Facts, simple chunks of information that can make us laugh, rage and despair. Here we’re going to look at 100 utterly amazing facts you never knew about anything and everything, from TV to art, food to royalty; we will cover plenty of topics to satisfy your interests.

  1. There is a punctuation mark called an ‘interrobang’ (or interabang). It is the name given to this symbol ‽ but is often presented as ?!
  2. In 2010, a British man secured a world record after living with poisonous snakes for 121 days… or so he thought. Guinness refused to accredit the man with the title as they no longer have this record in their list. The man lived with snakes for no reason at all.
  3. The largest country in the world is by far the snowy wonder that is Russia. Spanning 6,601,699 square miles, Russia is actually larger than former planet Pluto, which has a land mass of 6,430,000 sq. miles.
  4. The idea of Pokémon evolving is actually based on the caterpillar becoming a butterfly. Pokémon creator Satoshi Tajiri loved collecting and studying the creatures as a child and based his worldwide hit on the process.
  5. The conventional laughter when written is of course ‘hahaha’ or sometimes ‘jajaja’ but in the East there’s a few less conventional ways of showing your amusement for example in Thailand you’d say ‘5555’ as the number 5 in Thailand is actually pronounced ‘ha’. In Japan they would use ‘www’, no not the web address, which originates from the word for laugh; warai.
  6. The first 3D film created in September 1922, a silent film brought 3D to the masses with The Power of Love, the film even had an alternate ending, decided by closing one eye or another. However, sadly the footage has since been lost.
  7. When famous Batman villain actor Heath Ledger died, he became the number one Google search on the day of his death followed closely by Keith Ledger and an array of other ledger-like queries.
  8. To ‘hang ten’ in surfing, means to have all 10 toes over the edge of the board when riding a wave.
  9. A Pterodactyl existed that was too large to fly, with a wingspan equating to that of a F16 Fighter jet, the creature had to find higher ground to launch itself and glide.
  10. Scientists in the U.S. have managed to concoct an unholy combination of a goat and spider to try and create spider silk, one of the strongest substances on earth, by mixing the pairs genes and excreting the silk out as an extra protein from the goat’s udders.
  11. The term Quarantine is one that is as old as time, segregating the ill or the dangerous to protect the rest of the tribe but where does the phrase come from? The Italian phrase quaranta giorni is said to be the origin of the word quarantine, it means simply 40 days and refers to a time when during the plague ships arriving in Venice were required to stay out at sea for the entire 40 days before docking.
  12. Have you ever been in a pool and had you’re eyes burn from the sheer amount of chlorine in the water around you? I have bad news, the redness and pain isn’t caused by chlorine as such but by the urine, or more scientifically uric acid. Uric acid in pools is caused in around 90% of the cases by swimmers urination reacting with a chemical cyanogen chloride.
  13. Everyone’s favorite mentally disturbed fan from the 2000’s has to be Stan, the fictional Eminem fanatic who is star in one of the rappers biggest hits. Did you know that Stan AKA Devon Sawa was actually the child in the 1995 blockbuster Casper and later in 1999 co-starred with Jessica Alba in the awful comedy horror Idle Hands.
  14. Have you ever yawned and a bit of saliva shoots out of your mouth into the air? So have many apparently, you’re not alone. This process is known as Gleeking and is caused by your salivary glands being randomly stimulated.
  15. The value of Bitcoins have sky rocketed with 1 bitcoin currently equating to around $4,200 (as of September 2017). This fact hit one Jacksonville man quite hard when, in 2010 he paid 10,000 bitcoins, or $25, for someone to deliver him 2 pizzas, this seems like a fair deal but now those 10,000 bitcoins are actually worth $42,189,900 – 2 very expensive pizzas indeed.
  16. In 2015 the Korean Herald revealed a study that found out that the number of fried chicken outlets in Korea stood a whopping 36,000. This figure means the country has almost the same number of these outlets as there are McDonald’s branches across the world.
