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Liam Payne grew up thinking he only had one functioning kidney only to discover his other kidney fully recovered.

If Liam is your favorite member of boy-band One Direction, read these top fifty fun facts about Liam Payne and see how many you don’t know!

Liam Payne is a member of the British boy band ‘One Direction‘.

Liam’s middle name is James.

Liam’s star sign is Virgo.

His parents’ names are Karen and Geoff.

He has two older sisters, Nicole and Ruth.

Liam Payne is 29 years old. He was born on August 29, 1993.

Liam is 5’8″ tall (1.77 m).

Liam grew up believing he had one kidney, however on August 8, 2012, the doctor revealed that his damaged kidney has fully healed.

Liam Payne Appeared on The X Factor in 2008. He made it through to the judge’s houses.

He prefers showers over baths.

He likes to sing in the shower.

When Liam was four years old, he used to sleepwalk.

Liam sleeps naked.

Liam has two pet turtles called Boris and Archimedes.

Liam’s favorite chocolate is Maltesers.

Liam supports West Bromich Album Football Club.

Liam plays the guitar.

He used to be a member of the Scouting Association.

In March 2013, Liam got a new puppy called Loki, after revealing this to his fans on Twitter, death threats were sent to his Loki.

He has a strange fear of spoons.

His favorite aftershave is Paco Rabanne’s 1 Million.

He’s from Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England.

He was a music technology student at the City of Wolverhampton College, a Further Education College.

Liam used to get bullied in school by his classmates.

Payne has a birthmark on his neck.

He owns boxers with the days of the week on them!

In May 2012, Liam dropped his MacBook Pro on his foot which broke his toe!

Liam doesn’t like to drink alcohol, he admits to being tipsy a few times but that’s all.

His favorite sport is basketball.

Liam is the clumsy member of One Direction.

Liam Payne has over 1000 fan pages on Facebook!

Liam has a “man-crush” on Taylor Lautner from the Twilight series.

His favorite movies are the Toy Story films.

Liam has size 8 UK shoes.

He has given his phone number to fans before.

He is good friends with Ed Sheeran.

Liam likes the quiet, shy girls.

Liam wants to teach Zayn how to swim.

He loves cooking.

Liam admits that he would love to play a harmless prank on Simon Cowell.

He is the most romantic out of the group.

Liam played Pokémon loads when he was younger.

Liam does not like a girl to make the first move.

Liam got a Batman birthday cake from his girlfriend Danielle Peazer for his 19th birthday.

Because of his fear of spoons, he eats ice cream with a fork.

Liam wants his first child to be named Taylor.

His favorite Pokémon from the Black and White series is Throh.

Liam’s favorite color is purple.

Liam has a tattoo of the letter ‘D’ on his left hand.

His Twitter is @Real_Liam_Payne.

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  1. Oh I love him so much! Wow he is a friend with Ed Sheeran!

  2. I love herry styles he is so cute and I love zayn because they both are so so so so cute

  3. Its sorta sad, a couple years ago I would of laughed at my sister if she was this obsessed with a boy, now I am not better then her :'( Liam <3

  4. Hi I Like Liam but I am a NIALLS girl all the way:))))))))))))))))))))

  5. His my idol!! And we’re the same fave movie… TOY STORY!!

  6. I am 9 and I had a brain tumor when I was 6 I love Liam!!!!!

  7. I love Liam and this really helped because I wanted to prove to my friends hahahahahahah

  8. awwwwwwwwww so sweet i would give him any body part that he need!

  9. No I love him more than anyone else in the world I want to merry him when I grow up and if he is taken all squish your face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FYI I am serious

  10. I love one direction . FYI this was a girl typing this not a boy . That will just be weird . Lol

  11. ikr mandy how u been u cant have liam cause he mine we will be husband and wife someday :))

  12. Liam please don’t go solo. 1D wouldn’t be 1D anymore. It would just be Louis, Harry, Zayn and Niall. Please don’t. If those rumors are just rumors thank the lord.

