A Brief History Of Lego

Lego History
Luke Ward
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What kid in the world doesn’t love Lego? It’s the most basic form of toy, with truly no limitations.

You simply build things with no set objective, and that’s enough to keep anybody entertained for hours, days, or even longer.

Anyway, if you loved Lego as a child, or still love it even as a responsible adult, then here’s a fun video I created for a University project, which gives a brief history of Lego.

If you love Lego, check out the video and share!

1932: The business was set up in Denmark by Ole Kirk Christian and his son, wooden toys were sold.

1949: The company produces Automatic Binding Bricks, which are the basics of the Lego bricks we know today.

1951: The building base with 10 x 20 studs was created.

1954: Lego windows and doors were created.

1959: Lego started to expand all over the world.

1961: Lego wheels were invented.

1964: Lego model cars were created.

1968: LegoLand Billund opened on the 7th June and attracted over 3000 visitors on the first day!

1972: Lego vehicles expanded to boat and ship sets which actually floated.

1978: The Lego man with moving arms, legs and a friendly smile was invented.

1979: Lego space sets were introduced.

1984: Lego castle sets were invented.

1996: LegoLand Billund has had 25 million visitors since its opening in 1968.

1997: The first Lego video game was created.

1999: Lego Star Wars was introduced.

2001: Bob the Builder and Harry Potter Lego was created.

2003: Spiderman Lego was invented.

2006: Lego introduced SpongeBob SquarePants.

2008: Indiana Jones Lego was created.

The Lego company was set up in Denmark of 1932, by Ole Kirk Christian and his son, wooden toys were sold.

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