  17. In the state of Mississippi the driver of a vehicle may consume alcohol as he mans the wheel as long as his blood alcohol level remains below 0.08%, which is the given level across many jurisdictions including the U.K. In most states drivers aren’t even allowed to have a passenger holding an alcoholic beverage.
  18. In 2011, at the 21 annual IG Nobel Prize awards, Japanese scientists secured a place in the history books after winning an award for a $450 fire alarm system for the deaf. The system uses vaporized Wasabi to alert a member of the deaf community of the potential risk.
  19. The 1997 video game Disney’s Math Quest: Aladdin was the only game Robin Williams voiced. He played his unforgettable funny-man The Genie in the game and helped youngsters navigate the wondrous world of math.
  20. The male equivalent of a ballerina is a ballerina.
  21. The only country in the world to begin with a Q is Qatar, the nearest English pronunciation to the local way would be Cutter and the name comes from Qatara referring to Zubara, a town in the country. The only country ending in Q is Iraq.
  22. In 1960 a female cow was killed by a falling chunk of U.S. satellite in Cuba. With the tension at the time between the two countries, this was seen as a way of taking a dig at the U.S. so a cow was paraded through the streets with a sign reading “Eisenhower, you murdered one of my sisters”.
  23. Whenever you approach a door in any outlet across the world, I can almost guarantee you’ll have the ‘is it a push or pull’ moment in which you have a simple choice between success or humiliation. This design is known as a “Norman Door”; a door style that needs directions of use to be displayed.
  24. Fort Knox has an escape tunnel installed in the lower part of the vault. This tunnel is there in case anyone accidentally becomes trapped inside the vault.
  25. A group of pandas is called an embarrassment.
  26. The sticky wonder that is a frosted pop tart is always a breakfast choice for those days where you feel a little naughty but what about the healthier unfrosted option? According to Spencer Gaffney – a student from Princeton, the unfrosted tarts have 10 calories more than their 200 calorie frosted friend.
  27. A combination of hot compressed carbon, aka diamonds, falls from the skies on planets like Saturn and Jupiter due to the insane pressure gravitationally.
  28. If you wanted to dance after 1AM in Japan, you’d have broken a 1948 law strictly prohibiting it, however, in 2015, this law was revoked meaning you can now bust as many shapes as you want, at any time you like!
  29. In February 1997 a cargo ship called the Tokio Express had a freak accident causing its cargo to be lost due to a huge wave. One part of this cargo was a container containing 4.8 million pieces of Lego which can still be found washing up on U.K. beaches during storms.
  30. In Tokyo, Japan, there is a café where you can play with, and cuddle hedgehogs for around ¥1,000 depending on the day of the week. The name Café Harry is based on the native word for Hedgehog; harinezumi.
  31. A recent discovery in China has revealed a new smallest species of dinosaur, the microraptor measures in at a miniscule 16 inches long. This creature could actually been a fully grown specimen meaning the children could be smaller.
  32. The last words of Winston Churchill – one of the most highly respected and feared leaders in WWII were “I’m bored with it all”.
  33. Binary time is a process of time measurement in which there are 10-hour days, 100 minutes an hour and 100 seconds in a minute. This is also known as French Revolutionary time, a system the French have tried to adopt twice; once in 1793 and 1897.
  34. The Japanese town of Kamikatsu is set to become the first 100% recycling town in the world. As of 2015 they recycled over 80% of their trash with the rest being dumped in landfills. With a population of 1,700 the town started its ambitious plan in 2003.
  35. In ancient Rome, gladiators were held in the highest respect, but one of the rarer sights were female gladiators or gladiatrix, a much less common fighter who had the same purpose as their male counterparts but have all but disappeared from history.
  36. The Mandela Effect is an internet name given to the scientific term Confabulation, the term used to describe the process of numerous people remembering an event or situation completely differently. One theory of a cause is parallel universes interlocking with our own.
  37. Fred Rogers was the celebrity responsible for pouring the wax that created the 100th billion Crayola Crayon. Mr. Rogers had been on TV since 1968 and had a section explaining the crayon production process.
