 August 2012

      Not that there is anything wrong with being gay. They just aren’t

    10. EMMY STYLES 19 August 2012

      ikr! it sux when they call him gay!

    11. Mrs styles 11 August 2012

      i say what u say i like what u say i think its ture

    12. Liv Styles 10 August 2012

      well they are gay but it just makes them even more amazing having them be so unique!

      1. jay 9 November 2012

        u need to stop sayin 1D is gay

    13. VALARIE 10 August 2012


    14. Amber Tomlinson 8 August 2012

      thank you so do I it drives me nuts

    15. 1D lover 7 August 2012


    16. mrs. styles 6 August 2012

      Me to

      1. Jay 9 November 2012

        by the way im married to harry back off

    17. Nicholastylesismyname1 25 July 2012

      Hate it also they so rnt they have a special friendship bond and no one knows if they r or not but them, they probsbly rnt and they r just themseleves and that’s all that matters, I LOVE U HARRY!!

      1. Fizza Payne. 1 October 2012

        Same.luv LIAM PAYNE.he is so flipping hot.friends that want to just be together and have fun. Gosh people.

    18. Emelie 24 July 2012

      Right they simply have BROMANCE wich alot of close guys have !

      1. one direction lover 2012 30 July 2012

        Sooo true loads of wee lads make fun of them just bacause they r jellouse I love one direction wif all my heart and would do anyfin to meet them :) <3

      2. jay 9 November 2012

        i know right i love harry styles hes my booobear

      3. Melissa 30 July 2012

        Same x

    19. vien lenard 23 July 2012

      i hate too when people say that they are gay…..no they not…..they are BESTFRIENDS…..so don’t judge them……

    20. 1D LOVER <3 18 July 2012


    21. Katy Brooks 11 July 2012

      Ikr they are just best friends and they always just have fun with each other. i love them<3

    22. malik 11 July 2012


      1. EmilyStyles 14 July 2012

        who is a directionator?

      2. Mrsstylesmyycurlyyboyy 17 July 2012

        No not directionator those people r rebels! #directioner is the proper fan name :)

  272. Becky 3 July 2012

    Whats Harry’s favorite color ?

  273. mrs.stylesforever5 3 July 2012

    i love harry styless think bout him 24/7

  274. natnalee 3 July 2012

    niall fave. color is blue lol me too

  275. Pinkie pie 3 July 2012

    Omg I love one direction and I keep a notebook about them. I got a lot of facts from this. Thanks!

  276. 1D 4EVA 3 July 2012

    I LOVE 1D LOUIE IS MINE 4EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  277. Aaliyah Danielle Grant 3 July 2012

    yall r so freakin hot but nial is really cutee and we have a lot in cominn <3 niall <3

  278. one direction <3 1 July 2012

    first am a directioner i like them all but the most two i adore them are harry styles and liam payne they both are so hot i love u harry so much and liam too love one direction <3

  279. Google 1 July 2012

    My fav colour is blue I hate mayonnaise my star sign is Aquarius !! Omg Harry n I r so alike and Harry talks in his sleep n I do as well mum tells me off coz I talk but then she realized i sleep talk

    1. i<3doggies 20 July 2012


  280. amigo 1 July 2012

    i thought harry was best looking until i saw them but when i saw them for real, ZAYN IS LIKE MUCH BETTER LOOKING THAN ALL OF THEM..

  281. weirdness train 30 June 2012

    when harry was younger he had blonde hair

  282. 1D<3 30 June 2012

    for all you people who love Niall Horan i have so much in commom with him here is 2 – 1. I have the same birthday as him
    2. his fave colour is blue and so is mine

  283. gillian 30 June 2012

    i love Niall Horan because we are both Irish and we both a lot in common. i cant wait till this fall because there coming to Memphis.

  284. Meadow 30 June 2012

    Omg i have the first wallpaper. lol. But anyway. AND LIAM HAS A FEAR OF SPOONS! XD

  285. Arieo 29 June 2012

    I really hope that I’m not the only dude who is a fan. I think their pretty awesome and talented. TBH I used to hate them because I keep hearing that song “What Makes You Beautiful” everywhere. When I decided to listen to the song, I didnt think it was that horrible. I actually liked it and started listening to their other songs. I ended up having their songs on my phone. -.- Yup, I am a directioner. Im looking forward to their upcoming album.

  286. mrs.tomlinson 29 June 2012

    Ilove one direction, especially louis :) moments is my ringtone

  287. Lovin1D 28 June 2012

    I just got tickets to the one direction concert in July next year at the Toyota center! I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  288. angel markley 28 June 2012

    In the liam payne facts it says lians favorite sport is basketball and in this one it says basketball.which one is it?

  289. 1 Direction 28 June 2012

    i love all of the 1 direction boys
    they sound really funny and cool and energetic.

  290. jessy 28 June 2012

    don’t forget for a fact that harry has four nipples…

  291. Emma 27 June 2012


  292. Directioner4life 27 June 2012

    Marking my calendar for June 29 2013 when 1D comes to new York!!!!

    1. One Direction Lover 30 July 2012


  293. Directioner4life 27 June 2012

    I love niall James horan<3 not too many facts about him though.

    1. i<3doggies 20 July 2012


  294. RENABELLE 27 June 2012

    i wll always love LIAM PAYNE
    i wish i could meet you some

    I AM your no.1 FAN

    ONE DIRECTION…….<3 <3 <3

  295. Elizabeth 26 June 2012

    One direction doesn’t “belong” to anybody.
    They are celeberties and don’t want a bunch of fans drooling on them.
    I LOVE their music. Not their bodies

  296. Ariana 26 June 2012

    Ya this is random but does anyone no
    How old Harry is?????.

    1. Moonlight 27 June 2012

      He turned 18 on February 1st.

  297. Rani Ardiyatna 26 June 2012

    OMG, I love them so much! especially Niall Horan! Thank you Luke Ward for writing One Direction’s personal facts. Niall’s facts was totally LOL! :D

  298. wow i didnt know tht harry dosnt like mayo

  299. onedirection 25 June 2012

    im a fan too but they actually are gay its the truth. i saw pics of the kissing and I Wish, theyre song is about them wanting to date someone in the band and they all have crushes on eachother so shut up about it

  300. Abbeyloves1D! 25 June 2012


  301. MERING 25 June 2012


  302. OneDlover 25 June 2012

    Liam James Payne ! Marry me! <3 ;)
    I heart One Direction forever!
    Always will be a 1D fan!
    U guys are my inspiration! :)

  303. Lynda Lawrence 24 June 2012

    liam has a 6 pak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  304. cheyenne 24 June 2012

    hi louis and harry im your biggest fan
    i love you so much

  305. ZHNLL 24 June 2012

    its really good of wat effort u have done but i would like to add 1 more fact that Zayn Malik has got eight tatoos!

  306. Amira<3 23 June 2012

    I hate zayn malik!!!
    And i love Harry.

  307. Anjali 23 June 2012

    they are gay but straight. meaning they are “gay” when they around each other cuz they are all over eachhey would date any girl. other but they are like brothers. then they are straight cuz they would date any girl

  308. TheAmazing1DHater 22 June 2012

    I hate these guys. I came on this site looking for facts because, I was making a list of things to do when I meet them. Please don’t assume that I’m a Directioner

  309. ana b. 22 June 2012

    if you guy’s were not good looking, you would still be my number one. you all are very talented, and have great personality!

  310. Sara 22 June 2012

    Another fact( almost the same as the 2cond one ) : They were put as a group by SIMON!(that always used to say NO) LOL! :)

  311. Directioner66 21 June 2012

    You must be new…

  312. lyn carmela enrile 20 June 2012


    1. I LOVE 1D SOOO MUCH 19 October 2012


    2. iluvharry<3 17 September 2012

      haha lol nice! i so agree.. only with the fact that if you get Zayn, i get dibbs on harry <3

    3. 1Dismysoulmate 15 September 2012

      amusing very amusing!

    4. omg zayn i love u 14 August 2012

      i love zayn!!! i love all of them but zayn just kinda clicks i feel like about to cry when i see the on TV or something it is so weird !!! i love you zaynnnnn

    5. zaynlover 31 July 2012

      No zayn is my man I have a one direction poster and wallpaper

    6. alesia bonnin 29 July 2012

      isent that true?!?!?!!?!?!?!

    7. ashton 14 July 2012

      DJ malik is on the lose . you go girl

  313. Isabellagam12 20 June 2012

    Louis and Harry I LOVE U :}

    1. I LOVE 1D SOOO MUCH 19 October 2012

      nowon loves niall its ok I STILL LOVE YOU

    2. 1DLuva4Eva 22 August 2012

      HARRY’S MINE!!!!!!!!!!
      XD LOL

    3. Samantha Marie 14 July 2012

      What about the others?!

