20 Super Facts About Sheep You Wouldn’t Baa-lieve

Fun Facts About Sheep
Jamie Ward
|2 mins read

Here we have a list of 20 super facts about sheep!

Find out the most interesting facts about sheep, which include Dolly – the cloned sheep, homosexual sheep and what sheep milk is actually used for!

There are over 1 billion sheep in the world!

Adult males are called Rams, whilst adult females are called Ewes. Baby sheep are called Lambs.

If a Ram has been castrated, it is often called a Wether.

A group of sheep are known as a flock, herd or mob.

In 1996, a sheep called “Dolly” was the first mammal ever to be cloned from a somatic cell.

The eyes of a sheep are placed on its head in such a way that they have a field of vision of around 300 degrees. This allows the sheep to see behind themselves – without having to turn their head!

The Ancient Greeks used to use the bones of sheep for dice.

Sheep prefer to drink from running water, instead of water from a trough.

When giving birth, most Ewes give birth to twins.

The sheep industry began in central Asia over 10,000 years ago!

In Scotland, theft of a sheep is still an hang-able offense!

To make one tennis racket, the small intestines of eleven sheep are needed.

If a sheep were to be put on it’s back, it would be unable to get back upright!

Lamb has the lowest cholesterol of all the red meats.

Studies have shown that around 8% of all male sheep are attracted to the same gender.

Sheep’s milk is often used to make cheese. Some of the more popular cheeses made from their milk are Feta, Pecorino, and Manchego.

During the first world war, President Woodrow Wilson had a flock of sheep that he used to trim the lawns at the White House!

The act of breeding sheep is known as Tupping.

There are approximately 900 different species of sheep in the world.

Many sheep lovers from around the world have declared the 27th October to be hug a sheep day!

Did you know that around 8% of all male sheep are attracted to the same gender?

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