  13. i love liam very much …. and you are dumb at talking tina

  14. I love how Liam is afraid of spoons!! :P Yay he loves basketball!!!!!!

  15. is this true or not? because, liam is not 8 feet. he is 5feet 10′ inch.

  16. please . liam .. i also want to know your number .. [PLEASEEEESS)))

  17. hahahha lollllllllllllllllllllll cooooooooooool liam paynnnnnnne you rock :P

  18. It says he doesn’t drink, but he actually does. He just doesn’t like to drink often. Hes said it in recent interviews and his Other Kidney is functioning agian.

  19. Aww You guys are so sweet this is why i love all of my Directioners Worldwide :) ~Liam

  20. i first started to listen to him as soon as i found him on you tube i now he will never like me but that dont change how i fill for him i love him :) <3

  21. both his kidneys work now and he does drink a little but doesnt like beer :) xxxxx

  22. I LOVE U LIAM!!! I know u where born on 29th of August 1993 and i know u have a fear of spoons and ….!!!

  23. well liam did get bullied but no one can help it it happened a long ago everyone needs to let liam sort it out ly liam payne i am mrs Liam Payne xxxxxxxxxx

  24. Liam i think that you are very sweet!!!- vanana or vanesa it is a mix of my name and my sisters name

  25. My sister is upsest with you and you have some things in common. She loves you are her favorite in the band. Hary is my favorite and Nial . LOVE YOU PEOPLE!!!

  26. Liam u do look better with your hair, but I guess it is your hair so do what u like !!

  27. “Liam Payne is a member of the British boy band ‘One Direction’.” No really??? (sarcasum)

  28. OMG liam and i have the same size feat and i am only 10 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. hi im 6 and i lov liam payne he is so cute once i saw someone who loked like him in lego land but a smaller verson

  30. liam only has one kidney because god needed enough room for his big heart love u liam

  31. yo no ablo mucho en iglis yo soy formose̱a basa cono serme de pieza a cabeza y diras que linda eres por mi soy muy timida na na estoy mintiendo tengo eso en comun todos aca nadie me preguntan kien es liam y yo pongo tu musica es como llebar en tu mente este tema kiero One Direction РMoments megusta mucho mecantarias este tema megusta

  32. hola liam como estas ei beni asi los conosemos y losasemosamigos compinches sosios o etcra casa 26 manzana 207 septor A barrio juan manuel de rosas por lamas ferrer mano derecha eres lomas

  33. i love you you r my favorite out of the group and i love the color purple my hole room is purple i love you hope u see this

  34. I love you Liam Payne I’m dying to meet you and want to see you in concert but the tickets are too expensive so I can’t come but I love the fact that your British and that your amazing singer, your handsome and we have ALOT in commom and you are soo nice and i have alot of posters of you in my room your my favorite guy in One Direction but I like all you! Thanks for inspiring me <3 you so much Jada Naftzinger!!!!

  35. i know everybody says your fine but i am your####111 fan by the way good job for the vmas

  36. @liampayneluver I hav a fear of spoons lol not kidding

  37. I dont! I think they are equal! I think it’s kind of rude 2 say tht!

  38. Thts stupid tht u would change anything 4 him! Because ur letting
    him change u and dont u want him 2 like u 4 u! Not some phony!

  39. Liam i was born on the exact same day as u! My fave color is purple 2!
    I probably hve more in common with u than any of ur other fans and
    other ppl from one direction!