    4. Nicole 24 June 2012

      shut up stuipid harry is my man plus im the same age as him your only 1

      1. I LOVE 1D SOOO MUCH 19 October 2012

        you ncant say he is yours she called him first and she is not stupid stupid

      2. I LOVE 1D SOOO MUCH 19 October 2012

        hay do i need to start with you!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

      3. I LOVE 1D SOOO MUCH 19 October 2012

        HAY pick on someone your own size shur im not older then you but my dads a porsnal traner and she is not stupid so go get a hoby and stop being meen ya i sayd that and ya im sasing you sas sas sasady sas so i think u shold go get a nother blog to go on and be meen to somone else and sas sas sasady sas sasy sas SAS!!! go or il be meen to you and tecknickley she called him first and you might say shut up stupid to me but im not going to care because your nothing but a bully so maby try being nice and what if your 1 year old

      4. Tamela Eaton 3 August 2012

        Oh a btw Harry would never go for a girl who is mean like u, just puttin’ it out there. Dont be such a jerk.

      5. I LOVE 1D SOOO MUCH 19 October 2012


      6. Tamela Eaton 3 August 2012

        If u were mature, u wouldnt call people 1 and who, honestly, cares how old u r? Oh yeah: no one.

      7. i<3doggies 20 July 2012

        YEAH BUDDY!

      8. Tamela Eaton 3 August 2012

        haha I say that all the time :)

      9. i<3doggies 20 July 2012

        er… well Im pretty sure one year olds can’t type on laptops so um yeah? and why don’t you shut up because harry is most definitely not your man so don’t post that. You can’t call people stupid just because she said that she loves them. Your probably as smart as a lama.

      10. lilmissy 15 July 2012


      11. paulmemaybe 17 July 2012

        yeah theres no reason to fight. you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. harry hates when fans fight and you’d think you’d want to impress your crush by doing the right thing. just let it go

      12. Kyndall54 12 July 2012

        Harry is not an object. You can’t call dibs on him. Or take ownership of him. And who cares how old you are. If you were that old you would be mature enough not to call people stupid.

      13. Hailey 16 July 2012

        YES. THANKYOU. I hate that. Harry is not “your’s”. We all love him and support him and the band. Also, age doesn’t matter, because Harry, (and me but that’s not the point) is one of those people who belives age is but a number.

      14. i<3doggies 20 July 2012


      15. Gem 25 June 2012

        Who says people r one serouisly

  314. MissKarasmith 19 June 2012

    I love Harry he is hot,and cute.

    1. Mrs. Styles 22 June 2012

      Harry is mine! Leave it that way or you will regret it!

      1. i<3doggies 20 July 2012

        Come at me bro !

  315. Allibug101 19 June 2012

    my friend loves harry styles so back off hes hers

    1. Musicroxmysox 20 June 2012

      hahaha sweety … he is not hers… i love harry styles with a passion but im not gonna say “he’s mine” because harry has so many fans that ADORE him. i hate when girls do that just STFU

  316. OLIVIA 19 June 2012


    1. OLIVIA NIALLS GIRLL:) 19 June 2012


  317. Anonymous 19 June 2012

    I LOVE Niall!!!! Why didn’t you put more facts about him?? :( but I liked this article anyway :). I also like smiley faces!!!! Sorry that was random. I LOVE NIALL HORAN!!!!

    1. I LOVE 1D SOOO MUCH 17 October 2012

      niel is the most cutest out of all 5 of them
      HE IS SO HOT

    2. Anonymous 19 June 2012
      1. Anonymous 19 June 2012

        I LOVE NIALL!!!!

      2. I WILL FOREVER LOVE NIALL!!!! 19 June 2012

        Sorry the green hearts won’t work

  318. Niallgirl:) 19 June 2012

    I love 1D they are my fave band me and 2 of my friends are directioners Niall is my fave boy of 1D I love that he is Irish because i am too Niallgirl:) is my signature I LOVE NIALL!!!!

  319. I love 1D 19 June 2012

    Louis is my favourite boy on 1D cos he can sing the best and is soooo handsome!!!!

    1. i<3doggies 20 July 2012

      uhm well if you are a true fan you would like them all. They all have strengths in their voices so you can’t just state that he is the best singer. We all love him but im just stating my opinion

  320. Directioner_Forever 19 June 2012

    Liam has a strange phobia of spoons, Harry is scared of rollercoasters, Zayn is scared of the dark and heights, and I don’t remember what Louis and Niall are scared of. And on Tumblr you can find 1000 (yes 1000!) facts about One Direction. I have read them all the way until 190 then my computer froze. But check it out anyway! You might have better luck! :)

  321. Desperate41D 18 June 2012

    I can never find anything that I don’t already know:O. Anyone know any good sites?

  322. Tharripersaud 18 June 2012

    Zayn Fan Here Age=Wrong 19 Please Get Your Math Checked Or Update Ur Info

    1. Niallgirl:) 19 June 2012

      I know they keep messing up ages update people!!!

  323. Dollie2001 18 June 2012

    Get ur facts rite zayn is 19
    like seriously math

  324. SpideyChickk 17 June 2012

    Niall is the best <33 gotta love Irish boys. :)

    1. Niallgirl:) 19 June 2012

      Soooooooo true!!! I heard someone made a comment that Niall likes to drink and I said “well he’s irish what do you expect”?!

  325. teddybear123 17 June 2012

    zayn smokes and has a tatoo on his back and he is only 17!!!

    1. LiamPayneLuvr13 18 June 2012

      the tatoo is on his right peck and he is 19!

    2. Newyorknyc 17 June 2012

      No he isn’t 17 he is 19. He has 8 tattoos and none of them are like skulls and bad things. Their nice.

    3. Lizbabyluvzyah 17 June 2012

      Zayn is not 17 he is 19….Harry is 18…..Niall is 18….Liam is 18…..and Louis is 20

  326. cubii myers 17 June 2012

    Love you guys so much!!~ wish I can get hugs and kisses from you HAHAHA!! just kidding!!~:)

    1. Ken 19 June 2012

      im not kiddin when I say dat…..

  327. Mckdrack 16 June 2012

    omg one direction u r the best guy in the whole world!!!!!!!!! liam u r the HOTTEST guy in the band I cant wait to see u in cloumbus.ohio!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait for 2013!!!!!!!

    1. Mrs.Styles 6 July 2012

      U live in Columbus? So do I and I got front row tickets for free!

    2. Mrs. Horan 26 June 2012

      Hello isn’t it obvious that Niall is the hottest?? Duh ppl u just don’t get it Niall us way cuter and hotter he’s from Ireland baby

      1. Mrs.Styles 6 July 2012

        Is your name Megan?

  328. Ali 16 June 2012

    I live in cincinnati and am driving 2 hours to see 1d’s concert a year away. I already bought my tickets should get them anyday now :) love you guys

  329. Jennifer Tehozol 16 June 2012

    I love niall and one direction cool facts

  330. Kyliejones 15 June 2012

    What sign is niall

    1. Soccerscore11 15 June 2012


  331. Karmamulkey 15 June 2012

    Why do they have to be older than me and so dang cute!!!!!!!

    1. 1DLuva4Eva 22 August 2012

      Hey ur probably luckier than me I’m only 10

    2. alesia bonnin 29 July 2012


    3. Kendall:) 19 June 2012

      Gurl, ik how u feel. I get mad at my mom because im not their age.

  332. Atshaw 14 June 2012

    Zayn and Louis are both Capricorn’s like me!

  333. Kendall:) 14 June 2012

    One Direction, come 2 North Carolina…… Preferably Rutherford?

  334. Steph 14 June 2012

    I love Harry styles

    1. Megan<3 14 June 2012

      I love Zayn he is absolutely lllluuussshhh xxxxx

    2. Kendall 14 June 2012

      My favorite is, Harry…. No Niall, wait Zayn…. Hold up, Louis…. Um no, Liam……

      Haha love them all!!!!!!


  335. Kendall 13 June 2012

    I am soooooo mad/sad right now:( I will be missing the One Direction concert in Charlotte because I will be at youth camp. I want 2 go so bad but I wouldnt miss an experience with God.

    Still sad tho:(

  336. Kendall 13 June 2012

    Wow. We got alot of Niall lovers here!

  337. Bpelz3036 13 June 2012

    Thank you for the info it was really great I absolutely love Niall and never will forget him! One direction is my life

  338. I HEART NIALL 13 June 2012

    Niall is mine. Back OFF!!!!!!!!!

