Star Wars

Feel the force with our range of interesting facts about Star Wars, including hundreds of fun facts on the characters & films. We might even talk about the Jedi religion! These are the facts you are looking for.

9 Best Star Wars References in LOST

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Lost - one of the biggest shows to hit television, has a surprising amount of references to and Star Wars - one of the biggest movies to hit theaters. The die hard fans will pick up on these references easily, but those who aren't as familiar might be surprised by these credits!

How Much Would Darth Vader’s Suit Cost?

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We often see cheap knock-off Darth Vader outfits worn at costume parties by both adults and children, the real outfit would be much more difficult (and way more expensive!) to get your hands on. To make this suit in real life, it would cost a staggering $18.3 million, but which parts were the most expensive?

Facts About Mace Windu | Samuel Jackson

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Mace Windu is one of the most badass Jedis to set foot in a Star Wars film, as well as being played by one of the most badass actors ever to grace the silver screen. So without further adieu, here some cool facts about both the character and the actor who bought him to life.