  40. I’m a fan will u plzz give me your number :) call me maybe

  41. btw liams other kidney got fixed his shoe size is 9
    and omfg oh how i wish that was me(see what i did there) i wish i was the fan that had his phone #

  42. OMG I can not believe I am writing to u arrrrrrrggggggh ok deep breath oh my god I loooooooovve u!!!!!!!!!!

  43. no1 answered my question :( soooooo? wat about sporks? i love sporks. :))))

  44. Liam has now 2 kidneys working. He tweeted it.
    PROOF: Just been for an ultrasound on my kidney turns out its fixed form when I was a baby!!! :o so now I have two :) #weirdnewsoftheday

  45. No, it was “can you play an instrument” I think…? Sorry if I got it wrong! x

  46. OMG I’m going to see them too! Haha it would be really funny if we all saw each other at the concert, that would be extroadinharry!! xx

  47. Noo!!! They are all equal except for Niall!! He’s soooo cute!!!!

  48. liam is so cute to bad he has a girlfriend and she has the same name as me

  49. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love liam payne and I know his sis

  50. he actually has two kidneys he like just found out like a week ago

  51. I’M BORN ON 4th OF AUGUST !

  52. I’m Born At 4th Of August !!
    ur my heroooooo !:D<3
    i Lovee uuuuuuu xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  53. this information is awesome!!!! but liam now has two kidneys his doctor fixed it from when he was a baby

  54. Not meaning to be mean but it’s a British/IRISH boyband. Don’t forget about Nialler

  55. omg my favorite color is PURPLE!!!!!!!! lol i love i

  56. I love you Liam Payne so dang much and who ever doesn’t the are stupid!! Love you I’m so happy!! We are such alike unlike some people stat single until I’m a teen!

  57. Hey Liam Payne!! We have 2 things in common you like cooking and I work at a restaurant in Wollongong!! I wish I could meet you!! But u might think I will scream!! But I’m not like any other girls!! Please trust me on that!! Love you always!! Byee

  58. Dude liam lOves me way more because i am his wife so back of he hates u

  59. i <3 liam and one direction………….. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

  60. i love u liam ur hot we have loads in comman and i would change anything for u!!!!!<3<3 :] p.s ive been 2 all ur concerts. eeeeeeeeeeeeeep love u xxxx

  61. yeah, and im glad hes ith danielle. they r perfect together.

  62. look not every1s a perfect speller, back off kay?
    we r all friends. and theres no need to fight over him either. even if you dont, jus saying

  63. please girl, be serious, hes got a gf and its NOT you
    you aint da one after all

  64. He sounds like a great guy! oh my gosh, Danielle is so lucky to have him! He and i have lots in common. i always have and always will love him<3 <3

  65. Liam has two lidneys but only one of them works.

  66. OMFG! He is so amazayn! I feel his pain ’cause I’ve been bullied before. </3 And yeaah, I LOVE YOU LIAM! <3

  67. Ok yea the people who bullied him were wrong, but honestly, that was in the PAST, a long time ago. Give it a break. I’m sure Liam wouldnt want to “break there arms or arrange there faces. I’m sure he would forgive them if they apollogized. And so should his fans. Don’t get me wrong, it was wrong what those people did to Liam, but that was the past.

  68. like me
    ps being the new kid in london, uk when your from AMERICA
    doesnt help the bully problem
    but now im back in america! yay!

  69. Im happy to be me i have a lot in common
    With all of them yay

  70. i really don’t like anyone from one direction…but i think he is decent and i DO feel bad for him because he has been bullied :(

  71. liam is my bf is back away ok an me and liam have a lot in commen ok more than ten all right and our last name start with a p (panye and paquella

  72. omfg im pissed of now who would fking bully liam really hes soo hot and they must be jelous of him omg !!!!!!! ever who bullied liam needs to get a fking life love you liam <3 <3

  73. i agree with the showers over baths.. my favorite color is purple! OMG.. so much in common:) <3i.love.liam.james.payne<3

  74. I’m the girl he gave his number too!! I just made a twitter!! Follow me ~ @MateaPeric1

  75. He is soooo cute and sooooo talented! The people who bullied him obviously are being jerks! He is the best! :)

  76. Liam Payne eats a ice cream with a fork ha that’s so weird

  77. you like justin bieber? Man 1D is so much better!