    Not as a mean thing. :-)

    1. Kendall 13 June 2012

      Haha ( not as a mean thing ) :)

  339. Sarah_herrera 13 June 2012

    i luv louis he is so funny

    1. alaina 15 June 2012

      louis is my brother back off of hem he has a girl

      1. Bjellxxxx 16 June 2012

        Really! U lucky thing I like them all but Harry most! Ahhh

  340. 831purplesparkles 12 June 2012

    I love the boiz!!!!! They’re my inspiration for becoming a singer!! :D you’ll see me one day.. its not just a dream.. its my life goal :) :D

    1. Nekco 13 June 2012

      thats my life goal to

    2. Kendall 13 June 2012

      Haha same here:) we can form our own band!:) lol

      1. 1DLuva4Eva 22 August 2012

        Me too we could like make a ” girlband “

  341. Jessica 12 June 2012

    ODD my favourite band is The Fray

  342. Ceilidh 11 June 2012

    Is anyone else here a FOOD?



    1. Jen 29 October 2012

      I am so a food!.Haters,thy are humans too.Dont say they are gay!.What If someone called you and your best friend gay/lesbian.Stop hating them.They have feelings like us,they won’t get offended by what you say because you are a lone with no one to back you up.One direction forever <3

    2. I LOVE 1D SOOO MUCH 16 October 2012

      im totaly a FOOD AGREY

    3. TheAmazing1DHater 22 June 2012

      I love food, but hate 1D.

      1. Emma payne 4 January 2013

        You have a problem

      2. Miranda 27 November 2012

        y do u hate them? wut did they ever do 2 u? they r all very talented. i think u r just saying that because u r sum nerd sumwhere who is jealous. they have feelings 2 u know. all of the people who agree with me post this… L-Z-H-N-L <3 1D

      3. jay 9 November 2012

        then why r u talkin about them if u dont lik them

      4. Daphne Slywczak 30 October 2012

        whydo u bask in the glory of being a hater. it show you have no life all you do is HATE!!!!

      5. I LOVE 1D SOOO MUCH 17 October 2012

        i respect the fact that you dond like 1D but u dont need
        to post it all over the internet and make theme feel bad
        how wolud you feel if somwon sayd you suck hua?’-‘
        so i think you shold go now

      6. I LOVE 1D SOOO MUCH 16 October 2012

        FOOD MEANS
        F FAN
        O OF
        O ONE
        D DIRCTION

      7. I LOVE 1D SOOO MUCH 16 October 2012

        sad vary sad 1D hates you now

      8. Tamela Eaton 3 August 2012


      9. I LOVE 1D SOOO MUCH 26 October 2012

        I love Liam he is hot.from I LOVE 1D SOOO MUCH FRIEND ALISHA

      10. 1DLuva4Eva 22 August 2012

        It’s supposed to be:

      11. I LOVE 1D SOOO MUCH 19 October 2012

        omg sooo true

      12. i luv niall xxx 7 August 2012

        Lol i c wht u did there ;-)

      13. I LOVE 1D SOOO MUCH 19 October 2012


      14. niallersprincess 21 November 2012


      15. I love Zayn 17 November 2012

        Zayn is myne
        zayn is myne
        zayn is myne
        zayn is myne
        zayn is myne
        zayn is myne
        zayn is myne
        zayn is myne
        zayn is myne
        zayn is myne
        zayn is myne

      16. Chelsea Otu 22 October 2012

        .NOOOOO HE”S MINNE!!!!!!!!!!!!

      17. I LOVE 1D SOOO MUCH 27 October 2012


      18. 1DLuver 20 July 2012

        if u hate 1D then why are u on this site…?

      19. biggest fan 9 July 2012

        If u hate one D1 than I hate u

      20. I LOVE 1D SOOO MUCH 27 October 2012

        THE other one is named liam!!!!!!!!!!!
        dude.if u love 1d so much. then u forgot the name. why wont u learn the names.

      21. loverof1d 5 July 2012

        you suck i love 1d

      22. Moonlight 27 June 2012

        I respect the fact that you don’t like them, but you don’t have to stck it all over the internet! Then why are you reading this anyways? You’re probably just a ramdom jealous dude who’s probably reading this just to try to be more like them to get girls, but nobody likes a hater!

      23. I LOVE 1D SOOO MUCH 16 October 2012


      24. ashton 14 July 2012

        you are so right tell her.

      25. Directioner7 21 October 2012

        Or him….

      26. paulmemaybe 17 July 2012

        or him

    4. Steph 14 June 2012

      I’m a food

    5. Kendall 13 June 2012

      Yeah gurl im krazy bout food! Im not fat tho…..

  343. Kendall 11 June 2012

    I hate when american boyz call them gay cause obviously by their songs they are not. These boyz had the heart to sing a song that makes a girl feel beautiful about themself like no other artist has done. I admire them 4 that. Hate if u want, at the end of the day they have more fans then their haterz ever will.
    Just thought I would put that out there;)

    1. x 4 August 2012

      you are soright..i know…lots of people send hate but we ignore them

    2. You Dont Need to Know 13 July 2012

      who ever said they were american she was saying how AMERICAN BOYS (not 1D) say that 1D is gay

    3. onedirection's 23 June 2012

      yes !! very true you’re nice :D im forever and for life TRUE DIRECTIONER ,.. <3<3<3

      1. I LOVE 1D SOOO MUCH 19 October 2012


      2. i<3doggies 20 July 2012

        your a know it all. Just because you know that doesn’t mean that your a true directioner. I think its stupid that people say that others aren’t directioners. Go criticize people somewhere else.

    4. I HEART NIALL 13 June 2012

      Soooooooooo true!

      1. Kendall 13 June 2012

        Haha thanx:)

  344. Mbanach22 11 June 2012

    They are the best singers, song writers and the best band EVER

  345. Sarah_herrera 11 June 2012

    theres alot of facts

  346. Aliciashergill 11 June 2012

    i love harry styles i wish he was my brother or cosion i have a harry styles bedroom thats how much i love harry

  347. jennamarie 9 June 2012

    U guyz seriously news to calm the hell down. One direction is NOT thy big of a deal. N I’m not bustinn on them either. I actually luv 1d with all my heart. But I dont obsess over them cuz I no I’m never gonna meet them. But seriously if 1d walked in the room rite now I wuldnt b jumping all over them. I’d b acting like there regular ppl cuz guts all they really are. Again not bustinn on them. But I’m just saying thy if I were famous I wuldnt want pol all over me like tht. U just look like an idiot doing tht. So just calm down already. N u all no I have a point n tht I’m telling the truth.

    1. 1Dlivinthedream<3 24 July 2012

      I agree with you. Wise words. They are just normal people, just like us. They need privacy and they probably love their fans with all their heart, but they need space to breathe. So let me tell you, YOU. ARE. RIGHT!

    2. Mrs.Styles 6 July 2012

      I do Love them also and I do say Im going to Marry Harry but I know thats not going to happen being our age differences and well him being famous but if I did meet them I wouldn’t jump around, yeah I would be shocked if they came to my house, I would be happy and smile alot but I wouldn’t be jumping around acting all crazy, plus that would probably make them want to leave… but I love One Direction!

      1. EmilyStyles 14 July 2012

        yeah. Both of us LOVE Harry Styles. But we can also be serious. I have a huge age difference between me and Harry and he is famous. Plus Millions of other girls all around the world love Harry. It would be a dream come true for me if I did meet Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall or Zayn but at least we can be serious. I LOVE ONE DIRECTION!

    3. Kendall 13 June 2012

      They r a big deal to everyone else on hear but u;)

      1. 1Dlivinthedream<3 24 July 2012

        That’s not very nice. This website should be for directioners, but if you want to be on this site then you can be on it. But if you were they boys, would you like that?

      2. i<3doggies 20 July 2012

        uh… ok? Well why don’t you search up embarrassing 1D facts. That would help you out

      3. Moonlight 27 June 2012

        If you are that dedicated to embarassing 1D, and even made up a dumb name for it, I’d say you’re obsessed with 1D! Ha, I doubt you even have good resons why you don’t like them!

    4. Hayley Craig 13 June 2012

      U no wat? Maybe we shoodnt be jumpin up and down but we shood still be really excited tht they r there. U need to learn to use Spellcheck

      1. i<3doggies 20 July 2012

        Hmm… You also need to use spellcheck? It’s spelt shouldn’t not shoodnt

    5. Maya 10 June 2012

      If you want to make a point can you at least act like you know how to spell and incase you hadn’t heard there is an amazing new thing called SPELLCHECK!

    6. BeckaMalik 10 June 2012

      Okay well first of all, do you not know who to spell words? You sound like an idiot typing like that. Second of all why do you care if other people obsess over One direction? You should just worry about yourself. Okay? Thank you(:

  348. Gabrielle 9 June 2012


  349. Mauimahi 9 June 2012

    Hey harry i dont like mayonnaise either and louis i could try to like carrots

  350. Herjudypattrsn 9 June 2012

    Is it true u r addiced to cigaretts and my favoite color is blue I’m doinga book about u guys it about how u become friends. Also about your favorite thing to do and stuff, but its soo hard to find the info.

