Learn all the best things you would ever need to know about turtles with this fun list of the top ten most interesting facts about turtles.

  1. Turtles have existed for over 220 million years ago.
  2. There are approximately 300 species of turtles.
  3. Antarctica is the only continent turtles don’t live on.
  4. You can tell a turtles gender by the noise it makes. The males grunt and the females hiss.
  5. The blood of hibernating turtles acts like antifreeze, allowing it to tolerate cold temperatures.
  6. Not all turtles and tortoises hibernate.
  7. Some female turtles produce eggs for up to four years after mating.
  8. All turtles lay their eggs on land, not water.
  9. Some land turtles are fast enough to out run humans.
  10. Turtles, along with water snakes, crocodiles, alligators, dolphins and whales, will drown if kept underwater for too long.

Was ten turtle facts enough? No? Well fear not, we have a special bonus fact for you! Did you know that turtles can breathe through their butts?!