Twenty-Five Facts About The Number 25

Number 25 Facts



Numbers can be involved in everything, from the happiest to the most heart-wrenching information, the weight of a baby, to the time of death of a loved one.

The number 25 is no exception, and here we’re going to look at twenty-five facts about the number 25!

The 25th President of the United States was William McKinley, Jr.

There are 25 playable characters in ‘Mario Kart Wii‘ and ‘Super Smash Bros. Melee‘.

India’s national board game “Pachisi” actually means “25” in Hindi.

Johnny Marr and Johnny Cash both have songs with 25 in the title, they are “25 hours” and “25 minutes to go” respectively.

The number of Florida electoral votes that won the 2000 U.S. presidential election was 25.

In a Major League Baseball team, 25 is the size of a full roster team for most of the season.

Scottish poet Robert Burns was born on the 25th day of the year.

World Pasta Day is held on October 25th every year.

In Roman numerals, the number 25 is XXV.

The PAL video standard has a per-second frame rate of 25.

Lawrence Bragg won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1915 aged 25.

Francesco Boggian set a Guiness World Record in 2008 by making 25 tortelloni in 3 minutes.

The 89th and 90th numbers of pi is 25.

Estonia holds the world record for the world’s largest Battery Mosaic. It’s made from 180,00 batteries and is 25 square meters in size (269 Square feet), it was made by a team of 10 art students to promote a Euronics store.

Queen Alexandra’s birdwing butterfly is the largest known butterfly in the world, it weighs 25g (0.9oz).

Tupac, Peaches Geldof, Wilfred Owen, John Keats, and Clyde Barrow all died at age 25.

The number 25 in baseball is usually held by the team’s best slugger.

In the Qur’an, there are twenty-five prophets who make an appearance.

Adele‘s album, 25, named after her age, became the U.S’ bestselling album in a week.

Manganese has the atomic number of 25.

The smallest square that can be written by adding two consecutive squares is 25 (32+42=52).

In Portugal, the maximum life sentence is 25 years imprisonment.

According to a 2016 World Happiness Report, Panama is the 25th happiest country in the world.

In the Bible, the numbers 600 and 12,000 are both used 25 times.

The average week worth of coffee costs an American $25.

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