  351. anna 9 June 2012

    I Love Harry and I dont Like mayonnaise too

  352. googoo 8 June 2012

    zane can speak china

    1. malory 11 June 2012

      Said it wrong Zayn can speak Chinese!

    2. Monkeypeace4 9 June 2012

      you idiot !!its chinese!?and its zayn!

  353. sarah 7 June 2012

    big fan lol i love one direction and my favorite color is blue too! :3

  354. DestanyLoves1D 7 June 2012

    Harry then Louis than Niall then Liam then Zyan. All of them cute and talented 

    1. Mauimahi 9 June 2012

      if u switch harry and louis then switch liam and niall it would be in order for me

  355. Cheyegreen2000 7 June 2012

    i love one direction so much i love your misic so much i like singing your songs so much i love u guys so much my name is cheyenne green can u call me today at 972/924/2402 ok guy only on direction people can u guys do that people that are one direction

  356. Katherinejoconnor 6 June 2012

    When Liam was 4 he would walk into the kitchen and peed on the kitchen floor.i still <3 him

  357. Deathbybunnies98 5 June 2012

    awwwww Niall and harry…. they’re so cute :3 I love Nialls laugh and I love Harry’s personality!! AHHHH IM IN LOVE!!!!

  358. Sara&Harrylove 5 June 2012

    I know a lot about one direction.like Harry had a girlfriend named Sara she is pretty.

  359. Sara&Harrylove 5 June 2012

    Avleen do you smoke like Zayn?

  360. Kelsy&louis 5 June 2012

    one direction is the best band ever !

    1. harry&saraluv 13 June 2012

      i totally agree, kelsy&louis

  361. Sara&harry love 5 June 2012

    I love Zayn to but I am not his age. I am harry’s age. 18 is both of our ages.But he is 2 days older than me.

  362. Alexisneff96 5 June 2012

    i love zayn so much but the hing is i turn 16 in a couple of mouths do u hink i have a chance well not now cause he has a gf and im happy for him love you zayn

    1. Skoobydoo 10 June 2012

      You would never go for you. You are under age. He can go to jail for that.

  363. Sara 5 June 2012

    Avleen do you have a tatoo.

  364. Sara 5 June 2012

    My most fav is Harry&Naill

  365. chloe.robertson 4 June 2012

    is the band going to brake up

    1. Skoobydoo 10 June 2012

      no. They will never break up. All boy bands have fights. they will get over it.

  366. Chocolate 4 June 2012

    louis wayyyyyyy 2 old 4 u hes almost 21 and ur like 9 go like another boy band leave this 1 2 us older directioners

  367. Veronica Malik 4 June 2012

    Zayn’s favorite. Colour is red. he likes chicken.

    1. Kendall:) 14 June 2012

      I luv chicken. Its all I eat.

    2. Jrjessiramirez 6 June 2012

      Its blue not red!

      1. Skoobydoo 10 June 2012

        It is blue. U r an idiot to think it is red.

  368. Veronica Malik 4 June 2012

    Zayn is sooooooo my future husband!!! What’s the age limit as to how old a girl has to be for him to date her? As in youngest to oldest age

    1. Kendall:) 14 June 2012

      Um.. 1-50 haha jk:)

  369. Sarah811 4 June 2012

    nialls fav colour is green

  370. Maya 4 June 2012

    Who are the girls in the back? It might be Louis sisters or El, or Dani.

  371. ann margaret areval 4 June 2012


  372. Sarahlynnp2000 3 June 2012

    ahhhhh zayn and liam are the best!!!!!!!<3

    1. Caca 10 June 2012

      I am with you sister

  373. Jakeficklin 3 June 2012

    I likes it! Thanks so much! But u need to spell check most of this. But overall, great job!
    P.s do not think it’s weird that a guy is looking at this, it’s for my little sister

    1. Kendall:) 14 June 2012

      Haha….. Sure;) any way gurlz luv guyz who like One Direction

  374. Siara 3 June 2012

    One direction rocks I <3 them.

  375. Nessg2000 2 June 2012

    i love LIAM PAYNE hes soo cute nd my favorite color is puprle too liam :) <33333333333333333 MARRY ME LIAM PAYNE <333

  376. Jemmas mailk 2 June 2012

    omg i love one directiom so so much but i love justin bieber more. zayne should sing more in songs he is so hot.make a new song quick better than one thing

    1. Maya838 4 June 2012

      They have about 18 songs! And you spelled ZAYN wrong. I’m guessing your their biggest directionator

    2. kyleigh 3 June 2012

      just to let u no that one direction has way more songs then one thing

  377. <3Maneet<3 1 June 2012

    Well i would say that i nevr knew all this!!!!!!!!
    1 fact is that zayn is my future husband! :)

  378. 1Derful_VasHappenin 31 May 2012

    What is Zayn’s middle name?

    1. Kendall:) 14 June 2012

      Jawaard? Think dats it…..

      1. Kendall:) 14 June 2012

        Wait, no r sorry

    2. Skoobydoo 10 June 2012

      IDK! But he has a tattoo of his grandmothers name on his chest.

    3. Megan 31 May 2012


  379. Jasmincasey1d 30 May 2012


    1. Skoobydoo 10 June 2012

      They have way more than 13 songs.

    2. Rcjennings97 2 June 2012

      They have more than 13 songs.

    3. Jasmincasey1d 30 May 2012


  380. Olga9773 30 May 2012


  381. Meanbeans2 30 May 2012

    Harrys real name is Harold Edward Styles

    1. Kendall:) 14 June 2012

      I like ur name.

  382. Poo 29 May 2012

    Louis’ middle name isn’t William

    1. Skoobydoo 10 June 2012

      Yes it is . If you know so much than tell us everything about him. how he has 4 sisters. How he was born in 1991.How he does not like tattoos. His fav. movie is Grease. Should I go on.

      1. Kendall:) 14 June 2012

        He likes gurlz who like carrots:)

    2. Hayleylc 30 May 2012

      Yes it is

  383. Chloe Skipper 29 May 2012

    I love 1D Zayn’s my fave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who can’t love Zayn????????? He’s SOOOOOOOOO hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  384. 1d~lover 29 May 2012

    I love all of them! My mom even said we might be able to go to england for a concert during their uk tour!

    1. Kendall:) 14 June 2012


      Take me wif u!!!!!!!!!!

  385. 1d~lover 27 May 2012

    [Liam]I’m broken, do you hear me?I’m blinded, ’cause you are everything I see,I’m dancin’ alone, I’m praying,That your heart will just turn around,And as I walk up to your door,My head turns to face the floor,’Cause I can’t look you in the eyes and say,[Harry]When he opens his arms and holds you close tonight,It just won’t feel right,’Cause I can love you more than this, yeah,When he lays you down,I might just die inside,It just don’t feel right,’Cause I can love you more than this,Can love you more than this[Niall]If I’m louder, would you see me?Would you lay downIn my arms and rescue me?’Cause we are the sameYou save me,When you leave it’s gone again,[Louis]And when I see you on the street,In his arms, I get weak,My body fails, I’m on my knees,Prayin’,[Everyone]When he opens his arms and holds you close tonight,It just won’t feel right,’Cause I can love you more than this, yeah,When he lays you down,I might just die inside,It just don’t feel right,’Cause I can love you more than this, yeah,[Zayn]I’ve never had the words to say,But now I’m askin’ you to stayFor a little while inside my arms,And as you close your eyes tonight,I pray that you will see the light,That’s shining from the stars above,(And I say)[Liam]When he opens his arms and holds you close tonight,It just won’t feel right,’Cause I can love you more than this,[Zayn]’Cause I can love you more than this[Everyone]When he lays you down,I might just die inside,It just don’t feel right,’Cause I can love you more than this, yeah,When he opens his arms and holds you close tonight,It just won’t feel right,’Cause I can love you more than this,When he lays you down,I might just die inside,It just don’t feel right,’Cause I can love you more than this,Can love you more than this

    1. Kendall:) 14 June 2012

      Wow. Isnt it I “cant” luv u more than this? Idk, made more sence….

      1. One Direction Lover 30 July 2012

        lol ya… i have the cd with the book that has the lyrics in it and its i cant,…lol

  386. 1d~lover 27 May 2012

    oh ya justin bieber id gay!!

  387. 1d~lover 27 May 2012

    i love all of u….. niall harry liam louis and zayn! but harry is still the hottest one of all!

  388. Alyssacastro2166 27 May 2012

    I love liam payne<3 and how come there are no facts about zayn and alone? Zayn is the hottest one. Duh! xp

  389. destiny 27 May 2012

    harrys full name is harold edward styles. :)

  390. amy 26 May 2012

    hey my name is amy and i love 1d there really good u should get some more info on them i would totaly come back to this awesome website

  391. Madison 26 May 2012

    u and i are perfect for each other
    im not allowed to buy food too cuz i would buy too much and i love food!!!!!!!!!