  78. HHAHAHA u r too funny Liam is MINE dont even mess with me! Im the one not you!

  79. I don’t think so u won’t marry Liam I love him More than u mrs. Payne

  80. I mean i absolutely love liam tons but most of you guys are freakin pshycos!

  81. I already am Mrs. Payne!! <3 be jelly!!!

  82. uh yeah sureeeee you just have a (coincidence) fear of spoons and you can totally just say your favorite color is purple, oh and your bullied and romantic too???? this keeps getting better and better


  84. Yeah guys there cute but can’t you leave them alone seriously the only reason y’all like em is cause there famous me and y’all both know that most of them are taken so give jr up there regular
    People just like u and me

  85. lieam is soooo ulgy his x factor adoushon waz the worst. i like 1d but i love zayn

  86. i wud snap their arms and punch their necks and make them apoligize to liam or i will make their faces wish they were switched with the cat in the hats.

  87. His older sisters name is Nicola!!!!!!!!! not nicole! and add in that he used to think he was like Troy from High School Musical!

  88. I Love You! You’re the best among the rest!

  89. soo hes a hott boy who is afraid of spoons but he can probly kick any1’s butt cuz he has a 12 pack

  90. yeah he had the other removed cuz if you keep the not functioning kidney he would have died

  91. We are ment to be! Soon I will be Mrs.Payne! He loves me!

  92. if u <3 Zayn…. 1st learn to spell his NAME!!!
    let me guess…. u were using ur 4n for this???….. -_-

  93. both.. he took up boxing cause of the bullying
    but hv u heard?…. he considers himself as Troy from HSM?. because he sings and plays b’ball……….

  94. Liam: Piano & Guitar …. lil bit a both =)
    Harry: Kazoo
    they said it from their own ‘mouths’ hehe lln

  95. o.O ???? r u actually a Directioner??….
    Zayn: Triangle ( i knw…)
    Harry: Kazoo
    Louis: Piano
    Liam: Piano & Guitar (a lil bit a both)

  96. actually….. he had the other removed when he was 4…..

  97. he doesn’t at all….. Anti-Spoon policy comes with Anti-Soup policy too ;D

  98. Liam is my boy we have the same birth date xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxi love u loads liam

  99. liam iam asking u and the other guys come to canada plzzzz !!!

  100. guys why are you all mad of singers they are just like us they are people

  101. yeaaa…in the xfacter video diares it was wasnt it…

  102. i know 1D will not have a concert close to BABINDA.. :'( i would die to meet liam and harry

  103. he was sick alot and stayed in the hospital alot and docters thought he wouldnt make it.

  104. omg i no, come on girls, get real. ther are tons of fansites, and the chance hes gonna see this one is kinda slim. no offence webster, not saying your site isnt popular, because it is. and im glad you made it too 8P 8)

  105. lol sooo with you! i moved alot, and you know how much ppl pick on the new kid. so i would love to disfigure their faces!
    wait i change my mind. that would be mean

  106. ummm he has a girlfriend, danielle? you know? and besides lets be friends, fighting’ll get us nowhere.

  107. at one point ive heard liam was supposed to die (at least thats what his docters thought)

  108. We were born on the same day, month, and year

  109. did not know that he had one kidney or loved cooking.

  110. Me and Luam are perfect for each other we both have a lot in common even I’m afraid of SPOONS!!

  111. hola liam como teba estoy lista para mi fiesta pra el 9 de noviembre casa 26 manzana 207 barrios juan manuel de rosas te espero beni traeme regalo soy marcela sabina paredes ya me beras pasar me miraras los espero teamo liam beso uno boca