  38. The Greek word idiōtēs meaning one who lacks professional skill is the origin of our English word; idiot. The term idiot in Ancient Athenian democracy meant someone who was self-centered and got involved with private affairs solely.
  39. In 2016, a man was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after the man threw an alligator through a window a drive-in Wendy’s restaurant. He was also charged with possession of an alligator.
  40. The bananas we eat today are due to extensive cultivation, the Cavendish is the common yellow banana we all love and unlike most species has no seeds in it to make it viable for consumption compared to its wild counterparts which are often full of seeds.
  41. A 16-year-old may legally vote in Serbia but only if they are an employed citizen. The voting age for those not employed stands at 18, a similar figure to most of the world.
  42. If you want to become an astronaut you have to learn Russian. The common astronaut has to be able to speak the language according to NASA just in case they are faced with a problem on the International Space Station (ISS) near Russian mission control.
  43. Albert Lamorisse created much-loved board game Risk in 1957. The French writer is also famed for numerous short films including Le Ballon Rouge (The Red Balloon) and Crin-Blanc (White Maine).
  44. When Johnny Depp dropped out of High School, a year after his parents divorced, he was advised to follow his dreams by his principal when he finally reappeared at the school two weeks on.
  45. In China it is actually illegal for anyone to carry out ritual ghost marriages. The process of matching recently deceased brides with dead bachelors to ensure loneliness isn’t an issue in the afterlife is deemed unlawful or more so the process of grave robbing is illegal and sale of the dead.
  46. Due to commercial independence, it is illegal for BBC (the British Broadcasting Corporation) to have any form of advertisement or sponsorship in its broadcasts to ensure the best programming and content is displayed and not influenced.
  47. Netflix is one of the largest online streaming services in the world, if not the largest. In a survey of 616 people, 41% of the study says they watch the service once a day and a further 38% use it at least once a week.
  48. Magic the Gathering, a classic card game many people love, was designed by Richard Garfield, he also designed the Star Wars Trading Card Game amongst an array of others. Richard is actually the great-great grandson of the James Garfield, a former U.S. president.
  49. We humans spend an astonishing 13% of our lives zoning out or not focusing on what we should be without realizing it, according to a 2005 study called War and Peace, with this figure actually doubling when we become intoxicated.
  50. In 2015, it was discovered that the number 1 cause of death for policemen is suicide, mainly due to the stress caused by the job itself.
  51. David Slater, a wildlife photographer, was at the center of a court case with PETA over the copyright of an image of a smiling crested black macaque named Naturo, after the cheeky little monkey decided to take a selfie with his equipment.
  52. In 1820, a Russian expedition actually discovered the last known region on Earth to be discovered and to have human colonize; Antarctica, after they spotted an ice shelf. The first actual landing was an astonishing 75 years later by Norwegians.
  53. In 1984, Jackie Chan won the Japanese Best Foreign Singer Award. During the 1980’s he sang the theme songs to his films, and has sang in 5 languages on over 100 songs. He also performed at Expo 2010 and the Summer Olympics 2008 opening ceremony.
  54. In 1945 in the U.S., department store Gimbels sold out of their “fantastic… miraculous fountain pen” in a single day. It sold 10,000 at a whopping $12.50 each, which today is equal to $170… for a pen.
  55. For one episode of Malcolm in the Middle, Bryan Craston decided to undergo hundreds of hours of roller-skating practice to teach his TV-son Malcolm how to roller-skate.
  56. The world’s first remote control was a device that had a cable running from TV to handset. Created in the 1950s the Lazy Bones remote control turned a tuner in the TV via the aid of a motor, it also had an on off button system.
  57. When you think of worker ants they think of busy bees (pardon the confusion) running around the colony but this isn’t the case. In a 2 week study, it was discovered that a measly 2.6% of the colony were always working and almost 25% never did any work at all.
  58. An American man from Montana filed legal action against the TV show Jackass after the show was accused of copyright infringement of his name. Mr. Jack Ass was very annoyed with the show but could never file anything earlier as he was unable to find a willing lawyer.
