Twenty-Three Facts About the Number 23

23 Facts About Twenty-Three



From sports to science, games to medicine, the number 23 appears all over the place to bemuse, baffle and signify great things to many people.

Here we’re going to look at twenty-three facts about the number 23!

The average lifespan of a human whether male or female, is around 23,000 days, or 63 years.

The average human being has exactly 23 chromosomes in their DNA, which is the same as a Sable Antelope.

NHL legend Bob Nystrom, NBA’s Michael Jordan, and soccer superstar David Beckham all wore/wear the number 23 jersey.

There have been 2 cinematic hit films surrounding the mysterious number 23; in 2007, The Number 23 and in 1998’s 23.

Shakespeare was born on and later died on the 23rd. The poet lived to be 52.

A 23 sided shape is called an Icosakaitrigon.

The most well-known Christian psalm is Psalm 23 which starts “The Lord is my Shepherd”; this is also known as Shepherd’s Psalm.

The number 23 if the ninth prime number, after the number 19.

It takes around 23 seconds for blood to circulate the body on average.

There are numerous conspiracy theories about the power of the 23, from the Twin Towers to Kurt Cobain’s death. The figure appears in many tin-helmeted conversations.

The Earth axis has an estimated tilt of around 23.5 degrees which allows our planet to have its seasons.

The date most common to spot a UFO is July 23rd every year.

The first player to break the record for the most expensive soccer player outside of the U.K. was Bernabé Ferreyra in 1932 for a whopping £23,000.

Benjamin Harrison was the 23rd President of the United States. His wife was a key figure in the Daughters of the American Revolution.

On May 23, 1785, Benjamin Franklin announced his invention of the Bifocals. On March 23, 1836, the coin press was created, and on September 23, 1879, the Audio phone, an early hearing aid, was invented.

“Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” was written by the English poet Jane Taylor at the ripe old age of 23.

The average smartphone user checks their device a staggering 23 times a day for texting, and 18 times for timekeeping.

The fear of the number 23 is called Duotriophobia.

When he was assassinated, Emperor Caeser was stabbed a staggering 23 times.

Pliny the Elder, the “scientist” and author of numerous scientific literature, was born in 23 A.D.

The 23rd element, Vanadium, has an insane melting point of 3470 °F (1910 °C).

George Lucas uses the number 23 at least twice in his films; once as the number of a police robot in THX 1138 and in Star Wars as the number for Leia’s cell, AA23.

An American slang phrase used in the early 20th century, 23-skidoo, means “Let’s get out of here as fast as we can!”

So there we have it, twenty-three facts about the humble 23.

From film cameos to bodily functions, there is so much information hidden in the depths of the internet for this number that I would recommend you keep an eye out for it, it creeps up a lot!

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