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Things that have washed up on our shores

20 Strange Things That Have Washed Ashore

In 2018, a large bag of 54 human hands washed up on the Siberian shores of the icy Amur River.

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Unknown world records everyone should know

21 Weird & Wonderful Unknown World Records

In January 2012, a parrot achieved a world record for opening 35 canned drinks in one minute.

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101 Ultimate Facts Everyone Should Know

101 Ultimate Facts Everyone Should Know

Platypuses look so weird that when scientists first discovered them, they thought it was a hoax.

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Weird things falling from the sky

10 Weirdest Things That Fell From The Sky

In Kentucky, 1876, a field was showered by a steady rain of mystery meat. This became known as The Kentucky Meat Shower.

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Mythical Creatures From Folklore That Live In The Home

8 Mythical Creatures From Folklore That Live In The Home

Brownies are easily offended and will stop offering their services if you insult them, baptize them, or give them clothes.

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1000 Interesting & Random Facts

1000 Random & Interesting Facts About Literally Everything

In 2018, The Fact Site celebrated its 10th birthday by publishing this list of 1,000 interesting facts.

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200 OMG Facts You Didn't Know

200 OMG Facts You Didn’t Know… Until Now

Batman and Predator exist in the same fictional universe. Since 1991, they have been featured together in three comic books.

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100 Amazing Facts You Never Knew

100 Utterly Amazing Facts You Never Knew

The smallest dinosaur ever discovered is called the Microraptor, and is only 16 inches long.

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50 Incredibly Weird & Wonderful Facts

50 Incredibly Weird & Wonderful Facts

Did you know that OJ Simpson’s father, Jimmie, was a well-known San Francisco drag queen?

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100 Strange but True Facts that Will Shock You

100 Strange But True Facts That Will Shock You

Your nose is always visible to you, but your brain ignores it through a process called Unconscious Selective Attention.

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100 Mind Blowing Facts

100 Crazy Facts To Truly Blow Your Mind!

Australia has over 10,000 beaches. You could visit a new beach every day for over 27 years!

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Put A Pillow On Your Fridge Day | May 29

#PutAPillowOnYourFridgeDay originated in the early 1900’s, where people would place a piece of cloth or linen in their larders.

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