  59. The use of ‘Bucks’ as an alternative name for U.S. Dollars originates in the 1700s, with Bucks referring to deer skin, a currency during the time. An example would be that in 1748 a diplomat noted that 5 Bucks bought Native Americans a cask of whiskey.
  60. In 2006, a gang was arrested for trying to sell a vial of Coca-Cola’s secret ingredients to their greatest competitor; Pepsi. A 41-year-old secretary was the center of an FBI sting after posing as Pepsi staff to catch them in the transaction for over $1 million.
  61. The watermelon is the perfect summertime fruit. In Oklahoma it was actually given the status of State Vegetable in 2007 following an almost landslide victory in a senate bill. Oklahoma’s state fruit is actually the strawberry.
  62. An astonishing 25% of all mammal species on Earth are bats. There are 1,200 different species in the bat family ranging from the world’s smallest mammal the Bumblebee Bat to the Giant Golden-Crowned flying Bat which has a wingspan of 5.57 ft.
  63. In December 1998, in Matoya Bay, a 7 lb octopus was caught; it was 3 ft long and was the first creature with extra appendages to lay eggs. The whopper had 96 tentacles in all, but its children had the normal 8.
  64. The Motorized Victrola, or Motorola, was a creation by the Galvin Brothers in 1930. It was the first car radio, and was demonstrated in Studebaker U.S. It was the world’s first automobile dashboard radio and Motorola sold millions of them.
  65. When the playing card (and video game) company Nintendo, or Nintendo Koppai, was formed in September 1889, there were only 38 US states in the union, by the end of that year this figure rose to 42.
  66. The Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird averaged a whopping 1,435.59 mph whilst covering near 5,450 miles during its trip from London to L.A. and was banned from going supersonic until they left the U.K.
  67. Like China, Vietnam has a policy in place regarding children in which families can only have 2 children maximum to regulate the population levels. Unlike China, the policy is not as strict but it is becoming an issue for even keeping the country’s population the same.
  68. In 2014, a tree dedicated to Beetles Legend and guitarist George Harrison was ravaged by a very ironic case of beetles. The tree was completely hollowed out by the bugs and a new more beetle-resilient replacement tree had to be planted in its place.
  69. A 120 pound woman annihilated a 72 ounce steak challenge in Portland, U.S.A. after clearing the plate in a staggering 2 minutes 44 seconds, a whole 4 minutes faster than the previous holder. That’s an average of almost 0.5 ounce per second.
  70. There are trees alive in the Californian White Mountains that have lived longer than most of written history. The tree, a Pinus longaeva, has reached the ripe old age of 5,062.
  71. An atomic clock, the NIST-F2, was created in 2014 in the U.S. and claims to deviate from the exact time to even a second in 300 million years.
  72. Doves are a symbol of romance, whether a wedding, an anniversary or a party, the dove symbolizes love and affection, but what about pigeons? The rock dove, of which the release dove we all know belongs, is actually a species of homing pigeon.
  73. Around 50-75 trillion cells make up the human body with around half being red blood cells. A red blood cell takes only about 20 seconds to make a complete circuit through your body.
  74. Vitamins and minerals are good for you right? Well, Vitamin A when consumed in high enough doses can be fatal. 1 pound of Polar Bear liver or 10 gallons of carrot juice is guaranteed to kill you.
  75. The 1995 smash hit Se7en has a running time of 127 minutes, it’s the 7th popular of the year and had a score of 7.7/10 based a survey of 70 critics.
  76. The creator of The Sims; Will Wright, created the game after experiencing a tragic house fire in 1991 left him with a vision of a game surrounding a “virtual dollhouse” and the franchise was born.
  77. High above an Italian church exists the oldest taxidermy piece that we know; a 500 year old crocodile. The croc was lost in the 18th century and later found, with documentation mentioning its existence dating back to the mid-1500s.
  78. The Tesla Model S P85D uses wireless software updates to receive crucial information and updates from Tesla experts, some with the capability to increase performance such as an algorithm alteration in 2015.
  79. In 1980 the average cost of a Gigabyte of storage was a whopping $437,500, by 2000 it had dropped to $11 and in 2016 it was less than $0.02.