  112. Oh… Hes PERFECT even though hes scared of spoons which is kinda wierd but oh well hes still VERYY CUTEE!

  113. One thing Liam aint as awsome as Louis ok get it right! no effence!




  117. No Louis does play the piano, and Liam can play a little..

  118. I’m not I am in love with Niall! He is so hot!!!! I want to be Mrs. Horan!!

  119. i know me too i cannot believe they are coming to kansas city!!! i already baought front row tickets and meet and greet passes!!!!!!!!!!! i have been talking about it for like forever on facebook and everyone is getting annoyed but i am just so readdy to meet liam!!!!
    i love zayn to but i hate how hes a smoker!!!!!!!!!! :P

  120. if you knew me you would know i have the worst anger issues you could ever imagine so you know i am real protective of any friend or anyone i love. so if you leave me in a room with those people who used to bully him i swear they would be prayin for the mercy of the great lord above!!! I LOVE LIAM!!!! <3 <3 <3

  121. I want your Number please Liam I love u sooooooooooo much

  122. seriously if you are just gonna sit there and critisze liam, just bak off an critisize him in your head please!! no one wants to hear it!

  123. i dont know you, but you back off because he is mine!!!!

  124. Liam is so hot and he dates grils for who I are and liam I would loved to meet u but i no u won’t tour over here :'(

  125. i dont think he would go out with snotty stuck mean girls like you who say those things :P

  126. im so sure he is yours cause theres only another millon girls who say that and only 1 will be right :) but you can think that all u want :P

  127. liam is awsome it dont matter if he is famous or not it dont matter if he has 1 kiddney or not i would share mine :)

  128. you will see, I know for a fact im prettier than any of you girls. This man is mine!<3

  129. i`m so sad know cause he`s got 1 kidney and was bullied in school i `m goin to get all ya for dat

  130. Now I know 30 things about my future husband. Back off girls! He’s mine!

  131. I lOve Liam Payne so much. Hrs so. Perfect hot and wonderful. If. I culd meet him that wuld make my day

  132. Of Liam James Payne sounds so hott! I love you Liam I want your number please?

  133. He slurps it I think or he brings his own spoon if he thinks he’s going to have soup…


  135. He has 2 kidneys but only one(direction lln) works!!! #LikeABoss

  136. yes you can you can eat it and drink the juice duhh

  137. Liam born on 29th August 1993 and i was born on 28th August 1996

  138. Isn’t he perfect fml. we like have lots in common OMG! and yea those who used to bully him let me meet you and watch me change the decor of your faces!

  139. Ik right! The Spoon Thing Is Funny but Harry,Zayn,and Louis Are My Fave.I Like Louis’s Plastic Bird Kevin lol!

  140. Age didn’t matter too because i fell the same way

  141. Liam look I love u I have several pics of u on my wall and I no all ur bits in almost every song. Age does not matter I’ve loved u from the first time u went on X-factor. I don’t care if I’m ten and ur in ur teens age does NOT matter!!! Ok?:(

  142. No they dont, it was a fan asking about if they had to chose one instrument what would they chose, so it is just Niall

  143. omg ….. i lovehim . he is so romantic . and 1 more hes MINE, jk, i love him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 . I LOVE his fear of spoons . And im only 10 yrs. old I LOVE YOU Liam Payne !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. Omg… We have so much in common except for the spoon thingy but I love ya Liam.

  145. I just LOVE liam! Liam I hav all ur albums I have. 30 posters of u on my wals. My car is decorated with u on it! My bffs made me pjs that hav u all over them I ave. a tack too

  146. How does he eat soup? You can’t eat soup with a fork.

  147. No they said in one of their video diaries that Zayn plays the triangle Louis plays piano Niall plays guitar and I forgot Harry and Liam but they all play an instrument…they said it from they’re own faces!!!

  148. The only guy in the group that plays any instrument is Niall nobody else does.

  149. wow there is so many thanks now i can complete my one d biography!