    1. Laken 27 May 2012

      Your so stupid shut up
      1D is the worst band ever!!!!!!

      1. Moonlight 27 June 2012

        No, you’re the stupid one that needs to shut up!

      2. Skoobydoo 10 June 2012

        If you hate 1D so much why r u one this page. Everyone can see these comments. What if a little girl was on her and she saw this u might have broken her heart. Treat others the way u want 2 be treated. Keep your comments to yourself.

      3. Kendall:) 14 June 2012

        U just jealous cause they have more fans than u ever will.

      4. True_OneDirection_Lover 1 June 2012

        No! They aren’t! 1D is AWESOME!!!!

      5. Elson 27 May 2012

        One direction is not the worst band! Keep your opinion to yourself!

      6. !Dlover 27 May 2012

        If you hate One Direction go share your opinion some where else your are stupid and jealous

  392. Grave02 26 May 2012

    i love you harry! im 17=) i love your hair my favorite color is pink 2.

  393. tim 26 May 2012

    one direction if you read this i love you all zayn <3 niaouli <3 liam <3 louis <3 harry <3
    PS: zayn you are so hot man

  394. 1d~lover 26 May 2012

    5 guys
    4 me
    3 words
    2 say
    1 direction
    i love you <3

  395. Roarlion731 26 May 2012

    they are sooo cute and hot!!!;)

  396. Chloe Flan 26 May 2012

    I just love 1d so much

  397. Chloe Flan 26 May 2012

    He is georgse Liam so dreamy

  398. Jackycruz93 25 May 2012

    LOUIS TOMLINSON IS THE CUTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3

    1. 1d~lover 27 May 2012

      no harry is the cutest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3

      1. Skoobydoo 10 June 2012

        harry is the cutest.

  399. Coledwright 25 May 2012

    Arnt they all gay?

    1. Skoobydoo 10 June 2012

      no they are not gay.

    2. Skoobydoo 10 June 2012

      They r not gay. Watch your words.

    3. Skoobydoo 10 June 2012

      there could be children on this page. keep your comments to yourself.

    4. True_OneDirection_Lover 1 June 2012

      No are you going out of your mind! It’s called bromance!

    5. 1d~lover 26 May 2012

      yes! and any true one direction lover would know that.

      1. Elson 27 May 2012

        They are not gay! I’m a true one direction lover, but if you were, you would know that they aren’t gay!!

      2. 1d~lover 27 May 2012

        yes they are just admit it ur just jealous cuz i know more about them!!! j.k im not that obsessed with them cuz i have a bf and he dosnt really like them so i dont talk about them in front of him

      3. Skoobydoo 10 June 2012

        very well played. Never talk about how cute they are in front of your boyfriend.

      4. !Dlover 27 May 2012

        One Direction is gay? I didn’t know that ,but dont some of them have girl friends

      5. Kendall:) 14 June 2012

        If one more person ask that…….

      6. 1d~lover 27 May 2012

        yes some of them do, but they all are a little bit gay! but i dont care if they are gay they are all the cutest guys in the world but my boyfriend would have something to say about me thinking that they are cuter than him! lol

    6. Jackycruz93 25 May 2012

      NOOOOOOOOO are you kidding me!!!!

      1. A Carrot Girl. 25 May 2012

        Lol, you’re not a real directioner. LOOK AT THEM. They’re probably not all gay…BUT LOOK AT LOUIS AND HARRY. I mean c’mon. They clearly like each other.

      2. Skoobydoo 10 June 2012

        no they do not. u r just jealous

      3. 1d~lover 27 May 2012

        u got that right.

  400. A Carrot Girl. 24 May 2012

    Oooh dear, they’re all so fit.

  401. HARRY STYLES LOVER 24 May 2012


  402. harry 24 May 2012

    1D please come and visit palestine

  403. natalia 24 May 2012

    i love harry he is so cute

  404. Alysha 24 May 2012

    one word…………..NIALL <3

  405. serena malik 23 May 2012

    i luv you zayn you are so cute but i love justin bieber too

  406. Serenawood 23 May 2012

    i love you zayn, i will marry one day i love justin bieber too

  407. Mrs. Tomlinson 23 May 2012

    I am ALREADY married to Louie…..in my fantasy haha but in real life I will marry Liam or Harry lol
    x, ;)

    1. Skoobydoo 10 June 2012

      u r such a lier

    2. Guest 2 June 2012

      If you’re married, learn to spell his name.

  408. Emma fridenbergs 22 May 2012

    Omg.i love 1D there awesome.one day I’ll Mary Harry because I’m like 19.

    1. Kendall:) 14 June 2012

      Well, im not. Dat sux.

    2. Skoobydoo 10 June 2012

      No one is going to marry him. He is to busy for girls. He has to focus on his music.

    3. 1d~lover 27 May 2012

      i know im only 15 but i am going to be the one who marries harry!!!!

      1. Skoobydoo 10 June 2012

        Like I told Emma fridenbergs no one is going to marry him. He is to busy for girls. He has to focus on his music.

  409. Bieber Justin257 22 May 2012

    Harry has the same star sign as me

  410. haha 21 May 2012

    a fact bout harry is that his bday is the day b4 mine

  411. Faith 20 May 2012

    one direction is the best bo band ever. there so sucsessful and never fail to make me happy.

    1. xoHoranxo 22 May 2012

      i know someone called faith i just wanted to know if it you do you know someone called danielle that goes to ur school ?n

  412. Jenelle L Beem 19 May 2012

    a fact aboout Zayn is his name wasn’t always spelled Zayn it was spelled Zain before when he was young and if he had a super powre i would have been to be forever young

  413. Twinkleparmar 18 May 2012

    liam payne is scared of spoons

    1. lara 24 May 2012

      so what if he is

    2. Ziam56 20 May 2012

      That’s weird that he is ;o

      1. Skoobydoo 10 June 2012

        I think it is kinda cute. I bet u r scared of something 2.

  414. LuVyOuHaRrY 18 May 2012


    1. Skoobydoo 10 June 2012


  415. Janitmz 18 May 2012

    I knew all of these :))) they are my entire world

  416. Brooklyn 18 May 2012

    cutest ever…HARRY!!!!

  417. Kinzy24 17 May 2012

    I love 1 D especially Zayn AND HARRY

  418. Boy Directioner 17 May 2012

    Ooohhh… thanks alot

    1. Kendall:) 14 June 2012

      Boy directioner? Dats wuzzup…

  419. Guadalupe Jimenez Paredes 17 May 2012

    Naill loves food. Harry loves cats. Liam is afraid of spoons. Louis loves CARROTS. I think that Zayn loves mirrors. Liam has one kidney. Harry has 4 nipples. They have all kissed each other the roles they play are Liam: smart one, Harry: the flirt, Zayn: is vain, naill: the funny one, Louis: the leader cuz that was the only one left(Harry said that) Louis is 21, Zayn is 19, Harry, naill, and Liam are 18. Naill is a belieber. They were on Icarly. Harry’s worst habit is runnin round naked. Naill (supposedly was flirting with Selena Gomez) Ik a lot more but it’s tmi so follow them on twitter

  420. Raegen 16 May 2012

    Louis loves girls who eat carrots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Let Niall Sing 24 June 2012

      He also is the only 20 year old that can have a girlfriend and a boyfriend and a pet pigeon named Kevin and make it seem normal!! :D

      1. Moonlight 27 June 2012

        Ha ha, so true!

  421. Jenna 15 May 2012

    liams favorite sport is boxing

  422. Samanthaharris 15 May 2012

    Jacob vickery loves harry

  423. Nikki 14 May 2012

    id do any thang just for zane

  424. Nikki 14 May 2012

    i wanna know more facts about zane than anyone

    1. Skoobydoo 10 June 2012

      like what. He has all the money in the world. Why would he want u

    2. Guest 16 May 2012

      Well the first fact, is that his name is ZAYN. Not zane…

      1. Kendall:) 14 June 2012

        bahahahahahaha! :)

  425. Monstercrazykid 13 May 2012

    one directions music is cool and all but the guys are alot cooler and hotter

  426. nataliemilena 13 May 2012

    what is there fav sport

  427. Jemma mailk 13 May 2012

    omg i want zayne to at least txt me ill give him my number i love u zyne i know more facts about u than enyone

    1. Kendall:) 14 June 2012

      Really? Its a fact his name is ZAYN. Did u know that?