  80. In 2010, a man was forced to eat his own beard after an ex-friend drew a knife during an uproar over the sale of a used lawnmower. The attacker was fined and charged with assault.
  81. During a voyage from Hong Kong to the U.S., a ship carrying a crate of rubber ducks overturned. Over 2 decades later, the ducks which set sail in 1992 are still being found in the ocean around the world.
  82. Augustus Caesar has an estimated net worth of an astounding $.46 Trillion when inflation is taken into account. This figure means he is officially the 2nd richest man of all time, only topped by a previous king of Timbuktu, Mansa Musa who cheated because his wealth is said to have more than anyone can quantify.
  83. The oldest known proof and existence of malaria-causing parasites found in mosquitos was discovered in the tomb of Tutankhamen following extensive DNA testing was undertaken.
  84. Almost all cats with 3 colors, not including gray, are female. These cats are part of a group known as Calico, and get their colors from their chromosomes. They usually have a base color of white.
  85. The Hawaiian flag may seem familiar to those of us who are British or American, with its red, white and blue stripes and union jack corner, the flag looks quite the neutral image, and that’s exactly why it looks that way. In 1812, the monarch of the time; King Kamehameha I, wanted to appeal to the British and Americans, without causing any friction, he commissioned this new flag and announced it as the nation’s recognized choice.
  86. The internet speed at NASA is capable of downloading the average film in milliseconds, as its speed is a staggering 91 GB a second, that’s tens of thousands of times slower than the average household connection.
  87. As retinal nerve cells aren’t fully established, the common new-born baby only sees in gray, black and white and is unable to focus on close items for the first month or so.
  88. In Iceland, around 25% of the human population and 80% of sheep died in 1783 as a result of an immense volcanic eruption that released 8 million tons of hydrogen fluoride into the atmosphere.
  89. From 1950 to 1968 the U.S. military managed to misplace a whopping 8 nuclear weapons in a range of places including the Pacific, North Carolina and the Mediterranean, but most of these had no nuclear core – or so the military say.
  90. The word ‘emoji’ comes from the words ‘picture’ and ‘character’ in Japanese, or e and moji, and has no relevance to the word emotion; the similarity is nothing more than a coincidence.
  91. American scientists discovered that the cheetah loves the smell of Calvin Klein‘s “Obsession for Men”, after a range of scents were tested in an attempt to attract the felines to camera equipment.
  92. Censorship in cartoons isn’t anything new, but Donald Duck? In Finland the mallard’s cartoon adventures is banned as he wears no trousers.
  93. There is a scientific name for every type of possible fear and the idea that there is a duck nearby watching you is no different. This fear is actually called Anatidaephobia.
  94. The letter A doesn’t appear in a single number when counting upward until you reach a whopping 1000, (not including the word and). The letter M doesn’t appear until you reach one million.
  95. In true outrageous sexism of the 1960s, a book came with a limited edition Barbie; slumber party Barbie in which one tip was “Don’t eat”, the book was entitled “How To Lose Weight”.
  96. The weirdest win in horse racing occurred in 1923, the racer didn’t wear an offensive outfit or ride a particularly interesting horse, he actually won whilst dead. The Jockey suffered a heart-attack whilst racing and crossed the line atop the steed.
  97. Pollyanna is one of the only known reindeer to sail the high seas as a member of the Navy. In WWII, after receiving her as a gift from Russia, the beast rode the seas inside HMS Trident.
  98. Beards can be a fire hazard. Hans Steininger died after his beard, the world’s longest beard for that matter, got entangled in his feet as he tried to escape a blaze and tripped the hairy wonder causing his demise.
  99. Psycho was the first ever film in U.S. history to depict a toilet flushing. The Hitchcock classic holds many titles and weird occurrences but this has to be one of the weirdest.
  100. A single snowflake is known as one of the most delicate and miniscule items in the world. However, the largest measured snowflake was a whopping 15 inches wide.

So there we have it, 100 amazing facts to bemuse and intrigue almost every human in one way or another across the world.

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