  150. i am liam james payne’s number 1 fan. i don’t care what anybody sayssss.. i would die for him, he is my worldddd <3 i own himmm:)) x x x x x x x x x x x

  151. Liam is too hot for any one jk he’s hot I love him I love to play basketball to but I’m not a crazy fan like my friend I wish he was my friend

  152. UR awesome Liam but not my favorite. U look good though.

  153. oh and ask harry for what i commented on , BTW you and harry are the best, hottest, and tall but you’re the tallest bye love you

  154. heyy Liam I LOVE U and you’re so hot.
    Btw i’m 12 and why couldn’t you be 13.

  155. actually he already had a middle name and it is James duh

  156. hot, he is, it sould be his middle name….
    …… Hot, is offically his middle name… (jokes!)

  157. i love you Liam Payne i am one of your biggest fan ever

  158. NO liam payne is my so keep your hands off him girls i am the one who loves him

  159. Hiya liam please see this because i ABSOLOTLY love you

  160. Liam Payne,I LOVE YOU,You got same fears,colours,favs as me!!!

  161. WOW! Um, can you say obsessed!!! You don’t even know the guy! I am sure he is flattered, but come on…..there is a limit people! I agree that Liam is attractive, but I wouldn’t go as far as to die for him! Well that is just my opinion

  162. I luv liam payne at school i put my name as nicole payne i luv u liam i would die for u im going to a 1D concert cant wait

  163. Can I just say Liam is so cute and adorable!!:))

  164. Misshayli, would you like to know why? Over where they live, there language is different to us so they might spell things different to us!


  165. You spelled alot of words wrong like,, colour is color

  166. I am going to marry him i have over 400 hundred pictures of him……
    i love purple, am a chocoholic, over 14, there is so so so so much more but it would be alot to put it one here.

  167. Shut up private! Sorryx10000 I just love him sooooooooooooo much just don’t hold a grudge PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  168. Liam James Payne I think your name should be Liam McCuteness Payne I wish one day I could meet u I have a plan with 4 of my friends to meet u and Harry,Niall,Zayn,&Louis. I don’t know if it’ll work we’re like bigbigbigbigbigbigbig FANS!!!!!!!! It’s like u don’t know how much we love u guys I used to love,love spoons now the only utensils I use now are forks & knives it’s hard but I make it work one day I swear me and my friends will meet u no matter how long it takes I (&my friends) will make it our destiny I swear it I love <3 1D one direction & Harry Styles,Niall Horan,Zayn Milik,Louis Tomlinson,& especially <3 Liam James Payne <3 I love <3 u guys a heck lode 1D forever :) :) <3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  169. um people are crazy to bully him! And I wish I was rich so one direction could come to my house but I unfortinatly do not have all that cash :( Liam is sooo georgeousssss and nice and So AMAZING! :))))

  170. I’m his biggest fan!!! He was on x factor in 2008 before and he had to come back in 2 years.

  171. But WHY was he bullied? That breaks my heart.

  172. that’s so sweet
    don’t lose hope he might be standing next to ur door step

  173. I am a HUGE Liam Payne fan ! Love you<3 People think I'm obsessed, but I tell them that I'm passionate <3 Sometimes I wanna cry bc I realize that I will probably never meet him :(

  174. I love you Liam with all my heart if i had to donate my other kidney i would just for you :)

  175. I’m in love with Liam James Payne!!!! I love my fork eater

  176. Do you think we know it? And if I had his number, I wouldn’t tell it.

  177. liam’s favorite sport is boxing not basketball ..

  178. Awwww Liam Is The Best Out Of All Of Them & We Both Have The Same Favorite Color PURPLE…..


  180. Hey, don’t worry, a lot of people have only one kidney. it’s pretty common, actually.

  181. hey i am so sad liam only has 1 kidney :(

    i feel like crying :) but i like toy story too :)

  182. Liam and I are alike. I have one kidney,I play guitar, my favourite colour is purple, my favourite file is toy story, and I am also from Walvorhampton. I love u Liam James Payne.

  183. I live you Liam I wish I can meat you I woud be so happy but I will also be shy to talk to you.

  184. I love football but I’ll change just for u Liam I wish I could meet u I bet we’d make awesome BFFs my life was filled with happiness when I heard of you guys to bad we’ll never meet :( I <3 1D!!!!!!!