    2. Jodi Payne 16 May 2012


  428. Jemma savage 13 May 2012

    1d was famous for like about a year and there should be more facts about zayne i love zayne but i tottaly hate harry styles!!!!! and 1d is nearly more famous then justin bieber and thats a fact for ya

    1. Jaskiratroxs 14 May 2012

      ur such an idiot if u really LOVE Zayn at least spell his name right i can’t believe that u spelled his first AND last name wrong. u r a freakin’ directionator! and what do u have agains t harry. Zayn’s my favortie too though!

    2. Alvarez Nancy63 13 May 2012

      if you love zayn so much learn how to sspell his name ZAYN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  429. Helenwilliams99 12 May 2012

    Knew all these facts already i want to learn more! But love the pics! I love you Louis William Tomlinson <3xxxxxxxxx

    1. Jassie_13 15 May 2012

      i love u niall <3xoxoxoxoxoxoox haahahahaha love u so much :)

  430. Jgr902 10 May 2012

    omg!!!!! harry i just love that we have the same birthday!!!

    1. Skoobydoo 10 June 2012

      I bet u do not have the same birthday

  431. Jgr902 10 May 2012

    i just love that we have the same birthday!!!!

  432. Jgr902 10 May 2012

    omg!!!! harry i just that we have the same birthday!!!!

    1. Kendall:) 14 June 2012

      Omg! Omg! Omg! Thats great.

    2. Skoobydoo 10 June 2012

      u r a liar.

  433. Emilycreyna 10 May 2012

    Harrys full name is Harold Edward Milward Styles.

  434. Nchilcoat2017 10 May 2012

    I love 1D Louis is just the cutest!!!!!

  435. kayla.1d 9 May 2012

    like i didn’t know all of this before hand…
    *dedicated* :D

  436. Mrs_bieber6 8 May 2012

    i love harry hes # 1!!!

    1. DJBSHBPS 14 May 2012


  437. Russianpearls 8 May 2012

    Did u know harry has four nipples

    1. Georgia Ma 10 May 2012

      The other 2 are freckles..

      1. Skoobydoo 10 June 2012

        Have you seen them

  438. Moneyg64 8 May 2012

    I love one direction
    More then you
    Can images
    It’s my life
    My first love

    1. Moneyg64 8 May 2012

      I love u all
      U are my life
      Plc marry me
      I’m dieing with out u

  439. Isabella01cartwright 7 May 2012

    i love harry

    1. Moneyg64 8 May 2012

      I love him more then u

      1. 1DLuva4Eva 22 August 2012

        HARRYS MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. i<3doggies 20 July 2012

        Actually non obsessive fans love him equally but Obsessed crazy girls like you think that you love him the most.

  440. Hannah Debacker 7 May 2012

    Harry is my life !!!!

  441. Lagunas Daisy 6 May 2012

    Wrong! Niall’s favorite color is green not blue

  442. Hamburgare 6 May 2012

    You forget: Harry has 4 nipples

    1. Skoobydoo 10 June 2012

      You r no better than him. He is a human being. Leave him alone.

    2. Skoobydoo 10 June 2012

      So what

    3. harry styles 24 May 2012

      the one that makes fun of him is because he/she is jealous

  443. RandomAwesomeness 6 May 2012

    i love 1D, I love them all <3 <3 <3 :) :) :) :)

    1. Moneyg64 8 May 2012

      Same but I love them more then u

  444. Kandyromero 6 May 2012

    They ar all zoo cute

  445. Kwest8660 5 May 2012

    i have a question for Harry and Niall
    do you like blondes or brunettes better????
    who are you dating?????

    1. Christina 6 May 2012

      harry and niall like both they dont rlly care and i dunno who they are dating

  446. Promo22 5 May 2012

    Ain’t that the truth hahaha lol!!!

  447. Promo22 5 May 2012

    Omg! I love one direction !!! Zanyn is the hottest of them all . :) I’m going to their concert this summer ahhh I’m so excited !!!! I love them so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Arisa 5 May 2012


  448. Kandyromero 5 May 2012

    OMG NAil is soooooo cute

    1. Street Ava23 5 May 2012

      OMG Naill is so adorable! I love 1D!!

  449. Kandyromero 5 May 2012

    Theyy are all sooo cute

  450. Badcatsnow 5 May 2012

    Niall’s favorite color is green, not blue!!

  451. Hang-_-man 3 May 2012

    I love you zayn. Me and you have the same common and will you marry me

  452. awesomeOne 2 May 2012

    AWESOME, who here likes one direction

    1. I<31D 2 May 2012

      who would be here of they didnt like 1D?!

      1. Lol2lolllipops 2 May 2012

        agree 100%

  453. Regan 1 May 2012

    LIAM= MINE . End .

  454. Elizabeth 30 April 2012

    Lol I remember when I first heard a 1d song on the radio and bought it not even knowing who they are. Then I just kept buying their songs… I just found out like a day ago that they r British and found out today that they were on the X factor… I feel like such a loser

  455. Katiehappyface 30 April 2012

    no body likes louis
    I like Liam, Harry, Zayn, and Nile

    1. Kendall:) 14 June 2012

      Elanor likes Louis smart.

    2. smilethiswayxx 1 May 2012

      Ur a directionator screw you,
      I mean i dont hate u but if we were in the hunger games id have no prroblem killing u first..

    3. LOUISLOVER! 30 April 2012

      i love louis, so thats not true.

    4. OneDirectionLove 30 April 2012

      Really? You better not even call yourself a fan. If you were a true fan you would like all of them and spell NIALL’s name right. Plus, if nobody likes Louis, then his 2.9 Million followers must be named Nobody because he is amazing in every way.

      1. Kandyromero 5 May 2012

        I AGREE 100% you all should like all of em that i just like sayin you like a flower with out the peddels!!!!!!!

      2. Kandyromero 5 May 2012

        I like EM all

      3. Skoobydoo 10 June 2012

        Me to

  456. Katiehappyface 30 April 2012

    I love one direction. I love the song thats what makes you beautiful. and i love harry and liam, and harry has the same birth date as me, feb. 1st !

    1. Skoobydoo 10 June 2012

      No u do not

  457. Maddypage 29 April 2012

    i love 1d thank u for this now i can tell my friend i no more about 1D!

  458. mrs.malik 29 April 2012

    one direction is the best ,i love u guys

  459. Hayme12 27 April 2012

    zayn favorite color is blue liam purple harry orange and pink niall green and louis red

  460. Sky-971 26 April 2012

    i love all of them, i have no favorites they are all so amazing, hot and they all sound so kind

    1. Kandyromero 5 May 2012

      They all sound sooo GREAT

  461. Tannaporter8 26 April 2012

    i luvv them so much -harry styles- niall horan-

  462. Vanessa Rodriguez 26 April 2012

    I love them all!!!! they are all adorable and funny in their onw way. Harry is so hot and has a great personality that will make a girll go crazy for him and Niall is adorable and hilarious. Zayn has amazing cheek bones and is amazing. Louis is sooo funny and outgoing he’s adorable. Liam seems like the smart ones and has an amazing personality. they are all really talented and i’d love to meet them one day and especially Harry and Niall they seem fun to be around and will make a girl, like me, go crazy for them!! I LOVE HARRY :D

  463. Morganjm38395 25 April 2012

    Bro it’s spelled zayn

  464. nicole horan 25 April 2012


    1. Sarah Styles 29 April 2012

      U r such a directionater. A real Directioner loves all the boys for who they are. Maybe u pay attention to one more than the rest but if u don’t like one or two of them for who they are, you should be ashamed for saying that you like the other three.

    2. Iamafashionstalker 25 April 2012

      Why you so blind? They dont like you cause you dont like all of them.

  465. Taliagiannetti 25 April 2012

    I love Loui I am saving up my money for the one direction Concert next year and I am going buy as many things as I can!!!!!!!!!

    I love you Louis only 10 but never to young to love one direction

    1. Moonlight 27 June 2012

      A girl can dream, can’t she?

    2. Kandyromero 5 May 2012

      I really want to go to i am also 10 i am never toooo old or to yung to love them and thir voise

      1. IDlivinthedream<3 24 July 2012

        I am only 11 and I want to meet them but I don’t think I will. And all of the directioners on here who are saying that the younger directioners shouldn’t like 1D, well, you are DEAD WRONG!Anyone can love this band, OK?

  466. Olivia 25 April 2012

    I’m madly in love with you Nialle and Harry!!!!!!:)
    I’m 14
    Date me I’m single. <3

    1. Sarah Styles 29 April 2012

      If u loved him that much u should probably spell his name right…

      1. Skoobydoo 10 June 2012

        if u love him so much spell name right. NIALL

    2. Sendicojoan 27 April 2012

      It spelled Niall

    3. Morganjm38495 25 April 2012

      Bro it’s spelled Niall

  467. Www Paigecann 25 April 2012

    I LOVE 1D!!!!! I love you Liam. Your so cute when you sing! I wanna kiss you so bad! I’m only 10 but still!