  185. harry seems so awesome to meet i’m such a big fan of one direction but if i met them i probebly be in shock not scream

  186. i love Liam he is the best and i have a fear of spoons to my bro told me something about spoons when i was 10 and now i still have a fear of them and yes my fav color is purple and i dont drink achole plus i love Liam the way he is and in my school iam the one tht is romantic lol xD and i hope i see him so much <3 <3 <3 thnxx bye

  187. Liam is the best person and i wish he was my boyfriend and who ever likes him he’s mine! Srry if that hurts you i just really love liam if you read this i love you i am your #1 fan thx

  188. I love you Liam Payne, you are really hot!!!! ;-)

  189. I love liam he is the sweetest guy i have ever heard about!!! I think he is the best guy from one direction and I want to marry him someday but i cant! :( Liam if you read this i just want you to know i love you and i wish i can go to a concert of yours someday!!!
    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) ;)

  190. Liam Payne is an amazing person, just like all of the one direction boys but his personality really matches mine and the kind of person i want to be with, Liam is amazing and i hope he never changes!!! i love all of his flaws but in my opinion he has none. I love Liam and i hope he knows we support and love him majorly!

  191. He is very awesome I think every one direction fan likes him.!!!!! >3

  192. Harry’s The Most Romantic Not Liam

  193. My favorite sport is basketball and my favorite colour is purple too

  194. Omg my favorite colors purple and his is purple and I hate spoons and he hates spoons!!!

  195. my birthday is on 29th of august and my favorite color is purple and i love cooking too and my star sign is virgo too

  196. i love liam’s music, it speaks to me… plus he is super hott and we are basically twins. too bad he has a girlfriend. ;(

  197. Heyy Liam I hope you read this. I love you to bits and I think your an amazing singer – Your no.1 Fan xoxoxoxo

  198. i love you liam payne! i hope you read this, and if you do, i want you to know that you are perhaps the best performer ive seen. i love your personality bc it kinda matches mine! i love the fact you have a “fear” of spoons!!!! hahaha anyways, i just wanted to say to not listen to haters, and that you will always have me, your #1 fan! :)

  199. Liam, I hope you read this, but you probably won’t. I am a HUGE fan! You are so funny and cute!!! I also only have one kidney that doesn’t work. My doctors are trying to treat it so it works a little bit, but it isnt go so well! my other kidney works perfectly fine!:)

  200. i love niall i am the biggest fan i know everything about him i am so not lieying about this like other girls .

  201. Dear Liam,
    If u ever get to read this (which I hope u can), I wanted to no that anything bad that someone says about you, doesn’t matter cause u are they best person in the whole world, and u shouldn’t worry about anything that makes u feel bad. I love you so much I hope I can meet u someday. I hope u don’t think I’m creepy, but I know almost everything about u! We are a lot alike. Tell the rest of the band members that they are awesome 2 (if u read this).
    From ur biggest fan,
    Sophie M. P.

  202. I am the official biggest LIAM JAMES PAYNE I love him so much we r actually a lot alike (not joking). I hope I meet him one day, but sadly that probably won’t happen.
    Payne 4 ever!

  203. My favourite colour is purple too! And he has the same middle name as my brother and I love cooking and romantic and loves toy story movies and I prefer showers too! I wonder if he likes the TV she Doctor Who

  204. i know niall he was in te same clas as me cous.i live up te road from him

  205. I play guitar too and i love showers and i love the color purple!!!! LLN!

  206. i like colton dixon not one direction im writing down the facts for my friend and shes saying that she has one direction infection but i have colton dixon fever

  207. If Liam finds any fan attractive he will tell her, and give her his number.

  208. Green erin so both of are b days are in august my Sis is the biggest 1D fan ever she LOVES Harry she listens to their music everyday and so do I they are so good at singing and they are hot

  209. Hay I love these and Liam is sososososososososososososo cute I love him and also harry they are my favorite and keep posting them! And Liam your birthday is 9 days after mine! And I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN

  210. i love u liam and your b-day is 3 days after myne and i have mousey brown hair

  211. my birthday is in august too!!! august rox. Liam if you see this my sister is the biggest one direction fan. she is a directioner

  212. I love one direction so everyone that hates them are weird and have no life at all

  213. We both love basketball, have one kidney, and are both scared of spoons! AND PURPLE!!!!<3

  214. Omg. I love purple. <3 He does too! <3 So freakin' happy!!

  215. liam james payne was born on the 29th of august (hence he is a virgo)

  216. I think paynee is a great singer as well as all of the others in the group . I’m sure I’m not your biggest fan but I am a fan. I don’t know you , but I know about you from reading Recently made profiles by everyday People like me . I wish all of the group members the best and good luck to all of your up coming and interesting decisions and thoughts . You guys are also doing a good job with inspiring young children .!

    Dejah angel Johnson
    Of sacramento california

  217. you could be his sis if you had the saame last name as him

  218. hay my name is ruth so im liams sis yah free tickts for me

  219. I don’t think it’s normal how much of an obsession I have for one direction if I could just meet Liam my life would be complete<3

  220. I was sure his sister was called NicolA and he does have 2 kidneys, just one functioning one..

  221. You Directionators make me lol:) those directioners can gtfo

  222. dont u worry i like purple toooooo i kno its a girls color but dont worry wat peOple sayyyyyy cause wat iff their boys and they like girllyyy colors like pink r purple soooo they shoulnt be talkin wtf

  223. Ya ppl! Harry Styles is the most romantic! Liam don’t know nothin! ;p

  224. Me too I hate spoons and it’s so sad he only has one kidney!!!! :'(

  225. Oh.My.God.
    He’s perfect!
    My favourite colour is purple, my brithday is 2 days after his, were both virgo, I dont drink alcohol, toy story is my favourite film ever, I love showers, I love maltesers, I am romantic and love romance, I love turtles and my cat is called borris! i dont swear either i think it sounds disgusting,, match made in heaven!<3<3<3

  226. i love liam james payne i love his persenality not because hes talented or his charming handsome face i love him for him not for what people see on the outside i see it on the inside

  227. hey! Guess what my fav. color is purple but I’m not lying and Liam and One direction you guys are awesome!!!!!!!

  228. omg i love purple, toy story, i play pokemon, i want someone who is romantic.

  229. Omg!! We r ment for echother my mom name is karen my favorite color is purple &u i kinda have a fere of spoons. !

  230. Dear Liam,

    I just read this web page about you and I think you a great guy! And [email protected] you should stay the way you are! Eating ice-cream with a fork is cool! I don’t use knife to cut my food I use a fork!!! So it’s all cool … P.s you so cute too I wish you good luck intje future <3 Mae Beckhurst

  231. Ya I know why was he bullied you must be pretty because Liam’s girlfriend is pretty

  232. Liam is awesome and cute people think I look like his girlfriend weird right and why was he bullied he fine the war he is


  234. can I mary him because I really want to hes soooo cute cant wait until june17th by the way my fav color is purple and I love to cook I love liam james payne!<3

  235. NOO! not true!! harry is!! i mean seriously, he has a vouice of an angle!!!!! I LOVE U HARRY!!! :) <3

  236. We have the same favorite color, I played Pokemon tons (I would go to school and talk about it) I’m the romantic one out of my friends, I have huge eyebrows, I love Disney movies, I have size 8 feet (In women’s though) I have a slit in my eyebrow, and I have a birthmark on my neck in the same place… Call us twins!

  237. my favorite color is purple (and lime-green). im a virgo. my dad was born on august 29th (i was born august 27th). Liam is my 2nd favorite one direction. Niall 1st! pore Liam (he was bullied) :(




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