    1. Skoobydoo 10 June 2012

      I agree with Kandyromero. u r 2 young

    2. Kandyromero 5 May 2012


    3. Kristen 27 April 2012

      I’m 22 the only one remotely close to my age is Louis

  468. Noeli591 25 April 2012

    AmaZAYN!!! <3 Love Them.. Actually Listening To Gotta Be You Right Now!!!

  469. Dhrutip99 25 April 2012

    I got tickets too!!! but its in a whole year in denver so… but still excited!! LOVE 1D

  470. hannah 24 April 2012

    louis can u ask me a question about niall horan

  471. Nicole 24 April 2012

    I love harry he is so so so so so so cute i hope he was my boyfriend. I love his hair. he is a good singer.

    1. Kandyromero 5 May 2012

      All of them is so cute evan though i dont know all thier name still they r such sweethearts!!!!!!!

  472. Jessica230302 24 April 2012

    it was so cool to read that i have been to see them live and harry pulled me up and gave me kiss and a hug and he sighed my top and i am only 9 but it was great and i loved reading the facts so who did it you are a fan i guess but thanks any way :)

    from jessica tilley

  473. Alexmoran 24 April 2012

    God they are all so amazingly fit

  474. Mehkwanrabbit 24 April 2012

    i luv one direction so so so so so so so much i would do anything to meet them in person!<3

  475. Eviee_babee 24 April 2012

    Girls get paid to be in One Direction video clips. I would do it for free. I would even PAY to be in one of those videos!


  476. Abeeha 24 April 2012


  477. Azariaatiga 24 April 2012

    luv u one directon luv luv u come to new zealand to mansell senior school and ask for azaria luv luv u 1d

  478. Ellie Tomlin 23 April 2012

    Harry’s first word was cat.

  479. Marvelnaguib 23 April 2012

    you need to give me the postsers and me and harry got lots of things incomen

  480. Nraggl14 23 April 2012

    Omg all this just made me love them more!!!:D I would love to go to a concert once that my goal inlife before I reasch age 18! Lol:)

  481. lyssa 22 April 2012

    harry is mine mine mine mine mineeeee!!! love him! lol

    1. 1D luver 26 April 2012

      i think ive got direction infection!!!

    2. Skhyleigh 23 April 2012

      no hes not

  482. Mirta 22 April 2012

    Niall’s favourite colour is GREEN not blue

    1. Skoobydoo 10 June 2012

      it is blue! I did research

    2. Beme 24 April 2012

      Also Liam’s favorite sport is basketball not boxing.

  483. NINI 22 April 2012

    Nialls favourite colour is green not blue

    1. Valarie1234567 22 April 2012

      I know right like I said up there^^ Some of this isn’t true!!!

  484. Briv99 22 April 2012

    They are so hott umm i really wanna see them on my b-day its december 26 can someone try to get them to come to my b-day b/c i have never had any body come to my b-days b/c they r all out of town can u guyzz ppz come to my b-day thnx i love u harry

  485. Harleytompkins 22 April 2012

    I’m in love with all of y’all but I’m mostly in love Niall he is soo cute and hopfully I will be in concert whatchinn the performance !!!!!!!!!!<3

  486. Ginnay nay(: 22 April 2012

    omg! i love nial he is amazing and hot i am going to c them in convcert i cant wait(:

  487. Lolo 21 April 2012

    by sara this great i like this band my fav is harry ammm i cant decide i like all

  488. Tess<31D 21 April 2012

    Acording to their latest book nialls favorite color is green, sorrh it just bugged me but i really like the other facts XD

  489. zaynfan 21 April 2012

    more facts about zayn plz!!!!

  490. Julie 21 April 2012

    Niall’s favorite color is green, not blue.

    1. Shaunahector 21 April 2012

      it is so green

    2. Furballpillow 21 April 2012

      see!? thats what i thought too!!! :

  491. Kyrarandom 21 April 2012

    For #45, isn’t Ireland in the UK ??

    1. Jointheparade 21 April 2012

      Only if it’s northern ireland, the rest is nt the uk:/

    2. Shaunahector 21 April 2012

      yes part of it i cant believe u did not no that

  492. Larry Stylinson 20 April 2012

    They are in new zealand rite now!!!!!!!! ILY Louis!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Skoobydoo 10 June 2012

      how do u know that? R u a stalker?

  493. AmberHoran 19 April 2012

    Okay, well im the BIGGEST DIRECTIONER!!!! i love niall the best and i think he’s absolutely perfect<3

    1. AnnaHoran 21 April 2012

      Hes mine <3

  494. ILOVEONEDIRECTION 19 April 2012


    1. Skoobydoo 10 June 2012

      who cares! My whole room is covered with One Direction Posters.

  495. Trinity 19 April 2012

    i love one direction i have been a fan fora long time love you one direction

  496. Princessann_annian17 19 April 2012

    why there was no zodiac sign for Zayn?

    1. Colorr15 19 April 2012

      ’cause he’s Arabic .

      1. amig 1 July 2012

        nah pakisteni or indin british

    2. Siralyn808 19 April 2012

      He’s a Capicorn

  497. Saarah1998 18 April 2012

    i love one direction you should put more about zayn

  498. Zayn_tomlinson 18 April 2012

    I love One Direction!!! Especially Zayn and Louis!!! I love you Zouis Momlinson!!! Forever 1D!!!

  499. (:Directioner4LIFE:) 18 April 2012

    why did Louis get suspended :O :( and there are aloottt of directionaters here, u can’t even spell their name properly! It’s Zayn (well actually Zain, but he likes Zayn) with no ‘e’ and not Louise, its Louis!! Pronounced Lou-e! :) soz just thought id put it out there ;) LOVE 1D FOR LIIFEEE <3 <3

  500. AshleyS. 18 April 2012

    I love you One Direction<333
    Harry&&Niall<3 (:

  501. Kylee 18 April 2012

    I <3 1D!!!!!! ESPECIALLY NIALL!!! <3 <3

  502. liam for life 17 April 2012

    I love zayn and liam and i also love the whole band as well and i love ONE DIRECTION

  503. Zaynemalik 17 April 2012

    Hey, thanks for putting all this stuff up, we really appreciate it, love, Zayne( :

    1. Skoobydoo 10 June 2012

      It was not just Zayn that put it up there. Spell his name right.

    2. Maddy Tomlonson 20 April 2012


    3. Konehead 20 April 2012

      Hey Zayn please tell louis thatI have a really MASSIVE crush on him please.

      Brooke Hudson

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    Harry’s favourite song is Free Fallin’ by John Mayer

  505. Malou<3 17 April 2012

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  506. Malou<3 17 April 2012

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    Please help! :)

    Love malou! <3

  507. Bethany_loves_james 17 April 2012

    i am a huge one direction fan and i am always going to be and they are the cutest boyband ever and i love liam payne from one direction he is so hot and i really cant wait to go and see them on their live tour 2012

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    well me and my friend are pretty slow and we only just started to love one direction, we are nerds (yes i know) and we think that one direction is a perfect band for young girls as oposed to emnem. also we love Louise.

  509. Megan! 16 April 2012

    Pretty Certain Gotta Be You made number 2 in the charts actually…

  510. Sarah 16 April 2012

    Niall James Horan I love you so much!You are so cute we are like twins,but your a boy and im a girl and both of us have blonde hair and blue eyes,are favorite color is blue!! Love yoou <3 (;

  511. Meagan....... 16 April 2012

    i love one direction i wish they had a concert in malaysia and i think liam a great role model to me and my bff
    P.S not rerly my friend hate one direction dont noo why

  512. HarryStylesMeetHarryPotter 16 April 2012

    Thank God 1D exist. Harry doesn’t know he’s beautiful and I would stay up all night listening 2 their album. Love ‘Em!

  513. JimmyISprotesting 16 April 2012

    I need to get this out here…you guys are the biggest directionators ever. If you didn’t know these guys are gay for each other if you didn’t get the memo. They drink & Zayn smokes. Read a UK interview & you might actually learn something

    -From a true directioner since before they came to America

    P.S it’s Niall, Zayn & pronounced LOU-E!

    1. Skoobydoo 10 June 2012

      shut the hell up. U do not know what u r talking about.

    2. ShutUpJimmy 16 April 2012

      Who Cares.

  514. Kendra 15 April 2012

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    Omg I’m a massive 1D fan I’m going to a concert in 2013 I hope I can see. I think that they are all hot and cute but if I had to pick I would say Niall (and there’s a pic of him with a leapracorn and I have the same one).i also love Harry and zayn as well as Louis and Liam I love u one direction! Even though I’m only 10 :(

  517. LOUISROX2012 15 April 2012

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  518. Taliagiannetti 15 April 2012

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    OLD for me I’m only nine but a HUGE BIG GIANT one direction fan

    1. annette horan 15 April 2012

      Age is just a number

      1. Skoobydoo 10 June 2012

        i agree

    2. LOUIS 15 April 2012


      1. OneDirrrrrrection 16 April 2012

        Louis as a role model LMFAO! You apparently really don’t know very much about him then:)

      2. Skoobydoo 10 June 2012

        she is only 9. than who is yours. keep your comments 2 yourself.

      3. Taliagiannetti 16 April 2012

        :( only 9

      4. Taliagiannetti 15 April 2012

        We are only 10 but we all love you. Btw my friend Natalia is going to your concert im SOOOOOOO jealous

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    1. Kandyromero 5 May 2012

      BTW everyone izz weird not just him ok so if imarry him call me MRS.WEIRD. :-

    2. Alexis 19 April 2012

      ur WEIRD
      liam nd louis and da rest of 1D are da sweetest boys u ever saw….
      and u hv a WEIRD name no offense

      1. Kandyromero 5 May 2012

        Who were you evan takin bout????

      2. Skoobydoo 10 June 2012

        who r u talking about :)

    3. Carlitogivemeursalsa 16 April 2012

      Directionator. Jimmy is protesting this post.

  522. Amberramos97 15 April 2012


    1. Alice 15 April 2012

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      1. Kandyromero 5 May 2012

        I just want to pick all of them. :-)

      2. Liams Girl 21 November 2012

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    Hugs and Kisses

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  526. not tellin 14 April 2012

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    1. Kyla_Styles 14 April 2012

      Niall’s favourite colour is Blue but I cant help you with Liam’s funny quote.

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    Ouuuuuf imman aquarius too!!
    <3 harry and zayn!!

  528. Someone hehe 13 April 2012

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  529. P-lan 1998 13 April 2012

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    Niall, my favorite colour is blue too!!! <3
    Love you boys! <3<3

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    And I want to meet you really bad I want go meet you know my favorite in one direction is Niall Horan, Zayn Mailk, Liam Payne, Harry Styles,and Louis Tomlinson. One direction please call or text me someday latter.

  531. Darren(girl) 12 April 2012

    Harry and I are both Aquarius!!! (:

  532. I love one direction! 12 April 2012

    I am the biggest fan ahhhhhhhhh! I love 1direction!

  533. Mariah Schwager 11 April 2012

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  534. Ammaew2 11 April 2012

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    1. Harry Styles Lover 11 April 2012

      Guys aren’t u forgetting about Justin Bieber??? I love him as well
      We should love em both the same amount!!!

  535. aya 11 April 2012

    louis has 5 sisters

  536. Brenna 11 April 2012

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  537. Sierrawillimas 11 April 2012

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    1. Jrk99 11 April 2012

      No sorry he’s mine!! My wedding finger will even prove it to u!!! Haha
      I love u Harry

  538. Bethany'1D'Styles 10 April 2012

    whoever said niall is the youngest in a comment below is wrong so if you dont no it dont comment because all your doing is making a fool of your self :)

  539. Harry lover 10 April 2012

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  540. Lsmccormack70 10 April 2012

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  542. alicia mckenzie 10 April 2012

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  544. alicia mckenzie 10 April 2012

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  545. Mookiepooch 10 April 2012

    #21 is wrong niall is the youngest in the band

    1. Guest 10 April 2012

      Nope.. Thats wrong

  546. Biancapring 10 April 2012

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    1. Kandyromero 6 May 2012

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  553. Abbigayle Richards 7 April 2012

    My swim team voted this list of the cutest

    1. amigo 1 July 2012

      zayn is def the the most handsome..if u see them for real/.

    2. Harry'sgurl 10 April 2012

      I am telling u girls that Harry is tot’s adorable

    3. Jordo691 10 April 2012

      Harry is so the hottest so any girls who like him and his hair better back off

  554. Lazybaby789 7 April 2012

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  555. soccerstar 7 April 2012


    1. ILOVENIALL<3 13 April 2012

      Noo ! Lol !

  556. Briannahasler Peace 6 April 2012

    why does one direction have to be old and why cant the come to more concerts in michigan and the states

    1. .... 6 April 2012

      these boys are not old, if you dont know something as simple as that then why do you want to see them gig, id advise a little research first and maybey just maybey listen to one of their songs before booking tickets.

      1. Paola 7 April 2012

        Maybe she is like 13,12,14 and thats why she is saying that…… believe it or not, people know them as much as you do or even more….!

  557. Carly 6 April 2012

    You guys are such an inspiration! I wish my voice and talent can be heard like yours was! I love the video diarys you do, it shows that you’re just normal boys who like to have fun :) Stay like that don’t change because that’s what makes you beautiful! :D love you boys! Keep singing<3

  558. kellichap88 6 April 2012

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    Vas Happinin! I love these guys! They always make me smile! I love them all and their voices & personalities rock, but my ultimate favorite is Niall, there is just that “One Thing” that I love about him! :)
    Keep on living all of your dreams guys!

    – Brooklyn

    1. Nonus26 5 April 2012

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  565. Ilovejb 1 April 2012

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    1. Faking_That_Smile 2 April 2012

      Louis* hahaa(:

    2. Mckennarams 2 April 2012

      its actually Zayn Malik. get your facts straight!

      1. Vicky_Direction 5 April 2012

        no its actually Zain but he wanted to be more original

    3. 1DHailyZayn 1 April 2012

      Its javaad not jawaad. :) Just saying. Psh… you call yourself a fan. :PP

      1. Shivy_xx 3 April 2012

        I absolutely love you Zayn by the way i have seen u in the Jingle Bell Ball and I saw u and I think u saw me I was near the front

      2. Ashlynn 2 April 2012

        No it’s Jawaad

  566. E.K 30 March 2012

    i think that niall’s favourite colour is yellow and blue is harry’s fav colour :)

    1. Debmbc 9 April 2012

      Niall’s favourite colour is blue and yellow is harry’s

  567. 1dluver 30 March 2012

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    i love one direction 4evr n always!!!!!!

  574. Patrick Brandel 22 March 2012

    They love NY and the United States, having a number 1 here has really opened their eyes.Favorite things;1) Food ‘Macdonlds’ The whole band love it, Harry laughed ‘I’m loving it’2) Drink ‘Cherry Pepsi’ Niall likes diet3) Movie ‘Hunger Games’ Zayn thought he should be in the next film4) Book ‘Fledgling Jason Steed’ Liam & Harry both admitted to crying at the sad part.5) Phone ‘iPhone’ They all carry an iPhone, but would not give out their numbers.6) TV ‘Eastenders’ A british soap. Louis wants a part on it someday.7) Sport. Soccer8) Worst part of the group. Nialls farts have been known to kill

  575. Zoethepurpleglitter 21 March 2012

    i love u guys i threw all of my JUSTIN BIEBER stuff away and got NEW stuffof ONE DIRECTION!!!!! hahaha

  576. Liam Paynes wifey for lifey 20 March 2012

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  577. Megan Rudling 18 March 2012

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  579. Megi Yzeiraj 17 March 2012

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  582. Stacey Bird 14 March 2012

    Omg im sori.. But is it prnounced, Loo-is or loo-ee
    ?? It been buggin me for agez.. Anywayz I <3 yuh harry, and niall and zayn and.. Loo-is/loo-ee[=

    1. Ashley 18 March 2012

      Loo-ee I think

    2. Ljm Appleid 15 March 2012


    3. Ivorymym 14 March 2012

      Its realky according to the person.

  583. Kaitlyn ( Ms.styles) 14 March 2012


  584. OneD_Forever 13 March 2012

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  589. Monicalinares711 6 March 2012

    um no Liam’s favorite sport is basketball that’s y he always described himself as Troy from High School Musical because he loved to play basketball and singing

  590. Rjgibson 3 March 2012

    harrys from chesher liam wolverhampton niall irland louis doncasta zayn bradford

  591. Rjgibson 3 March 2012

    liam has 2 sisters

  592. Shazynadz 1 March 2012


    1. mrs styles 10 March 2012

      HARRYS MINE THEN hahahahah

  593. bianca 1 March 2012

    zayn malik’s first job was apparently a waiter at a family restaurant..

  594. bianca 1 March 2012

    here’s another fact…. zayn malik’s first job was apparently a waiter at a family restaurant….

  595. Pahahhaha 25 February 2012

    Um, Niall’s favorite color is green -___-

    1. IloveNiallJamesHoranXX 6 March 2012

      Yea it is i was gunna say that :/

  596. Luke Ward 24 February 2012

    Here’s another fact… One Direction have scored the highest debut for a UK act in the US singles chart for almost 14 years, with What Makes You Beautiful. Their song entered the chart at 28, after selling 132,000 downloads in its first week!

  597. It'sBritt! 24 February 2012

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